Tài liệu Family and Friends 2 Testing and Evaluation

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; i w$t,,, : ,r*:,,,a{ t.,.,.1, i$s;g: t-' i I .. s f : ; rJ f il , * J -d"i ' ....:'.,:,', I n t r o d u c ti o n 2 Unit9 test 23 Ev o t u o t i osh n eet 3 Summ otive test 3 24 Stortertest 6 SkiLLs test 3 26 U n i tl t e s t 7 Unit L0test 28 U n i t2 t e st 8 UnitLLtest 29 U n i t3 t e s t I UnitL2test 30 S u m m o t i ve te st L 10 Summ otive test4 31 Skil.Ls test L L2 Skil,Ls test 4 33 U n i t4 t e s t L4 UnitL3test 35 U n i t5 t e s t 15 UnitL4test 35 U n i t 6 t e st 16 UnitL5test 37 S u m m o t i ve te st 2 L7 Summ otive test 5 38 l ' SkiLl.s test 2 19 :t,]],:. SkiLl.s test 5 40 Answerkegond oudioscr ipts 42 a:ii.iill.u:jlttlitl:l U n i t7 t e s t 2L U n i t8 t e s t 22 l'llllir,l:.li Tesfing ond evoluofion TheFamitgond FriendsTesting ond Evoluotion Bookprovides differentwogsof evoluoting chi[dren's progress, throughongoingossessment, chi[dren'sse$-ossessment ohdlormot testing. I Clossroomevofuotion Ongoingclossroom evoluotion is kegto ossessing children's progress. Thisconbeochieved in o numberof wogs. Moniroring Whenchitdren oreengoged in productive octivities suchos speoking or writing,wo[koroundthe clossrobm ondchecktheir progress, ondofferheLp whereoppropriote. Regular reviews in fhe Clors Book ond Workbook Thepurposeof the doubte-poge Reviewsection in the CtossBookondWorkbookisto revisethe moinleorningpointsof the units,givingUouon opportunitg to evoluotehow muchchitdrenhove understood. . A[wogsstortthe lessonbg revising the [onguoge of the units,usingJtoshcords to focus on vocobulorg. It's olsousefulto singthe songs ogointo heLpchildrenmemorise the kegwords. Youmogwishto mokenoteson whichchitdren orestilt hovingdifficul.tgin recognizing or producing words.Thesenotesconbe recorded toteron the teocher's evoluotionsheet(see bel.ow). . Gothroughthe C[ossBookreviewoctivities. Exploinfirst whot childrenhoveto do to completeeochexercise. Givechildrentime to checktheironswers. Observe how individuoI chitdrenrespondto the exercise. . Gothroughthe onswers to eochoctivitgwith the wholeclossoso group. romry ocorilenor J The evoluafion sheef A teocher's evoluotionsheetis providedon poge3.Thisis to heLpgou keepongoingrecords o children's progress in skiltsondattitudestowords leorning. Thisevotuotion sheetconbecompLete evergsemester. Fromthis informotionUoucon pl.onfurther octivitiesto developthe [onguoge of thosechildrenwho hovemostered the skilLs workeosilgondto reinforce the longuogeof thos chi[dren who orehovingdifficutties. 2 Eyoluqtion Sheef Family an'd''Friends Sotisfoctorg Itleeds improvement Listening ondpeers. Theleornerconlistenottentivetg to theteocher Theleornerunderstonds theteocher's instructions. The leornerconfoltow simplestorieswith understonding. The leornercon identifgsimpteinJormotion from the listeningtext. 5peoking The leornercon repeotsinglewordsond simplephrosesofter o given modeL(theteocheror oudiomoterio[). The leornercon producesimplewordsond phroses. Theleornerconproduce simplesentences, Theleornercononswersimptequestions. Theleornerconosksimptequestions. Reoding The leornercon reodsimplesentences. The leornercon reodoloud with comprehension. The leornercon reodbg tokingturns in o diologue. Writing TheLeorner conusesimptepunctuotion. The leornerconwrite singtewordscorrectlg. Theleornerconwritesentences correctlg. Vocobulorg Theleornerrecognizes the meoningof wordswhen he/sheheors them. The leornerrecognizes the meoningoJwordswhen he/sheseesthem. The leornercon nomepeople,objectsond onimo[swhich hovebeen tought. Theleornercon recoltwordsleornt previouslg. Socioldevelopment Theleornercon co-operote in o group. Theleornereogertghetpsothers. The Leorner communicotes with eosewith his/heroeers. The leornerworkshordin clossond tokesresponsibilitg for his/her work. The leornerconevoluotehis/herown work. Teocher comments: No opportunitg to evqluote 2 Self-evoluofion Se$-evoluotion iso kegportoJchildren's development It encouroges os[onguoge leorners. importontleorning skillssuchosmonitoring progress, settinggoo[sondossessing theirown leorning stg[es. Totkto chitdren obouthowthegfeelobouttheir work.Usethe setf-evoluotion octivitgpogeot pogewhich theendof the ClossBookReview showssmitegfoces. Askindividuot children to express whetherthegfeel.hoppuor worried obouttheirprogress in Engtish. Encouroge o[[ chi[dren to choose ondcolourthe oppropriote smilegJoce.It is hightgmotivotionoI for chitdren to feeLthot theirteocheristokingon interest in theirsef-ossessment, somoketimeto comment on children's If o chi[dexpresses ossessments. porticutor difficuLtiesin the seLf-ossessment, orronge to to[kto him/herofierthe closs. 3 Tesfing Testsoreo moreobjective checkon whot exocttg hoveleorntondwhotneedsmore chiLdren consolidotion. Fromthisdiognostic informotion goucondecide on remedioI octivities. PupiLs conbeencouroged thot testingis to reolize notonlgo wogof ossessing theirprogress, butolso o wogof heLping them.It helpsgouto seewhot errors the pupiLs oremoking, ondwi[[ helpthem correcttheirerrors. Mistokes neednot bepresented in o negotiveLight;rotheroso positive stogein leorning to guidepupiLs towords Jutureprogress. Types of terts in Fomily and Friends TheFami[gond FriendsTest Bookletcontoins the tests: foLLowing . Unittests0-15:Thereoresixteenone-poge Unit testswhichcoverthevocobu[org ondgrommor contentpresented in eochcoreunit,inctuding the introductorg Welcome bock!unit.Eoch testcontoins two vocobutorg octivities ond two grommoroctivities. TheUnittestsconbe odministered of the endof eochunit. . Summotive tests1-5:Theseoretwo-pogetests whichcoverthevocobutorg, grommorond FornilycndFriendsI phonics of the previous threeunits.Thephon includeone[istening supp octivities octivitg, onthecourse TheSummotiv oudiomoteriot. testsconbeodministered of the endof Unitsi 6,9,12ondL5respectivelg. . Skillstests1-5:Theseoretwo-pogetestswhic coverthe contentof the previous threeunits ondevoluotethefour kegskil.l.s of Listening Reoding, WritingondSpeoking. TheListenin two listen section of eochSkiL[s testincludes octivities, supptied onthecourse oudio moterioL. TheSkiLLs testsconbeodministere the endof Units3,6,9,L2ond15respective Adrninirrering a lesf Testing ison importontportof theteoching/ process. onxious teorning PupiLs conbecome to creoteo coLm obouttests,soit is importont ondsupportive environment. Beforesettingo tes tr hoveo quickworm-upsession onthe [onguoge in the test. becovered Exploin the scoring to the closssothot sgstem thegfeel.responsible for theirownleorning process. ALl. 2 the Unittestsin FomilgondFriends hoveo totot of 15morks.Thetototfor the Summotive testsondthe SkilLs testsis 30mork. Groding JorUnittestsis osJotlows: I4-L5 Excettent L1-13 Verggood 7-7O Good 4-6 Sotisfoctorg 0-3 Needs furtherwork Groding ondSkiltstestsisos for Summotive fo[[ows: 24-30 Exce[Lent 18-23 Verggood L2-L7 Good 6-1L Sotisfoctorg 0-5 Needs furtherwork Unir :L_l.r&6i[rffi!***&i*a. ! t w computer #;M boord ..4 $ 3 2 Lookof the pictures. Complete. l4 p 3 p e n c *tl; t # b b Complete. is ore L This is m9 p eg . 3 These 5 This 4 Lookondwrite. mg books. mg ruler. 2 Those mg penci[s. 4 Those mg pens. 6 Those newtob[es. This Thot Jhesf Those '$'a#' L Theseoremg pencils. 3 is mg toble. f'Jlttllllll|lltf,'llil press is mg pencilcose. oremg books. I T,s,, Unir ffi Terf 1 Complete trAa '@p w L skateboard 2 p f 3 r b 4 tr/ffi 5 5 r oh )'6 P t 2 Lookof the pictureqnd circlethe correctwords. l3 L rhe bottisinl@he bog. 2 Thekiteis between/ in the bedondthe choir. 3 Thetroinis under/ on the bed. 4 Theposterisin frontol / behindthe choir. 3 Lookqt the toble ondwrite the correctwords. cgn con't l4 Ben Kim 6e' ffi d m, @ r' x x r' r' r' r' x x r' 1 Ben can ptoUfootboLL. 2 Kim rideo bike. 3 Ben skote. 4 Kim ploUt ennis . 5 Kim skoteboord. 4 Lookogoinond motch. 1 Con Kimplog footboLl.? 2 ConBenpl.ogtennis? 3 ConKimskote? 4 ConBenrideo bike? l3 B D o o o No,he con't. b Yes,he con. ""- .{ Yes,shecon. d No,shecon't. ls f'jlt|llllltllttlF'flil press SunrnotiYe fesf I i--7il 4 Lookondwrite. t ConLororideo bike?No , she can't . 2 ConMoxskoteboordT 3 ConLoroskote? , he , she 4 ConMox plogtennis? he 5 ConLororideo horse? s he 6 ConMox rideo horse? he 5 Tick(rz)the correctpicture. % Lsh 2ch 3th @ % & % @ k 4o W m 5o W k Gs 6e I rij 6 Listenond circlethe soundgou heor.@rso lid; 4o u 2u o e 3o el o u 5e i 6i eo o ln 5kilh...t*r ffiro rq 5 Completethe sentences. M LHe ccn rideo bike . 3 She ptog 2He can't skate. 4 She rideo € € 5He 7 She 6He 8 She o bike. i:J3 Writethe shortform. 1 Weoretired. We'rettred. 2 Weorenot scored. 3 Thegore brove. 4 Thegorenot hungrg. 5 Weoreongrg. m Lookond onswer. %s @ -y #wf f i L ConEvorideo horse? 2 Consheptogtennis? 3 Consheskote? g .A @*' !f*'ffie- 4 ConRobptogfootboLt? 5 Conhe rideo bike? 6 Conheskoteboord? l:r,, Unir rffi Tert Complete the puzzle. l4 tr :l,' @ ffi'@ Completeond motch. 1 pLsgground E kgg'Jffilh c_ p_terroom f--l \__J ww I Wery tl 2 o _tr_m l3 tl lt e-d O 'ffitr3 Complete. ou r th eir tl_l6 .- @i HJ ru ._t Theseore our books. A fl- f-tl Theseore togs. These ore #-eeh-fu-B fril penciIcoses. sondwiches. ls 4 Motch. L Whot hovewe @.o__*- 2 Todoqwe've got 3 When hovewe - 4 We'vegotEngtishO 5 Whothove t--l 6 I hoven't o mus ic . \b got onTuesdog? c on Fr idog. d gougoton M ondog? e got moths? f got ort todog. lrc Skifls fesf 2 i_"tii 1 Listenond write. @tuo L 30 2 5 4 3 6 2 Listenondtick (v) ttreschoolsubjectsgou heor. @rct D M@ 3W o @ & o 2&wDso 4Mo€D -:tr 3 Reod.WriteB (Bittg)or I (Iessico). fli! I'- l);lly.I l;kesporl anAmusic.On TvesAay I go ,wimming wifh my brother. On 'e Thursdayl have a musiclessonaffer school.A{t", my mvticlesron I visit my gra^A-a. On SaturAay I play {ootball in fhe parkwith my f rienAs. 1 go swimm ingB 4 visitgrondmo_ 2 ptogfootbol.l. _ 5 p togtennis__ Hi!I'- )essica. 1 likeart Affer schoolon Friday I do homeVtork.Then -y emo;lr.On I write Saturdayl playfennis with mv sister. lffi|11l':.:ix,-:":..::i'.:]:]:]]:]i:]:]]:.l]:i:,i:i'i:i.:]:]:::.;**i'i,,. 3 write emoils 6 do homework ,,,"-/+i,: 4 Reodogoinondcircle. 1 2 3 4 | goesswimmingwith hissisterr@ Bil"l.g ]essicolikesmqths/ ort. IessicopLogs tennis/ footboLlwith hersister. Biltg'sgoto music/on Engl.ish lesson on Thursdog. plogsfootbotLot schooL BiLl.g / in the pork. ]@@[!ffl @oxforduniversitypress i t3i FornilyondFriendsZ
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