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Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789!  1 NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! Hi các bạn! Tài liệu các bạn đang xem đây thuộc một trong những chuyên đề mình đã soạn để phục vụ cho kì thi THPTQG. Chuyên đề “GIAO TIẾP’ với 100 câu giao tiếp rất hay gặp trong đề thi, hi vọng sẽ có ích cho các bạn trong việc ôn thi. Để tham khảo key chi tiết, rõ ràng và tường tận hơn, các bạn có thể theo dõi Facebook: Nguyễn Tiến Vinh (https://www.facebook.com/caynatielts6789) để theo dõi livestream rõ hơn nhé. Nếu có thắc mắc, các bạn có thể đăng vào nhóm CÀY NÁT Tiếng Anh THPTQG – 6789! Để được giải đáp nhé. Chúc các bạn học tốt  EXERCISE 1 1. - Somin: ‘Thank you for a wonderful evening’ - BonBon: ‘_______________’ A. You’re welcome B. Thanks a lot C. Have a good day D. Cheers 2. - Ammy: It is very hot in here, ___________? - Hung: Of course. A. Must you open the window B. Shall you open the window C. Could you open the window D. A or C 3. Minh Trang and Moony Lan MTP are high-school studens. They are discussing where their study group will meet. Select the most suitable response to fill in the bank - Minh Trang: ‘Where is our study group going to meet next weekend?’ - Moony Lan MTP: ‘__________________’ A. Studying in a group is great fun B. We are too busy on weekdays C. Why don’t you look at the atlas D. The library would be best. 4. Huong Thu Khuong and Tuyet are university students. They are talking about Tuyet’s upcoming high-school reunion. Select the most suitable response. - Huong Thu Khuong: ‘So, you have your fifth high-school reunion coming up?’ - Tuyet: ‘___________’ A. Oh, the school reunion was wonderful B. No, you are in no mood for the event C. The food at the reunion was excellent D. Yeah. I’m really looking forward to it.  2 NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 5. A waiter in a restaurant is talking to Tien Duy who has just finished his meal there. Select the most suitable resonse to complete the exchange. - Waiter: ‘Here’s your bill, sir’ - Tien Duy: ‘____________’ A. Don’t mention it C. What do you have B. Can I pay by credit card? D. you’re welcome. 6. Two close friends Somin and Dua are talking about Kyle’s upcoming birthday. Select the most suitable response to complete the exchange. - Somin: ‘Can I bring a friend to your birthday party?’ - Dua: ‘_________________’ A. It’s my honour B. Let’s do it then C. The more the merrier D. That’s right 7. Two friends Lan Anh and Trinh are talking about Trinh’s new blouse. - Lan Anh: ‘That blouse suits you perfectly, Trinh’ - Trinh: ‘_______________________’ A. Never mind B. Don’t mention it C. Thank you D. You’re welcome. 8. Tra is talking to a porter in the hotel lobby. - Porter: ‘Shall I help you with your suitcase?’ - Tra: ‘____________________’ A. Not a chance B. That’s very kind of you C. I can’t agree more D. What a pity. 9. – Phuong Phuong: ‘Thank you very much for a lovely party’. - Hien: ‘__________________’ A. Cheers B. Have a good day C. Thanks D. You are welcome 10. – Diep: ‘My father’s much better now.’ - Hien Dan: ‘__________________’ A. Oh, I’m pleased to hear it B. Oh, really? The doctor must be very good C. Good news for you D. Wonderful. Congratulations!  EXERCISE 2 1. - Linh: ‘Would you mind if I use your computer for an hour?’ - Mai Anh: ‘________________’ A. Not at all. I’ve finished my job B. Yes, you can use it C. Of course not. I still need it now D, Yes, it’s all right.  3 NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 2. – Teacher: “Ha, you’ve written a much better essay this time.’ - Ha: ‘_____________’ A. Writing? Why? B. Thank you. It’s really encouraging C. You’re welcome D. What did you say? I’m so shy 3. - Linh Kieu: ‘My first English test was not as good as I expected’ - Nga: ‘_________________’ A. Good heavens! B. Never mind, better job next time! C. That’s brilliant enough D. It’s okay. Don’t worry. 4. - Lan Anh: ‘__________________’ - Yen: ‘Certainly’ A. Welcome back! B. What are you doing there? C. I’m sorry I am late D. May I borrow a pencil, please? 5. - Ammy: ‘_____________.’ - Minh Trang: ‘Good luck’ A. I don’t like rock music C. Have a nice day! B. How do you do D. I’m taking a test this afternoon. 6. - Manh: ‘Do you mind if I smoke?’ - Thu: ‘____________’ A. Yes, I don’t mind B. No, I don’t think so C. Yes, go ahead D. No, go right ahead. 7. - Thanh Ha: ‘Good morning. My name is Ha. I have a reservation.’ - Tien Duy: ‘__________________’. A. What do you want? B. Yes, a single room for two nights C. I haven’t decided yet. What about you? D. What do you like? 8. - Dat: ‘Have a nice weekend’. - Ngan: ‘_____________’ A. You are the same. B. The same to you C. So do I D. will you? 9. “You haven’t been to the bank today, have you?’ ‘__________’. A. Yes, I haven’t I am busy. B. No, I haven’t any money C. No, I have. I got some money D. No, I haven’t. I’m about to 10. - Linh: ‘I’ve passed my final exam.’ – Tom: ‘__________’. A. That’s a good idea B. Good luck C. It’s nice of you to say so D. Congratulations!  4 NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789!  EXERCISE 3 1. – Hao: ‘Happy birthday! This is a small present for you’. – Nga: ‘____________’ A. What a pity B. How terrible C. Have a good time D. How beautiful it is! Thanks 2. Linh invited her friend, Lan Anh, to have dinner out that night and Lan Anh accepted. - Linh: ‘Shall we eat out tonight?’ -Lan Anh: ‘______________’ A. That’s a great idea B. That’s acceptable C. You are welcome D. It’s kind of you to invite. 3. Hieu: ‘You’ve got a beautiful dress!’ – Nga: ‘_________’ A. Never mind B. You, too C. Thanks for your compliment D. Don’t mention it. 4. - Dua: ‘I’m taking my end term examination tomorrow”. - Somin: ‘_____________’ A. Good luck! B. Good day! C. Good time D. Good chance! 5. Manh: ‘How lovely your cats are!’ – Hieu: ‘_____________’ A. Really? They are B. Thank you, it is nice of you to say so C. Can you say that again D. I love them, too 6. – Ly: ‘Make yourself at home’ – Mai Anh: ‘_______________’ A. Thanks! Same to you B. That’s very kind. Thank you C. Not at all. Don’t mention it D. Yes, can I help you? 7. Thu, Ngan and some other old friends are in a pub talking about their family and jobs. -Thu: ‘Do you work in an office, Ngan?’ – Ngan: ‘___________’ A. Yes, I am. But I don’t like it B. Not anymore. I’m an English teacher now C. Yeah, but I’m out of work now D. No, I work as a bank clerk 8. – Shop assistant: ‘_______________’ - Customer: ‘Yes, I want to send some flowers to my wife in France’. A. Do you like flowers? B. What do you like? C. Can you help me? D. How can I help you? 9. – Linh: ‘Sorry, I forgot to phone you last night’ – Ly: ‘__________’ A. I have nothing to tell you B. Oh. Poor me! C. Never mind! D. You was absent – minded 10. – Thinh: ‘I’m taking my end term examination tomorrow.’ – Hung: ‘______’ A. Good luck B. Good day C. Good time D. Good chance  5 NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789!  EXERCISE 4 1. – ‘We’ll have to hurry if we want to finish this project on time.’ – ‘________’ A. Ok. But I’ll call you later B. I’ll say we will! C. I’m tired. I’ll go home early D. What a wonderful idea! 2. ‘___________’ – ‘Thanks. We are proud of him’ A. Your kid is naughty B. Can we ask your child to take a photo? C. Your child is just adorable D. I can give your kid a lift to school 3. - Duy: ‘I have a favor to ask you’ - Hung: ‘______________’ A. Help yourself B. Go ahead C. It’s a pleasure D. Ask, please. 4. - Ngan: ‘I enjoyed myself so much at your birthday party.’ - Dat: ‘______________’ A. It’s a pleasure B. Oh, that’s kind of you C. Congratulations D. Oh, I’m glad to hear that. 5. - Wife: ‘The cupboard in our living room is broken’ – Husband: ‘_________’ A. But it’s big B. We have to pay extra money C. But it’s small D. We’ll get it fixed 6. Linda: ‘What a lovely house you have!’ – Janet: ‘___________’ A. No problem B. Thank you. Hope you’ll drop in C. Of course not. It’s not costly D. I think so 7. - Mai: ‘How lovely your pets are!’ - Huy: ‘_____________’ A. Thank you, it’s nice of you to say so C. Can you say that again? B. Really? They are D. I love them, too 8. - Lan: ‘Would you mind closing the door?’ - Nam: “______________’ A. Close it now B. Not at all C. True enough D. Don’t mention it 9. – Long: ‘How lovely your dogs are!’ – Viet: ‘___________” A. Really? I know B. Thank you, it is nice of you to say so C. Can you say that again? D. I love them, too 10. – Hoa: ‘Have you been able to reach Nam?’ – Lan: ‘____________’ A. That’s no approval B. Yes, I’ve known him for years C. No, the line is busy D. It’s much too high  6 NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789!  EXERCISE 5 1. - “I have a couple of questions I would like to ask you.’ - ‘_____________’ A. Of course not, it’s not costly B. Right, fine away C. What’s up D. Not at all 2. – A: Thank you. I couldn’t have finished my presentation with out your help.’ - B: ________________ A. Forget about it. I did’nt mean so B. I highly appreciate what you did C. I doesn’t matter anyway D. Never mind 3. - Jane: ‘Are you interested in scuba diving?’ – Janet: ‘___________’ A. Very. Undersea life is being strongly contaminated B. Very. Undersea life is fascinating C. Not any. Undersea life is too expensive D. Well, things are much different, now 4. Clindy wanted to drive her best friend to have dinner at an Italian restaurant but her car couldn’t start. Therefore, she had to borrow one from Nancy. Choose the most suitable response to fill in the blank in the following exchange. - Clindy: ‘Would you mind lending me your car?’ – Nancy: ‘__________/ A. Yes, here it is B. Yes, let’s C. No, not at all D. Great 5. – ‘Did you enjoy the movie yesterday?’ – ‘__________’ A. Certainly, I’d be glad to B. Yes, it is warmer than today C. Not really, I couldn’t follow the story D. No, I dislike moving 6. – ‘I apologize for keeping you waiting for 2 hours. My car broke down on the way.’ - ‘_____________’ A. Your apology is accepted B. You are welcome C. Thank you D. It’s my pleasure 7. – A: Relax, Harry. Everything will be alright. - B: _____________________ A. I’m glad you say so B. It’s ok. I’m proud of you C. Thanks, John. But I’m really upset D. Thank you. You deserve it 8. – A: My speaking skills are getting worse. - B: _____________, I would speak English in class more regularly. A. Don’t ask me B. If I were you C. No problem D. Forgive me 9. Mike and Lane are neighbors. They are talking about Lan’s party. - Mike: ‘Thank you for a lovely evening’ - Lane: ‘_______________’ A. It depends on you B. Thank you very much indeed C. Yeah. I’m really looking forward to it D. You are welcome  7 NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 10. – Laura: ‘What a lovely house you have!’ – Maria: ‘__________’ A. Thank you. Hope you will drop in B. I think so C. I feel very excited D. Of course not, it’s not costly  EXERCISE 6 1. Ken and Tom are high-school students. They mett each other at a gallery but Ken is in a hurry. - Ken: ‘I’ve got to go, Tom. So long’ - Tome: ‘So long, Ken. And _______________’ A. Be careful B. Take care C. Don’t hurry D. Don’t take it seriously 2. – ‘How about giving me a hand’? – ‘______________’ A. I promise B. No, not yet C. Sure, I’ll be glad to help D. You’re welcome 3. - Janet: ‘Are you interested scuba diving?’ – Jane: ‘__________’ A. Very. Udersea life is being strongly contaminated B. Not any. Udersea life is too expensive C. Well, things are much differen, now D. Very, undersea life is fascinating 4. – Tom: ‘Is your bicycle serviced regularly, Mike’ – Mike: ‘______’ A. Well, I did it yesterday B. Yep, every two weeks C. What did you mean D. How dare you? 5. – Peter: Is it important? - Thomas: ‘___________’ A. It’s a matter of life-and-death B. No worry, that’s nothing C. It’s ridiculous D. Not on your life 6. – A: ____________ make a phone call here? - B: sure, go ahead A. Is it ok if I B. will I C. Would you mind if I D. Would i 7. – A: I don’t like meat. - B: _____________ A. Nor I do B. I don’t too C. Neither don’t I D. Neither do I 8. – Cindy: ‘Would you mind lending me your car?’ – Nancy: ‘________’ A. Yes, here it is B. Yes, let’s C. No, not at all D. Great 9. Mary invited her friend, Sarah, to have dinner out that night and Sarah accepted. Choose the most suitable response to fill in the blank in the following exchange. - Mary: ‘Shall we eat out tonight?’ - Sarah: ‘__________’ A. It’s kind of you to invite B. You are very welcome C. That’s a great idea D. That’s acceptable  8 NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 10. – A: Your speech this morning was just beyond my expectations. - B: _________________. A. It’s ok B. Not at all, it was just Ok C. It was my pleasure D. Thanks. Without your help, I couldn’t have done it  EXERCISE 7 1. Hung and Mai are classmates. They are talking about their sports hobby. - Hung: ‘Don’t you like watching football?’ - Mai: ___________________ A. Yes, I don’t B. No, I do. I like it a lot C. It’s nice D. Yes, I love it 2. Marta and Patrice is a couple. They are going to a friend’s party. - Marta: ‘Do I still have to change my clothes?’ - Patric: ‘_____________’ A. Sure, take your time B. Let’s discuss that some time C. Don’t change your mind, please D. The party begins at 2 pm 3. – A: I got 600 for the TOEFL, Dad - B: __________________ A. Good for you, thank you C. I’m glad you say so B. Well done, son! I’m very proud of you D. You can do it 4. – A: Woud you like a coke? - B: ____________________ A. I like coke, thanks C. It’s Ok. I’m proud of you B. Yes, please. But just a small one D. No, I wouldn’t 5. Mai and Lan are friends. Mai aks Lan Sky about Lan Sky’s plan. Select the most suitable response to fill in the blank. - Lan: ‘Are you going to see the live show by Son Tung today?’ - Mai: ‘______________’ A. Yes, I enjoyed it very much B. Maybe I’ll be out C. Yes, I’m going to stay in D. I think so 6. – Andy: How about coming to my English class tonight? - Bob: _______________ A. Sounds like fun! What time B. English is my favourite subject C. Don’t worry. Thanks D. Thanks. But what’s the problem 7. – Daisy: ‘Would you mind getting me a cup of coffee?’ - John: ‘______________’ A. Cream and sugar, please B. It’s my pleasure C. No, thanks D. I never drink coffee.  9 NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 8. – Ann: I’m very sorry for letting you wait for so long. - Bill: _____________________ A. Don’t apologize. I’ve just arrived here. B. You’re welcome C. It doesn’t matter, thank you D. My pleasure. Don’t worry about it 9. – ‘What shall we do this weekend?’ A. No problem C. Oh. That’s good 10. – ‘Congratulations!’ A. You are a good friend C. Thank you - ‘__________’ B. Let’s go out to the zoo D. I’ll go out for dinner - ‘___________’ B. You are welcome D. I’m very happy  EXERCISE 8. 1. - Anne: ‘Make yourself at home’ A. Yes, can I help you? C. Thanks. Same to you - John: ‘___________’ B. Not at all. Don’t mention it D. It’s very kind of you. Thank you. 2. - Bill: ‘_________________’ A. Isn’t it a great reunion? C. Thank you for your lovely welcome - Kate: ‘Delighted I was able to help’ B. Can I help you? D. We are delighted. It’s kind of you 3. – Assistant: May I help you? A. You may go C. No problem - Customer: _____________ B. I don’t need help D. I’m just looking 4. – Ann: Shall we eat out tonight? A. That’s a great idea C. It’s very kind of you to invite me - David: ___________ B. That’s understandble D. You are very welcome 5. – ‘Can I carry these suitcases into the room for you?’ - ‘____________’ A. You can’t, I think! B. No, you can’t C. Yes, you can D. Can you? That’s very kind 6. – Tom: ‘When are we leaving for the concert?’ -Kyle: ‘__________’ A. Straight away B. That’s right C. Certainly D. No problem 7. – ‘Do you mind if I turn on the fan?’ A. Not for me C. Never mind -Maria: ‘___________’ B. Not at all D. Not enough  10 NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 8. – ‘Congratulations!’ A. Thank you C. You are a good friend - ‘___________’ B. You are welcome D. I’m very happy. 9. ‘Hi. You must be new here.’ A. Yes, it is my first day at this school C. No, I’m very old here B. Yes, are you surprised? D. Are you new here, too? 10. ‘Excuse me. Where’s the parking lot?’ - ‘____________’ A. Why do you ask me? I don’t know B. Do you get lost? I do too C. You missed the turn. It’s back that way D. You are going the wrong way. It’s not here  EXERCISE 9 1. Two friends Diana and Anne are talking about their friend Bob’s new hairstyle. - Diana: ‘Bob looks so impressive with his new hairstyle, Anne’ - Anne: ‘_______________’ A. Fine I guess B. Yes, he looks so different C. Thank you so much D. You can’t believe it. 2. Mary is talking to her professor in his office. - Professor: ‘Congratulations on your award’ - Mary: ‘________________’ A. I like it that you understand B. I do appreciate your supervision C. I can’t agree more with yours D. I feel so sorry for you, professor. 3. – Quang: ‘What are you going to major in?’ - Vinh: ‘_____________’ A. I’m going to take my final exam at the end of July. B. My parents want me to become a doctor or a pharmacist. C. My favourite subjects are maths, physics and English D. I haven’t decided, but I am learning towards biology 4. – Waiter: ‘Hello, I’ll be your waiter today. Can I start you off with something to drink?’ - Linh: ‘__________’ A. I’d like spaghetti or pasta B. Yes, I’ll have iced tea, please C. Maybe I should get some ice-cream D. Can I pay by credit card, please? 5. – Linh: ‘What have you been doing recently?’ - Phuong: ‘_________________’ A. Very tired after the exam B. Mostly studying C. Really exciting D. Keen on soccer and tennis  11 NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 6. – Mary: ‘How is your project going, Nhung?’ - Nhung: ‘______________’ A. I’m working with John and Sally B. What? Is it going to finish soon? C. Great! Couldn’t be better D. Do you really want to go? 7. – Mark: ‘Can you give me a hand?’ - John: ‘____________’ A. Sorry. My hands are dirty C. I’d like a cup of tea B. Why? I’m busy now D. I’d be glad to 8. – Trang: ‘What is the public transportation like near your apartment?’ - Laura: ‘____________’ A. There’s a bus stop within walking distance. B. I cycle to school with my friends every day C. I like the public transportation very much D. We go by bus on Monday and by tram on Friday. 9. – ‘Hi, Mark. Sorry I’m a bit late. You haven’t been here long, have you?’ - ‘____________________’ A. That’s news to me B. Since 7 o’clock, actually C. I’m on the way D. I’ll be there in a hour. 10. – Interviewer: ‘_____________’ - Interviewee: ‘Thank you’ A. Sit yourself, Ok? C. Seat down, will you? B. Be seated, please D. Please take a sit.  EXERCISE 10 1. – ‘Do you mind if I open the window?’ - ‘______________’ A. Yes, it’s my pleasure C. No, I hope not B. No I don’t D. Yes, I do 2. – ‘Please accept my apology for disturbing you’ - ‘______________’ A. I’m really sorry, too B. That’s all right, don’t worry C. No, I don’t accept that D. Yes, why don’t I? 3. – Mr Brown: ‘It’s very nice of you to meet me here’ - Tom: ‘____________’ A. That’s right, sir B. Yes, certainly, sir C. You’re right, sir D. It’s my pleasure, sir  12 NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 4. – Lan: ‘Would you mind helping me with these heavy boxes?’ - Trung: ‘_____________’ A. Yes, I would B. Not at all C. What a pity D. My gosh! 5. – Foreigner: ‘_____________’ - Hoa: ‘Go straight. It’s on the corner of Holly and Rose. Next to the library’ A. Can you take me to the 3D museum? B. Could you show me the way to 3D Museum? C. I know it’s rude but where’s the 3D Museum? D. Can I get to the 3D Museum by car? 6. – Teacher: ‘Jenny, you’ve made a good job on the project’ - Jenny: ‘____________’ A. Oh, I guess so B. Never mention it C. Not really, I didn’t D. Thank you! 7. – ‘Excuse me, could you take our picture?’ - ‘_________________’ A. We can restore it. You can get it tomorrow. B. Sure. Give me your camera. Ok, say cheese everyone! C. I’m sorry. My mobile phone needs recharging. D. It’s a pity that don’t have a piture here. 8. - ‘It’s my birthday today’ - ‘________________’ A. Great. It’s a wonderful day. B. Do I have to give you a present? C. Is it? Oh, well, many happy returns D. Oh. I’m sorry that I haven’t prepare any present. 9. – ‘Have a nice weekend’ - ‘______________’ A. My pleasure B. So polite C. Same to you D. Never mind 10. – ‘Thanks for inviting me to dinner’ - ‘______________’ A. Don’t worry about it B. You’re welcome. Come in and make yourself at home. C. There’s no need to say that D. Take it easy. Cheer up CHÚC CÁC BẠN HỌC TỐT!  13 NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh
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