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BÀI GIẢNG ĐIỆN TỬ English 8 WELCOME TO OUR CLASS Play a game “Lucky picture” Unit 7 : My Neighborhood Lake Lucky picture Waterfall Team A Team B 0 0 Sing a song Swimming-pool Try again Sea Play a game “Lucky picture” Try again Lake Team A Team B 0 0 Unit 7 : My Neighborhood Swimming-pool Sing a song Lucky picture Waterfall Sea Unit 7: MY NEIGHBORHOOD LESSON 1: - GETTING STARTED - LISTEN AND READ I/ GETTING STARTED: grocery store hairdresser’s drugstore swimming-pool stadium wet market 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) II/ LISTEN AND READ 1/ Vocabulary: close by (adv): at a short distance serve (v): Give someone food or drink pancake (n): Bánh bột mì, trứng, bơ rán hai mặt tasty / delicious (a): Ngon, hợp khẩu vị try (v): thử, cố gắng What and where 2 1 serve tasty 4 3 try pancake 6 delicious 5 Close by What and where 2 1 delicious 4 tasty 3 serve Close by 5 pancake 6 try This is my friend. Her name’s Na. Yes. We have been here since last week. I have studied English for 3 years. Are you new here? How long have you studied English? 2/ Grammar: The present perfect with for and since Form: S + have / has + P.P … + since/for… Since mốc thời gian for khoảng thời gian Usages: Diễn tả hành động bắt đầu xảy ra trong quá khứ và còn tiếp tục ở hiện tại hoặc kéo dài đến tương lai. True or False a) Na introduces herself. F b) Na has been that neighborhood for a week. T c) Nam has lived here for ten years. T d) Na know here very well. F e) Nam’s mother is very tired. F f) Nam said Na should try the pancakes. T Questions a) How long has Nam lived in that neighborhood? He has lived there for 10 years. b) Where does Na want to go?  Na wants to go to the restaurant. c) Is Na’s mother tired?  Yes, she is. d) what kind of food does the restaurant serve?  The restaurant serves Hue food. e) what is the food like?  It is very good. Complete the sentences. last week Hue new tired pancakes restaurant a) Na ‘s ______ to the neighborhood. b) She and her family arrived _________ c) Na’s mother is very _________ d) This is a _________in the area. e) The restaurant serves food from ______ f) Nam thinks the _________ are tasty. Complete the passage tired neighborhood Hue food since try restaurant Na is a new in that (1)_____________. She has been here (2) _______ last week. She wants to find a (3)_________ close by the neighborhood because her mother is too (4) ______ to cook tonight. There is a restaurant around the corner. It serves (5) _______. Nam said she should (6)________them. 1) Learn by heart the new words and structures. 2) Prepare the next lesson. (speak) GOODBYE SEE YOU AGAIN
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