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TÀI LIỆU ÔN, LUYỆN TIẾNG ANH CHƯƠNG TRÌNH GIÁO DỤC PHỔ THÔNG CƠ BẢN -------------------1. A. able 2. A. like 3. A. shown 4. A. made 5. A. but 6. A. think 7. A. famous 8. A. heavily 9. A. honor 10. A. seen 11. A. off 12. A. game 13. A. worse 14. A. dear 15. A. secret 16. A. husband 17. A. village 18. A. none 19. A. laugh 20. A. dead 21. A. wool 22. A. chorus 23. A. cost 24. A. clear 25. A. using 26. A. here 27. A. enough 28. A. hour 29. A. suitable 30. A. treat 31. A. nation 32. A. tear 33. A. item 34. A. helpful 35. A. ago 36. A. occur 37. A. capital 38. A. listen 39. A. disposal 40. A. thought 41. A. attend 42. A. riot 43. A. beam 44. A. cut 45. A. stay 46. A. careful 47. A. pour 48. A. bind 49. A. choice 50. A. place Part I : PRONUNCIATION B. capital C. rapid B. sites C. it B. known C. town B. played C. said B. nut C. fun B. knife C. find B. space C. pace B. tea C. seaside B. himself C. heart B. sit C. sure B. wife C. knife B. guest C. guess B. horse C. sword B. wear C. fear B. season C. serious B. useless C. must B. passage C. magazine B. won C. son B. thought C. bought B. bean C. meat B. wood C. food B. christian C. cholesterol B. most C. post B. ear C. heard B. university C. union B. atmosphere C. threre B. rough C. tough B. hear C. hit B. biscuit C. buiding B. sweat C. heat B. nation C. explanation B. adventure C. volunteer B. idiom C. ideal B. useful C. ulcer B. machine C. station B. oblige C. occasion B. indicate C. nice B. tea C. sent B. exhaust C. themselves B. bought C. shoulder B. device C. ending B. kind C. nice B. deal C. wealth B. but C. full B. says C. nation B. notice C. distance B. noun C. ground B. kind C. find B. intimacy C. guidance B. chase C. phrase D. happy D. ride D. snow D. afraid D. bury D. line D. attack D. increase D. honey D. seem D. of D. guesture D. order D. hear D. sugar D. industry D. gestures D. on D. ought D. seat D. foot D. check D. cold D. near D. umbrella D. mere D. though D. hat D. guity D. feat D. formation D. tomorrow D. idea D. thankful D. material D. oxygen D. complicated D. tend D. students D. fought D. recommend D. military D. mean D. shut D. face D. succeed D. doubt D. win D. prospect D. purchase 1 51. A. future 52. A. snow 53. A. indian 54. A. supply 55. A. worry 56. A. pear 57. A. smoke 58. A. cease 59. A. national 60. A. famous 61. A. only 62. A. facial 63. A. scene 64. A. couple 65. A. island 66. A. luggage 67. A. iron 68. A. social 69. A. huge 70. A. gain 71. A. wild 72. A. another 73. A. kept 74. A. question 75. A. total 76. A. enable 77. A. car 78. A. fluency 79. A. needed 80. A. needed 81. A. asked 82. A. liked 83. A. reversed 84. A. physical 85. A. books 86. A. closure 87. A. news 88. A. calls 89. A. buys 90. A. knees 91. A. nights 92. A. thank 93. A. thick 94. A. birth 95. A. match 96. A. chorus 97. A. ache 98. A. school 99. A. chronic 100. A. children 1. A. understand computation 2 B. closure B. slow B. precise B. simply B. body B. early B. major B. decrease B. fat B. compose B. accuracy B. coming B. send B. about B. was B. pull B. inn B. society B. dangerous B. good B. bewilder B. together B. progress B. nation B. potential B. museum B. production B. pharmacy B. worked B. afforded B. advised B. wrapped B. television B. establish B. cats B. pleasure B. loose B. airplanes B. advise B. trees B. statements B. eleventh B. thorough B. strength B. chair B. Christian B. chemist B. character B. charge B. kitchen C. furniture C. low C. miss C. deny C. wholly C. earn C. so C. release C. bat C. us C. multiply C. special C. mend C. doubt C. words C. funny C. inhabitant C. agency C. villagers C. discourage C. child C. tomorrow C. pneumonia C. correction C. adsorbent C. emotional C. audience C. dictionary C. stopped C. advanced C. worked C. travelled C. classmates C. ask C. dogs C. conclusion C. choose C. accidents C. forks C. please C. guidebooks C. without C. healthy C. thick C. watch C. cholesterol C. cheerful C. reaches C. charity C. teacher Part II : STRESS B. invitation C. industry D. pure D. how D. inside D. reply D. by D. yearn D. disposal D. deafness D. fate D. frustrated D. busy D. artificial D. tendency D. without D. harbors D. funding D. history D. confidence D. garage D. god D. idle D. petrol D. program D. pollution D. intense D. encourage D. action D. proficiency D. booked D. invented D. promised D. worked D. accounts D. mathematics D. maps D. pressure D. close D. newspapers D. precise D. bats D. understands D. threatening D. weather D. bathing D. chemistry D. check D. scholarship D. Christmas D. achievement D. school D. 2. A. beauty decent 3. A. garden standard 4. A. climate 5. A. erode product 6. A. surgeon subject 7. A. conservation treatment 8. A. medicine attention 9. A. happy employee 10. A. discussion expensive 11. A. computer special 12. A. writer origin 13. A. lesson pencil 14. A. childhood unable 15. A. weather ability 16. A. rotation American 17. A. speechless better 18. A. application apologize 19. A. comfortable interested 20. A. employed difficult 21. A. approximate expectation 22. A. languages tradition 23. A. prepare foreign 24. A. accompany surprisingly 25. A. radio influence 26. A. artificial expression 27. A. performances encouragement 28. A. international reservation 29. A. service patient B. advertise C. suggest D. B. ago C. youngest D. B. attract B. involve C. advise C. reduce D. deny D. B. protection C. accurate D. B. favorite C. uniform D. B. attend C. conclusion D. B. allow C. career D. B. assistant C. character D. B. memory C. serious D. B. carefully C. complete D. B. delay C. wonder D. B. experience C. succeed D. B. important C. informal D. B. mineral C. contaminate D. B. worthy C. pollute D. B. comprehension C. resolution D. B. industrial C. passenger D. B. manager C. flowers D. B. accomplished C. invaluable D. B. demanding C. develop D. B. pleasant C. symbols D. B. participant C. misunderstand D. B. volunteer C. hospital D. B. reality C. compulsory D. B. dictionary C. contemporary D. B. differences C. similarity D. B. disease C. traffic D. 3 30. A. community significant 31. A. relationship enjoy 32. A. exhausted student 33. A. accomplishment vapor 34. A. customer musical 35. A. grateful intensity 36. A. methods effective 37. A. ahead leisure 38. A. specific domestic 39. A. competition attempts 40. A. charming media 41. A. activity employee 42. A. dangerous collaborate 43. A. conventional acceptable 44. A. conspicuous beautiful 45. A. honesty engine 46. A. personal destroy 47. A. success 48. A. factories introduced 49. A. transform holiday 50. A. effort speaker 51. A. summer publish 52. A. imperfect deserve 53. A. history physics 54. A. science invitation 55. A. interview 56. A. mature children 57. A. apprentice company 4 B. fascinated C. illiterate D. B. engineer C. ability D. B. organic C. explain D. B. government C. practice D. B. difficult C. requires D. B. enthusiasm C. promotion D. B. invention C. intense D. B. identity C. pretend D. B. indicate C. ambition D. B. exhibition C. supernatural D. B. discovery C. trustworthy D. B. allergic C. reassured D. B. assignment C. completion D. B. pronounced C. mountain D. B. marvelous C. accurate D. B. valuable C. conceal D. B. focus C. anxious D. B. department B. situation C. exchange C. disappointment D. eager D. B. office C. failure D. B. effect C. deafness D. B. against C. labor D. B. intelligent C. colorful D. B. mathematics C. literature D. B. information C. calculation D. B. dialogue B. suitable C. pavement C. favor D. deny D. B. convenient C. construction D. 58. A. mechanics grateful 59. A. cinema investigate 60. A. Canadian poverty 61. A. hesitation sentences 62. A. doubtful stimulate 63. A. assume majestic 64. A. gathered safeguarding 65. A. emit deficiency 66. A. supervisor intensity 67. A. traditional specific 68. A. recycle nitrogen 69. A. scalpel unable 70. A. throughout reasonable 71. A. element prevention 72. A. informal thoughtless 73. A. energy excercises 74. A. assassinated differentiate 75. A. marathon increasing 76. A. requirements entrusted 77. A. necessary consequetnly 78. A. atmosphere carbon 79. A. individual beautiful 80. A. diameter steamboat 81. A. subtract remain 82. A. instantly geometry 83. A. passages matches 84. A. associate protected B. militant C. actual D. B. reversal C. establish D. B. relaxed C. humanity D. B. revolution C. incomplete D. B. solidify C. fathom D. B. awareness C. alternate D. B. tolerate C. assemble D. B. diseased C. fearsome D. B. satellite C. odorless D. B. technician C. recognition D. B. birthmark C. intimacy D. B. sanguine C. proudly D. B. volcanic C. unpleasant D. B. irrigate C. poison D. B. enough C. determine D. B. windows C. energetic D. B. international C. preferential D. B. distance C. gravity D. B. pharmacy C. dispenses D. B. relative C. responsibility D. B. attendance C. eardrum D. B. fashionable C. inventory D. B. discharge C. remote D. B. religious C. purity D. B. editor C. factual D. B. enjoyable C. moment D. B. together C. traveler D. 5 85. A. weather potential 86. A. preference discover 87. A. escaping explain 88. A. entertain volunteer 89. A. popularity compare 90. A. insincere wonderful 91. A. noisy complain 92. A. transport program 93. A. feelings notion 94. A. appreciate incapable 95. A. impression rubbish 96. A. financial receive 97. A. describe parties 98. A. correction essential 99. A. image effect 100. A. measured involvement B. electric C. absorb D. B. attraction C. advantage D. B. eruption C. delicate D. B. magazine C. industry D. B. expression C. presenters D. B. engineer C. entertainer D. B. action C. problems D. B. period C. cartoon D. B. previous C. reliable D. B. sacrifices C. ability D. B. direct C. equipment D. B. unlikely C. century D. B. decided C. remember D. B. increase C. personality D. B. repeated C. enormous D. B. family C. confidence D. Part III: GRAMMAR  Lesson 1:Basic Tenses  Choose the most correct answer: 1. I _______this film twice. A. see B. saw C. will see seen 2. –Peter, please help me do the washing up. – Sorry, Mum. I ______ TV. A. watch B. am watching C. had watched watched 3. The farmers _____ in the field now. A. were working B. have worked C. worked working 4. The war _____ out three years ago. A. broke B. had broken C. has broken breaking 5. He ______ a cup of coffee every morning. A. drinks B. drank C. is drinking drunk 6. She ______ a lot of new books. 6 D. have D. D. are D. was D. has A. had just bought B. has just bought C. buys bought 7. Up to the present, Nam_____ good work in his class. A. does B. has done C. had done 8. At present, that author ______ a historical novel. A. is writing B. was writing C. has written written 9. By next month, I _____ my first novel. A. will finish B. am going to finish C. finish have finished 10. Phong ______ at the university so far. A. had worked B. was working C. worked worked 11. How long _____ able to drive? – since 1990. A. could you B. have you been C. were you you 12. They ______ since eight o’clock. A. are talking B. have been talking C. talk 13. My brother _______ in the army from 1990 to 1995. A. served B. has served C. had served serving 14. At this moment, I _____ that we have a good chance of victory. A. was feeling B. am feeling C. feel been feeling 15. I _____ the money from him yet. A. haven’t received B. don’t receive C. will receive receiving 16. This is the most interesting book _____ . A. I’ve read B. I had read C. I’ve ever read ever read 17. I ____ him ten days ago. A. see B. saw C. have seen see 18. It ______ a long time since I last saw him. A. is B. was C. will be been 19. She _____ so hard this week that she doesn’t have time to go to the hairdresser’s. A. works B. worked C. has been working worked 20. Mr. John_______ to Los Angeles in 1992. A. had gone B. has gone C. went going 21. What ______ to you yesterday? A. happened B. did happen C. had happened happened 22. I never go to Australia. I _____ to Australia yet. A. will go B. went C. haven’t been been 23. What _____ do at 7:00 tomorrow morning. A. will you B. shall you C. were you you 24. Why ______ you come yesterday? A. couldn’t B. can’t C. didn’t C 25. My mother ______ in this factory since 1990 D. D. did D. had D. will D. has D. are D. talk D. is D. had D. am D. I’ve D. will D. had D. had D. was D. has D. have D. did D. A and 7 A. works B. worked C. has worked worked 26. I _____ my hair before breakfast this morning. A. washed B. had washed C. was washing washed 27. I _____ about him when he suddenly came in. A. talk B. talked C. am talking talking 28. He will finish this work before you _______ here tomorrow. A. leave B. will leave C. would leave going to leave 29. Don’t make noise. My mother ______ with her friends. A. is talking B. was talking C. talks 30. He _____ in this office for ten years by next Monday. A. will have been working B. would be working C. will work D. will be working 31. No sooner _____ the office than the telephone rang. A. was he leaving B. he was leaving C. he had left left 32. George______ this movie three times. A. sees B. has seen C. saw seen 33. Food, air and clothes _______ necessary for life. A. was B. were C. is 34. He ______ a visit to Halong Bay in 1995. A. had paid B. paid C. has paid 35. This morning while I ______ for the bus, the rain stopped. A. waited B. have waited C. had waited waiting 36. What _____ during the last few weeks. A. did you do B. had you been doing C. have you been doing you doing 37. Up to now, the teacher _______ our class five tests. A. gives B. is giving C. has given given 38. The students _____ English now. A. study B. are studying C. will study studied 39. I don’t feel good. I _____ work tomorrow. A. won’t be going B. won’t go to C. don’t go 40. He is tired because he ____ all day. A. had worked B. has worked C. worked 41. _____ at home tonight? A. are you staying B. do you stay C. were you staying you stay 42. We _____ in this house for ten years. A. are living B. were living C. had lived lived 43. She ____ in the departure lounge for a long time. A. Is waiting B. was waiting C. waits waited 44. I ______ my driving test on Friday. A. have passed B. had passed C. passed passing 45. I ______ a vegetarian since 1998. 8 D. had D. have D. was D. are D. talked D. had he D. had D. are D. pays D. was D. were D. had D. have D. went D. works D. did D. have D. has D. was A. am B. was C. have been D. had been 46. When _____ she was sorry? A. did Jane say B. had Jane said C. has Jane said D. was Jane saying 47. The motorway ____ in 1986. A. finished B. was finished C. has finished D. finishes 48. I hope you _____ more carefully in the future. A. write B. will write C. would write D. wrote 49. She _____ English before she came to England. A. studied B. had studied C. would study D. studies 50. We usually go ______ after work. A. to fishing B. fished C. fishing D. fish 51. She’ll be a millionaire by the time she _____ forty. A. was B. is C. will be D. is going to be 52. I’ve been waiting for my friends. I wonder if they_____ their way. A. will lose B. would lose C. had lost D. have lost 53. He said everything _____ all right. A. is B. will be C. can be D. would be 54. It is raining now. it began raining two hours ago. It ______ for two hours. A. has rained B. had rained C. is raining D. has been raining 55. He ______ his job last month and since then he ________ out of work. A. has lost/ is B. had lost/ was C. lost / has been D. lost/ had been 56. At this time tomorrow, my father ____ in London. A. is arriving B. has arrived C. will be arriving D. would arrive 57. In a few hours, we ______ the test, and we’ll go home and rest. A. have finished B. are finishing C. will be finishing D. will have finished 58. People ____ English and French in Canada. A. speak B. have spoken C. had spoken D. are speaking 59. The car isn’t here today because Dick ______ it. A. uses B. used C. is using D. has used 60. “When did you come here?” “I ____ here since last Sunday.” A. have been B. had been C. was D. am 61. Mr. Harry ______ in the army from 1980 to 1985 A. had served B. has served C. is serving D. served 62. At first you should ____ slowly for a short distance. A. jog B. to jog C. jogging D. jogged 63. We began to jog____. A. before three year B. three years ago C. three years past D. the past three years 64. The baby_____. Don’t make so much noise. A. sleep B. sleeps C. slept D. is sleeping 9 65. Peter said that he _____ that film before. A. didn’t see B. had not ever seen ever seen C. will not see D. has not Lesson 2:Sequences Of Tenses  Exercise 1: Choose the most correct answer: 1. He said that he ____ a lot of money on advertising to expand his business. A. spends B. has spent C. spending D. had spent 2. The train _____ when we got to the station. A. just left B. just leaves C. had just left D. will leave 3. Tom told me he _____ call me at the airport when I ______. A. would/ arrived B. will/ arrive C. will have/ arriving D. would be/ arriving 4. At this time tomorrow, we ____ our final exam. A. will have taking B. will be taking C. will be taken D. would take 5. -____ before? – Yes, I ____ my holidays here last year. A. have you ever been / spent B. have you ever been / spend C. Did you ever be / spending D. were you ever / spend 6. ______ I was working in the garden, John was repairing the washing machine. A. as soon as B. because of C. while D. until 7. Peter said he _____ a test the following day. A. had had B. will have C. has had D. would have 8. After she _____ at the hospital for 2 years, she_____ to give up the job yesterday. A. had been working/ decides B. had been working/ decided C. working / had decided D. is working/ will decide 9. Tom _____ before we arrive there. A. has left B. had left C. will leave D. leaves 10. In 1970, the Canadian scientist George Kelly ______ that warm water _____ more quickly than cold water. A. prove/freeze B. proves / breezed C. proving / freezing D. proved/freezes 11. After we _____ our work, we ____ for lunch. A. having finish/ went B. have finished/ went C. had finished/went D. having finish/ going 12. After _____ Tom was apprenticed to learn a trade. A. leave B. leaves C. left D. leaving 13. They were in a hurry because they thought that the class _____. A. have already begun B. have already begun C. was begun D. will begin 14. – Why have they demolished that old building? – They ____ a new supermarket there. A. had built B. were building C. are going to build D. would be built 15. When I’m learning English, sometimes I ____ the accent. A. will be confused about B. was confused about C. had be confused about D. am confused about 16. After he _____ his English course, he went to England to continue his study . 10 A. will finish B. has finished C. had finished D. will have finished 17. They ____ a lot of preparation before the match started. A. has made B. had made C. will be made D. are making 18. I____ in the US for one year, but I still find it difficult to communicate with the American. A. am B. was C. have been D. had been 19. American women may ____ conversations with men or even ___ them to dance. A. to start/ to ask B. start/ ask C. starting / asking D. started/ asked 20. After ______ the doctor found that he ____ his arm. A. to examine/ breaks B. to examine/ broke C. examining/ broken D. examining/had broken 21. As soon as she arrived in London, she found that the English people spoke English differently from what she _____. A. will learn B. is learning C. has been learning D. had learnt 22. How____ since we____ school? A. are you/ left B. will you be / left C. have you been/ had left D. have you been/ left 23. Before cars_______ , people ____ horses and bicycles. A. were discovered/ had used B. discovering/ use C. is discovered/ using D. have been discovered / have been using 24. Don’t go anywhere until I _____ back. A. come B. will come C. have come D. came 25. I _____ the book by the time you come tonight. A. will be finishing B. finished C. have finishing D. will have finished 26. Who ______ when I came ? A. were you talking to B. are you talking to C. you were talking to D. you are talking to 27. Please send us a postcard as soon as you _______in London. A. will arrive B. is going to arrive C. arrive D. arrived 28. I will give you this book ______ I met you tomorrow. A. when B. until C. since D. for 29. Jane _____ her house all the morning before the guest arrived. A. is cleaning B. was cleaning C. has been cleaning D. had been cleaning 30. We ______ for going home when it began to rain. A. are preparing B. were preparing C. will be preparing D. have prepared 31. Tom said everything ______ ready when the match ______. A. will be/ starts B. would be/ started C. is / started D. will be/ started 32. I _____ in the waiting room when I heard someone_____ me. A. am sitting/ to call B. was sitting/ call C. am sitting/ called D. have sat / called 33. At 10 o’clock tomorrow morning, we_____ our final test. A. will take B. will be taking C. has been taking D. would be taking 34. Our grandfather____ as an engineer for 30 years be fore he retired in 1980. 11 A. worked B. was working C. has been working D. had been working 35. Up to now, the pollution problems yet. A. haven’t solved B. are not solving C. hadn’t solved D.will not have solved 36. Miss Hoa always takes her umbrella when she _____ to school. A. has gone B. goes C. is going D. will go 37. Never talk to the driver while he ______. A. will be driving B. will drive C. drives D. is driving 38. I’ll tell you it is good or not after I ____it. A. try B. am trying C. have tried D. will try 39. I’ll marry her as soon as she _____ all her problems. A. solves B. has solved C. had solved D. solve I’ll wait until you ____crying. A. have stopped B. will stop C. stop D. stopped 40. I bought Romano whenever I ____ Maximart. A. had gone B. has gone C. went D. would go 41. My son was sleeping when I ______ home. A. went B. has gone C. had gone D. would go 42. I was compiling this book while my son ____. A. slept B. would sleep C. had slept D. was sleeping 43. Lan has learnt English since she ____ a small girl. A. has been B. had been C. was D. would be 44. She won’t get married until she _____ 25 years old. A. is B. will be C. had been D. was 45. After ______ , he went to bed. A. had done his homework B. have done his homework C. being done his homework D. doing his homework 46. Yesterday when I _____ at the station, the train _______ for 15 minutes. A. arrived/ had left B. arrives/ has left C. arrived/ left D. had arrived/ left 47. When we _____ there _____ people ______ calmly. A. got/ are waiting B. got/ were waiting C. got/ waited D. get/ wait 48. While I ____ in the street, I saw my old friend. A. was walking B. am walking C. walk D. walked 49. What do you think the children _____ when we get home? A. would do B. do C. were doing D. are doing 50. I’ll read the book when I _____ time. A. have B. had C. will have D. would have 51. The house was quiet when I _____ home. Everyone _____ to bed. A. got/ went B. got/ had gone C. had got / went D. was getting/ was going 52. I ______ her since I _____ a student. 12 A. know/ am B. knew/ was C. have known/ am known/ was 53. While I was going to school yesterday, I ____ him. A. meet B. met C. will meet meeting 54. Alice _____ for Washington as soon as she had finished her exam. A. will leave B. would leave C. leaves 55. He died after he ______ ill for a long time. A. was B. had been C. has been 56. I _______ home until I finish my lesson. A. haven’t come B. don’t come C. didn’t come come 57. The manager ______ the store before I arrived. A. closed B. had closed C. has closed closing 58. When the alarm rang, Hai ______ out of bed quickly. A. was jumping B. has jumped C. had jumped jumped 59. When we see Mr. Minh tomorrow, I ____ him of that. A. will remind B. remind C. have reminded reminded D. have D. am D. left D. is D. won’t D. was D. D. Last week, I (61)______ home after (62)______ some tennis when it started to rain heavily. “oh, no, I (63)____ soaked before I reach home, ” I thought. “ If only I (64)_____ my raincoat, ” I said to myself. I always forget (65)_____ with me. Just then, a friend of mine who(66)_____ home from work saw me (67)_____ shelter from the rain and he (68)______ me a lift. “(69)_____ home, or do you want to go for a drink?” he said. “ No, thank you. I’d rather (70)_____ home now,” I replied. 61. A. walked B. had walked C. had been walking D. was walking 62. A. played B. to play C. playing D. being played 63. A. get B. got C. will get D. am getting 64. A. will remember B. remember C. remembered D. had remembered 65. A. bring B. to bring C. bringing D. brought 66. A. was driving B. drove C. had driven D. driving 67. A. take B. to take C. was taking D. taken 68. A. offers B. offered C. had offered D. has offered 69. A. Are you gone B. Will you go C. Have you gone D. Do you go 70. A. take B. taking C. be taken D. be taking Exercise 2: Find ONE mistake in each of the following sentences: 1. (A)Last year, my son (B)was lost (C)among the crowd when we (D)have gone shopping. 2. The problem (A)has turned out (B)to be more serious (C)than we (D)will have thought. 3. (A)Almost 300 million people (B)had visited (C)America’s national parks (D)every year. 4. They (A)have studied English(A) before they went (C)to London. 5. They (A)has got married (B)for 30 years (C)by the end of (D)this month. 6. They (A)will help you (B)whenever you (C)will ask (D)them. 7. (A)When Sam (B)will arrive, he will (C)open (D)the gift. 8. My father (A)has ever told (B)me honestychân thât (C)was (D)the best policy. 13 9. Did you say (A)that you (B)will have a lot of things (C)to do the (D)following week? 10. (A)When we arrived (B)at (C)the station, the train (D)has already left. 11. (A)Did your doctor (B)recommend you that you (C)will stop (D)smoking? 12. (A) Up to now, there (B)had been (C)no woman (D)being chosen the US president. 13. The neighbors (A)are having a party. They (B)are making so much noise (C)since 6 o’clock. I (D)can’t sleep. 14. (A)Don’t (B)leave the house (C)until I (D)will get back. 15. I (A)was walking along the pavement(B) when I (C)realized that there (D)has been a man following me. 16. Human (A)had struggled (B)against weeds (C)since the beginning (D)of agriculture. 17. Mary (A)said (B)that she (C)do jogging (D)every morning. 18. (A)At this time (B)next week, Peter (C)was working (D)in London. 19. Never I (A)have seen (B)such a (C)good film (D)before. 20. (A)Before the 1920s, (B)no women (C)will vote (D)in the US. 21. Some students have always (A)complain that they (B)do not have (C)enough money (D)to spend. 22. The teacher (A)got (B)angry with him (C)because he sometimes (D)come to class late. 23. (A)Up to now, there (B)had been (C)no woman (D)being chosen the US president. 24. The mother (A)had always took (B)good care (C)of her (D)little son. 25. An American woman (A)not always (B)shake hands (C)when she is introduced (D)to a man. 26. Peter (A)has been written the composition (B)for 3 hours and he (C)has not finished (D)yet. 27. We (A)were a few minute late (B)so the film (C)was already started when we (D)got to the cinema. 28. (A)By the time (B)the police (C)come, the robber (D)had run away. 29. Why (A)didn’t Peter (B)go to school? What (C)did happened (D)to him? 30. I (A)was listening (B)to the radio (C)when the door bell (D)will ring. 31. Why (A)are you so late? I (B)am waiting here (C)for you for more (D)than one hour . 32. Phuc never (A)go to bed (B)before he (C)has finished his (D)homework. 33. I (A)have learnt English (B)for I (C)was ten (D)years old. 34. Yesterday evening (A)while I (B)was watching TV, Mai (C)pays me (D)a visit. 35. We (A)went out (B)for a walk (C)after we (D)had our dinner. 36. (A)As soon as (B)the next lecture (C)will end, (D)let’s leave. 37. Mr. Ba (A)had a daughter who (B)were born in 1950, but (C)who died a few years (D)later. 38. (A)After they (B)were playing cards, (C)someone broke (D)into the house. 39. A (A)city university professor reported that he (B)discovers a vaccine (C)which could (D)prevent bird flu. 40. Factories discard waste that (A)had (B)polluted air and water, but factories (C)give us (D)employment. Lesson 3:Passive Voice  Exercise 1:Change into passive voice: 1. The teacher always welcomes new students. _______________________________________________________________ 2. People speak English all over the world. _______________________________________________________________ 3. Thomas Edison invented the phonograph in 1877. _______________________________________________________________ 4. The police found two children in the forest. _______________________________________________________________ 5. They will send your order as soon as possible. _______________________________________________________________ 6. The scientists are studying the problem carefully. _______________________________________________________________ 14 7. Pat Murphy was riding the horse. _______________________________________________________________ 8. The police have just arrested the robbers. _______________________________________________________________ 9. Sue told us she had born her baby. _______________________________________________________________ 10. They can use this room after 5p.m. _______________________________________________________________ Exercise 2: Choose the most correct answer: 1. The boy_____ by the teacher yesterday. A. punish B. punished C. punishing D. was punished 2. “Ms Jones, please type those letters before noon”_ “They’ve already ______,sir. They’re on your desk.” a. typed b. been being typed c. being typed d. been typed 3. Today, many serious childhood diseases _____ by early immunization. A. are preventing B. can prevent C. prevent D. can be prevented 4. They had a boy _______ that yesterday. A. done B. to do C. did D. do 5. We get our mail ______ yesterday. A. been delivered B. delivered C. delivering D. to deliver 6. My wedding ring ______ yellow and white gold. A. is made B. is making C. made D. make 7. If your brother _______ , he would come. A. invited B. were invited C. were inviting D. invite 8. Mr. Wilson is _______ as Willie to his friend. A. known B. knew C. is known D. know 9. References _____ in the examination room. A. not are used B. is not used C. didn’t used D. are not used 10. Laura ______ in Boston. A. are born B. were born C. was born D. born 11. His car needs ________. A. be fixed B. fixing C. to be fixing D. fixed 12. Her watch needs _______. A. repairing B. to be repaired C. repaired D. A and B 13. My mother is going _____ this house. A. sold B. sell C. to be sold D. to sell 14. There’s somebody behind us. I think we are _______. A. being followed B. are followed C. follow D. following 15. Have you _____ by a dog? A. bite B. bit C. ever been bitten D. ever been bit 16. The room is being _____ at the moment. A. was cleaned B. cleaned C. cleaning D. clean 17. It _____ that the strike will end soon. A. is expected B. expected C. are expected D. was expected 18. It is _____ that many people are homeless after the floods. 15 A. was reported B. reports C. reported D. reporting 19. He was said _____ this building. A. designing B. to have designed C. to designs D. designed 20. Ted ______ by a bee while he was sitting in the garden. A. got sting B. got stung C. get stung D. gets stung 21. These tennis courts don’t _____ very often. Not many people want to play. A. got used B. used C. get used D. get use 22. I’ll get Minh _____ do this for you. A. do B. done C. did D. to do 23. “What a beautiful dress you are wearing”- “thanks, it_____ especially for me by a French tailor.” A. is made B. has made C. made D. was made 24. Somebody cleans the room everyday. A. The room everyday is cleaned. B. The room is every day cleaned. C. The room is cleaned everyday. D. The room is cleaned by somebody everyday. 25. People don’t use this road very often. A. This road is not used very often. B. Not very often this road is not used. C. This road very often is not used. D. This road not very often is used. 26. How do people learn languages? A. How are languages learned? B. How are languages learned by people? C. How languages are learned? D. Languages are learned how ? 27. Over 1500 new houses _______ each year. Last year, 1720 new houses _______. A. were built/ were built B. are built/ were built C. are building / were built D. were built/ were being built 28. Tom bought that book yesterday. A. That book was bought by Tom yesterday. B. That book was bought yesterday by Tom. C. That book yesterday was bought by Tom D. That book was bought yesterday. 29. The new computer system _____ next month. A. is be installed B. is being installed C. is been installed D. is being installed by people 30. They will build a new house in our town. Means _________ A. a new house will be build in our town B. a new house will be built in our town C. our town will be build a new house D. our town will be build a new house 31. They cancelled all flights because of fog. A. All flights were because of fog were cancelled. B. All flight were cancelled because of fog. C. All flight were because of fog cancelled. D. All flights were cancelled by them of fog. 32. They had to postpone the meeting because of illness. A. The meeting because of illness had to be postponed. B. The meeting had to because of illness be postponed. C. The meeting had to postponed by them because of illness. D. The meeting had to be postponed because of illness 33. They are building a new highway around the city. A.A new highway around the city is being built. B.A new highway is being built around the city by them. C.A new highway is being built around the city. D. Around the city a new highway is being built. 34. They will ask you a lot of questions at the interview. A. You will be asked a lot of questions at the interview 16 B. You will be asked a lot of questions at the interview by them. C. A lot of questions will be asked you at the interview. D. A lot of questions will be asked at the interview. 35. They have built a new hospital near the airport. A.A new hospital near the airport has been built. B.A new hospital has been built near the airport by them. C.A new hospital has been built near the airport. D. Near the airport a new hospital has been Exercise 2:Choïn moät loãi sai trong moãi caâu sau: 1. (A)Do you want (B)being (C)woken up (D)tomorrow morning? 2. That is (A)a (B)new circus which (C)formed (D)in 1992. 3. The bridge (A)was hitting by a large ship (B)during a (C)sudden storm (D)last week. 4. The destruction (A)of most of (B)the city of London (C)made by a fire (D)in 1600s. 5. The romantic poet Keats (A)died (B)by tuberculosis (C)at (D)a very young age. 6. Science (A)has been dividing (B)into areas (C)to (D)help organize the knowledge. 7. A (A)fool and (B)his money (C)are soon (D)part. 8. A social worker who (A)wanted to (B)speak to Mrs. Hamilton (C)attacked and (D)badly bitten by one of her dogs. 9. (A)Most of (B)the films (C)made (D)for entertainment. 10. Peter (A)is said (B)being (C)good (D)at English. 11. (A)The switch (B)must not be touch (C)while the machine is working. 12. The report (A)has not be examined (B)by the (C)committee of experts (D)yet. 13. (A)The matter (B)will discussing (C)at the (D)next meeting. 14. He (A)was think (B)to be the most (C)handsome boy (D)in our class. 15. (A)All the main (B)streets (C)in this city (D)are be widening. 16. Peter (A)usually (B)has his car (C)washing (D)at weekend. 17. (A)Do you know the boy (B)whose bicycle (C)was stole (D)last night ? 18. (A)Until I (B)got enough money, the picture (C)that I wanted (D)had sold. 19. (A)Hand me the letters (C)type (C)by the secretary (D)yesterday. 20. Tom (A)is consider (B)to be the (C)most good student (D)in his class. 21. It (A)believes that (B)our lives (C)will (D)better in the future. 22. That actress (A)has had (B)her dresses (C)make (D)there. 23. (A)Many people (B)think (C)this novel (D)writing by Ngo Tat To. 24. (A)Most lasers (B)are be used in (C)medical and (D)scientific field. 25. This computer (A)is belong (B)to my brother. He (C)bought it (D)last month. 26. I (A)was informed (B)that you (C)had been see (D)in Athens. 27. (A)This house (B)has been build (C)since (D)last month. 28. He (A)couldn’t read French (B)so he (C)had the letter (D)translating into English. 29. (A)The robbers (B)arrest by the police (C)last week have just (D)escaped from the prison. 30. (A)This room (B)has not been used (C)since (D)a long time. Lesson4:Subject And Verb Agreement  Exercise 1: Choïn phöông aùn toát nhaát ñeå hoaøn thaønh caùc caâu sau: 1. Mary , accompanied by her brother on the radio, _______ very well received at the talent show yesterday. A. was B. has been C. were D. have been 2. Twenty dollars ____ the price. A. are B. is C. being D. were 3. Several pets, two dogs, and a cat _____ to be taken care of while we are gone. 17 A. needs B. needing C. need D. needed 4. Neither Canada nor Mexico ______ that citizens of the united state have passports. A. require B. requires C. requiring D. to require 5. Both Mary and Ellen as well as Jean _____ on the tour. A. are going B. is going C. has been going D. was going 6. There ______ ten people in line already when we arrived. A. are B. is C. was D. were 7. The news ____ wholly correct. A. is B. are C. have been D. will been 8. Mathematics _____ very interesting to me. A. are B. have been C. is D. were 9. Either of these buses______ past the university. A. go B. goes C. have gone D. gone 10. The police _____ for the criminal now. A. is looking B. was looking C. are looking D. were looking 11. A number of workers _____ for a rise since last month. A. ask B. asked C. has asked D. have asked 12. The number of students in this class_____40 A. be B. are C. is D. have been 13. Everyone _____ present now. A. are B. is C. are being D. is being 14. The Chinese_____ to drink tea. A. likes B. has liked C. like D. A and B are correct 15. One of my friends _____ an actress. A. is B. were C. are D. B and C are correct 16. The heavy boxes in the corner of the room ______ . A. is mine B. was mine C. are mine D. of mine 17. Playing video games ______ popular among children nowadays. A. was B. is C. had been D. will be 18. Water and oil _____. A. doesn’t mix B. has mixed C. is mixed D. do not mix 19. A lot of housework ______ me very tired. A. make B. makes C. are making D. have made 20. The picture of the soldiers _____ . A. were sold B. are sold C. have just been sold D. has just been sold 21. Each of the students _____ ready for the oral test. A. be B. are C. is D. have been 22. Neither the director nor his assistant _______ yet. A. has come B. hasn’t come C. have come D. haven’t come 23. The news, I’m afraid, _______ got much worse. A. have been B. has been C. have D. has 24. Bacteria of the harmful kind ______ diseases. 18 A. cause B. causes C. is causes D. was causes 25. What _____ the purpose of doing this ? A. were B. is C. are D. have been 26. There _______ only a few people at the meeting last night. A. are B. is C. was D. were 27. The police _____ for the criminal now. A. is looking B. was looking C. are looking D. were looking 28. A lot of money _____ on advertising every year. A. spend B. spends C. is spent D. are spent 29. The actress, along with her manager, ________ going to the party tonight. A. is B. are C. was D. were 30. You can use my phone if your _______. A. don’t work B. doesn’t work C. not to work D. not working 31. Exercise ______ your body and your mind. A. improve B. improves C. is improved D. are improved 32. Collecting old coins and paper notes ______ my grandfathers hobbies when he retired. A. was B. are C. were D. had been 33. A number of workers _______ for a rise since last week. A. ask B. asked C. has asked D. have asked 34. Neither Tom nor his friends________ there last night. A. is B. are C. was D. were 35. Five thousand dollars ______ a big sum. A. were B. are C. is D. have been 36. I ______ at Mary’ party last night. A. am B. was C. were D. have been 37. Economics _____ the science of choice. A. is B. are C. which is D. is which 38. Throughout the United States ______ fast food restaurants where hamburgers are served. A. there is B. there are C. are there D. is there 39. Cattle _____ eating grass now. A. is B. was C. are D. were 40. The pictures of the soldiers _____. A. were sold B. are sold C. have just been sold D. had just been sold 41. Fifty minutes ______ enough to finish this test . A are not B. is not C. were not D. have not 42. The effects of cigarette ____ been proven to be extremely harmful. A. have B. has C. has just D. B & C are correct 43. Your glasses _______ on the desk last night. A. are B. is C. was D. were 44. One of my friends ______ an actress. 19 A. is B. are C. were are correct 45. Either you or Peter ______ write the report. A. has to B. have to C. A & B are correct 20 D. B & C D. A & B are incorrect
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