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Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! BÀI TẬP NGỮ ÂM CƠ BẢN Dare you CHANGE, FIGHT AND SUCCEED? - Nếu bạn chăm chỉ làm bài + tra từ điển, tr×nh độ của bạn sẽ tăng lªn đ¸ng kể! Điều tốt đẹp chỉ dành cho người xứng đ¸ng! Theo dâi Facebook https://www.facebook.com/caynatielts6789 ®Ó cËp nhËt thªm nhiÒu tµi liÖu theo chuyªn ®Ò nhÐ! EXERCISE 1 1. A. breath B. breathe C. dreadful D. threaten 2. A. fare B. black C. match D. calcium 3. A. alien B. alloy C. alley D. anthem 4. A. eliminate B. elephant C. endanger D. Erosion 5. A. worked B. stopped C. watched D. visited 6. A. peasant B. please C. peace D. ease 7. A. waited B. mended C. invited D. faced 8. A. traveled B. stared C. landed D. sastened 9. A. eternal B. eliminate C. energy D. eradicate 10. A. reserve B. desert C. conserve D. observant 11. A. mounting B. country C. account D. astound 12. A. ancient B. strange C. educate D. address 13. A. explorer B. expand C. exist D. extinct 14. A. event B. prevent C. percent D. agent 15. A. gypsy B. huge C. piggy D. strange EXERCISE 2  Biªn so¹n: Nguyễn Tiến Vinh 1 Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 16. A. bushes B. wishes C. researches D. headaches 17. A. debt B. climbing C. timber D. lamb 18. A. enough B. cough C. thorough D. tough 19. A. apply B. maximum C. cactus D. national 20. A. funny B. rubbish C. upper D. Student 21. A. high B. laugh C. thought D. eight 22. A. promise B. despite C. enterprise D. economize 23. A. appeal B. ease C. team D. already 24. A. scholar B. chemist C. approach D. aching 25. A. attracted B. decided C. expected D. engaged 26. A. accompany B. simplify C. supply D. qualify 27. A. reformed B. appointed C. stayed D. installed 28. A. initiate B. contain C. domestic D. attentive 29. A. household B. associate C. colony D. enclose 30. A. cough B. weight C. might D. Though 31. A. punish B. efficient C. infectious D. describe 32. A. message B. passage C. sausage D. teenage. 33. A. challenge B. characteristic C. chemical D. Christmas 34. A. cooked B. looked C. crooked D. Cracked 35. A. cooks B. thanks C. joints D. Spends 31: A. assessment B. passages C. passionate D. pessimism 32: A. essentially B. gradually C. mutualised D. unpunctually 33: A. switzerland B. zigzag C. systematize D. zoo EXERCISE 3 EXERCISE 4  Biªn so¹n: Nguyễn Tiến Vinh 2 Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 34. A. fare B. black C. match D. calcium 35. A. alien B. alloy C. alley D. anthem 36. A. current B. turn C. fun D. under 37. A. further B. fertile C. heard D. mother 38. A. coast B. lost C. most D. whole 39. A. occupation B. college C. comfortable D. knowledge 40. A. determined B. researched C. obtained D. harbored 41. A. mingling B. simplicity C. variety D. difficulty 42. A. insect B. apes C. seal D. whales 43. A. forest B. resort C. reason D. visit 44. A. summary B. multiply C. subtract D. instruction 45. A. brushed B. punched C. pumped D. stimulated 46. A. mankind B. cancer C. alcohol D. survival 47. A. humans B. dreams C. concerts D. songs 48. A. communicates B. mistakes C. complains D. develops 49. A. manages B. laughs C. photographs D. makes 50. A. eight B. weight C. height D. freight 51. A. contribute B. tiny C. disaster D. investigate 52. A. nature B. native C. natural D. nation 53. A. compete B. decide C. announce D. necessary 54. A. romantic B. private C. marriage D. attract 55. A. fills B. adds C. stirs D. Lets 56. A. clapped B. noted C. deleted D. monfided EXERCISE 5 EXERCISE 6  Biªn so¹n: Nguyễn Tiến Vinh 3 Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 57. A. furious B. butter C. culture D. Multiple 58. A. welfare B. effort C. longevity D. secure 59. A. stadium B.graduation C. Surface D. Facebook 60. A. complicate B. sophisticate C. freedom D. crazy 61. A. mustache B. watch C. initiate D. station 62. A. animation B. abbreviation C. immitation D. invasion 63. A. chalk B. choose C. character D. chocolate 64. A. apply B. university C. identity D. early 65. A. choice B. achieve C. each D. chemistry 66. A. final B. applicant C. high D. decide 67. A. average B. indicate C. application D. grade 68. A. course B. four C. our D. yours 69. A. economy B. industry C. qualify D. priority 70. A. right B. private C. communist D. minority 71. A. measure B. subsidies C. domestic D. hospital 72. A. though B. encourage C. enough D. country 73. A. improve B. introduce C. move D. lose 74. A. exist B. extinct C. explorer D. expand 75. A. eternal B. energy C. eradicate D. eliminate 76. A. ancient B. educate C. strange D. address 77. A. desert B. reserve C. observant D. conserve 78. A. astound B. account C. country D. mounting 79. A. bushes B. wishes C. reserches D. headaches EXERCISE 7 EXERCISE 8  Biªn so¹n: Nguyễn Tiến Vinh 4 Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 80. A. debt B. climbing C. timber D. lamb 81. A. enough B. cough C. thorough D. tough 82. A. apply B. maximum C. cactus D. national 83. A. funny B. rubbish C. upper D. student 84. A. amount B. wounded C. bound D. round 85. A. boat B. hold C. abroad D. float 86. A. hurry B. study C. bury D. multiply 87. A. obtain B. obstacle C. advance D. absorb 88. A. meat B. seat C. feeding D. lead 89. A. hope B. stop C. slope D. cope 90. A. purse B. nervous C. surprise D. worse 91. A. brother B. weather C. picture D. prefer 92. A. detest B. offend C. absent D. present 93. A. towel B. owe C. owl D. how 94. A. swarm B. swear C. swim D. sword 95. A. fort B. distort C. pottery D. award 96. A. funny B. hungry C. study D. monster 97. A. hush B. push C. bush D. put 98. A. discuss B. butcher C. husband D. butter 99. A. plays B. breeze C. receives D. students 100. A. glove B. boast C. locate D. motion EXERCISE 9 EXERCISE 10  Biªn so¹n: Nguyễn Tiến Vinh 5 Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! EXERCISE 11 101. A. card B. heard C. hearth D. heart 102. A. considerate B. candidate C. associate D. adequate 103. A. discussion B. television C. revision D. decision 104. A. feather B. threat C. reason D. pleasure 105. A. player B. prayer C. mayor D. hare 106. A. global B. love C. lonely D. local 107. A. month B. tongue C. young D. non-smoker 108. A. open B. obtain C. observe D. opinion 109. A. bow B. throw C. hour D. fowl 110. A. factor B. fatal C. failure D. facial 111. A. polish B. polite C. political D. potential 112. A. pull B. push C. bush D. rush 113. A. avoid B. again C. advance D. ancient 114. A. clown B. cow C. bow D. count 115. A. share B. mayor C. declare D. shake 116. A. pattern B. clap C. bakery D. tap 117. A. firm B. familiar C. term D. purpose 118. A. bossy B. passion C. bus D. dismiss 119. A. crush B. push C. hush D. punch 120. A. against B. surface C. world D. earth 121. A. tongue B. young C. donkey D. tone 122. A. passage B. massage C. damage D. hostage EXERCISE 12 EXERCISE 13  Biªn so¹n: Nguyễn Tiến Vinh 6 Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 123. A. moment B. coal C. sole D. hostage 124. A. control B. contribution C. consult D. gaol 125. A. false B. talk C. fall D. fond 126. A. infer B. further C.worker D. neighbour 127. A. terror B. lecturer C. occuur D. factor 128. A. headaches B. wishes C. finishes D. Alice’s 129. A. believe B. unleaded C. leader D. defeat 130. A. fanchise B. champagne C. parachute D. charlie 131. A. empty B. deny C. sleepy D. hurry 132. A. scholar B. character C. charity D. chemist 133. A. south B. southern C. scout D. drought 134. A. dome B. comb C. home D. tomb 135. A. laughs B. drops C. maintains D. imports 136. A. century B. culture C. secure D. applicant 137. A. confine B. conceal C. convention D. concentrate 138. A. booked B. missed C. described D. pronounced 139. A. teach B. break C. deal D. clean 140. A. cabinet B. capital C. capable D. captain 141. A. justice B. campus C. culture D. brush 142. A. angry B. abandon C. calendar D. danger 143. A. wanted B. stopped C. decided D. hated 144. A. epidemic B. illegal C. education D. competitor 145. A. young B. plough C. couple D. cousin EXERCISE 14 EXERCISE 15  Biªn so¹n: Nguyễn Tiến Vinh 7 Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 146. A. chamber B. ancient C. danger D. ancestor 147. A. fare B. black C. match D. calcium 148. A. scissors B. sugar C. sense D. soft 149. A. honest B. home C. vehicles D. heiress 150. A. books B. carrots C. floors D. slopes 151. A. engage B. mortgage C. baggage D. dosage 152. A. stretch B. question C. efficient D. natural 153. A. element B. dedicate C. event D. devote 154. A. thereupon B. thrill C. threesome D. throne 155. A. find B. bite C. since D. drive 156. A. contain B. feature C. picture D. culture 157. A. massage B. carriage C. voyage D. dosage 158. A. chair B. cheap C. mechanic D. child 159. A. took B. book C. food D. foot 160. A. breath B. booth C. thank D. threat 161. A. route B. doubt C. trout D. scout 162. A. armchair B. kitchen C. catch D. anchor 163. A. element B. dedicate C. event D. devote 164. A. bound B. sound C. country D. poultry 165. A. chemical B. approach C. achieve D. challenge 166. A. examine B. determine C. valentine D. heroine 167. A. stomach B. watch C. change D. church 168. A. attacks B. repeats C. roofs D. trays EXERCISE 16 EXERCISE 17  Biªn so¹n: Nguyễn Tiến Vinh 8 Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 169. A. candy B. sandy C. many D. handy 170. A. chin B. chaos C. child D. charge 171. A. valentine B. imagine C. discipline D. determine 172. A. heavy B. head C. weather D. easy 173. A. failed B. reached C. absorbed D. solved 174. A. opened B. knocked C. played D. occurred 175. A. rubbed B. tugged C. stopped D. filled 176. A. spams B. works C. sits D. laughs 177. A. fixes B. pushes C. misses D. goes 178. A. cries B. buzzes C. studies D. supplies 179. A. breath B. breathe C. thank D. threat 180. A. cloth B. clothe C. with D. without 181. A. thing B. threaten C. thought D. than 182. A. dimmed B. traveled C. passed D. stirred 183. A. tipped B. begged C. quarrelled D. carried 184. A. tried B. obeyed C. cleaned D. asked 185. A. holds B. notes C. replies D. sings 186. A. keeps B. gives C. cleans D. prepares 187. A. loses B. houses C. rises D. shoes 188. A. drops B. kicks C. sees D. hopes 189. A. buildings B. schools C. zoos D. markets 190. A. drinks B. rids C. travels D. leaves EXERCISE 18 EXERCISE 19  Biªn so¹n: Nguyễn Tiến Vinh 9 Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! EXERCISE 20 191. A. occupy B. puppy C. ready D. study 192. A. secure B. culture C. century D. applicant 193. A. hesitate B. reserve C. physics D. basic 194. A. bought B. daughter C. cough D. sight 195. A. but B. bury C. nut D. young 196. A. sure B. soup C. sugar D. machine 197. A. measure B. decision C. permission D. pleasure 198. A. study B. ready C. puppy D. occupy 199. A. cow B. brow C. shower D. crow 200. A. switch B. stomach C. match D. catch CHÚC BẠN HỌC TỐT!  Biªn so¹n: Nguyễn Tiến Vinh 10
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