Tài liệu [Free] Đề Thi + Đáp Án Tiếng Anh Công Chức Tỉnh Quảng Nam 2016

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LỜI GIẢI CHI TIẾT TIẾNG ANH CÔNG CHỨC TỈNH QUẢNG NAM 2016 ĐỀ THI VÀ ĐÁP ÁN TRẮC NGHIỆM TIẾNG ANH CÔNG CHỨC TỈNH QUẢNG NAM 2016 FULL 3 PHẦN Có giải thích chi tiết mọi thắc mắc xin liên hệ cử nhân Anh văn: Nguyễn Anh Tuấn (nguyenanhtuan81x@gmail.com) 1/ MULTIPLE CHOICES (200) 1. He’s so____that he always expects other people to do the work. A. reserved B. lazy (lười biếng) C. hard D. passive. 2. If you want to swim in Hawaii in winter, you ____ go to the beach! There are some swimming pools. A. must (phải) (Must + Vo) B.should C. have to D.would 3. Fiona is very angry_____her boss’s decision to sack several members of! A. with B. against C. about (angry with someone). D. because 4. You are under no obligation to help as assistance is purely_____. A. free. B.donated C.voluntary (tình nguyện) D.charitable. 5. I’m afraid you may ______ the truth somewhat unacceptable. A. find (tìm thấy) B. understand. C. realize D. request. 6. Can you help me___ the window? A. open (mở) - (help + Object+ Vo) B. opened C. opening D. being opened. 7. How many cakes does she _____? A. have (does+she/he/it +V-bare?). B. had C. has D.having. 8. She’s very_____. She can be relied on to do her job properly. A. efficient. (năng suất cao) B. cautious C. serious D. conservative. 9. You_____whisper. Nobody can hear us. A. needn’t to B. mustn’t C. don’t have to. ( have to + Vo) D. need to. 10. You shouldn’t touch the _____ in an art gallery. A. envelope. B.collection C.camera D. object (mẫu vật) 11. You don’t have to come ____me if you don’t want to. A. by B. about C.among D. with (come with: đi với) 12. In my opinion, it’s only common______to wear a seat belt in a car. A. with C. intelligent B. sense (lẽ thường tình) D. judgement. 13. How do you_____about the pollution problem in this country? A. view B. believe C. think D. feel. (How đi với feel, what đi với think) 14. Mary and Jack ____at the desk. A. work (N (nhiều) + Vo) B.works C.worked D.working. 15. I’m sorry that I screamed. Something _____ me. A. afraid B. scared (làm ai sợ) C. depressed D. terrifying. 16. Your dinner is at 7pm so you shouldn’t ___ late. A. eat (ăn) B. come C. drink D. go. 17. His building is ___ to my house. A. next (next to: kế bên) B. on C. behind D. near. 18. My family’s picture is hanging ___ the wall. A. in B. at C. on (wall đi với on) D. out. 19. Our boss is speaking. We must ___ to him. A. said C. listen (lắng nghe) B. work D. meet. 20. Nobody died in the accident last week, but 20 people were______. A. broken B. injured (bị thương) C. damaged D. spoiled. 21. My mother is a nurse. Jane’s father is a nurse, too. They are ___ nurses. A. both (cả hai) B. all C. two D. too. 22. “Diana, what is the weather like today?” Jane asked. Diana replied “It’s ___ today”. A. cool (mát mẻ) B. handsome C. intelligent D. passive. 23. Let’s __ to school. A. go (đi) B. walk C. come D. went. 24. Scientists_____a carefully controlled experiment on the mystery virus. A. carried over B. carried out.(thực hiện) C. measured out. D. put up. 25. Tomorrow is my boss’ birthday. I ___ him a gift. A. will take B. will put C. will give (sẽ tặng) D. will send 26. People are____to wear reflectors on their clothing when walking along a road in the dark. A. told C. informed B. warned D. advised (be advised to: được khuyên) 27. You’ve been talking about asking her out for weeks, what are you waiting____? A. in B.for (wait đi với for) C. at D. with. 28. A lot of passengers who ___ in the car accident are still suffering from shock. A. is C. was B. were (N số nhiều + were , chuyện việc xảy ra rồi, nên dùng thì quá khứ) D. are. 29. The doctor showed the patient ___ to do some exercises. A. when B. what C. where D. how. (how to + Vo: cách làm cái gì đó). Mời bạn bấm vào đây để xem tiếp: Xem tiếp Hoă ăc copy link sau và dán vào trình duyê ăt:https://goo.gl/wA9m9D .
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