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12 Evaluation of Print Media McGraw-Hill/Irwin © 2004 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Classifications of Magazines By Content ƒ Consumer Magazines ƒ Farm Magazines ƒ Business Magazines ƒ Professional Group Magazines ƒ Industrial Magazines ƒ Trade Magazines ƒ General Business Magazines ƒ Health Care magazines By Size ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ Large Flat Standard Small or Pocket By Geography ƒ Local ƒ Regional ƒ National Advantages of Magazines ¾ Selectivity ¾ Reproduction Quality ¾ Creative Flexibility ¾ Permanence ¾ Prestige ¾ Receptivity, Involvement ¾ Services Magazines are targeted to specific audiences Special Magazine Features ¾Bleed Pages ¾Cover Positions ¾Inserts ¾Gate Folds ¾Island Halves Disadvantages of Magazines ¾ Costs ¾ Limited Reach and Frequency ¾ Long Lead Time ¾ Clutter and Competition Magazine Circulation and Readership ¾ Circulation ƒ Primary Circulation ƒ Guaranteed Circulation ƒ Controlled-circulation ¾ Readership and Total Audience ƒ Pass-along readership ƒ Total audience (readers per copy X circulation) Audience Information and Research ¾ Circulation Verification Services – Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) – Business Publications Audit ¾ SRDS Media Solutions ¾ Syndicated Audience Studies – Simmons Market Research Bureau – Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI) SRDS Media Solutions provides information on magazine for media planners Factors determining magazine ad rates ¾ Circulation of the magazine ¾ Color ¾ Size of the ad ¾ Position in the magazine ¾ Special mechanical or production ¾ Number and frequency of insertions The Future of Magazines ¾ Declining Ad Revenues ¾ Stronger Editorial Platforms ¾ Circulation Management ¾ Cross-Magazine and Media Deals ¾ Database Marketing ¾ Advances in Technology ¾ Electronic Delivery Methods Most magazines cannot survive without advertising revenue Newspaper Overview ¾ The dominant advertising vehicle ¾ Account for 22% of ad dollars ¾ Over 1,400 daily papers in print ¾ Daily circulation over 60 million ¾ Main community medium ¾ Local ads provide 85% of revenue Newspaper Classifications Publication Frequency Size Type Audience Type ƒ Daily ƒ Weekly ƒ National ƒ Special-Audience ƒ Supplements ƒ Standard ƒ Tabloid ƒ Ethnic, religious ƒ Business, financial ƒ College Newspaper Advertising ¾ Display Ads ƒ Local (mostly retail) ƒ National or General ¾ Classified Ads ƒ Small items arranged by topic ƒ Rates based in size, duration ƒ Classified display - combination ¾ Public Notices ƒ Legal notices - public reports ƒ Notices by people, organizations ¾ Printed Inserts ƒ Prepared separately by advertisers Advantages of Newspapers ¾ Extensive Penetration ¾ Flexibility ¾ Geographic Selectivity ¾ Reader Involvement, Acceptance ¾ Services Offered Section Segmentation ¾ Sports Section ƒ Heavy (down-scale) male readership ¾ Society Section ƒ Heavy (mid-scale) female readership ¾ Financial Section ƒ Appeals to the business reader ¾ Comic Section ƒ Heavy child/adolescent readership Ads can be run in various sections of most newspapers Newspaper Drawbacks ¾ Production quality may be low ¾ Short life span ¾ Lack of selectivity ¾ Clutter ¾ Potential for poor ad placement ¾ Maybe overlapping circulation Two Ways to Buy Newspaper Space Agate Lines ƒ Measuring 1/4" deep by 1 standard column wide ƒ A standard column is usually 2" wide Column Inch ƒ Column inch is 1 inch deep by 1 column wide ƒ There are 14 agate lines per column inch
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