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Bài giảng điện tử Tiếng Anh 7 Unit 13: ACTIVITIES 1 2 3 5 6 7 4 8 1 2 Volleyball 5 Roller-skating 3 Soccer 6 4 Tennis 7 Swimming Skateboarding 8 Baseball Badminton 1. Vocabulary (to) take part in = join : tham gia a competition : cuộc thi/ cuộc đua a participant : người tham gia (to) win the prize : giành giải thưởng (to) increase : gia tăng (to) organize : Walking For Fun = Walk-to-school = tổ chức WFF : Đi bộ cho vui WTS : Đi bộ tới trường ‘What and Where’ take part in competition organize participant increase win the prize 1. Vocabulary 2. Ordering statements prediction Ordering statements prediction STATEMENTS GUESS a. Walking is fun, easy and 1. inexpensive activity. b. Many people volunteer 2. to take a walk instead of taking motorbike or bicycle trips. c. In school there are many 3. different sports activities. d. The number of participants 4. increase every week. e.The regularly activity of the club is a 5 km walk to the beach. 5. CHECK 1. Vocabulary 2. Ordering statements prediction 3.Lucky Sports Team A Team B What sports activity does the writer take part in? The writer takes part in Walking / Walking For Fun club. Why did the school children organize the WFF? Because their school team won the first prize last year and they wanted to keep the activity. What are the two activities of the club? One activity is a 5 km walk to the beach on Sunday morning. The other is a walk-to-school day. How far is it from the school to the beach? It is 5km from the school to the beach. Who often takes part in the WTS? Members living near school often take part in the WTS day. Lucky Sport Lucky Sport
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