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GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 Period 79th : Unit 13: ACTIVITIES AND THE SEASONS Lesson 1: A1 – A2 I. Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: - Know the vocabulary about the seasons and the weather. - Ask and answer about the weather of the seasons . II. Vocabulary: spring, summer, fall (autunm), winter, weather, warm, cool, like. III. Language skill: Ask - answer about the weather. A: What’s the weather like in the summer? B: It is hot. IV. Procedure of teaching: Teacher’s activities I. Warm-up: “Guessing word” . Show slides (2- 6) and guide how to play. . Instructions: “I have a keyword with 6 letters. You look at the picture in 10 seconds and find the word. Each word having one or two letters in a keyword.” . Devide the class into 2 teams ( Red White). . Which team having more marks win the game. . Base on the word and show slise 7 to introduce the new lesson. “ Yes. What does it mean season?” “How many seasons are there and what’s the weather like in these seasons?. Now, today we’re going to study Unit 13 - Lesson 1: A 1-2” II. New lesson: A. Presentation: 1. Pre-teach Vocabulary: . Show slide 8 and elicit new words from Ss. Ss’activities Content S E A S . Listen . Play the game . Answer (mùa) * New lesson: I. New words: 1. spring (n): mùa xuân 2. summer (n): mùa hè/ hạ 3. fall (n): mùa thu autumn O N GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6  spring (picture)  summer(picture)  fall (picture)  weather (picture)  warm (translation)  cool (question)( What’s the weather like in the fall?)  like (Example and explanation) . Model 3 times . Listen .Give the new words . Listen and reapeat ( choral individual) . Copy down. 4. winter (n): mùa đông 5. weather (n): thời tiết 6. warm (adj): ấp áp 7. cool (adj): mát mẻ 8. like ( prep.) như/ giống như . Wtite down . Look at the board and * Checking: Matching . Show slide 9 with 4 pictures, 4 seasons and match. the weather. 2. Presenting the text: (A1 p.134) . Show slide 10. . Let Ss listen to the tape (twice). . Call 4Ss read the text. . Elicit the model sentences “In order to ask what the weather is like in the summer, how do you ask?”( Say again in Vietnamese). “How can you answer?” . Listen and repeat. . Listen and answer. (What’s the weather like in the summer?) (It is hot.) . Copy down . Repeat * Checking: Matching Pictures Seasons Weather 1 summer cool 2 fall hot 3 spring cold winter warm 4 II. Listen and repeat: a b It is hot in the summer. It is cold in the GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 . Write down the model sentences. chorally individually. winter. c d . Ask Ss to give the form, the meaning and the use. It is warm in the spring It is cool in the fall. * Model sentences: A: What’s the weather like in the summer? B: It is hot. * Form: S1: What’s the weather like in + (season)? S2: It is + Adj. (weather) B. Practice: 1. “Word-cue drill” . Show slide 12 with 4 cues. . Run through. . Model the first cue. . Have Ss practice the rest. . Work in pairs (open pairsclosed pairs) . Give feedback 2. Picture drill : “Lucky numbers” . Show slide 13 with 5pictures. . Run through. . Let Ss work in groups of six. . Have Ss practice by playing a game. (Lucky numbers) .Work in teams. * Instructions : “There are 5 pictures and 3 lucky numbers. If you choose LN, you get 2 marks. If you choose the pictures you make * Meaning: A: Thời tiết mùa .... như thế nào? B: Trời ........ * Use: Hỏi - đáp về thời tiết của các mùa như thế nào. III. Practice: 1. Word-cue drill: a. spring/warm What’s the weather like in the spring?- It is warm. b. fall/cool c. winter/cold d. summer/hot 2. Picture drill: (Lucky numbers) 1. ( What’s the weather like in the fall? - It is cool.) GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 questions and answers” * Concept checking: What are you going to do now? ( choose numbers and answer questions) 2. ( What’s the weather like in the winter? - It is cold.) . Give feedback. . Work in groups. 3. LN 4.LN 5. How many seasons are there? ( There are four.) . The whole class 6. LN 7. ( What’s the weather like in the summer? - It is hot.) . Answer C. Production: Multiple choice . Show slide 23 with 5 sentences. . Have Ss write the key on a paper.After one minutes, take the paper if the Ss finish. . Correct. . Find the correct word to complete the sentences. 8. ( What’s the weather like in the spring? - It is warm.) GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 D. Homework: slide 24 . Give the tasks. IV. Production: Multiple choice 1. It is ..... in the fall. a. cool b. hot c. cold d. warm 2. In the.........., it is cold. a. summer b. fall c. winter d.spring 3. ... the weather like in Hue? a.What b. What’s c. What is d. Both b & c 4. The weather is warm ...the spring. a. on b. in c. at d.from 5. How many... are there in a year? There are four. a. season b. seasons c. weather d. activities V. Homework: - Study by heart new words and structures. - Do exercises on workbook. - Prepare lesson 2: A3-4 GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 UNIT 13: ACTIVITIES AND THE SEASONS SECTION A: THE WEATHER AND SEASONS. Period 80: (A3 + A4) I/ OBJECTIVES: - Talking about your favorite weather. Contrasting “What is the weather like?” with “What’s the weather like?” Developing listening, speaking, and reading skills. + “When” clauses in positive statements. IV/ TEACHING AIDS: - Pictures in the text book. - Cassette recorder, tape. VI/ PROCEDURES: SECTION STEPS TECHNIQUES & CONTENT A3+A4 Asking the question: “What’s the weather like in summer?” and asking what weather students Warm up like. Presentation Using pictures to talk about their or one’s favorite weather. + Questions and answer: What weather do you like?  I like hot/ cold weather. What weather does she like?  she likes cold weather. + Function of “What weather …?” to ask question about one’s favorite weather. + What do you do when it’s hot/cold? does he do  When it’s hot, I go swimming.  When it’s cold, he plays soccer. + Teaching vacabulary: go swimming, go jogging, go fishing. + Function is “When” clause in positive statements. DRAWING EXPERIENCE GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 Practice Controlled Further + Students listen to the tape and repeat. + Substitution: one’s favorite weather and “What do you do when it’s …” + Reviewing the present simple tense in the questions and answers. +Pair work: using pictures to ask ad answer the new structure. Remembe r Consolida tion Structures Question & answers: + What weather ……?  I like …… + What do you do when ……?  When …………………… Follow up activity I ………………… Pair – work: + Asking and answering what weather they like, encourage them to answer quickly. + Telling the structure beginning with “when” - Homework: + Learning the new words and structures. + Asking and answering about what weather they like. + Do exercise A4 (workbook page 110). + Prepare for section B. GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 SECTION B: ACTIVITIES IN SEASONS Period 81: B1 I/ OBJECTIVES: - Further practice in adverbs of frequency, simple present, sports vocabulary, seasons. - Developing listening, speaking skills. IV/ TEACHING AIDS: - Pictures are sports. - Cassette recorder, tape. V/ PROCEDURES: SECTION STEPS TECHNIQUES & CONTENT B1 Warm up -Telling sports activates which students play in the seasons. Presentation -Using pictures to talk about the sports activities in each season and use the adverbs of frequency. -Teaching vocabulary: activity, sailing, basketball, sail. - Function of adverbs frequency and position of them. Practice Controlled + Students listen to the tape and repeat. + Substitution: Sports activities in each season. We often play volleyball in the spring. - Reviewing the present simple tense with adverbs of frequency. - Look at the pictures to talk about what sports someone play in the seasons. Further Remember Consolidati on Structures S + Adv of frequency + V + in the summer/ winter/ fall/ spring. Telling about the new structures freely. Homework: - Learn the new words and structures. - Do exercises - Prepare B2. DRAWING EXPERIENCE GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 SECTION B: ACTIVITIES IN SEASONS Period 82: B2 I/ OBJECTIVES: - Talking and writing about things you do in the different seasons. - Developing speaking and writing skills. IV/ PROCEDURES – SKILL DEVELOPMENT: SECTION STEPS TECHNIQUES & CONTENT B2 Warm up Asking and answering the questions about the weather and the seasons. + What’s the weather like today? + What weather do you like? + What do you do in spring? Consolidat ion Presentation -Using the picture to make the form of dialogue. -Pupils can do activities of the different seasons as spring, summer, fall, winter. Practice Controlled -Substitution: seasons and activities (suggested by students). Further -Pair-works (using flashcards to finish the sentences in the dialogue). -Guiding the students to write the dialogue about themselves, beginning with In the spring, I ………… Structures -Reminding the structures: What do you do in the …………? - (answering) -Asking and answering about activities of seasons. -Correcting them. Homework: -Reread the form of dialogue. -Prepare the next period: Unit 14 (A1, 2, 3) DRAWING EXPERIENCE
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