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Giáo án powerpoint Family and Friends special edition Grade 3
SUOI DOP PRIMARY SCHOOL LESSON PLAN Subject: English Teacher: TRAN MINH PHUC WELCOME TO OUR TEACHERS FAMILY AND FRIENDS Special edition Warm up Sing a song Open your book 9 To page: 9 Wednesday, January 2nd , 2019. Unit 7 Are these his pants? Lesson two Grammar. 1 Listen to the story and repeat.Act. Look at: nhìn vào Train: xe lửa School things: đồ dùng học tập Here you are: đây này Monday, December 10th, 2018 Unit 7 Are these his pants? Lesson one Words 1) What’s this? 2) Are they Billy’s school things? Act. 2 Listen and say. what: cái gì, gì this: đây, này Look and say. Lesson three: song 10 To page: 10 bag túi door Cửa ra vào window Cửa sổ 2 Listen and sing. open: mở ra close: đóng lại 3 Sing and do. Lucky flower ! 1 2 3 4 5 6 Homework
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