Tài liệu Học tiếng anh qua truyện cổ tích: the little mermaid (nàng tiên cá)

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','-i &Fg ,..r.th* U.,i t .: rGEpeotrfez \- - i l Thereore some people who llve (n the seo. They do not wolk like you ond me. Chorus:They swim like f(sh. They'vegot f(shtoils. They donce with dolph(ns, crobs ond wholes. The merpeople moke homes of sond. Clhereore some people who llve [n the seo.) And llve (n the oceon, [n Poseldon'slond. Ohey do not wolk like you ond me.) Repeat chorus "*-" ':\ i\ i$, \* t_ - ; f r k li b* ryb There is ei ur**r kingfi*r ' Lll-irj€r'*r1,,? $€}{_" , .{"1rffq1il thg ' "* fiDd fy.t{;:;: l-r;:11fliF S\.,",' .,:,::ti::t., 'hB Fnerr'*,'::'' ryf, +he Gi q.,r , : :rhr tef L ':'lh'rI ;\ d t, * $at {, &b;% flf,mv. .f) ',i Jt i :\ t/ I ,}. :,;,. {"- .t ,*.'{t a-# Her nome [s Titonio She'sgot golden ho(r. the likesto heor stor(es j'i'':,r'Y-. Grondmother Foir. ;]he tellsher storles ..ri r.. tnnd for owoy nef* [;t,l-,:tr-'li;.,, i-li.1nrrfSWim Ti,-t{,1\l',W,(.}it., il:, - tri€-lV S(]y. '4 '/' {*f I I { i I F I 7.!t, .ilir : rs.$, .:i "When cdn I see them? Con we go now?" "Whenyou're slxteen,deor, but not right nowl" So every n(ght, when [t'sttme to sleep, she dreomsof th(slond oncJthen follsosleep. 1,1 G .qdss!|;+ -@WttF"" ActivitiesA-B ,*;ph.,- At lost T(tonio (ssixteenyeorsold. Shegoes to the surfoce ond looksof that world. "Th(sploce [s mogtc!" she soyswhen she sees the londond the mounto(ns, the b(rdsond the bees. 13 ,,; Somedoys later, '. ,,,,on O new tfiP, thel#ftle mermctld s6&P big shiP. A hondsor@Prlnce [s on deck tl'xs**,,doy. ':t,, ' . t 1' ! 'tr' strolght c 15 t-\ I I & {dg *ffi's- But when the sun goes down thot night the wlnd gets strong, the woves get h(gh. Thebig shp s(nks. ThePr(ncefollsdown [nto the woter he'sgo(ngto drownl ; bef l-^ r ,t ActivitiesC-D Shequicklyleoves ond goes to see on old secrwltch. "Conyou help me?" The seo wttch listens ond mokeso plon. "Of course,my deor! You cctn morry o mdnl" 21. "Glveme your volce. It'sstrongond sweet. Thenyou cctnhave your humonfeet!" uOK.Toke(t! I do not core. I just wont htm. I th(nk(t'sfotr." 23 "I i-i.: :.f,:, r# ,iil:r., "Then And swlm to where you now b )ot'-O #hatCan €itan[a Dc? r a, v T(ton(o'ssod. Shelooksof the Potion. But how con she lecve her home [n the oceon? Chorus: lt [s verYhord to moke the choice to leove her life ond loseher volce. Shethinksof her Prlnce ond his beout(fullond. Shemust hove her feet. Shemust leornhow to stond. Repeat Chorus Shemust hove her feet. Shemust leornhow to stond. To leove her ltfe ond loseher volce. ?8 f ,D '1 p Acti vi ti e sE- F f[tonto Crtnks the bttter potion nnd soysgoodbye t.i rier rtnrirgin the oceon. d'! "1,"r€t.r_:-rqs cn fOnd" 5f"re,.':: Ji,, .ei"fget, 'j'rr-:r., lir:O, !ihg Yif"')r-_*S, :1 4 "l thlnk I know you. But you con't speok. You just look like the g(rl I seek." Shewonts to tell him everyth(ng. But poor Tltonlo cdn't soy o thing. 33 t He tokesher home ond glvesher clothes. He feelssorrythot she'sgot bore toes. T(ton(o's hoppy with her new l(fe. Butthe Pr(nce(ssod. 1 \t, He wonts o w(fe. the meimo(d blue seo 't know cdn be. One d new brlngs and shoremy thr 37 'I 1gP ;:l nB@€lila.ila'1':1' R; .. ,:;r.-:: F. Activity { P t 1 f;,*G*g t i, -FTr;1.:l-.- i Hh- I:**'.*,, I )'bh,.-/'**" - . -,..rj....::i....{..e,. T(ton(onow is very sod! He doesn'tlove herl Shefeels so bod! She wolksto the seo and eriesolone. She hns nc prince. She hos ne he:n*r€ L fJermermo(ds(sters coll from the seo, "K(llthe Pr(nce ond you con be freel Hereyou ore, slster! Tnke this silverkn(fe! use {t tonight fn enr-'{h{cl(fel" 1,.''., , ' n6':'"rl#'t'"v ,+,'fr ,5 -,']1
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