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10 bài luận mẫu ôn thi THPTQG - Cô Vũ Mai Phương
1.  THE  ROLE  OF  SPORTS  IN  OUR  LIFE     Sports   play   an   important   role   in   our   life   for   a   number   of   reasons.   Firstly,   it’s   generally   known  that  people  who  do  physical  exercises  keep  fit  and  healthy.  Sports  can  be  of  great   value   to   people   who   work   with   their   brains   and   to   those   who   lead   a   sedentary   lifestyle.   Moreover,  taking  up  a  sport  has  many  psychological  benefits.  On  one  hand,  it  relieves  the   stresses   of   everyday   life   and   on   the   other   hand,   it   helps   individuals   identify   with   a   group   and   replace   their   loneliness   with   the   security   of   belonging.   Besides,   practising   a   sport   is   very  useful  for  character-­‐training.  It  helps  young  people  to  gain  such  virtues  as  discipline,   perservance   and   courage.   It’s   an   excellent   lesson   of   winning   and   losing.   If   we   lose,   we   have   to  analyse  the  causes  and  go  on  practising.  To  draw  the  conclusion,  sports  are  important  for   our  health,  mentality  and  soul.    (150  words)     2.  THE  BENEFITS  OF  COMPUTERS       Computers  are  widely  used  nowadays  and  have  many  benefits.  First  of  all,  they  are  used  in   various  aspects  of  our  life  such  as  science,  industry,  airline,  military    and  so  on.  Computers   are   also   the   tool   with   which   we   are   able   to   surf   the   internet,   watch   animated   television   shows  and  other  entertainment  programs.  Moreover,  industrialization  could  not  make  its   miracle   jump   without   the   support   of   computers.   Computers,   as   well   as   advances   in   information   technology,   have   made   our   life   modern,   convenient   and   civilized.   Besides,   computers  and  the  internet  bring  us  a  great  means  of  communication.  Distance  is  no  longer   a  matter  of  concern  when  we  can  send  emails  within  a  few  seconds  or  make  cheap  internet   phone  calls.  We  can  also  update  ourselves  with  the  latest  occurrences  in  the  world  with  just   some  simple  mouse  clicks.  In   short,  computers  have  become  an  indispensable  device  and   are  of  vital  use  in  the  life  of  the  human  being.  (154  words)       3.  THE  DRAWBACKS  OF  COMPUTERS       The   computer   plays   an   important   role   in   this   information   era.   However,   while   bringing   certain  advantages,  this  high-­‐tech  device  has  its  own  limitations.  The  troubles  do  not  stem   from  computer  or  the  Internet  themselves  but  the  users.  In  other  words,  some  users  take   its  advantages  for  negative  purposes.  Some  use  computers  to  do  nothing  but  play  games,   chitchat,   spam   or   create   dirty   information   on   the   Net.   They   directly   or   indirectly   detract   Internet  from  its  benefits  to  the  community.  Many  people  are  scared  of  using  the  Internet   because   of   their   fear   of   being   abused  or   becoming   Internet   addicts.   In   addition,   sitting   in   front   of   the   screen   for   long   hours   can   lead   to   obesity,   backache,   and   short-­‐sightedness.   Lastly,  people  paying  too  much  attention  to  online  activities  may  become  passive,  sluggish   in  real  life  because  of  their  lacks  of  communication,  and  manual  labor.  In  short,  everything   has  both  sides  so  it  is  necessary  that  we  use  computers  for  right  purposes.  (156  words)       4.  THE  ADVANTAGES  OF  LEARNING  ENGLISH     Without  doubt,  English  is  the  most  widely  spoken  language  in  the  world.  There  are  many   benefits   to   be   gained   by   learning   English.   Most   importantly,   English   is   an   international   language  and,  since  the  world  has  become  more  integrated,  having  a  knowledge  of  English   helps   travellers   from   different   countries   to   communicate   better,   resulting   in   a   more   enjoyable   travel   experience.   That,   in   turn,   can   help   us   become   more   acquainted   with   other   cultures  and  broaden  our  knowledge.  From  an  academic  standpoint,  it  is  undeniable  that  a   good  command  of  English  can  provide  a  boost  to  your  future  career  prospects.  Having  the   proficiency   and   confidence   to   speak   and   understand     English   will   put   you   at   a   distinct   advantage   when   seeking   a   job.   Moreover,   English   is   the   language   of   academics,   a   large   amount   of   research   being   conducted   and   written   in   the   language.  Thus,  society   has   almost   unfettered  access  to  this  veritable  wealth  of  knowledge.  Alltogether,  I  can  say  that  learning   English  has  countless  benefits.  (157  words)       5.  LIVING  IN  A  BIG  CITY  OR  IN  THE  COUNTRYSIDE     I   prefer   to   live   in   a   big   city   for   several   reasons.  Firstly,   city   dwellers   have   access   to   many   different   transportation   systems   and   have   latest   technologies   to   communicate;   like   cellular   phones,   internet,   fax   etc.   Cities   provide   better   treatment,   hospitals,   qualified   doctors,   better   educational   institutes   which   are   inevitable   to   lead   a   better   life.   Moreover,   the   reason  why  most  people  tend  to  live  in  a  city  is  the  vast  opportunities  of  jobs.  Most  of  the   corporate   offices,   industries,   factories,   government   offices,   garments   and   manufacturing   industries  are  either  situated  in  a  city  or  close  to  the  city.  People  have  more  employment   opportunities   and   are   able   to   lead   a   busy   and   challenging   life.   Finally,   in   terms   of   entertainment   facilities,   citizens   of   a   city   has   so   many   options   like   theater,   park,   art   gallery,   museum,   amusement   parks,   libraries   etc.    In   short,   I   feel   relaxed   and   more   comfortable   staying  at  my  own  city.  (145  words)       6.  YOUR  FAVOURITE  SPORTS     Playing   badminton   is   really   my   cup   of   tea   in   leisure   time,   because   it   improves   my   health,   helps  me  be  more  and  more  confident,  and  is  entertaining.  First  and  foremost,  by  playing   badminton   about   two   hours   a   day,   I   feel  full   of   beans   for   the   entire   day.   For   instance,   I   can   finish  my  homework  and  housework  efficiently;  hence  my  mother  always  encourages  me  to   play  it  everyday.  The  second  point  is  that  playing  badminton  brings  me  out  of  my  shell.  I  can   make   friends   with   many   people.   After   competitive   matches,   we   often   chat   with   one   another   about   hobbies   or   plans   in   future.   Last   but   not   least,   playing   badminton   is   entertaining.  It  helps  me  relax  after  working  hours,  and  relieve  stress..  All  in  all,  I  consider   playing  badminton  as  my  favourite  pastime  for  it  brings  both  physical  and  mental  benefits.   (140  words)       7.  A  FESTIVAL  IN  YOUR  COUNTRY     Tết  or  Vietnamese  New  Year,  is  the  most  important  celebration  in  Vietnamese  culture.  Tết   is  generally  celebrated  on  the  same  day  as  Chinese  New  Year.  It  takes  place  from  the  first   day  of  the  first  month  of  the  Vietnamese  calendar  until  at  least  the  third  day.  Many   Vietnamese  prepare  for  Tết  by  cooking  special  holiday  foods  and  decorating  the  house.   Many  customs  are  practiced  during  Tết,  such  as  visiting  a  person's  house  on  the  first  day  of   the  new  year,  ancestor  worship,  wishing  New  Year's  greetings,  giving  lucky  money  to   children  and  elderly  people.  Tết  is  also  an  occasion  for  pilgrims  and  family  reunions.  During   Tết,  Vietnamese  visit  their  relatives  and  temples,  forgetting  about  the  troubles  of  the  past   year  and  hoping  for  a  better  upcoming  year.  Vietnamese  people  usually  return  to  their   families  during  Tết.  Some  return  to  worship  at  the  family  altar  or  visit  the  graves  of  their   ancestors  in  their  homeland.  Tết,  therefore,  is  a  highly  valued  tradition  in  Vietnam.    (163   words)       8.  BENEFITS  OF  OWNING  A  PET     Owning   an   animal   can   have   important   health   and   psychological   benefits.   Firstly,   studies   have   shown   that   interacting   regularly   with   animals   can   lower   humans’   blood   pressure,   reduce  anxiety  and  depression,  and  increase  their  social  interaction.   For   example,  people   who  have  dogs  also  tend  to  get  more  exercise  from  regular  walks.  Secondly,  owning  a  pet   means   developing   a   relationship   with   it.   This   often   provides   people   with   a   reason   for   enjoying   life   and   connecting   with   others,   which   is   especially   useful   for   older   adults,   who   sometimes  get  socially  isolated  or  struggle  with  finding  a  sense  of  purpose.  It  helps  people   feel  needed  and  wanted.   After  all,  most  people  can’t  help  but  smile  when  their  dog  greets   them  with  their  tail  wagging  or  their  cat  curls  up  cozily  on  their  lap.  Animals  are  calming,   accepting   friends   that   offer   unconditional   love   and   kindness,   as   well   as   many   health   benefits.  Therefore,  one  won’t  regret  about  bringing  a  pet  into  his  life.  (153  words)       9.  BENEFITS  OF  USING  PUBLIC  TRANSPORTATION       Public   transportation   is   a   crucial   part   of   a   city,   helping   to   bring   a   better   quality   of   life.   Firstly,   public   transportation   encourages   people   to   have   a   more   active   healthy   lifestyle,   particularly   if   they   are   walking   or   cycling   to   their   station   or   stop.   Rather   than   driving   in   traffic  or  wasting  time  looking  for  an  elusive  car  park,  public  transport  passengers  can  relax   and  listen  to  music,  play  computer  games  or  read  a  book.  Secondly,  it  can  reduces  pollution   and  road  congestion.  The  more  people  who  travel  by  train,  tram  or  bus,  the  fewer  cars  on   the   road.   In   terms   of   costs,   travel   by   public   transportation   is   cheaper   than   owning   and   operating   a   car.   Additionally,  it   can   help   foster   a   sense   of   community.   For   example,   people   travelling  together  are  more  likely  to  feel  a  community  connection  than  those  travelling  in   cars  in  isolation.  For  all  the  reasons  above,    public  transport  is  crucial  to  the  livability  of  any   city.    (155  words)       10.  IMAGINE  THE  WORLD  IN  THE  FUTURE       People  have  always  been  intrigued  of  what  the  future  will  look  like.  In  the  next  decades,   some  new  medicines  may  be  introduced  to  cure  people  of  new  diseases.  There  may  be   continued  steps  in  the  development  of  artificial  intelligence,  exploration  of  space,  and  new   inventions  that  make  life  a  little  easier  and  entertaining  for  some  such  as  flying  cars  or   virtual  holiday  tours.    However,  human  of  the  future  may  suffer  from  more  natural   disasters.  Climate  change,  a  growing  population,  and  fewer  natural  resources  will  certainly   pose  new  challenges  for  the  human  race.  But  when  you  consider  ongoing  social  and   economic  progress  and  all  of  the  coming  innovations  in  science  and  technology,  there's   plenty  of  room  for  optimism.  All  in  all,  there  is  a  lot  to  be  excited  about  but  there  are  also   reasons  to  worry  about  how  life  in  the  year  2050  will  be.  (144  words)                                    
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