Tài liệu Bài giảng tiếng anh 7 unit 1

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Prepared by : Hoang Xuan Tien Where is Hoa from? 50:50 A. I am from Hue C. She is from Ha Noi B. She is from Hue D. She from Hue Where do Hoa’s parents live ? 50:50 A. They live on Hue C. They live in Hue B. They live in Ha Noi D. They lives in Hue Which class is Hoa in? 50:50 A.. She A She is is in in class class 7A 7A C. She is in class 6A B. I am in class 7A D. I am in class 6A Hoa is staying with ………….. 50:50 A. her friends C. her parents B. her uncle and aunt D. her uncle. Unit 1: BACK TO SCHOOL Lesson 4: B (1, 2, 3) Names and addresses Tuesday, August 29th 2011 Unit 1: BACK TO SCHOOL Lesson 4: B 1, 2, 3 Names and addresses Dialogue: Miss Lien Hoa Miss Lien Hoa Miss Lien Hoa Miss Lien : What What’s your family name , Hoa? : It’s Pham. My middle name is Thi. : How old are you? : I’m 13. : Where do you live? : 12 Tran Hung Dao street. : Thank you, Hoa. Pham Thi Hoa 12 Tran Hung Dao Street Family name middle name first name address full name Tuesday, August 29th 2011 Unit 1 / Lesson 4: B1, 2, 3 Question words: 1. New words: •Family name (n) Họ •What which •Middle name (n) Tên đệm •Where why •How when •Address (n) Địa chỉ whose 2. Answer: a. Who is Hoa talking to? * Hoa talking to Miss Lien. b. What is Hoa’s family name? * It’s Pham. c. What is her middle name? * Her middle name is Thi. d. Where does she live? * She lives at 12 Tran Hung Dao street. Who who Which Where Where How Full name: Pham Thi Lan Age : 16 Address : Ha Noi 1. What’s her first name? Her first name is Lan. 2. What’s her family name? Her family name is Pham. 3. How old is she? She is sixteen years old. 4. Where does she live? She lives in Ha Noi. Group 1 Group 2 Full name: Nguyen Van Nam Full name: Tran Thi Lan Age Age : 14 Address : 28 Yen Hoa street : 13 Address :7 Yen Ninh Street Group 4 Group 3 Full name: Le Bao Ngoc Full name: Vo Quang Huy Age Age : 17 Address :5 Yen Thinh Street : 15 Address :8 Tran Phu street Name Lan Age Class 13 Which classdoare in ? Where youyou What’s How oldyour are name? you ?live ? 7A Address 7 Yen Ninh street live at 7 is Yen Ninh amname in class 7A IIIMy am 13 years Lan old Street On/in/at: • She lives ………..Hoan Kiem Street. • He is waiting for you ………the bus – stop No 1. • We live ………..Yen Bai City. • They have a house ………….Ho Chi Minh City. • Mary lives with her parents …… 39 Yen Ninh Road. • Hoa doesn’t live …..Hue now. She is staying with her aunt and uncle ………….Tran Hung Dao Street, Ha Noi city. • • • • • How long does it take (you) from ….to…..? It takes fifteen minutes. [mini:t] It takes an hour. It takes half an hour. ['auə] It’s about ………………hours. Homework: * Learn new words by heart. * Practice the dialogue. * Do exercise 5, 6, (student books). * Prepare next lesson B 4, 5. Thank you very much
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