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#DataDriven Social Marketing on Instagram Instagram Audience HUGE & YOUNG & 300 M 41 % 75 M 25 % Monthly Active Users Daily Active Users GLOBAL 16 – 24 y/o 25 – 34 y/o 70 % of Users are outside of US Source: http://instagram.com/press/ www.socialbakers.com TOP 25 Most Engaging Brands – Total Interactions Instagram Became a Leading Platform for Engagement We took a look at Total Profile Interactions of the Top 25 Most Engaging Brand Profiles. The results are clear: they receive 110x more engagement than on Twitter. February 20, 2015 –May 20, 2015 Instagram Twitter 663 768 932 6 037 754 Source: All the data are based on Socialbakers research made on a sample size of 1 978 profiles. www.socialbakers.com Average Profile Interactions on TOP 10 Most Engaging Profiles Celebrities, Media, and Brands on Instagram Celebrities receive 3X more engagement than Brands and Media February 20, 2015 –May 20, 2015 158 352 269 Connecting your Brand with an Influencer or a Celebrity can massively improve your brand exposure, awareness and image 51 559 547 40 613 343 Brands and Media are almost equally engaging Celebrities Media Brands www.socialbakers.com Leading Industries on Instagram Average Profile Interactions based on TOP 25 Most Engaging Profiles February 20, 2015 –May 20, 2015 4 783 764 3 579 239 2 252 891 1 383 893 Media Fashion Sporting Goods Beauty 665 197 509 335 Auto Electronics www.socialbakers.com Total Followers February 20, 2015 –May 20, 2015 TOP Fashion Brands While the top most popular Fashion profiles include some couture names like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, CHANEL and others... Victoria’s Secret H&M Forever 21 Louis Vuitton Michael Kors CHANEL Zara Christian Louboutin Topshop Dolce & Gabbana www.socialbakers.com Number of Interactions February 20, 2015 –May 20, 2015 TOP Fashion Brands High Street retailers like Victoria’s Secret, Forever21 and H&M tend to do a better job at driving up interactions and keeping their audiences engaged. Victoria’s Secret Brandy Melville AERO Urban Outfitters Forever21 Hollister Co. H&M Primark Abercrombie & Fitch Valentino www.socialbakers.com Total Followers February 20, 2015 –May 20, 2015 TOP Electronics Brands GoPro is the leading brand in the Electronics sector. They curate the most compelling user-submitted photos and videos from daily contests, and draw tons of engagement from content that involves Followers and excellently shows off their product. GoPro Beats By Dre PlayStation Xbox Sony Nintendo Samsung Mobile Netflix US Canon Photography HTC www.socialbakers.com Number of Interactions TOP Beauty Brands February 20, 2015 –May 20, 2015 Anastasia Beverly Hills is the most engaging and interactive of all Beauty brands. Their secret? They show Instagram influencers using their products in a majority of posts, building up their active community of makeup artists. Anastasia Beverly Hills Benefit Cosmetics NYX Cosmetics Too Faced Cosmetics M.A.C Cosmetics Bath & Body Works Sephora Tarte Cosmetics Narsissist Maybelline New York www.socialbakers.com Total Followers TOP Auto Brands February 20, 2015 –May 20, 2015 BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Ferrari Motorsport are the biggest and most engaging Auto profiles. Other luxury brands like Jaguar, Porsche, and Lamborghini are lagging a bit. BMW Mercedes Benz Ferrari Motorsport Audi Porsche Mercedes AMG Automobili Lamborghini Harley Davidson Maserati Ford Motor Company www.socialbakers.com Number of Interactions Media – Be More Like a Publisher February 20, 2015 –May 20, 2015 National Geographic gains roughly 18 000 new followers daily thanks to intensive community building and stunning visual story telling. They feature fresh content from their extensive network of photographers every day, and provide a compelling story behind it. National Geographic Instagram MTV THRASHER Magazine Playboy Vogue Globo X Games Teen Vogue ESPN www.socialbakers.com Total Followers February 20, 2015 –May 20, 2015 TOP Sporting Brands The battle of eternal rivals Nike and Adidas has moved to Instagram in the form of dedicated profiles for their product lines. Nike Adidas Originals Nike Football Adidas Adidas Football Triangl Swimwear The Run Dept. Nike Basketball Nike Women Nike Sportswear www.socialbakers.com Number of Interactions TOP Sporting Brands Interestingly, Triangl Swimmwear is more engaging despite its smaller follower base. Their consistent posting strategy includes photos of models and waterside scenes in which both the model and photographer are always tagged. Doing this amplifies their engagement to include all three profiles’ communities. February 20, 2015 –May 20, 2015 Triangl Swimwear Adidas Originals Nike Nike Sportswear Skateboarding Nike Football Adidas Football Nike Women Adidas Nike Basketball Nike www.socialbakers.com Why Competitive Analysis Matters DISCOVER Top Content TRACK KPIS Catch up with the competition and the trends COMPARE The performance to other social media platforms www.socialbakers.com TOP Posts by Number of Interactions per 1 000 Followers Content Inspiration in Socialbakers Analytics Discover the best and worst performing photos and videos on Instagram from the profiles you monitor. www.socialbakers.com Instagram Overview Competitive Benchmarking in Socialbakers Analytics Track all KPIs side by side across multiple Brands in one dashboard www.socialbakers.com Relative Growth of Total Followers Competitive Benchmarking in Socialbakers Analytics Multicomparison - Track, benchmark, and report your performance against the profiles that matter most to you. www.socialbakers.com Number of Interactions per 1 000 Followers Competitive Benchmarking in Socialbakers Analytics Comparing Labels – Compare all metrics against your own benchmarks consisting of the profiles selected by you. www.socialbakers.com Multiplatform Dashboard A single view of activity across multiple social platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Cross-platform tracking and KPI reporting helps you scale content, activities, resources, and budget across platforms effectively. METRICS IN ANALYTICS: Audience: Growth Of Total Fans, Avg Change per Day, Total Change in Fans Engagement: Number of Interactions, Avg Interactions per Day, Sum Of Interactions Content: Number of Pages Posts, Avg. Posts Per Day, Total Sum of Posts, TOP performing posts www.socialbakers.com Set Goals & KPIs on Instagram GROW MAXIMIZE INCREASE Your Audience Engagement Brand Awareness and Website Traffic www.socialbakers.com
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