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englishforeveryone.org Name________________ Date________________ Seasons – Spring There are four seasons in a year: 1) Spring 2) Summer 3) Autumn (fall) 4) Winter ________________________________________________________________________ Directions: circle the spring words. Green Hot chocolate Sweater Ice skating Ocean Swimming Christmas Easter Snow Camping January Hot New Years Beach Reading Halloween Black Skiing Freezing Cool Fresh Fruit Iced Tea Flowers Thanksgiving Pizza Windy Pants Rainy Warm Storms Barbeque March Directions: complete the following sentences by circling the correct word. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. In spring, the flowers start to (grow, fall, run, cry). In spring, the grass turns the color (black, blue, orange, green). The temperature is (hot, warm, cool, cold) in spring. The (Christmas, Independence Day, Easter, Halloween) holiday comes during spring. During spring, people (rake leaves, drink hot chocolate, plant flowers, swim). (December, April, August, October) is a month of spring. People eat (pumpkin pie, Easter chocolate, candy canes, oranges) in spring. People wear (heavy jackets, shorts, pants, ear muffs, t-shirts, wool socks) in spring. Directions: Complete the following sentences. 1) I like to __________________________________ in spring. 2) I do not like to __________________________________ in spring.
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