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OXTORD UNIVEITSITY PITESS GreatClarendonStreet,Oxford ox2 6Dp Oxford University Pressis a department ofthe University ofOxford. It furthers the University'sobjectiveofexcellencein research,scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide in Oxford NewYork Auckland CapeTowL Dares Salaam HongKong Karachi Kuala Lumpur Madrid Melbourne Mexico City Nairobi NewDelhi Shanghai Taipei Toronto With offices in Argentina Austria Brazil Chile CzechRepublic France Greece Guatemala Hungary Italy Japan Poland Portugal Singapore South Korea Switzerland Thailand Turkey Ukraine Vietnam oxFoRDand oxrono ENGLIsHare registeredtrade marks of Oxford University Pressin the UK and in certain other countnes @Oxford University Press2oo7 Adapted fTom EnglishforCustomerCareby RosemaryRichey @CornelsenVerlag GmbH & Co. OHG,Berlin zoo3 The moral dghts ofthe author have been asserted Databaseright Oxford University Press(maker) First published 2oo7 zolz 2011 2010 709 8 7 6 5 4 No unauthorized photocopying All rights reserved.No part ofthis publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system,or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior permission in writing of Oxford University Press,or as expresslypermitted by law or under terms a$eed with the appropriate reprographics rights organization. Enquiries concerning reproductionoutsidethe scopeofthe aboveshould be sentto the ELI Rights Department, Oxford University Press,at the addressabove You must not circulate this book in any other binding or cover and you must imposethis samecondition on any acquirer Any websites referred to in this publication are in the public domain and their addressesare provided by Oxford University Pressfor information only. Oxford University Pressdisclaims any responsibility for the content rs B N : 9 7 8o 1 9 4 S T 9 j T o Printed in China ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Prepared Ltd for OUPby StorfishDesignEditonalandProjeaManagement CartoonsW:Stephen May Photocredits'.istock photo library and Alamy Coverimagescouttesyof Getty Images(main image/Altrendo; top left/ Richard Drury/lmage Bank) and Punchstock (bottom left/Stockbyte) M . RO M f) \_t MultiROM Engllshfor CustomerCareis accompaniedby a MuttiROM which has a numberof features. lnteractiveexercisesto practiseuseful phrases,vocabulary, and communication throughyour computer. Listenlngextracts.Theseare in enhancedaudio formatthat can be playedon a conventionalCD-player or throughthe audio playeron your computer. lf you haveany problems,pleasecheckthe technicalsupport sectionof the readmefile on the MuttiROM. Gontents KPICS |.|l|GtnGEnPSAilPSfR*T,f€lEg lntroduction to customer care Customer caresuccess Customer carebusinesses andiobs Surprisingfactsabout customercare forgood S ki l tsandqual i ti es customer care Maki ng suggesti ons Face to face with customers Bodylanguage A companyvisit Meetingdo'sanddon'ts At a tradefuir Theinvisible customer l anguage B asi csoci al i zi ng Thei mportance l k of smaltal Follow-up in S tepsforw i nni ngcustomers yourpresentations Dealing with customers on the phone General telephoning The'customer care'phonecall reallyhear Whatthe customers on the phone B ei ngcourteous Maki ngsureyouunderstand Maki ng arrangements 3o Call centre success Takingan order g) Hotline(Troubleshootin Customer-centred callcentres Thefirstimpression andexplaining Ctarifying C hecki ng comprehensi on 38 Delivering customer cate throu$h writin$ Effective lettersandemails Formalandinformalwritingstyles ThefiveCsof customercarewriting A casestudy S atutati ons andcl oses phrases for handl i ng S tandard (connecti ng w i ththe customers reader, takingaction,etc.) Enclosures andattachments 47 Dealing with problems and complaints Complaint strategiesandpolicies Theletterofapology policy Explaining company Someopinionsaboutcomplaints andapotogies Softening badnewsand apotogi zi ng Problem-solving steps HGE UfiNT]TI.E FAGI APPEI{DIX 56 58 6o 6z 68 72 76 Testyourself! Partner Files PartnerA Partner Files PartnerB Answerkey Transcripts A-Z word list Useful phrases and vocabulary About the book English for Customer Carehasbeendeveloped for peopleworkingin customer service whoneeda goodlevelof Engtish. Youmightbeworkingin thesalesor customer service department of a company, might have oryou directcontact withcustomers in a bankor youspeakto customers hotel.Orperhaps on thetelephone froma helpdesk or a ca[[ youneed[anguage centre.In all of thesesituations skillsandspecific techniques in orderto be ableto communicate successfutty. English for Customer Carenot onlyoffers expressions andvocabulary it alsoaddresses strategies relatedto theeffective useof in a business English context. English for Customer Careconsists of sixunits.Thefirstunitoffersan introduction to thebasicprinciples of CustomerService. Thefoltowing fourunitsdealwithvarious different formsof customer contact: faceto facemeetings, telephone ca[[s,ca[[centres, presents or writtencommunication. Thefinalunit speaking skillsthatareneededin orderto solveproblems anddealwithcustomer complaints effectively. Eachunitbeginswitha Starter, whichconsists of smallexercises, brainstorming activities, or a quiz.Thisis followedby dialogues, texts,andauthentic documents, alongwitha varietyof exercises thathelpyouto learnthevocabulary andexpressions in context. Youwitlbe directed to the Partner Filesat variouspointsin the units,where gapactivities role-play information allowyouanda partnerto practise the [anguage presented in the unitin realistic situations. Eachunitendswitha textwhichrelates to thetopicof the unitandleadsto discussion. Whenyouhaveworkedthroughall the unitsyoucanTestyourselfl witha crossword on thevocabulary in the book. TheMuttiROM containsatlthe Listeningextractsfromthe book.Thesecanbe played throughtheaudioplayeron yourcomputer, or througha conventional CD-player. In give yourself practice, your orderto extralistening listento it in caror copyit to your MP3ptayer. TheInteractive exercises let you reviewby doingexercises that coverthe particularly you essential language fromthe book,thiswiltbe valuable if areusingthe bookfor self-study. At the backof Englishfor Customer Carethereis an Answerkeywhereyoucancheck youranswers. Youwillalsofindthe Partner Files,theTranscripts of the listening extracts, an A-Z wordlist,anda list of Usefulphrasesandvocabulary that you canrefer you to while areat work. ls lntroduction to customer care Peoplehavestrongopinionsaboutcustomercare.What is importantfor you as a customer? Workwith a partnerto makea list of the kind of servicesyou erpect. 7 Readaboutthe importanceof customercarein the articteand find four word partnerships wilhcustomer. customer Canyou addany otherwordsto makemorepartnerships? the most successfulshopping fhink about I sites on the Internet.What do they have in common? Whetheryou are booking a holiday,buying books and music or simply doing the weekly shop, the best sites provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction. How do they do it? Why is customer care such a priority? For most shoppers, customer convenience is the most important factor.Up-to-date technology means that when you return to a site you have visited before, they will remember your name, your profile,and what you bought last time. They also track where you browsed and what you thought about buying.They can also make some recommendationsabout other places,titles, or oroducts. We demand customer-friendlynavigation and the best sites provideit,continually raisingtheir levelsof service. Convenientand efficient payment systems are also essential. Sometimes,of course,things go wrong but this is when the sites are even better at dealingwith customers.You can call a helplineand talk to an agent,email your problem and get a replywithin twenty-four hours or even get assistancevia an instant messagingconversation. The people in charge of customer relationsknow that we want to shop, maybe purchase,and then leave with a very positive impression of the site.A satisfiedcustomer is a good customer. Good customersremainloyaland recommend you to others. e I ururr1 Introduction to customer care Accordingto the articte,what makesan online shoppingsite successful? Completethis list. 2 Finda word in the text that meansthe sameas: r profitable z something of the highestimportance helpful easy or to use 3 4 fastand organized necessary absolutely 6 hetp faithfut suggest q l{ow usewordsfrom aboveto completethe sentences. Ourcustomers'satisfaction is ourtoo d b lf you need , pleasecontactour callcentre. in anycustomer carejob. c Goodcommunication skillsare Andyou canpayby creditcard,whichis very 0 whenshopping online. e Wecanoffera quickerand more please lf youarehappywithour products, t 3 levelof servicewith our newcallcentre. usto a friend. Youare in a meetingwith a possiblenew customer.Answertheir questions. Q tJffhatmakesyour companydifferent? 4 Weareveryproudof our We'reespecially knownfor our forthecustomer? 0 Howdo youmakeit easyandconvenient A Weofferconvenience with to thecustomers . ,'a' .. . ' . 3 service? 0 Howdo I get after-sales A Wegiveefficientcustomerserviceby Whatis the mostimportantfocusfor your customers? 4 Ourtop priorityis to UNIT 1 4 .tt. I z Introduction tocustomer Completethe spidergramon customerservice-centredbusinessesand iobs with wordsfrom the list. cashier. concierggit,'hotel . orderentryclerk . receptionist. . restaurant. sales . shopassistant. teller representative ,r1'.i}\ @9 : \------'----- \:--l ' calrcentre6m) \- \:#Jruracturin;; lervice t"riol-, 5 retail cashi er cashier manager r \\----_;7 1C -ffi;> z waiterlwaitreD oanKrng cterk 8 6 bellhop officer -/' manager 9 7 receptionist lf not,addit. Canyouaddanothercustomer ls youriobor businessareaonthespidergram? careposition? 5 below.illorethanoneanswer thestatements that complete ilowfind peopleIn thespidergram youranswerswith a partner. is possiblein eachcase.Compare 7 in person. deatswithcustomers 2 for helpingcustomers choosethe rightproduct. is responsible 3 questions overthe phone. handles customer or probtems 4 service. takescareof after-sales 5 productordersfor customers. processes 6 oftenhasto writeto customers. A I Ufrf ff 1 6 Introduction to customer care look at the newsflash and the extractsfrom five job advertisements.What kind of 'people'skills do the advertsmention?Completethe notes. Customercareis becomingmoreand more focusedon lT training.lt's true that nowadays technicalskillsareessentialfor workingwith customerservicesystems.However,this high-techtrainingis not enoughfor good customercare.Employeesalso needpeople skillsso that they can dealwith peoplein all kindsof customersituations. You must be fluent in German and English with a very good telephonemanner and good customer service skills. FC skills and good communication skills are required. Customer careandc0mmunication skills areessential. pressure Ability toperform eltectively andto under wo* aspartofateam. Your role is to orovide customers with firstclass customer care. Duties:handling telephoneenquiriesand complaints; making calls to customers;dealing with correspondence by email and letter. Computer 41i ;;;,;;;;;;* ability to communicateclearly with customersand work effectivelywith both internal and externalteams. skillsand good writing skills required. ) \b, will nccdcxpcrienccol communicarins laceto Iacc with customers,using tact and diplomacy What kind of skills do you needfor your iob?Write a iob advertfor your position. 7 Herearesomecommentstaken from customerserviceguestionnaires. tlark them positive[] ornegative[]. 1 'Yoursalesstaffareimpatient. Theyneverwaitfor peopleto finishspeaking andarealwaysin a hurry.' z 'Thepeopleworkingat yourcatlcentrearealwaysso politeand hetpful. Andtheyalwaystakethetimeto answeratl my questions.' wouldbe moreattentive. Theydon'tseemto listen 3 'l wishyouremployees to whatI sayanddon'tcareaboutme at alt.' straightaway.I didn'thaveto waitat all.' 4 'Thebankofficertookcareof my requests I I T n UNIT1 Introduction to customer.uruI S 'WhenI arrivedat yourhotel,I wastotallyignoredby boththe betthop andthe receptionist.' 6 'Theclerkwas reallyrudeand pretendednot to seeme.' aboutthethe menuandwaspromptin bringingmy food.' 7 'Thewaiterwaswellinformed 8 'Yourservicewasmorethan I askedfor.Thatreallymademe feelspecial.' I T l n l the tablewith oppositesfromexercise7. Gomplete posltire nggsrE,, lo ba attantive to ignoresomebody j to takethe time ,+ I 4 uninformed s too slow patient unhelpful I 1 L-_ l{ow use words from the table to completethese sentencesfrom a customercare handbook. Sometimesmorethan one answer ls possible. Comparewlth a partner. alwaysexpectyou to be a Customers b lf you are Being withyouagain. to customers, theywill not do business or guests. alwaysmakesa bad impression on customers o Youshouldbe e A callcentreagentshouldneverbe you provide. aboutthe services or products on the phoneandshould alwaysbe 9 Tellyourpartneraboutonepositiveandonenegativecustomercaresituationyouhaverecently illakea list of suggestionsto improvenegativeservice.Usephrasesfromthe experlenced. BoxbelowIn yourdiscussion. Language Makingsuggestions Whydon'tyou ...? you agreethat...? Don'tANouldn't lsn'tit a betterideato ...? It makesa goodibadimpressionif they/you... Respondingto suggestions That'sright.iI agree. I seeyourpoint. I disagree because ... I don'tagree.I would... 10 | UNIT1 Introduction to customer care n tr n r Customers do nottelltheirfriendsandcolteagues aboutbadcustomer careexperiences. z Theproductitsetfis moreimportant thanthe service behindit. friendty Good, service wit[ keep customers coming back. 3 doesnot needanyattention. the customer 4 Afterthe sateis finished, T Irbrlffi Surprising FactsaboutCustomer Care Wemightbelieve thatourcustomer service is excellent, but whatdoourcustomers think?Afterall, it's theiropinionthat matters,notours! Herearethehardfactswehaveto dealwith: withsomeaspect of customer care. infourisdissatisfied '| Onecustomer showthatforeverycustomer whocomplains, thereare26 otherswho 'f Surveys neversayanything aboutcustomer service. { Theaverage 'wronged' customer willtell8-16 morepeople abouttheir negative experience. { Some907"of unhappy customers will neverbuyfromyouagain. 80 of lost customers result from feeling the ihat'they.iustdon'tcareabout 7o -f meor mybusiness'. + Withtheuseof theInternet nowadays, oreven oneperson cantellhundreds, , thousands of otherpeople oncesaid:the abouttheirexperiences! Assomeone + competition isonlya mouse"click awayl Obviously weneedto focuson morcwaysto improvecustomercare. just togivecustomers It's notenough exactlywhattheyaskfor.Weneedto 'go beyondthecallof duty',in otherwords,taketheextrastepto makeour customers feelspecial.Thisis theonlyrealdifferencewecanmake. It's just tooeasythesedaysfor customers to changeto ourcompetitors! a t a lf customer careis so important, whydo so manybusinesses not payenoughattention to it? good Witttherebe moreof a demandfor in the future?Why,or why not? customer service Howdoesyourcompany knowif it is givinggoodor badservice? ltt Faceto face with customers What makesthe most impactin face-to-faceencountersin customercare?Choosethe three most irnportantaspectsfor you and compareyour answerwith a partner. r goodvocabulary. senseofhumour . expensive clothesr clearspeakingvoice o . . good grammar good grooming pleasant eyecontact accurate bodylanguage t Firstreadthis tip from an Amerieancustomercarewebsite.Doyou agree?llllhy,or why not? What customersreally notice - the wayyou standor sit,whatyou do with yourarmsand hands, Yourbodylanguage and so on - teltsthe realtruthto yourcustomers! whetheryou aresmitingor frowning, but yourbodycan't. Yourwordsmaybe abteto hidethat you?eboredor uninterested, Thiscreates Whenmeetinga customer, makeeyecontactwithinro seconds. a bond lf you and it showsyourinterestin reatcommunication. betweenyou andthe customer - or even don'tmakeeyecontact,the customer couldthinkthatyou aren'tinterested worse,that you'reignoringthem! Now decide whether the following body language would give a positive fl impression to yourcustomers. O ,' r -, III- - r - t,-, -r- Ir 'Ir!I -' n or negative ffi t6 L] LL r tr @e- Doyou think this impressionis the samefor peoplefrom atl cultures? {l 12 | UNIT2 Faceto facewith customers AUDIO sl.r q3 2 Listento five greetingsin typical customercaresituations and decidewherethey take place. 2-6 I atr ad efair I abank I as h o p [] a company [j a hotel l{ow listen againand completethe sentences.Whichsentencescan be usedwhenyou a) meetsomeonenew b) meetsomeoneyou alreadyknow c) offer help and d) ask someone to do something?Writea, b, c or d. r Goodmorning, Ms Richards. ? z Welt,if you needhelp,just justfilt in thisform,please. Mr Rodriguez? 3 4 Hetto. hetpyou? Niceto MrAlten. A UOIO %, 3 7 listen to this start andfinish of a companyvisit andcompletethe sentences. Howwell doesPeter knowhis two hosts,FrankandAnnie?Hashe met them before? Frank Peter Frank Peter you Goodmorning, I'm FrankWeoler. Welcome to lGS. ' PeterMasters. Thankyou.lt'sniceto finallymeetyoufaceto face. Yes,we'vetalkedso muchon the phone,I feelI knowyouatready. Peter, I'dliketo 2 youto AnnieThomas, ourcustomer Annie,thisis Peter services manager. Masters fromTopForm, in Bristo[. Niceto meetyou,MsThomas. 3 to meetyou,too. Annie Frank So,if you'd,justcomethis way... I yourftightfromBristot? Peter It wasfine.lt evenarriveda bit early. Annie Andis thisyourfirsttimein Brussels? Peter No,it'smy third.I'vebeenherea coupleof timesas a tourist.I realtvlikethe citv. 5 your Fronk So.herewe are. coat? Peter Oh,that'sverykindof you. 6 to takea seat... Frank Annie Peter Thankyou. z carefor coffeeor tea? Frank be nice,withtwo susars. Peter ]"::"r,0 So,here'smytaxi.Wet[, Frank Thesamefor us.Thanksfor in contactby emailas usua[. Peter Yes,of course.Bye. 10 I Annie Havea nice Fronk So [ongfor now. d for a goodmeeting. lt wasgreatto meetbothof you. Peter e. lt wasa veryproductive meeting. So,we'l[be Rvo UNIT2 Faceto hce with customers | 13 llow addphrasesfromthe dlalogueto flt the tatetorlci below. &oodmorninq.Youmustbo.... I m ... 6o longfor now. t' 4 the sentences wlth wordsfronlthe bol Complete 7 May I 2 Itl niceto 3 s. n'.r youto MrsBurton? Shel ourregiopal manager. meetyoufuceto face. I takeyourjacket? -':' 4 Oh,thatt very 5 I'd you 6 Would 7 CanI 8 We'llbein 9 It was a 1() t So ofyqu. to introducl myself.My name'sRalphLee.l'm the floor managerhere. for coffeeor tea? yousomemineralwater? byemailasusual. to meetyou.Havea nice for now. topics,butit is necessary for'breaking theice'withcustomers. Smalltalkmayseemto dealwithunimportant People canrelaxandgetcomfortable withlighttopicssuchas: r their tfip (Howwasyaurflight?Didyou haveanytroublefindingus?) . wheretheyarestbying(So,how'syourhotel?Everything OK?) . (first)impressions of the city(Haveyoueverbeento ... ? So,whatdo you thinkof .,,so far) . theweather(Greotweather,isn'tit?How'stheweatherin ... ?) Becareful withmakingsmalltalkontopicslikeFamily, religionor politics, about or withmakingcompliments Depending onyourcustomers'cultural somebody! appearance. background, theymightfindthetopicstoo in a business context. aggressive or too personal r+ | urutfZ 5 Face to facewithcustomers tatch ltemsfromthethreecolumnsto makeminl'smalltalk'conversations. 1 So,haveyou ever beento Vienna before? Yes,no problem.lt's a very nicelocationhere,isn'tit? Thatbgood.We'vebeenhaving a bit of troublewith the trains. Theyalways, s9:m t9 tale: ,be . z Howwasyourtrip? Actually,they'reboth on holidaynow.In Portugal. You'reIucky.lt's beenraining herefor threedaysnow.Very depressing. c Yes,I have.I washerefour yearsago. Metoo. In fact,I'mplayingin a tournament thisweekend. Didyou find us OK? 6 Howwasthe weather d Yes,I playin a localclub. in London? Howlovely.I wasin Portugal : two yearsago.Do you knowit? So,how are Patand lohn doing?Arethey sti[[working hard? It wasfine.Thetrainwasa bit tatebut we arrivedon time. 0h, really? Wasthat for business or pleasure? Oh,areyou interested in tennis? Nice,actually.lt wassunny andwarmwhenI left. F Yes,we like it. We'vebeenhere for four yearsnow. Workwlth a partnerto practisemeetinga customerfor the flrst time.Usethe flow chartbetow or makea dialoguethat flts yourownsituation. A B yourself. Introduce Respond. Offerhospitality. (coaVumbrella/somethin$to drink) li Respond. Aska 'smalltalk'question. Respond. Aska follow-upquestion. Respond. Askanother'small talK question. (Repeat Respond. as longas possible.) Stopthe conversation and saygoodbye. ThankAandsaygoodbye. Goodbasicsocializing skiltshelpbuitdyourcustomer base.Fromthe yourcustomers beginning, will seehowyou showinterestand payattention. Thisis an importantstepin establishing a rapportwith yourcustomers. UNIT2 7 Faceto facewith customers| 15 Lookat the text from a customercaremanualand fitl in the missingdob and don'ts. arean important tool for buildingyourcustomer base.Theyprovidea great ': Meetings your for futurebusiness. opportunityto networkwith customers Lookat thesedo'sand don'ts '.. customermeetings. :': for successfuI :: a :.::. aa Do preparefor yourmeeting. Do makesureyou knowaboutall yourproducts or services. Don't takecontrolof the discussion. ' ::o :, let the customers decidewhatthev talkaboutandwhentheytalkaboutit. givecustomerson[ytheinformationtheyWant.-overwhe[mthemwith a extrainformation thattheydon'treallyneed. usejargonor wordsonly a peoptein yourcompany or industryknow. talk morethanyourcustomers. a exactly what you want. What we need is... listencarefulty to whattheysay interruot them. and askfor feedback and clarification, so you'lIknowexactlywhat yourcustomers wantandneed. be open,honest,flexible, and positive! : ::- r ,... Iit .:r ' I ..- r . - .,t r , ! r .: i r :r . j :: r r :r :.,:.i ;: Canyou addany otherhelpfuttips basedon your meetingswith customers? I Lookat thesepairsof sentences. Whichonewouldbe moreeffectivein a meeting? Referto the do's and don'ts in exercise7. t l'vegot anotherappointment in an hour. a OK,let'sgetstarted.Unfortunately, b Thanksfor comingtoday.I'mgladto helpyou reviewyourbusiness needs. 2 a As I understand it, you'dliketo discuss ... b Thisis whatwe'regoingto talkabout... ls thatsuitablefor you?I'dliketo getyourfeedback. 3 a So,thatwasmy suggestion. for you.I don'tthinkwe needto discuss b So,that'sthe rightservice thisanymore. 4 a OK,we'dbetterstop now.I reallymustgo to my nextmeeting. b Let'sgo overouractionpointsoncemore.I wantto be surewe agree. intoyourcompany. lt seemsyou.... ls that right? 5 a I'vedonesomeresearch you your me b So,can te[[ something about company? 6 a I don'tthinkwe cando that.Weneverofferthatkindof discount. b I'llseewhatI cando. 16 | UNIT2 9 Faceto facewith customers Workwith a partner.Usethe informationin the PartnerFites(or makeup your own)to role-play a meetingfrom first greetingsto goodbyes. Par tnerA F i te1, p.58 Par tnerB F i ter , p.6o AUDIO AFr 1O w 8 Listento a conyersationat a trade fair betweena sales rep and a potential customer. liark the statementstrue [] or false [], or don't know fl. r to Lewishasmadean appointment meetVetteda at the stand. I fifthtime at the tradefair. I z Thisis Velleda's product. ] in a particutar 3 Lewisis interested givesLewisa catalogue to take 4 Vetleda backto hiscompany. ._- to put his nameon the 5 Lewisagrees maitingtist. I Lewisin two weeks willtelephone 6 Velleda appointment. set up a follow-up to I WriteVetleda'snotesaboutthe meetingwith Lewis.What doesshe needto do when he is back in the office? N otes AccutechUK 25 BridgeSt Wisbech,Combridgeshire PEI 35J P Lewis Gillon AccountMonoger lel +44 1945 579235 tox +44 1945579266 emoilgillon@occutech'uk'com AUDIO IF\ vt 8 tt Completetheseextractsfrom the dialoguewith wordsfrom the box.Thentisten againto check your answers. anything. ask . brochure. email . enioyingo free o gtad r introduceopipjrput r 2 in Milan.MavI mvself? I'mVelleda Brunetli. I workfor MecroInternazionate yourname? the tradefair? So,Mr Gillan,howareyou Mayl Wet[,then,areyou lookingfor 4 in particular? I'dbe to askme anyquestions. OK,but pleasefeel products your suitablefor company. andtry to findsomething overour ro go UNIT2 Ah, canI interestyou In a rangeof products. 6 Wouldyou liketo ? lt hasinformation aboutourcompany andour fu[[ yournameon our mailinglist? Doyou if I takeyourbusinesscard?l'[ makesureyou'reon our tist.And here'smy card.I'lIsendyoua quick nextweekto seeif I canhelpyou with anyof our products. t2 Rewritethe foltowing sentencesto makethem more polite and effective. Look backat the dialoguefor ideas. r Whoareyou? z Whatareyou lookingfor? 3 Askmea questionif youwant. 4 Doyou wanta brochure? 5 I'ttputyournameon the mailinglist,OK? 6 Givemeyourbusiness card. soon. 7 I'l[contactyousometime 1s. CUSTO'IERFOCUSEXTRA is yourmostimportanttool for success for anyface-to-face Besureto be Follow-up encounter. specificaboutwhatyou will do for yourcustomer, andwhenyou wittdo it. + infinitiveto tetlthe customer of yournextaction: Use/'11 l'Ilwrite you a quick email next week. I'llsend you the lotest brochuretomorrlw. NO T :@ +thepostsimple,doyoumind+thepresentsimple Usewouldyoumindif or may+ infinitive (withoutfo) to askif something is acceptable or not. Wouldyou mind if I phoned you on Monday? Doyoumindif Ioskyou somequestionsaboutyour companyT May I stopby your office next week? goodcustomer caremeanstakingactionto supportyourwords.Thisbuitdstrustinto Remember, yourcustomerrelationships. 73 ilatch thequestionswlth theresponses. r Wouldyou mindif I putyournameon our mailing[ist? Tuesday? Yes,that soundsfine.I'l[ emailyou directions whenI'm backin the office. z I'ltjustnotethatin my diary. 3 Doyou mindif I giveyou my card? here. 4 l'm afraidI don'thavethe information But l'[ callmy officeand get backto you ls thatOK? thisafternoon. Wouldyou 5 l'tl be in Brixtonon Tuesday. mindif I stoppedby youroffice? No,not at all.Youcanfind all my contact information on my card. c Sure.l'[[lookforyourphoneca[[on Monday. d Yes,thatsoundsgood.I'll stopby the stand at aroundthree. e Thanks.That'sverykind of you. f 1,, Faceto facewithcustomers 6 MayI get in touchwith you nextweek? l'I writeit downtoo. So,we saidMondayat ro.3o,right? 7 I'll faxyou the newpricelisttomorrow. No,let me giveyou mine,too. 18 | UNIT2 t4 Faceto facewith customers Workwith a partner.Firstlook at the UsefulPhrasesbelow.Thenusethe informationin the at a tradefair. PartnerFiles(or makeup your own)to role-playa conversation Par tnerA Par tnerB F i te2, p.58 F i te2, p.60 U S E F U LPHRASES ReP I helpyou? Coutd/May Howc a nI h e tpy o u ? MayI introducemyselP Cout dI a s ky o u rn a m e ? feelfreeto askme anyquestions. Ptease you in ...? I Could offeryou/interest p h o n e d /e ma i te y odu ? y o u I m i n d i f W ould I t wasn i c eto m e e ty o u . I hopey o ue n j o yth e fa i r. Customer No,thanks.I'mjust tooking/browsing. i n ... l ' m l ooki ngfor/i nterested My name's... Nice/Pteased to meetyou. Thankyou. N o,not at al t.Letme gi veyou my card/address/n umber. N i ceto meetyou,too. | l ookforw ardto fromyou. heari ng your I appreci ate Thanks, i t w asa pl easure. neLp. AUDIO !t ?e 75 9 Paulaf ohnstonis givinga presentationat a tradefair. Puta-e in the correctorder.Thenlisten to checkyour answers. ! of this a 'Before| finish,l'ttjustgo overthe hightights presentation [ine again.Ourproductandservice with our includes .... Westandout fromour competitors fo[[ow-uo.' excellent I we andservices, lineof products U 'Withour impressive thatyou can'tfindwith our offerspecialbenefits Foltow-up is ourtop priority...' competitors. I I lookforwardto havingyou c 'Thanksfor yourattention. as a newcustomer.' I I'mhere fromDettaSystems. O 'Hello,I'mPauta ,|ohnston great offersin todayto let you knowaboutsome about l't[be speaking caresupportservices. customer products for trackingnewand rangeof ourextensive customers ...' existing I Also,if you e 'l hopeyou'[[pickup oneof our leaflets. l'tl be gladto sendyou leavemeyourcontactdetaits, end of theweek.Andif you latest catalogue by the our our woutdliketo ordertoday,I'l[makesureyou receive price.' introductory usEFUr: IIRASES . B ena tu railn y o u rtra d efa i rta l k .D o n ot usememori zed speech. . F ollo wu p q u i c k l yD. o n o t d e l a yi n re p lyi ng to yourcustomers. . Yourcustomers you morcthanyourproductor service! will remember UNIT2 76 Faceto facewithcustomers| 19 Lookat the stepsfor giving an effectivepresentation.tlatch them to phrases(a-i) below. Steps for Winning Gustomers with Your Presentations w & 1 Welcomethe audience 2 Introducethe subjectand givea briefoverview features 3 Talkabout the main product/service 4 Explainthe uniquesellingpoints(USPs) 5 lnviteinterestin the company (products/services) I 6 Givepromotionalinformation 7 Offer incentivesto try a product I Finishthe talk 9 Showfollow-up El I I'dliketo giveyoua shortpreviewof my presentation ... youour We'dliketo introduce/show latest... Pteasefeelfreeto pickup a brochure/ leaflet/free sample. We'vegot our promotional information and samples available here. I'ltbe gtad/pleased to sendyou...by next Monday. I'll be in contact/touch withyouin two weeks. withyou. I lookforwardto doingbusiness I'dliketo offera speciaI introductory price/discount if you ordertoday. .F- l Westandout fromourcompetitors ... 0ecause OurUSPsare... youto ... I'dtiketo wetcome Thankyoufor comingtoday. My name's... I workfor ...andI'min charge of ... Ourproductrangeincludes ... Thespeciat hightights are... We'dbe pleased/glad to haveyouas a new customer. We'dwelcome the chance to do business withyourcompany. I'djust liketo sumup the mainpointsof today'spresentation ... Thankyouforyourkindattention. l{ow follow the stepsto preparea short presentationon one ofyour company'sproductsor services.Try to usethe phrasesabovein your tatk. 20 | UNIT2 Face to facewith customers Readthis article from a customercareresearchsite and discussthe questionswhich follow. {lren ilre customcr le€ls tinvlsibler.., A recentstudyshowedthe numberof secondspeoplehadto waitto be greeted in typicalcustomercaresituations. Customersin variousshopsor businesses wereaskedhow longthey had been waiting.In eachcase,the customer thoughtthathe/shehadbeenwaiting longerthanthe actualtimethathad passed- 30 or 40 secondsfelt likethree or fourminutes! Timegoesby slowlywhenyou arewaiting to be noticed.Withthe Internetnowadays, peopleexpectquick,almostinstant responses. In face-to-faceencounters, if youcan'tgivecustomers immediate attention,they'llleavestraightaway. Businesses simplycannotaffordto treat theircustomers as if theyare'invisible'. Thesolutionto thisproblemis clear. A promptgreeting, especially witha to your smile,makesallthe difference customers. Theycanstartthe conversation or meetingwiththefeeling thattheyarean importantcustomerfor yourbusiness. the Withoutthe greeting, willalreadybe feeling customers uncomfortable and insecure- evenbefore the encounter actuallybegins. the A quick,friendlygreetingrelaxes customerandsetsthe rightatmosphere for goodcustomercare! r Haveyoueverbeenignored - or treatedas if youwere'invisible'-in a customer caresituation? Howdid you feel? r Whatis the impacton the customer if thishappens at a presentation, tradefair,or conference? . lf you arebusywith anothercustomer, how canyou still noticea customer and makethemfeel secureand comfortable?
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