Tài liệu Bài tập ngữ pháp tiếng anh nâng cao (test 12)

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Advanced level – Test 12 1. I have designed the kitchen so that my son can’t reach everything. 6. They never expected that …………….. find the bicycle. A. repaired B. prepared C. planned D. altered A. they are going to B. they are will C. they would D. they shal 2. What led you to leave your job and make this trip? 7. The car was easy to recognize, ……….. it wasn’t difficult for the police to catch the thieves. A. told B. caused C. put D. brought A. because B. that C. so D. but 3. In the end we had so little time together that our marriage was breaking up. 8. By the end of next year, they ………….. the new stadium. A. forgotten B. shorten C. coming to an end D. boring A. will finish B. finish C. will have finished D. they are finishing 4. The yacht had set out for France despite the warning. 9. The news of the President’s death astonished the world. A. left B. rushed C. aimed D. cruised A. alerted B. astounded C. heard D. announced 5. She’s just bought a pair of silk tights. 10. A multitude of people attended. A. pantyhose B. gloves C. socks D. soc A. small number B. select group C. huge crowd D. large 1 11. He’s just arrived to find his wife in tears. 16. Henry will not be able to attend the meeting tonight because …………….. A. embarrassed B. panicky C. crying D. confused A. he must to teach a class. B. he will have teaching a class. C. of he will teach a class. D. he will be teaching a class. 12. People have a ………….. for special occasions, such as a wedding, a funeral and a graduation. 17. Alfred has not …………… A. never before lived alone B. ever lived alone before C. hardly live alone before D. lived lonelinessly in previous time. A. meal B. dance C. festival D. ceremony 18. The committee has met and ……….. 13. …………….. work is the work which is done the same way all the time. A. they have reached a decision. B. its decision was reached at. C. it has reached a decision. D. its decision reached. A. Routine B. Manual C. Mental D. Office 19. John’s score on the test is the highest in class. ………………. 14. To ………….. means to help someone remember. A. He should study last night. B. He had studied hard. C. He must have studied hard last night. D. He must have to study hard last night. A. memorize B. reconsider C. remind D. suggest 20. The chairman requested that ……….. A. the members studied more carefully the problem. B. the problem was more carefulnessly studied. C. with more carefulness the problem could be studied. D. the members study the problem more carefully. 15. People ……….. their money because they want their money to grow in value. A. save B. invest C. put away D. hide 2 21. Florida relies heavily on income from fruit crops, and …………… 26. If someone commits a ……………. in Britain, the police try to catch him. A. also California B. California too C. so does California D. California is as well A. mistake B. divorce C. crime D. misunderstanding 22. She wanted to serve some coffee to her guests, however, ………….. 27. The book contained a lot of ………… about how little petrol the car used. A. she had not many sugar. B. there was not a great amount of the sugar. C. she did not have much sugar. D. she was lacking in amount of sugar. A. information B. news C. fact D. examination 28. The irate crowded edged closer to the police barricades. 23. After the funeral, the residents of the apartment building ………….. A. calm B. large C. friendly D. angry A. sent faithfully flowers to the cemetery B. sent to the cemetery faithfully flowers C. sent faithfully to the cemetery flowers D. sent flowers faithfully to the cemetery 29. There is gainsaying the validity of her remarks. 24. The land and the house that you own are your ………………. A. denying B. agreeing with C. assisting D. hunting A. property B. saving C. personal belongings D. private area 30. Carol dozed off while we watched the ballet. 25. A …………… is an object that help you remember a place you have visited. A. left B. went away C. napped D. withdrew A. memory B. souvenir C. crime D. note 3 ĐÁP ÁN 1. C 11. C 21. C 2. B 12. D 22. C 3. C 13. A 23. D 4. A 14. C 24. A 5. A 15. B 25. B 6. C 16. D 26. C 7. C 17. B 27. A 8. C 18. A 28. D 9. B 19. C 29. A 10. C 20. D 30. C 4
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