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BÀI TẬP HOÀN THÀNH HỘI THOẠI NGẮN TIẾNG ANH Exercise 1: Choose the best answer to complete the short dialogues. 1. –“Bye!” –“_____________.” A. See you lately B. Thank you 2. –“I’ve passed my driving test.” C. Meet you again D. See you later –“_____________.” A. Congratulations! B. That’s a good idea. C. It’s nice of you to say so. D. Do you? 3. –“Could I have ____________ more sugar in my coffee, please?” A. little B. many C. some D. few 4. –“Would you like to have dinner with me?” –“______________.” A. Yes, I’d love to B. Yes, so do I C. I’m very happy 5. –“____________where the nearest post office is?” D. Yes, it is –“Turn left and then turn right.” A. Could you tell me B. Should you show me C. Do you tell me D. Will you say me 6. –“How do you do?” –“______________.” A. How do you do? B. Not too bad. C. I’m well. Thank you. D. Yeah, OK. 7. –“Do you think you’ll get the job? –“____________.” A. Yes, that’s right B. I think not 8. –“Happy Christmas!” C. I know so D. Well, I hope so –“____________.” A. The same to you! B. Happy Christmas with you! C. You are the same! D. Same for you! 9. –“Thank you very much for a lovely party.” A. Cheers B. Thanks –“______________.” C. Have a good day D. You are welcome 10. –“Would you like something to eat?" –“______________. I'm not hungry now.” A. Yes, I would B. No, no problem 11. –“Thanks for the lovely evening." C. No, thanks D. Yes, it is –“_____________.” A. Yes, it's really great B. No, it's not good C. Oh, that's right D. I'm glad you enjoyed it 12. –“How far is it from here to the nearest post office?" –“_____________.” A. Turn left and then turn right B. Two kilometers at least C. No, it's rather far D. Yes, it's quite near here 13. –“What ____________ this weekend?" –“Oh, we're going windsurfing. It's fantastic!” A. would you do B. are you going 14. –“Could you bring me some water?" A. Certainly, sir D. are you doing –“________________.” B. No, I can't 15. –“______________?” C. do you go C. Yes, I can D. I don't want to –“He's tall and thin with blue eyes.” A. What does John look like B. Who does John look like C. How is John doing D. What does John like 16. –“________________” –“Well, a microwave is used to cook or heat food.” A. Could you tell me what is a microwave used for? B. Please tell me how to use a microwave? C. Can you tell me what is used for cooking? D. Could you tell me what a microwave is used for? 17. –“What will we do when we want to call the Fire Service?” A. Dial 113 B. Dial 114 –“______________” C. Dial 115 D. Dial 116 –“Let me see, since September 23rd.” 18. –“_______________” A. When did you attend this school? B. How long have you studied at this school? C. Since when did you studied at this school? D. How often do you attend this school? 19. –“Would you like a coffee?” –“________________.” A. Not at all B. Yes, let’s C. Yes, I would 20. –“What should you do if you don’t want to hear the sound? D. Yes, please –“________________.” A. Press the MUTE button. B. Press the VOLUME button. C. Press the PROGRAM button. D. Press the POWER button. Exercise 2: Choose the best answer to complete the short dialogues. 1. –“_______________?” – “I have got a terrible headache.” A. What’s the matter with you B. What’s the wrong with you C. What’s happened with you D. What’s problem with you 2. –“Have a nice weekend!” A. Me too –“Thank you. ________________.” B. same to you 3. –“You have got a beautiful dress!” A. I do C. The same to you D. The same with you –“________________.” B. Thank you C. You, too D. Okay 4. –“Is it going to rain tonight?” –“___________________.” A. I don’t hope so B. I hope not C. I think not 5. –“________________ eating out tonight?” A. Would you like B. How about 6. –“What do you usually do on your day off?” D. Yes, I am – “That’s a good idea.” C. Can we D. Shall we –“___________________” A. I usually drive to work B. I will sleep all day. C. I usually do not much D. Nothing much. I always sleep until noon 7. –“Do you get much exercise?” A. I usually do –“___________________” B. Yes, I do 8. –“How often do you exercise? C. How about you? D. Very often –“___________________” A. No, I sometimes do B. Yes, I often do C. About three times a week D. Often I don’t do 9. –“What do you usually do? –“___________________” A. I usually go swimming and play badminton B. No, I never do C. I go straight home after work 10. Where do you go swimming? D. I watch TV a lot –“___________________” A. Every day from 5 to 6 B. I always go to the YWCA C. No, I play tennis D. I usually go by motorbike 11. –“You’re really in good shape.” –“___________________” A. I’m a real couch potato B. Oh, are you? C. Thanks a lot D. Good for you 7. –“I will get married next week.” A. Thanks –“___________________” B. Congratulations C. not at all 8. –“Thanks for your help.” –“___________________” A. You’re welcome B. Yes, I am 9. –“How are you?” A. Thanks D. I’m sorry C. I am fine D. Thanks –“___________________” B. I am fine C. I am 16 years old D. I am a student 10. –“How do you do?” –“ ___________” A. My name is Peter B. I am fine 11. –“When's your birthday, Lan?" C. No, thanks D. How do you do? –“___________________” A. It's in the 20th century B. It's in May 1st, 1990 C. It's a long time ago D. It's on May 1st, 1990 12. –“You look nice in your new dress." –“___________________” A. It's nice of you to say so. B. Am I? Thanks. C. Oh, poor me. D. I am interesting to hear that. 13. –“You haven't finished your homework, have you?" A. Yes, I have. B. No, I haven't. 14. –“Excuse me! What time is it?" –“___________________” C. No, I have. D. Yes, I haven't –“___________________” A. Two to a quarter B. A quarter to two C. Two past a quarter D. Two quarter to a 15. –“Do you mind if I use your phone?" A. No, you don't. B. Yes, you do. –“___________________” C. No. You can use it. D. Yes. It's my pleasure. 16. –“Do you agree that our present sources of energy will soon end?" A. Yes, it might. B. No, I don't. C. Yes, I think so. –“___________________” D. Yes, we do. 17. –“_______________.” –“It was really interesting.” A. How about going for a film? B. How was the film last night? C. Did you like the film last night? D. What was the film last night? 18. –“________________” –“It’s nice.” A. What do you think of the weather today? B. What does the weather like today? C. Do you like the weather today? D. How does the weather like? 19. –“Happy birthday! This is a small present for you.” A. What a pity! B. How terrible! –“ _________________ “ C. Have a good time!D. How beautiful it is! Thanks. 20. –“John had an accident. He has been in hospital for 5 days. A. Poor him. B. Oh. Is he? C. How's terrific! –“________________” D. Poor it. Exercise 3: Choose the best answer to complete the short dialogues. 1. –“What a beautiful hat you have! I like it.” A. You look nice. B. Oh. It's old. 2. –“What can I do for you?" –“________________” C. It's great. D. Thanks. –“________________” A. Thanks. I'll do it. B. Thank you. I'm just looking. C. Yes. Do it please. D. No. You can't 3. –“What a beautiful hat you have! I like it." A. You look nice. B. Oh. It's old. 4. –“____________________ " –“________________” C. Thanks. D. It's great. –“Yes. I’d love to.” A. What do you like doing? B. How about something to drink? C. What about going shopping? D. How do you do? 5. –“ When's your birthday, Lan?" –“________________” A. It's a long time ago B. It's on December 1st C. It's in December 1st D. It's in the 20th century 6. –“Excuse me! What is the time?" A. ten ten –“________________” B. ten past ten C. ten to a quarter D. A and B are right 7. –“Hoa fell off her bicycle and she had to stay in hospital for a few days." –“________________” A. Poor me B. Oh. is she. C. How terrified! 8. –“You look more beautiful in your hat and shoes." D. Oh poor her. –“________________” A. Oh, poor me. B. I'm interesting to hear that. C. Am I? Thanks. D. It's very nice of you to say so. 9. –“________________” –“It was really interesting.” A. What was the film last night? B. How was the film last night? C. How about going for a film? D. Did you like the film last night? 10. –“John had an accident. He has been in hospital for 5 days. A. Poor it. B. Poor him. C. How's terrific! –“________________” D. Oh. Is he? 11. –“________________” –“Oh, it's great!” A. How is the music of the film? B. What do you like the music of the film? C. What do you think of the music of the film? D. Would you like the music of the film? 12. –“Let's go to the movie now." –“Oh! ________________” A. I need it B. Good idea! C. Why's that? D. I don't. 13. –“Do you agree that our present sources of energy will soon end?" A. No, I don't. B. Yes, I think so. 14. –“___________________" C. Yes, we do. –“_______________” D. Yes, it might. –“It's nice.” A. What do you think of the weather today? B. How does the weather like? C. What does the weather like today? D. Do you like the weather today? 15. –“How big is your family” –“_______________” A. We are seven B. It is seven people C. There are seven of us D. We have seven people. 16. –“I don’t go out much these days” –“_______________” A. I don’t too B. I don’t either C. Me too D. I don’t neither 17. –“I have passed all my examinations” –“_______________” A. My dear B. Best wishes C. Well done D. That’s very well 18. –“Did you see anyone interesting at the party” –“Yes, _______________were there” A. some of Maryam’s friends B. some friend of Maryam’s C. some of Maryam’s friend D. some of Maryam friend 19. –“Are you afraid of going out” A. would –“Yes, I wish _______________stop raining” B. it C. it would D. it will 20. –“Do you have a camera” –“_______________” A. Yes, I have it B. Yes, I do C. Yes, I own one D. Yes, certainly I have Exercise 4: Choose the best answer to complete the short dialogues. 1. – “Does Jack know about your project". –"Yes, I told him ___________to do" A. what was I planning D. what I was planning B. what I have planned C. what did I plan 2. – “Are you sorry that you didn’t take pictures?” – “ Yes. I wish__________ .“ A. I took B. I had C. I take 3. – “I wish I could visit your village again some day, Ba.” A. Too true! – “___________.” B. You’re always welcome! C. Yes, let’s! 4. – “What would you like to drink? “ A. Yes, please D. I had taken D. What a day! – “ __________” B. Milk, please C. No, thanks D. OK 5. – “Do you like the novel Gone With the Wind”? – “ ___________.” A. I would B. Yes, a lot. C. No, I like it. D. Yes, we are. 6. – “Have a nice weekend.” – “_____________” A. Thank you. Hope you are well B. Not bad what about you? C. Thanks the same to you! D. Sorry, I’m at home 7. – “Would you mind lending me your bike?” A. Yes. Here it is B. Not at all – “ ______ .” C. Great D. Yes, let’s 8. – “Would you like to have lunch with us? – “ _____________” A. All right B. Yes, I would 9. – “Congratulations on your winning A. You’re welcome –“_____________” B. That’s very kind of you C. No, thanks 10. – “Shall I get a taxi for you? A. Yes, I’d love to Yes, why not? C. No, I wouldn’t like D. Yes, I’d love to D. Yes, of course – “ _____________” B. Oh, that would be nice C. Let’s do 11. – “Could you mail this letter for me, please? – “ _____________” A. No, I couldn’t B. I’ll try C. Yes, here it is D. I’m sorry, I can’t D. 12. – “How about going out to dinner tonight? – “ _____________” A. Oh, thank you B. Yes, please C. No, I don’t want to D. I’m afraid not 13. – “Why don’t we go for a picnic this weekend? – “ _____________” A. What do you suggest? B. Yes, please C. How’s that? D. That’s a good idea 14. – “Would you mind lending me your bike? – “ _____________” A. “Here it is B. No, not at all C. Yes, let’s D. Good idea 15. – “ Can I smoke is here?” –“ I’d rather you ____________.” A. don’t B. didn’t C. can’t D. couldn’t 16. – "Are we about to have dinner?" –"Yes, it __________ in the dining room." A. is serve B. have been served C. is being served D. served 16. – Mike: “Our living standards have been improved greatly.” – Susan: “__________” A. Thank for saying so B. Sure. I couldn’t agree more B. No, it’s nice to say so B. Yes, It’s nice of you to say so 17. – “You look nice today. I like your new hairstyle.” – “__________” A. It’s nice of you to say so B. Shall I? Thanks C. Oh, well done D. I feel interesting to hear that 18. – “Would you like a cup of tea?” – “__________” A. Yes, I do B. Yes, please C. I’m sorry D. It’s my pleasure 19. – “What’s on television tonight?” –“ __________” A. I will go to the cinema B. It’s half past nine C. The film is good D. A football match after the news 20. – “__________ is your motorbike?” – “It’s Wave” A. What sort B. What color C. What size D. What make Exercise 5: Choose the best answer to complete the short dialogues. 1. – “ Make yourself at home!” – “________” A. Not at all. Don’t mention it. B. Thanks. Same to you. B. That’s very nice. Thank you. D. Yes, can I help you. 2. –“I’m afraid I’ve broken your cup of tea.” A. Don’t mention it B. Not at all - “__________” C. It’s the same D. Don’t worry about it 3. –“I’m sorry I haven’t got any change.” –“__________” A. Why don’t you try the bank? B. Don’t be boring C. We are always welcome you D. It’s very nice of you to say so 4. –“Which dress do you like better?” –“The one _________.” A. I tried it on first B. I tried it on firstlyC. I tried on it first D. I tried on first 5. –“Kate’s going to get married.” – “ __________?” A. To whom B. Yesterday C. Did she D. Recently 6. –“Let’s get something to eat” – “__________” A. Yes, you shall B. Yes, you dare C. Yes, you do it D. Yes, let’s 7. –“I hope you can speak French.” – “I also wish that I_________ speak French.” A. can B. will C. could D. would 8. –“How wide is this street? –“________ .” A. It’s 20 meters wide B. It’s wide 20 meters C. It’s 20 meters in wide D. It’s in wide 20 meters 9. –“I’m taking my first exam next week”. – “__________”. A. Cheers B. Good luck C. Well done D. Congratulations 10. -“What a lovely house you have!” – : “_________”. A. Of course not, it’s not costly B. I think so C. Thank you. Hope you will drop in D. No problem 11. -“Do you want to go to work by bus or by train?” –“I __________ by train”. A. would rather go B. would rather to go C. would rather going D. would prefer go 12. – “Cheer!” –“____________!” A. Good luck B. Thank you C. Good health C. I think so 13. –“Would you like to go to the cinema with me tonight?” –“Mary: __________” A. Yes, please B. Yes, I’d love to C. No, thanks D. I’m sorry. I’d love to 14. – “Have you written to Jack?” – “Oh I forgot. Thank for _________ me.” A. minding B. telling C. saying D. reminding 15. –“I’m feeling rather tired.” – “_________ a game of tennis.” A. How about play B. Why do you play C. How about to play D. What about playing 16. –“How was the concert last night?” - “It was __________” A. disappointing B. disappointed C. disappoint D. being disappointed 17. –“I’m leaving a note to Marry” – Hurry up,__________ you will miss the train. A. or B. and C. but D. so 18. –“Would you mind if I turned on TV?” – “I’d really rather you __________”. A. not to do B. didn’t C. don’t D. don’t mind 19. –“Someone is knocking at the door. _________ it be Mary?”. –“It__________ Mary. To my certain knowledge she is in Moscow.” A. May - isn’t B. Could – can’t be C. Is – can’t be D. Might–may not be 20. –“___________”. –“Don’t worry. I can fix it.” A. Are you worried? B. May I fix your TV? C. The TV is out of order again D. I want to fix your TV. Exercise 6: Choose the best answer to complete the short dialogues. 1. – “Must I lock the door before I leave?” A. mustn't B. needn't C. don't 2. –“Would you like a piece of cake?” A. I would 3. –“What are you doing?” – “No, you ________ .Someone can do it for you." D. haven't – “Yes_____________” B. I do like C. please D. of course –“I __________the flowers. They __________wonderful!” A. am smelling / smell B. smell / smell C. am smelling / are smelling D. smell / are smelling 4. –“Let’s go dancing, _________?” A. won’t we 5. –“Where are my jeans?” A. are washing –“Yes, let’s.” B. don’t we C. do we D. shall we –“They _________ at the moment. Sorry.” B. were washed C. are washed D. are being washed 6. –“Did you like the new French movie?” – “My wife liked it but I was a little ________.” A. boring B. bored C. boredom D. bore 7. –“Hi, Paul_________” – “Great, thanks. What about you?” A. What are you doing? B. What are you doing these days? C. How do you do? D. It’s a nice evening, isn’t it? 8. –“_________?” – “I’m a teacher.” A. What do you do for a living? B. Who are you? C. What are you doing? D. What’s your work? 9. –“Do you often see each other?” A. do we have –“Oh, no! Rarely _______dates.” B. will we have C. have we D. we have 10. –“Merry Christmas, Joe!” – “___________!” A. You, too B. Merry Christmas C. The same to you D. You the same 11. –“Can you see anybody in that classroom?” –“Yes, there _______ a teacher and fifty students there.” A. is B. are C. has been D. have been 12. – “Where do you think Tersteep is from ? – “__________” A. May be he comes from Thailand B. He lives in Thailand C. He is Thai D. Thai, of course 13. –“What would you like to do now, Mr. Smith?” –“__________ I would like to do now is sit down and put my feet up.” A. Which B. The one C. What D. The 14. –“________ detective stories?”– “In my opinion, they are very good for teenagers.” A. What do you think about B. Are you fond of C. How about D. What do people feel about 15. –“Has an announcement been made about the eight o’clock flight to Paris?” A. Not yet B. Yes, it was – “ _______.” C. I don’t think that D. Sorry, I don’t 16. –“Did you finish the report? – “Yes, but I wish I had known __________.” A. how hard would it be B. how hard it would be C. would be hard D .how would it be hard 17. – “What was the weather like yesterday?” – “It was a _________afternoon.” A. raining B.rainy C. rain D. rained 18. – “This traffic is terrible! – “You're right. People should ___________.” A. less use their carsB. use less their cars C. use their cars less D. their cars use less 19. – “Those students study a lot.” – “Yes, __________the students here are very serious.” A. most B. almost C. most of D. almost of 20. –“Why did Bob get into trouble?” – “Someone heard him __________his views of the boss.” A. to express B. expressing C. expressed D. was expressing Exercise 7: Choose the best answer to complete the short dialogues. 1: – “Why are you driving so fast?” A. in hurry B. hurrying – “I'm_________” C. in a hurry D. must be hurry 2: – “Why didn't you go to the party yesterday?” – “I didn't go to the party yesterday because ______.” A. I am sick B. I have been sick C. I would be sick D. I was sick 3. – “Would you like tea or coffee?” – “I ____________drink tea than coffee.” A. would like B. would prefer C. would rather D. would wish 4. – “I’m sorry about that!” – “____________!” A. That’s right B. Of course C. It’s OK 5. – “Have they arrested the thieves yet?" A. period B. matter D. You’re welcome – “It's only a _________ of time " C. length D. waste 6. – “Help!” – “___________.” A. Just a minute B. Moment please C. I come at once D. Wait on 7. – “Now, boys. Just watch me, and do _____ I tell you.” – “Yes, master” A. whatever B. whoever C. however D. whenever 8. – “Look! There is a _____of fish in the water.” – “Wow! Wonderful” A. bar B. school C. slice D. block 9. – “Don’t make any mistakes!” – “___________” A. give it to me B. Sure, I will C. Don’t mention it D. Do it yourself 10. – “You look tired. Why don’t you have a__________?” – “Thank for reminding me” A. lie B. rest C. stay D. stop 11. – “What did you buy so much paint ______?” – “ I'm going to paint my room again.” A. for B. about C. with D. by 12. – “How about driving to the countryside this Sunday?” – “______” A. That's a good idea. B. That's my pleasure. C. Yes, I am driving. D. Never mind. 13. – “Let’s go somewhere for a drink” – “___________” A. Yes, let’s B. Shall we? C. Do we? D. Good, go ahead 14. – “There you are! I _____ for two hours. Where’ve you been?” – “Sorry for my late” A. am waiting B. wait 15. – “I enjoy listening to pop music,” A .I’m too C. waited – “__________” B. I don’t 16. – “Would you like to have dinner with me?” A. Yes, I’d love to B. Yes, so do I 17. – “It’s hot in here” D. have been waiting C. Neither do I D. So am I – “__________” C. I’m very happy D. Yes, it is – “__________ I open the window?” A. Did B. Do C. Would D. Shall 18. – “Have a cup of tea, _______?” – “Yes, please” A. do you B. will you C. won’t you D. don’t you 19. – “I’m bored” – “_____________.” A. Have some soup B. Let’s go somewhere C. Don’t be bored D. Sorry to hear that 20. – “My father has just died” – “__________” A. Congratulation! B. It isn’t a master C. Poor you D. I’m sorry to hear that Exercise 8: Choose the best answer to complete the short dialogues. 1. – “Hurry up! They’ve only got a few seats left.” – “_____________” A. Never mind B. OK. I’m coming C. It’s too late 2. – “This painting isn’t an original- It’s a copy.” D. Certainly – “___________” A. How do you know that? B. Why don’t you think so? C. What did you think of this painting? D. I don’t know what it means. 3. – “_______ your effort and talent, we wonder if you can work full time for us.” – “Thank for that but I am studying” A. Regarding B. In regard of C. With respect to D. On behalf of 4. “How many pages ________so far?” –“Ten”. A. do you study B. did you study C. have you studied D. had you studied 5. – “How do you know that they were discussing your family?” – “Because they stopped__________ when I entered the room.” A. to talk B. talking C. for talking D. from talking 6. – “Did you like this film?” – “Well, after ______ the book, I was a bit disappointed”. A. having read B. I have read C. I am reading D. having been read 7. – “Would you like a glass of green tea?” – “____________” A. No, let’s not B. No, I don’t. 8. – “I suggest eating out.” A. We will 9. – “I won’t do it again” A. Thank god C. No, thanks. D. No, I wouldn’t. – “________” B. Good idea! C. Yes, please D. I’m afraid not C. Let’s do it D. Thank for saying so – “__________” B. Don’t forget 10. – “What are you going to do next year?” – “I wish I__________the answer to that question.” A. knew B. know 11. – “I'm sorry about that!” C. had known – “Well,_________” A. You’re welcome B. Of course 12. – “My watch is broken.” A. have it repair D. would know C. Thank you D. It’s OK – “Why don’t you_________?” B. have it repaired C. have it repairing D. have it for repair 13. – “You have been spending too much money lately” – “You’re right. I need to _________on my expenses” A. cut out B. cut up C. cut down D. cut away 14. – “Did Judy finally go home?” –“No. She ___ going to leave last month, but she lost her tickets.” A. must be B. was C. has been D. had been 15. – “Please________ Ba to lock the door carefully if he goes out tomorrow. – “OK.” A. say B. talk C. remember D. remind 16. – “Would you mind if I smoked in here?” – “ ____________.” A. Yes, I’d love to B. Thanks, I don’t smoke C. I’d rather you didn’t D. I’m sorry 17. – “Let’s go to CuaLo beach after the exam, ___________?” – “Yes, that sounds good.” A. should we B. shall we C. shan’t we D. shouldn’t we 18. – “What's your birthday, Ann?” – “It's___________” A. on the thirty-one of July B. on July the thirty-one C. on the thirty-first of July D. in July the thirty-first 19. – “Some sugar?" – “___________” A. No, no me! B. No, I don't. 20. – “Do you have any pets?” C. Thanks, I'd like. D. Yes, please –“Yes, I have_________ kittens.” A. two small black B. small two black C. black small two D. two black small Exercise 9: Choose the best answer to complete the short dialogues. 1.– “Make yourself at home.” – “ ______________” A. Yes, can I help you B. Thanks. Same to you C. Not at all. Don’t mention it D. That’ very kind. Thank you. 2. – “How much do you earn, Mary?” – “I’d___________” A. rather don’t say B. better not to say C. rather not say D. prefer not say 3. – “Would you like a beer?” – “Not while I’m ___________” A. in the act B. in order C. on duty D. under control C. Never remind me D. All it is for you 4. – “Thanks for your help.” – “____________” A. With all my heart B. It’s my pleasure 5. – “I think women should not go to work.” – “I __________” A. quite agree B. a little agreed C. so agree D. rather agreed 6. – “Do you like the weather here?” – “I wish it ___________.” A. doesn’t rain B. didn’t rain C. won’t rain D. hadn’t rained 7. – “shall we go out tonight ?” – “______________________” A. Yes, I can. B. Yes, we are. C. Yes, we go. D. Yes, let’s. 8. – “Make yourself at home".– “___________ " A. Yes, Can I help you? B. Not at all. Don't mention it. C. Thanks! Same to you. D. That's very kind. Thank you. 9. – “Do you think it will rain ? “ Jenny: “Oh ! ____________” A. I don’t hope. B. I hope not. C. I don’t hope so D. It’s hopeless 10. – “More coffee?, Anybody?” – “____________.” A. I don’t agree, I’m afraid B. Yes, I’d love to C. Yes, please D. It’s right, I think 11. – “How do you like your steak done?” – “ __________.” A. Very much B. Well done C. Very little D. I don’t like it much 12. – “Do you think that we should use public transportation to protect our environment?” – “___________” A. There’s no doubt about it. B. Well, that’s very surprising. C. Of course not. You bet! D. Yes, it’s an absurd idea. 13. – “Mum, I’ve got 600 on the TOEFL test.” – “___________” A. Good job! B. Good way! C. You are right. 14. – “Don’t fail to send your parents my regards.” A. You’re welcome 15. – “___________” B. Good idea, thanks D. Oh, hard luck! – “____________.” C. Thanks, I will D. It’s my pleasure – “Oh, That sounds interesting” A.How are the cakes? B. What cakes do you like? C. What do you think about the cakes? D. Would you like some cakes? 16. – “Customer: Excuse me? Shopkeeper : – “Yes, _________?” A. Can you help me B. How can I help you C. what happens 17. – “I have some lucky money for you.Happy new year” A. Great.Thanks B. Have a nice day 18. – “How often do you go swimming, Linda? A. I guess I’m OK B. once a week D. help me – “___________” C. Good luck D. What a pity! – “___________” C.about one hour D. last night 19. – “How much time do you spend reading books? – “___________” A. Twice a week B. It’s 2 o’clock C. Two hours a day D. Once upon a time 20. – “Thank you for helping me!” – “___________” A. Thanks B. Goodbye C. You’re welcome D. It’s nice to meet you Exercise 10: Choose the best answer to complete the short dialogues. 1. – “Is it going to rain tonight?” A. I don’t hope so – “_____________ .” B. I hope not C. I think not D. Yes, I am 2. – “ _________ eating out tonight? ” _ “ That’s a good idea.” A. Would you B. How about C. How are you D. Are they C. Thanks a lot D. It’s a good new 3. – “I got mark 4 for my English test.” A. How interesting B. Poor you. 4. – “ __________ ?” – “I have got a terrible headache.” A. What’s the matter with you B. What’s the wrong with you C. What’s happened with you D. What’s problem with you 5. – “Have a nice weekend!” – “Thank you. ___________ ” A. Me too B. Same to you 6. – “James is a very brave man.” A. had – “Yes. I wish I __________ his courage.” B. will have 7. – “What is your hobby, Lan?” C. The same to you D. The same with you C. have had D. have – “ ____________ .” A. Well, I like shopping B. Well, I want sugar C. Oh, with you D. Oh, I live here 8. – “How are you, today?” – “ ____________ .” 9. A. I’m 18 years old B. It’s very nice C. It’s kind of you to help me D. Very well,thanks – “Excuse me. It’s a bit stuffy in here. __________ ?” – “No, I don’t mind at all. I feel like some fresh air, too.” A. Do you mind if I open the window B. Do you mind opening the window C. Can you open the window for me D. Could you open the window 10. – “___________” ? A. What is he – “ He is OK now.” B. How is he 11. – “Would you mind lending me your bike?” A. Yes, let’s B. Yes. Here it is C. How tall is he D. What’s he like – “____________ .” C. Great D. Not at all 12. – “Has an announcement been made about the eight o’clock flight to Paris? ” – “ ____________ .” A. Sorry, I don’t B. Yes, it was 13. – “Thanks for a nice gift!” C. I don’t think that D. Not yet – “____________ .” A. In fact, I myself don’t like it. B. You are welcomed. C. I’m glad you like it. D. But you know how much it costs? 14. “ _________ detective stories?” – “ In my opinion, they are very good for teenagers.” A. How about B. What do you think about C. Are you fond of D. What do people feel about 15. – “You have a good voice. You sang so beautifully!” – “____________ .” A. The same to you B. You, too C. Thanks for your compliment D. Thank a lot 16. – “You’re certainly a smart student.” – “____________ .” A. Congratulations B. I don’t think so C. I don’t hope so D. Good luck 17. – “When do children in Vietnam go to primary school?” – “____________ .” A. At 6 years B. At the age of six years old C. When they are 6 D. When they are 6 old years 18. – “Hi, Michael. What’s going on?” – Michael: “ Nothing special, Peter. ________ with you?” A. What’s up B. Have you got C. Nothing new D. Not much 19. – “__________ do you like reading?” - B: Well, I like reading all sorts of books. A. How B. Why C. What kind of books D. When 20. – “What do you think of these stories?” – “____________ .” A. They are OK B. Yes I do C. I don’t think D. I think of them
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