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(lD B00r( Aú lfr $llllD hlll\ltlLa w@fiffiEs i==.=É G EUROPEAN LANGUAGE INISTITUTE Easy Games in English is especially designed for primary school children learning English for the first time. Its methodological approach is based on the use of pictures as a means to teach basic vocabulary, and games. It's engaging activities captivate young learners of all ages. 16 topics are presented, all of which are familiar and of interest to children in this age group. The topics range from numbers to colours, things we use at home and at school, animals, etc. A vocabulary of ten words is given for each topic, and these words are then used in a series of three graded activities designed to provide practice with the vocabulary and thus aid memorization. Easy Games in English will certainly be useful both at school, during lessons, and at home, especially as an activity book for school holidays. MATCHING { Easy Games in English CROSSWORD @ .rc WORD SEARCH n T k' ffi ABCAATLAZALAA WTDGZWT P Sa LMNTPOOFGGTEU UWYJQOAZTBAVA ETHREECNSSaET rHcaME 5OO rONO COFPEZCIZXMEA R DOY F rV E IOXa Z rTaP EOUWEVGDO P R R J OW Z P E C E U E O P U J I Z H T I IN I R R rN TNEUAGCDNa caMtzNrRHHEro aELTcEEOTCRET Easy Games in English 9 corouRs ì#\f green violet orange brown ,/.qS white 1O Easy Games in English black MATCHING brown yellow black green violet CROSSWORD 1 12 Easy Games in English WORD SEARCH A B C H E I L AWY CYELLOWMARUO D U F F AO I L T E TOBLUENZXDWY L Z L E TAOOZ P ENORTWLA MGRE INAPHEZ OGUHL I N P F DCVMNU OIUBEIOGATRW PNaLPOaEFEVK SKRATLRLGRAI TZUCUESMHAIO AVBKVTABROWN FTNaAWLNtESM J T Pa J S IA T @ Easy Games in English 13 SCHOOt N W exercise book felt-tip pens '..\ t\iì \\ _ \.\ Itv\ *t n:_( \ ..*l W -"-r* rubber pencil case Easy Games in English ruler pencil sharpener schoolbag À'-l \il MATCHING pencil W exercise book felt-tip pens pencil sharpener pencil case schoolbag Easy Games in English 15 cRosswoRD 23 W WW 16 Easy Games in English W q I ,' W APAYCHEWBPCD J P E N IE HG P E E KLMAZXPTENWE RAOGGEK INCS UBLAPREJCICT IF ILHT L LCEUC E O S D I IMH L S O RENOFSGRCHOP T R U B B E R T AA L ELPAPBEPSRBE LREAUOEEEPAN E N E C AO R N J E G C B OO K K I C Y N U HEONPOOIXEDV STAPBZULXRWZ F L I P S I I ) D Easy Games in English 17 HOUSE window garden kitchen bathroom 18 Easy Games in English door gate bedroom living room stairs MATCHING living room kitchen bedroom stairs bathroom Easy Games in English CROSSWORD 20 Easy Games in English WORD SEARCH MRC LaTAE Z T tR AREWINDOWAPB KOT LOD IU J GOA OOEHDOORDART TFOEG IFPORLH DIGATEPENDIR BOUAAUK IE EVO EaLWaVttNNtO DSPINETOSKNM R ruEcNcaTAGN OZMRZIHUAPRO OOG E R IE L IBOH MMEIUCNUROOI a z Y F J L Y S S AMH Easy Games in English 21 TOWN r\,à w lA traffic tishts IT :j= street zebra crossing square road sign 22 Easy Games in English telephone box pavement streetlamp litter bin MATCHING traffic lights park telephone box street pavement square streetlamp zebra crossing road sign litter bin Easy Games in English 23
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