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@mrjoe Waving einstein How to design with How to design with science science and not destroy the magic January 8, 2015 Joe Leech @mrjoe Hi, I’m @mrjoe but you can call me Joe ⅓ ⅓ ⅓ Research @mrjoe Digital Strategy Design [Newton] has destroyed all the poetry of the rainbow, by reducing it to the prismatic colours. – John Keats @mrjoe The product goes live and it's lost it’s magic The team / client continually questioning your choices Being micromanaged by your boss / client @mrjoe Ever heard these issues? Hands-up? I had the first one so badly for about a year, I called it the curse of Joe. It started with a need http:// www.cxpartner s.co.uk/cxblog/ the_myth_of_th e_page_fold_ev idence_from_us er_testing/ @mrjoe It started with a need. I had heard the same thing again and again. I wrote this, have you read it? Almost half a million of you have. 6 Here’s the data, from an eyetracking study. It shows 2 designs, one to the left with stuff crammed above the fold. The one on the right where things are spaced out more. People explored more when there was less stuff crammed above the fold. It showed me there was a need for evidence, reasoning and science to support the design process. @mrjoe Design is not so much a design issue as a power struggle. – Alan Cooper Alan cooper, created visual basic amongst other things, teaches design leadership. Harsh words! So what do we do? @mrjoe Design is the process of choosing and organising code words, images and messages into a form that communicates and influences its audience – @mrjoe + The UK Design council @mrjoe Talk stories. Here’s some research I did many years ago for the trainline. What does this photo show? This one photo saved countless time for thousands of people. @mrjoe 2. 1. It tells us two things. 1. When people travel they are often carrying loads of stuff 2. most people have a phone and are looking for the conformation email. They don’t print it out. We took the confirmation number and put it as the email subject line. @mrjoe * How did you hear about us? How old are you? * I didn’t see them [the asterisks]. There’s nothing that explains what they mean. I’ve heard this a few times in user research. What does it mean? Not enough people to make it statistically significant but enough to change my approach to forms. @mrjoe How did you hear about us? How old are you? Optional We don’t mark mandatory, we mark optional. It’s enough to get me to change my design approach. Is there enough evidence to prove it from just a handful of users? No, it requires another set of supporting data. Which is why we need to use each approach in combination with another. @mrjoe Talk business. In 2003 Mel Karmazin, a Viacom executive. Viacom are a huge media company where the bulk of their income is from advertising, visited the Google offices. He met Sergey and Larry who preceded to tell him all the ways they could measure and track advertising online. His one comment: @mrjoe h‫מּ‬p://www.slate.com/articles/technology/technology/2014/06/ online_advertising_effectiveness_for_large_brands_online_ads_may_be_worthless.single.html? utm_content=bufferfa367&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twi‫מּ‬er.com&utm_campaign=buffer http://carolinavega.com/web%20documents%20and%20pics/oreo.jpg You’re f---ing with the magic! – Mel Karmazin, Viacom executive @mrjoe h‫מּ‬p://www.slate.com/articles/technology/technology/2014/06/ online_advertising_effectiveness_for_large_brands_online_ads_may_be_worthless.single.html? utm_content=bufferfa367&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twi‫מּ‬er.com&utm_campaign=buffer http://carolinavega.com/web%20documents%20and%20pics/oreo.jpg On the Near Impossibility of Measuring the Returns to Advertising⇤ Randall A. Lewis Google, Inc. ralewis@google.com Justin M. Rao Microsoft Research justin.rao@microsoft.com April 23, 2013 Abstract @mrjoe Classical theories of the firm assume access to reliable signals to measure the causal impact of choice variables on profit. For advertising expenditure we show, using twenty-five online field experiments (representing $2.8 million) with major U.S. retailers and brokerages, that this assumption typically does not hold. Statistical evidence from the randomized trials is very weak because individual-level sales are incredibly volatile relative to the per capita cost of a campaign—a “small” impact on a noisy dependent variable can genThis papererate was published. The study was undertaken written when Lewis positive returns. A concise statistical argument shows that the required and Rao were sampleat sizeYahoo. for an experiment to generate sufficiently informative confidence intervals is typically in excess of ten million person-weeks. This also implies that heterogeneity bias (or model misspecification) unaccounted for by obWhat does this tellmethods us? There is notoproof works. built on faith. servational only needs explainthis a tiny fractionIt’s of the variation in sales to severely bias estimates. The weak informational feedback means most firms cannot even approach profit maximization. http:// justinmrao.com/ lewis_rao_nearim possibility.pdf The 5 basic business models. Selling Subscription / Licensing Advertising Affiliate fees Market place What does that mean for you. You need to understand some business basics. I wrote an article. more coming soon. These are the 5 basic income streams for organisations. http://mrjoe.uk Understand how they generate money and you have more science to base your designs on. Read more at http://mrjoe.uk @mrjoe 19 Strong ideas, weakly held. http://mrjoe.uk/strong-ideas-weakly-held/ @mrjoe
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