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INTERNSHIP REPORT HANOI UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMNISTRATION ---------------------- INTERNSHIP PROJECT REPORT STAGE 1 PROJECT TITLE: “UNDERSTANDING THE STATEMENT OF PRODUCTION AND BUSINESS OF THE THANG LONG INFORMATICS JOIN STOCK COMPANY” Student Name: Class: Advanced Business Administration course 54 Major: Advanced Agribusiness Administration Instructor: Master, HANOI – 2011 - FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - 1 INTERNSHIP REPORT TABLE OF CONTENT Acknowledgement Table of Content CHAPTER 1: BACKGROUND TO THE REPORT 1.1. The rationale behind the research topic 1.2. Major research objectives 1.3. Scope of research 1.4. Research methodology 1.5. Main research questions CHAPTER 2: INTRODUCTION 2.1. History of development 2.2. Location and Contact 2.3. Development Strategy 2.4. Development Goal and Mission 2.5. The organizational model CHAPTER 3: BUSINESS DESCRIPTION 3.1. Human Resources 3.2. Suppliers and customers 3.3. Competitors 3.4. Finance Resource Page 3 2 3.5. Infrastructure 3 3 4 4 4 6 7 8 9 9 11 14 15 15 18 CHAPTER 4: OPERATION RESULTS AND EVALUATION 19 4.1. Results of operations 4.2. Analysis of the profitability of assets CHAPTER 5 : CONCLUSION APPENDIX Reference Acknowledge 20 24 25 25 26 Acknowledgement Internship is fact-finding, understanding how to knowledge learned on the books to be applied in practice, find out the difference between theory and practice. It is important to students. It helps students learn how to apply their knowledge to actual work. It help students know how to work in the future. - FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - 2 INTERNSHIP REPORT This is the first internship of us. We are students and do not have much experiences in the research. Moreover, we could not avoid many mistakes in this internship. So, we should sincerely thank the board of the school, and all the lecturers in the group practice of teaching science Accounting & Business Administration has been helping and guiding our group during practice and make this thesis. We would sincerely thank to the vice president Nguyen Dang Tan from Thang Long Informatics Joint Stock Company helped us into internship in company. We would sincerely thank the leader of the company, along with uncles, brothers, sisters worked at Thang Long Informatics JSC, especially, the women in finances and accounting office of the company has helped us in the process to collecting data and information for the report. And especially, we would sincerely thank Master Nguyen Thi Hoang Giang helped us to edit some mistakes in this report and complete it. CHAPTER 1 BACKGROUND TO THE REPORT 1.1. The rationale behind the research topic - FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - 3 INTERNSHIP REPORT Along with the development of the world, nowadays, Vietnam's economy is on track to thrive on almost all aspects. The business was born more and more. To implement the management, media, security work ... The business is indispensable a very important factor is that informatics technology. Informatics Technology is a huge role in the operation of a business: human resources management, timekeeping, internal communications, external communication with partners, confidential information security with high technology ... Interested in this problem, our group has chosen to research the business situation of the Thang Long Informatics Joint Stock Company as research subject. 1.2. Major research objectives 1.2.1. The general objective: Describe the current business status of the company in recent years. From which, we find the ways to step up production and business operations of company in the future. 1.2.2. The specific objectives - Understanding of human resources, finance, types of commodities in the market. - Assess the situation of the company in recent years. - Infer the gained achievements and shortcomings. 1.3. Scope of research 1.3.1. Space: Research at the head office: THANG LONG Informatics Join Stock Company No. 10 Dinh Cong Trang Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi - FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - 4 INTERNSHIP REPORT 1.3.2. Time: From 9/27/2010 to 7/10/2010 1.3.3. Content: Focus on production and business operations of the company. 1.4. Research methodology 1.4.1. Collecting data: - Data sources were published: Secondary data was collected from the available documents or statistical data, surveys in the company on issues related to the research content to systematized data following the driven research. - New data sources: collecting by interview employees in the company. 1.4.2. Data processing: Based on Excel spreadsheets. 1.4.3. Data analysis: Described statistical method and compared statistical method. 1.5. Main research questions - How does our company recruit employers? - How are the financial resources of the company? How is the rate of borrowing capital/equity? - How is the result of business activities? Profit or loss? - What indicators are used in evaluate the effectiveness of production and business operations of company? - What year that the capital is used most effectively? CHAPTER 2 INTRODUCTION 2.1. History of development - FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - 5 INTERNSHIP REPORT THANG LONG JSC Informatics (iThangLong) established in 2007, activities in the field of design solutions consultancy, construction and software development, integrated solutions in the field of information technology. The founder and executor of Thang Long Informatics JSC was working long and extensive experience in the technology sector through collaboration with firms of software engineering and hardware famous such as NEC, SUN Microsystems, IBM, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Dell, Fujitsu, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, ... as well as a history of working closely with the projects of information technology with major technology companies in the country. One of the iThangLong company key is developing applications of biometric technologies. According to which, iThangLong providing security solutions, biometric identification (fingerprint identification, iris, ...) application in security applications such as electronic passports, crime prevention, building crime database , building population database, the application of electronic identity card, ... Exploit the strength of expertise, seasoned experience and capacity to provide superior service, iThanglong identify business trends, technologies and build a total solution to assist clients • Access to new markets • Increase revenues in the current market • Improve operational efficiency • Complete the supply of products and services to market With that goal, we constantly set up and develop deep relationships with organizations and leading groups in the field of information and communication technology. Market share is continuously expanded over the years is testament to the internal resources and our potential development. - FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - 6 INTERNSHIP REPORT With the engineers are experienced and trained at home and abroad, now iThangLong is on the way to become a software manufacturer has extended the product range, and supply the integrated package for customers in Vietnam, advancing to export products to foreign markets through the cooperation and developing with the reputation hardware and software firms in the world. Catch up the trend of information technology and telecommunications, the development of online services on the mobile and internet technology, iThanglong actively expanding investment strategy to diversify business obtain information technology and telecommunications as its foundation. With a strength of human resources, professional business process, practical experience and strong commitment, iThangLong stand with customers on each business path and development. Currently, iThangLong headquartered in Hanoi and a branch in Ho Chi Minh, with the system of organization and management comply with the ISO standards and the software development process closely, science, served the demand of indigenous customers with different demands, customers and partners appreciate. 2.2. Location and Contact HEAD OFFICE Address: No. 10 Dinh Cong Trang Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi Tel: (84-4) 39 33 54 68 Fax: (84-4) 39 33 54 55 Website: www.ithanglong.com Email: contact@ithanglong.com HO CHI MINH BRANCH Address: 39 / 6 Nguyen Trai Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh - FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - 7 INTERNSHIP REPORT Tel: (84-8) 38 33 04 25 Fax: (84-8) 39 25 90 56 Website: www.ithanglong.com Email: contact_sg@ithanglong.com 2.3. Development Strategy With the goal of building a technology group sustainable development, placing the interests of shareholders and employees first, iThangLong continue to reinforce and complete the model of modern organization that efficiently implement the company strategy. For the company, iThangLong towards building a system of management transparency and efficiency to raise the sense of initiative and sense of responsibility from leaders to employees, focusing complete development of human resources policies to create favorable conditions for employees to maximize the capacity and oriented personal career goals. Besides, iThanglong emphasize building working environment - corporate culture is open, dynamic with the spirit of respect for the individual, promote solidarity, creative motivation for employees, attract and retain talent. Individual employees of the company are active and creative. In iThangLong, the brand has the contribution of each individual brand - the best employees. Each employee is orient branding himself to promoted career and success in life. We understand that the success or failure of the enterprise depends on the dedication and enthusiasm of the employees because they are thrust to the enterprise forward. The business strategy of the next years, iThangLong special interested in the development of services and solutions with high added value based on the advantages of human resources and capacity to master the technology, market experience and technology transfer from the prestigious partner. - FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - 8 INTERNSHIP REPORT 2.4. Development Goal and Mission "To become system integrators and software providers with leading-edge technology services in the field of information technology, providing reliable solutions to customer orientation with reasonable prices, maximum effectiveness of the customer's investment in ICT" "Building a sustainable community, the convergence of intellect and achievement of personal excellence" 2.5. The organizational model of Thang Long Informatics Join Stock Company The chart below is the organizational model of Thang Long Informatics Join Stock Company: - FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - 9 INTERNSHIP REPORT - FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - 10 INTERNSHIP REPORT CHAPTER 3 BUSINESS DESCRIPTION 3.1. Human Resources 3.1.1. Personnel structure Total number of employees in the company in 2011: 28 staffs We are going into analysis shows: Review by gender in 2011: Review by gender Male Female Quantity 24 4 We see that male workers accounted for a large proportion 86% in 2011. The characteristics of work is concentrated, need many times, and solution work fluently. Males are suitable with these characteristics. So this is the strength of company. - FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - 11 INTERNSHIP REPORT Almost females work in accounting. There are 4 females. That is enough in accounting and communicated with customers and partner. Educational level: Indicator University Master Quantity (people) 26 2 Rate (%) 92.9 7.1 From table and chart above, we see that all staffs are high education level (university and master level). So they work effectively. This is good condition to develop company. Considering the age of personnel in 2011: Age 18 to 25 26 to 35 36 to 45 Numbers of people 6 12 10 - FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - 12 INTERNSHIP REPORT From the chart above, we see that all staffs are in labor age. They have health and capacity to work well. Moreover, they are dynamic and creative. It is good condition to the development of effective working environment in the company. 3.1.2. Recruitment: For each company, recruitment is extremely important role. Chosen the people with good capable and suitable with job is not easy. Ithanglong special interested in a this issue and they spent many time to search for talent. The way to recruit: Step1: Identify recruitment requirements: Define clearly the work of each department and the need for additional human resources, general manager make the decision on the number of employees to be recruited, the position needs to recruit. After the decision, the company will offer requirement: health, work experience, qualifications and achievements... Step 2: Post newspaper (online newspapers, traditional newspaper...) After identifying the recruiting requirements, the company will process recruitment notice. It was widely published by newspapers, newspaper article, flyers, posted on the bulletin board of the company... - FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - 13 INTERNSHIP REPORT Step 3: received applications and interviews After posting recruitment notice, the company will spend time to getting resume (direct and online) After that, the company shall classify records. Those people who have a resume with qualification requirements will be interviewed. Step 4: health checks The people pass the interview will be check health. Only those who had good health would be received to work at the company. Step 5: Probation All new employees were recruited to undergo the trial in one month. They will work fluently. If someone is not suitable with work or try hard not to work, they would be laid-off. After the trial undergo, they will become staffs and work in company. 3.2. Suppliers and customers Suppliers Ithanglong work in the field of technology, cooperation with technology software and hardware firms in the world known as NEC, SUN Microsystems, IBM, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Dell, Fujitsu, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and other technology companies in the country. These organizations are cooporate with ithanglong provide software and hardware of information technology to customers. Customers Customers of the company are mainly manufacturers and trading companies and agencies. They are required to organize the computer software enables the company's activities more convenient - FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - 14 INTERNSHIP REPORT 3.3. Competitors In the market economy, competitive factors are particularly interested. iThanglong is business competition with each other to achieve a foothold in the market. In Hanoi, there are many limited liability company has many years of experience providing information technology equipment – these are main competitors of the company. Beside the difficulties, the company also has advantages such as good location, near to schools, agencies, unit of state … This is considered a good location for business. Furthermore, field operations staff of the company’s enthusiasm and rich diversity of work, can satisfy even the most demanding requirements. In addition, the company affiliated with the companies that provide equipment and software reputation as NEC, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Dell, Fujitsu, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft ... These factors have helped improve the company's competitiveness compared to other companies. Although that operated for three years, the company has signed a contract web design and software training and software development. Provide high-tech equipment for many state agencies as customers in and outside Hanoi. The company had win the belief of these customers and create a long-term business relations … The most recent project is the design of information security software to cooperate with the ministry of police. During operation, the company also faced to many difficulties due to not many management experiences to expand more business. 3.4. Finance Resource Table 3.4.1. Table of capital structure of private company shares promoted long learning unit (1000VND) - FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - 15 INTERNSHIP REPORT Indicators 2008 I – Asset 1,791,530,142 1. Asset labor and short-term 1,261,387,410 investments 2. Fixed asset and long-term 530,142,732 investment II – Sources of capital 1,791,530,142 1. Liabilities 255,875,149 - Short-term debt 255,875,149 - Long-term debt 0 2. Equity 1,765,654,993 2009 3,883,473,896 2010 15,561,264,465 1,288,191,436 5,013,775,188 2,595,282,550 10,547,489,277 3,883,473,896 433,736,907 433,736,907 0 3,839,736,989 15,561,264,465 1,540,545,719 1,125,385,214 415,160,505 14,020,718,746 Table 3.4.2. Table shows some ratio of liability and equity compare with asset. Indicator Liability/Total asset Short-term debt Long-term debt Equity/ Total asset Ratio 2008 (%) 14.3 14.3 0 85.7 Ratio 2009 (%) 11.2 11.2 0 98.9 Ratio 2010 (%) 9.9 7.2 2.7 90.1 From the table above, we can see that: + The rate of equity / total assets in 2008 is 85.7%; in 2009 is 98.9% and in 2010 is 90.1%. These ratios are very high. This ratio shows the autonomy of higher business. Enterprises are less dependent on external financing. + Percentage of liabilities/ total assets in 2008 is only 14.3%, in 2009 is 11.2%, in 2010 is 9.9%. These percentages are quite small. Therefore, the risk of bankruptcy of the company when pay of debts is very small. Table 3.4.3. Indicators of the structure of property are shared by Thang Long Informatics company. Indicators 1. Total asset 2008 1,971,530,142 2009 3,883,473,896 2010 15,561,264,465 - FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - 16 INTERNSHIP REPORT 2. Short-term receivable 3. The value of inventories 4. The ratio of short-term 342,661,205 53,859,528 3,243,383,781 0 0 17.4% 1.4% 20.8% 0% 0% 8.1% 1,261,940,800 receivable/total asset 5. The ratio of inventories/ total asset Inventory is part of collateral for the production and sale of the business is conducted continuously. Reserve inventory is a reasonable goal of business because too much will cause the reserve capital accumulation, increasing maintenance cost and lead to less efficient use of capital; contrary reserve too little will cause image affect the progress of production and consumption of the business. Therefore, analysis of the proportion of inventories over the period will evaluate the reasonableness of the reserves. However, when analyzing this indicator should pay attention to the following: + The value of this criterion depends on the characteristics of production and business activities of each business type. Typically, in commercial enterprise, inventory is relatively large proportion compared to other asset classes because inventories are basic objects in the business of these enterprises. This ratio is also high for the manufacturing enterprise with a long production cycle, such as construction companies, factories ship … because the products are manufactured may exist within a certain time. In contrast, in the enterprise business services, such as hotels, entertainment, loading … inventories low proportion. Looking at the above table shows: percentage of inventory in 2008 and 2009 are no, and in 2010 is only 8.1%. This is low rate consistent with the business characteristics of the industry. Customer receivable is part of the assets of the business, generated by the enterprise paid for goods and services to customers. To calculate the above criteria are often used data from code 131 “debts customers” on BCDKT. This indicator reflects - FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - 17 INTERNSHIP REPORT the level of the business capital of the enterprise is other unit for temporary use. In analyzing this indicator should pay attention to these characteristics: + Method of sale of the business. Typically, in a retail business selling weight immediately collect receivables customers account for low back in the wholesale business, the proportion of customer accounts receivable proportion. + Credit sales policy of the enterprise, reflected in the credit terms and allowed for each customer. With the business that long-term credit, balance the high level of customer receivables proportion. Due to credit sales are stimulating consumption method should consider and evaluate the reasonableness of this criterion needed in relation to sales of the business. We see that the proportion of debts over three years tend to fluctuate irregularly. In 2009, the percentage of the lowest debts only 1.4%, this ratio shows that the use of capital in 2009 is the best. And highest in 20,010 years is 20.8% CHAPTER 4 OPERATION RESULTS AND EVALUATION 4.1. Results of operations - FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - 18 INTERNSHIP REPORT In recent years, with the right leadership, acumen, creative leadership and the company tries its best of all employees in the company, some remarkable that Thang Long Informatics JSC had achieved. Table 4.1.1: Table of results of production and business activities unit (1000 VND) Indicators Total assets Total revenue The total cost Profit before tax State budget Profit after tax 2008 1,791,530,142 1,100,425,000 1,354,455,500 (245,030,000) 0 (245,030,000) 2009 2010 3,883,473,896 15,561,246,465 9,236,844,381 162,303,625,709 7,203,812,110 153,143,118,718 3,440,656,491 9,160,506,991 0 240,814,029 3,440,656,491 8,919,692,962 From the table above, we can see that all of the indicators increase very fast (appendix table 4.1.2). The after-tax profit indicator in 2008 when the company has just established, the business of the company is not efficient, profit is negative. However, profit in 2009 increases to nearly 3.5 billion, profit in 2010 increases nearly 9 billion, nearly 160%. This is a breakthrough of the company. Indicators 2008 2009 2010 Ratio increase - FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - Ratio increase 19 INTERNSHIP REPORT (%) Assets Profit after tax 1,791,530,142 3,883,473,896 15,561,264,465 (245,030,000) 3,440,656,491 8,919,692,962 (%) 116.8 N/A 300.7 159.2 From the chart and table above, we see that total assets and profit after tax of the company through three years is increase continuously. This means the investment assets that add more is effective. As assets increase, profit also increased. 4.2. Analysis of the profitability of assets Similar to the above analysis, the criteria can be studied separately for each type of activity can also be calculated for all business activities. 4.2.1 Rate of return of assets Rate of return of the property show the relationship between returns than assets. This indicator reflects the property on 100 investments in the enterprise will generate much profit before tax. ROA reflects the higher profitability of assets is more than. Rate profitable of asset (ROA) = ROA = Revenue Total asset average × Profit after tax ×100% Average total assets Profit after tax ×100% Revenue ROA = Effectiveness of property performance × Profit rate on sale In the above criteria, the target rate of return of assets is an indicator to reflect the total merged. It represents a synthesis influence the outcome of the research targets. The profitability ratio of total assets as a result of the efforts to improve the - FACULTY OF ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - 20
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