Tài liệu 111 câu đồng nghĩa phải học nguyễn tiến vinh

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Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! -111 MUST-LEARN SYNONYMS111 CÂU ĐỒNG NGHĨA PHẢI HỌC FIGHT-FOR-NINE TEAM DARE YOU – CHANGE, FIGHT, AND SUCCEED? 1. Remember to drop me a line while you are away on business. A. give me a ring B. write to me C. call me D. drop in me 2. He disapproved of the behavior his sons displayed during the church service this week. A. comment B. support C. blame D. Like 3. The dim lights made it hard to see, so Ben squinted to make out the stranger's face in the distance. A. faint B. muted C. weak D. Strong 4. Have you ever tried using hydrogen peroxide as a person to induce vomiting instead of the good old traditional methods? A. control B. clean C. Cause D. Stop 5. He was mystified by my experience, though perhaps not particularly envious. A. perplexed B. shocked C. Upset D. Excited 6. I was horrified to find a drug tablet which had been left on purpose in my room yesterday. A. ashamed B. shocked C. nervous D. Surprised 7. Those with incomes ranging from $2000 to $4000 enjoy a luxurious and extravagant life. A. varying B. raving C. grazing D. Turning A wide range of = a wide variety of 8. In certain industries the workers' apparel is not only cumbersome but also quite heavy. A. equipment B. clothing C. food D. Morale 9. He is among wealthy members of the golf club. He possesses houses, land and property across the country. A. adroit B. affluent C. adjacent D. Acrid 10.ICD implantation is a routine operation with a very low complication rate.  Biªn so¹n: NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh 1 Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! A. cheap B. small C. usual D. Quick 11.She received a light blow on the side of the head close to the right eye. A. jump B. hump C. bump D. Stump 12.You should cut down on cigarettes, for smoking does no good to your health. A. ceased smoking B. become frightened C. decreased the number of D. gotten sick 13.A bachelor's degree is required if one wishes to apply for the job. A. necessary B. desirable C. acquired D. Optional 14.In some Asian countries, it is customary for people to worship their ancestors. A. fossils B. elders C. forefathers D. Heirs 15.Old buidings should be demolished to make space for modern high-rise ones. A. renovated B. razed C. remodeled D. Reconciled 16.Always think of other issues you might run into at work and have exit strategies for them all. A. forget to do B. pay for C. meet unexpectedly D. add on 17.A good doctor should have broad knowledge in a specialized area of medicine. A. an honorable B. a difficult C. a prescribed D. a distinct 18.Today, she is fortunate to be one of the last few surviving U-boats in the world, preserved in time and on display in the Museum of Science in Chicago. A. located B. on exhibit C. under supervision D. Stored 19.Although it is now redundant, the church continues to be used occasionally for worship. A. old-fashioned B. reproduced C. Unnecessary D. Quaint 20.Angels just look for feasible projects to invest, and they will turn down infeasible ones without giving them a look. A. unrealistic B. inconceivable C. attainable D. Attractive 21.Compounds which are plentiful in nature are calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, and aluminum oxide. A. abundant B. obscure C. unstable D. Reliable  Biªn so¹n: NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh 2 Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 22.The crew divided the life preservers among the twenty terrified passengers as the ship began to sink. A. exhausted B. surprised C. frightened D. Excited 23.You must answer the police's questions truthfully; otherwise, you will get into trouble. A. exactly as things really happen B. with a negative attitude C in a harmful way D. as trustingly as you can 24.My mom is always bad-tempered when I leave my room untidy. A. feeling embarrassed B. talking too much C. very happy and satisfied D. easily annoyed or irritated 25.During the earthquake, a lot of buildings collapsed, which killed thousands of people. A. went off accidentally B. fell down unexpectedly C. exploded sudenly D. erupted violently 26.We really appreciate your help, without which we couldn’t have got our task done in time. A. feel thank for B. depreciate C. require D. are proud of 27.The teacher gave some suggestions on what could come out for the examination. A. effects B. symptoms C. hints D. Demonstration 28.Roget's Thesaurus, a collection of English words and phrases, was originally arranged by the ideas they express rather than by alphabetical order. A. restricted B. as well as C. unless D. instead of 29.They had conclusive evidence that he caused the accident on the motorway. A. convincing B. swindling C. unclear D. Superficial 30.The inhospitable climate in a desert makes it impossible for most animals and plants to survive. A. rainy B. stormy C. hostile D. Intense 31.Speaking conservatively, I think he will be the winner of the English contest. A. politely B. openly C. cautiously D. Dramatically  Biªn so¹n: NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh 3 Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 32.What do you think gives off more radiation, a cell phone or a laptop? A. repels B. concentrates C. confines D. Emits 33.I discarded my old computer last week because it cost me a lot of money to fix its problems. A. purchased B. got C. got rid of D. Bought 34.She lost her temper with a customer and shouted at him. A. had a temperature B. kept her temper C. became very angry D. felt worried 35.Slavery was abolished in the US in the 19th century. A. instituted B. eradicated C. commonplace D. Required 36.The cotton gin was commonplace on many nineteenth century farms. A. often required B. sorely needed C. frequently seen D. visibly absent 37.Let’s wait here for her; I’m sure she’ll turn up before long. A. arrive B. return C. enter D. Visit 38.The president delivered an eloquent speech in front of a large audience of investors A. made B. went over C. announced D. handed over 39.Van Mieu was representative of Confucian ways of thought and behaviors. A. traditional B. typical C. memorial D. Cultural 40.Don’t forget to drop me a line while you are away. A. give me a ring B. write to me C. call me D. drop in me 41.Laws on military service since 1960 still hold good. A. remains for good B. is in good condition C. is in bad condition D. remains in effect 42.With respect to money, angels are very cautious in choosing which company to invest in so as to maximize the return. A. With regard to B. With fondness for C. In appreciation of D. In favor of 43.I can consume 1 kg of rice at a time. A. at once B. one by one C. once in a while D. off and on  Biªn so¹n: NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh 4 Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 44.That China emerged as a world economic power has been a threat to the rest of the world. A. surrendered B. came forth C. fought D. Dimissed 45.The glass won’t break into many pieces easily because it is made of plastic. A. shatter B. tear C. collapse D. Rupture 46. As the enemy forces were so ovewhelming, our troops had to retreat to a safer position. A. powerful B. dreadful C. overflowing D. outgrowing 47. Although they had never met before the party, Jim and Jane felt strong affinity to each other. A. enthusiasm B.attraction C.moved D.interest 48. Whenever problems come up, we discuss them frankly and find solutions quickly. A. clean B. encounter C. arrive D. happen 49. English as we know today emerged around 1350, after having incorporated many elements of French that were introduced following the Normal invasion of 1030. A. started B.appeared C.developed D.vanished 50. People are busy buying gifts, cleaning and decorating the house and cooking traditional foods to welcome Tet holiday now. A. favorite B.important C.customary D.national 51. The preservation of the dead body was accomplished through process of mummification. The ancient left no written accounts as to the execution of this process. A. carried B. achieved C. reproduced D. performed 52. The repeated commercials on TV distract many viewers from watching their favorite films. A. business B. advertisements C. economics D. contests 53. Some land is best used if two or more different kinds of crops are grown on it alternately; on the other hand, it is better to grow the same crop continuously. A. time after time B. slowly but surely C. one after another D. for many years 54. You may find that jogging is detrimental to your health rather than beneficial. A. useful B. facile C. depressing D. Harmful  Biªn so¹n: NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh 5 Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 55. For a decade, Barzilai has studied centenarians, looking for genes that contribute to longevity. A. who are vegetarians B. who are extraordinary C. who want to be fruitarians D. who live to be 100 and above 56.The mountain region of the country is thinly populated. A. sparsely B. densely C. greatly D. Fully 57. Helen Keller, blind and deaf from an early age, developed her sense of smell so finely that she could identify friends by their personal odors. A. classify B. communicate with C. describe D. Recognize 58. The life boat rescued the crew of the sinking ship. A. picked up B. provided food for C. saved the life of D. looked for 59. The two bombs exploded simultaneously. A. accidentally B. all of the sudden C. violently D. at the same time 60. You must apply yourself to your work more. A. improve B. carried out C. did quickly D. concentrate on 61. They have modern notions about raising children. A. opinions B. rules C. standards D. Plans 62. We spent the entire day looking for a new hotel. A. the long day B. day after day C. all day long D. all long day 63. Thanh Hoa is well-known for its beautiful beaches and seafood. A. rich B. successful C. honest D. Famous 64. What do you like doing in your spare time? A. enjoyable B. free C. quiet D. Busy 65. The shop assistant was totally bewildered by the customers' behavior. A. upset B. puzzled C. disgusted D. Angry 66. Local charity organizations benefited the fire victims. A. claimed B. helped C. donated D. Sponsored  Biªn so¹n: NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh 6 Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 67. People from flood-ravaged areas have suffered a lot of damage. A. supplied B. destroyed C. provided D. Killed 68. By the end of the storm, the hikers had depleted even their emergency stores. A. destroyed B. lost C. used almost all of D. greatly dropped 69. Originally the builders gave me a price of $5,000, but now they say they underestimated it, and now it’s going to be at least $8,000. A. underrated B. outnumbered C. undervalued D. Misjudged 70. Please stop making that noise! It really gets on my nerves. A. cheers me up B. wakes me up C. annoys me D. amuses me 71. Please do up your safety belt before we begin the journey. A. fasten B. carry C. wear D. Loosen 72. It is inevitable that smoking will damage your health. A. invading B. intriguing C. unavoidable D. Unhealthy 73. You must answer the police's questions truthfully; otherwise, you will get into trouble. A. in a harmful way. C. with a negative attitude. B. as trustingly as you can. D. exactly as you can. 74. It takes me 15 minutes to get ready. A. to prepare B. to wake up C. to go D. to get up 75. We went away on holiday last week, but it rained day in day out. A. every single day B. every other day C. every second day D. every two days 76. We can use either verbal or non - verbal forms of communication. A. using gesture C. using verbs B. using speech D. using facial expressions 77. The workforce is generally accepted to have the best conditions in Europe. A. gang B. working class C. crew D. Personnel 78. The band's first album is due for release later this month. A. late B. expected C. improper D. Early  Biªn so¹n: NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh 7 Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! 79. He wasn't able to manage with the stresses and strains of the job. A. cope B. succeed C. administer D. Acquire 80. That competition was sponsored by the host country. A. limited B. financed C. finished D. Tested 81. On completion of the activities you will have to continue answering some questions. A. Completing of the activities B. When you have completed the activities C. Because you complete the activities D. As if you completed the activities 82. The most striking technological success in the twentieth century is probably the computer revolution. A. productive B. dangerous C. prominent D. Recent 83. In the early days of baseball, the game was played by young men of means and social position. A. with ambition B. with money C. with skill D. with equipment 84. The yearly growth of the gross national product is often used as an indicator of a nation’s economy. A. annual B. irrefutable C. tentative D. Routine 85. Everytime he opens his mouth, he immediately regrets what he said. He is always putting his foot in his mouth. A. speaking indirectly C. making a mistake B. doing things in the wrong order D. saying embarrassing things 86. The questions of why prehistoric animals became extinct has not been conclusively answered. A. predominantly B. extensively C. especially D. Decisively 87. To everyone’s fury, misconduct by doctors and nurses is found out and ends up in media. A. demoralisation B. misdemeanour C. malpratice D. Malevolence 88. The fourth year sociology class was a homogeneous group of university students.  Biªn so¹n: NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh 8 Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! A. unrelated B. uniform C. distinguishable D. Dreary 89. Advanced students need to be aware of the importance of collocation. A. of high level B. of high position B. of great improvement D. of great progress 90. You can withdraw money from the account at any time without penalty. A. punishment B. loss C. charge D. Offense 91. He drives me to the edge because he never stops talking. A. frightens me B. moves me C. steers me D. irritates me 92. I had a row with my boss and had to quit the job. A. quarreled B. debated C. discussed D. Ignored 93. Few scientific breakthroughs are discovered merely by coincidence. A. talent B. laymen C. chance D. Imagination 94. According to Freud, dreams can be interpreted as the fulfillment of wishes. A. performance B. completion C. attainment D. Conclusion 95. A simple society is based on an exchange of goods and services. A. A cycle B. a harmony C. a trade D. a collection C. disrupt D. Arouse 96. Baby animals imitate their parents. A. desire B. copy 97. Most advanced countries have compulsory edcuation. A. considerable B. required C. elaborate D. high powered 98. Some medicines should be dissolved before they are taken. A. boiled B. sweetened C. prepared with food D. mixed with a liquid 99. A bat uses a sonar device to orient iself to its surrounding world. A. determine its position B. form an opinion C. become impressed D. guard against 100. Many people consider automobiles to be essential to American life. A. critical B. Accessible C. necessary D. Advantageous 101. Some species of birds, when migrating divide according to their age and sex.  Biªn so¹n: NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh 9 Group: CµY N¸T TiÕng Anh THPTQG – 6789! A. in keeping with B. conforming to C. in line with D. in relation to 102. Writing is a skill that requires consistent practice. A. invariable B. orderly C. regular D. Customary 103. The Comache are largely of mixed-blood Indian and Spanish descent. A. pedigree B. origin C. race D. Birth 104. In all parts of the U.S there is adequate rainfall except near the Rock Mountains. A. sufficient B. acceptable C. Abundant D. Suitable 105. City governments are belatedly taking steps to revitalize downtown areas. A. endlessly B. impatiently C. finally D. Recently 106. Aerobic bacteria transform wastes in water into less dangerous substances. A. stable B. precarious C. tender D. Harmless 107. It is undoubtedly true that the Watergate scandal was the worst in U.S political history. A. considerably B. arguably C. indecisively D. without question 108. Evelyn Waugh wrote satires that exposed the arrogant nature of upper-class Englishmen. A. conceited B. masterful C. delightful D. Inferior 109. Sally was mortified by her date’s unprecedented behavior. A. eradicated B. humiliated C. overjoyed D. Challenged 110. The detective’s resourcefulness helped him solve the mystery. A. assistance B. skill C. family D. Money 111. Mr. Black did not affirm his opinions in a positive manner. A. assert himself B. assuage himself C. arraign himself D. astound himself  Biªn so¹n: NguyÔn TiÕn Vinh 10
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