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WRITE A PARAGRAPH TOPIC 1: Write a paragraph to express your thanks to a friend for a nice weekend I am writing to thank you for a nice weekend. The weekend was a wonderful time with me. First, you gave me a comfortable banquet. I enjoyed the food prepared because it was very delicious. Second, I had a chance to visit many beautiful sister. You took me around the city in where I could enjoyed a lot of beautiful flash lights. Those were the lovely sceneries that I had never seen before. Besides, you also took me go to sing karaoke with many famous songs. Finally, thank you very much for your kindness. I would like to invite you to come and stay with me in the next summer holiday. ĐOẠN 1: Viết một đoạn văn cảm ơn của bạn đến một người bạn ngày cuối tuần đẹp Tôi viết lời cảm ơn bạn cho ngày cuối tuần tốt đẹp. Ngày cuối tuần là khoảng thời gian đẹp đối với tôi. Đầu tiên, bạn cho tôi một bữa tiệc thoải mái. Tôi thích các món ăn bởi vì nó rất ngon. Thứ hai, Tôi có cơ hội gặp những người em gái xinh đẹp. Bạn đưa tôi đi quanh thành phố nơi có rất nhiều ánh đèn flash đẹp. Đó là những cảnh đáng yêu mà tôi chưa từng thấy trước đây. Bạn còn đưa tôi đi hát Karaoke với nhiều bài hát nỗi tiếng. Cuối cùng, cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều. Tôi rất mong bạn đến và ở lại với tôi trong kỳ nghỉ hè tới. TOPIC 2: Write a paragraph about your living place I am living in Can Tho. It is a young and beautiful city. This place has just developed in recent years. However this place has good system of education with many different kinds of school, specially large universities such as Can Tho university. They help improve knowledge of everyone. In addition, people can get good health care service from big hospital in the area. Besides, there are many in dustries and companies. There for jobs are available for many people. Morever, Can Tho has many place for entertaiment, such as shopping centers, cinemas. The enviroment there is also quite good. There are a lot of trees on the road. People can enjoy fresh air near the river. Generally, Can Tho is good place for everyone to live and I really love it. ĐOẠN 2: Viết một đoạn văn nói về nơi sinh sống của bạn Tôi đang sống ở Cần Thơ. Nó là TP trẻ và xinh đẹp. Nơi đây chỉ mới phát triễn trong những năm gần đây. Tuy nhiên, nơi đây có hệ thống giáo dục tốt với đa dạng các trường học. Các trường đại học đặc biệt lớn như ĐHCT. Chúng giúp nâng cao kiến thức cho mọi người. Ngoài ra, mọi người còn nhận được dịch vụ chăm sóc sức khỏe tốt từ các bệnh viện lớn trong khu vực. Bên cạnh đó, có rất nhiều ngành nghề và công ty. Tạo việc làm cho nhiều người. Hơn nữa, Cần thơ có nhiều nơi để vui chơi giải trí như trung tâm mua sắm, rạp chiếu phim. Môi trường cũng khá tốt. Có nhiều cây xanh trên đường. Mọi người thích không khí trong lành ở gần sông. Nói chung, Cần Thơ là địa điểm tốt cho mọi người sống nơi đây và Tôi thật sự thích nó. TOPIC 3: Write a paragraph to describe your favorite restaurant There are many good and famous restaurants in Can Tho city but I prefer Ninh Kieu restaurant. I love this place because of many reasons. First, this restaurant provides many colorful electric lights and has some good servieces. It makes the at mosphere very warm. Server are friendly customers. People can sing karaoke for free there second, this restaurant was fresh ingredients in it dishes. It was fresh fish, chicken, seafood and vegetables. They are very delicious and also good for health. Third, this restaurant is located near Hau river. Coming there, people can enjoy fresh air and the beatiful scenery a long the river. Generally, I think more and more people will go to Ninh Kieu restaurant. TOPIC 4: Write a paragraph about your future plan TOPIC 5: Write a paragraph about your shopping habit There are a lot of activities for me to do in my free time, but I like going shopping on weekends. First, I often go shopping with my family members or my friends. Before, buying any thing, I usually go around to window shop. By this way, I know which products are on sale. Then, I’m able to buy necesnary things with reasonable price. Second, I often buy food for my family. They are different kind of food stored for the whole week. Also, I sometimes buy stationery things as pens, pencils for my job. I really enjoy shopping in supermarkets because I can choose different kinds of products. Generally, I allways feel relaxed when going shopping. TOPIC 6: Write a paragraph to describe your last holiday/vacation Last summer holiday, I went to Da Lat city for three days. I went there by my car with my family. We stayed in a hotel. We did a lot of activities in Da Lat city. First, We had a great time visiting many beautiful place in Da Lat city, such as the flower garden; Bao Dai place, Love valley and some water falls. Second, We visited Da Lat market and tried lot of delicious food. We bougth some so wenirs. Third, this trip helped us to relax after hard working days. It helped us to widen knowledge. Generally, I liked this holiday, I am looking forward to getting back there next summer holidays with my family. TOPIC 7: Write a paragraph about your favorite kind of music There are many kinds of music in the word but my favorite is country music. First, this type of music is traditional and very popular in Vietnam. People can listen to it on radio, TV, CDs or on the Internet/Second, country music helps me relax. For example, when I feel stressed or tired, I always listen to my favourite songs. It makes me feel more comfortable. Third, country music can connect people together. In a party, especially in the countryside, people often get together and sing popular song of this type. Generally, I think more and more people will like listening to country music in the future. TOPIC 8: Write a paragraph about the better place to study in a small school or in a large school There are many different kind of school but I like large school because of four reasons. First, large school usually locate in the city canter. There fore, students can a void traffic jam. There are also many good servicos for studying, such as internet, book stores. Second, they have good learning facilities, such as computer room, lab room, . . . Third, large school have many good teacher. They are experienced and can help students to study better. Fourth, when studying in big school, student usually have better opporturnies for their future. For example, they can enter university or find a job more easily than students form other schools. Generally, I thin student should study in large school. TOPIC 9: Write a paragraph about your favorite sport There are many kinds of sports such as football, tennis, volleyball, badminton, . . .but I like football best because of the following reasons. First of all, it is very easy for me and my friends to play this kind of sport in our free time. I only need a ball, a pair of shoes and a small yard. Second, it is a chance for me to network with different people, I can make friends when I play with different teams. Third, playing football, I can early get good health because I have to run all over the place. This makes my heart healthy. Generally, football is really my favorite and I always play it whenever I have free time. TOPIC 10: Write a paragraph about your favorite TV program There are many program on TV but I like The New by VTV1 best. I like this program because of three reasons. First, my family can watch this program together at 7:00 pm every evening. We can get together and discuss about the information about the world. Second, The New widens my knoeledge in different fields, such as education, sports, music, weather. The information form it is really useful for my life and word. Third, it helps me relax. After a hard working day, I feel comfortable when watching it with my family. Generally, I think people should watch this program every evening.
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