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Chọn đáp án đúng 1. Most schools would have a good ……… of these books in their libraries. a. selection b. heading c. choice d. branch 2. Tam’s parents have a fish ……… on the market. a. section b. shelf c. stall d. desk 3. Those bananas aren't …….. yet - they're still green. a. full b. ripe c. grown d. strong 4. I’d like ……….. tomato soup, please. a. have b. had c. to have d. having 5. Don’t ……… much salt to the soup! a. throw b. get c. taste d. add 6. Come and ……. these roses! They are sweet. a. look b. taste c. smell d. feel 7. The soup needs ……… salt. a. lot b. many c. a few d. a little 8. Lots of chocolate is not good ……… your teeth. a. for b. at c. with d. as 9. Vegetables often have ………. from the farm on them. a. dirt b. dirts c. dirty d. dirtily 10. ………. gives us energy. a. drink b. sugar c. vegetable d. fruit 11. You must stay in bed until you feel much ……… a. good b. better c. best d. harder 12. To have ……….. food, please steam or boil. a. fresh b. dirty c. healthy d. good 13. Sugar gives us ….. and we feel …….. hungry. a. health/less b. vitamin/less c. energy/less d. calories/more 14. Wash your hands ………. before eating, boy! a. careful b. carefully c. careless d. carelessly 15. Try to eat a ………….. of foods. Don’t eat too much of anything. a. variety b. kind c. section d. type 16. He has ……. dishes to wash. a. lot of b. a lot c. lots of d. much 17. Sue didn’t stay up late last night. I …….. a. don’t too. b. don’t either c. don’t neither d. do so 18. Tom couldn’t swim when he was three, and …….. my sister. a. neither couldn’t b. neither could c. either could d. so could 19. My brother doesn’t like fish, and ………. a. so do I b. I do either c. I don’t too d. neither do I 20. I don’t eat ……… meat. a. many b. much c. a lot d. lots 21. I was at the club yesterday, but I ………… you. a. haven't seen b. don’t see c. didn’t see d. didn’t saw 22. Every time I see that movie, it ………… me cry. a. has made b. making c. made d. makes 23. ………… me last night? a. Are you calling b. Did you call c. Did you called d. Were you called 24. Frank ………… tennis for three years when he was at school. a. played b. has played c. playing d. was play 25. I ………… to go swimming but the water was too cold. a. want b. wanted c. wanting d. have wanted 26. Where shall we go? a. Why don’t we go to the zoo? b. Let’s go to the zoo c. Neither is correct. d. Both are correct. 27. Which coat would you like? a. I need a red coat. b. There is a red coat. c. I like a red coat. d. I’d like a red coat. Chia động từ 1. Two days ago Mark ______________________ (HAVE)an accident with his bike. 2. Frank ______________________ (SPEND) the whole afternoon playing with his new toy plane. (spend) 3. Look! He still______________________ (SOLVE) the problem. 4. You should ___________________ (DRINK) coffee. It _________________ (NOT/ BE) for you. 5. Douglas never (ATTEND) ______________________ to parties because he often _________________ (NOT/DO) his homework 6. I hope she ______________________ (NOT/GET) up late tomorrow. 7. His younger brother ______________________ (BECOME) a pupil next week. 8. I cannot go for a walk. I ______________________ (DO) my homework at this moment. 9. What about ______________________ (TAKE) a holiday away? 10. Sarah ______________________ (FEEL) very disappointed when she failed the exam. 11. Yesterday Maggie (GO) shopping and __________________ (BUY) ___________________ a lot of things. 12. 13. 14. 15. Paula ______________________ (HAVE) a shower now. You usually ______________________ (TAKE) photos on your holidays? Look! They ______________________ (SWIM) in the lake! Lan ______________________ (MAKE) all he clothes. She ______________________ (MAKE ) a dress at this time. 16. My grandparents ______________________ _ (NOT/POSSESSIVE ) a very big garden but they ______________________ (HAVE) a big house 17. Those farmers ______________________ (WORK) very hard in the field now. 18. We ______________________ (HAVE) a lot of fun at your birthday party yesterday. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. My brother and I ______________________ (FINISH) our homework a few minutes ago. We ______________________ (HAVE) 7 lessons every day next week. Tomorrow I ______________________ (GET ) a good mark in Literature because I have studied the poem. My friend …………….(NOT/LIKE ) my classmates, she says they ………. (BE ) very rude. Nicky and Pavela…………LOOK) for a new house now. Jane..........(STUDY) Japanese every Thursday, but today she………(STUDY) Chinese. 25. Susan ______________________ (LIKE) skating when she was a girl. 26. Tomorrow my sister and I ______________________ (VISIT) my aunt. 27. Joe ______________________ (BREAK) his leg three weeks ago. 28. I ______________________ (MEET) my best friend George in 2005. 29. My parents______________________ (GO) to the theatre yesterday 30. We would like ______________________ (GO) to the movie now. 31. Vegetables prices in Spain______________________ (GO) up very fast this year. 32. He ______________________ (WATCH) a very scary horror film last night. 33. Emma ______________________ (NOT GO) to school when she was ill. 34. We ______________________ (STUDY) English three times a week. 35. Their children probably ______________________ ( HAVE) blue eyes 36. Where you ______________________ (LEAVE) your jacket? 37. you ______________________ (HATE) broccoli when you were a child? 38. . Peter ______________________ (READ) a very interesting book yesterday. 39. Mum ______________________ (MAKE) a big chocolate cake a few hours ago. 40. She often ______________________ (STAY) up late. Điềền giới từ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. The showroom has a wide selection _____________ kitchens. Which would you like _____________ dinner? Sugar adds taste _____________ food. Here’s the key _____________ the door. How often do you give books _____________ your children? Are you still in touch _____________ your friends from the primary school? Do you want to add your name _____________ the list? Be careful! Vegetables usally have dirt _____________ the farm _____________ them. There’s plenty _____________ milk _____________ the fridge. Is the water warm enough _____________ you? When did you last receive a letter _____________ Tam? I helped my mother _____________ a lot of housework yesterday. Don’t be worried! She can take care _____________ herself. Her first visit _____________ the Dalat was in 2010. Why are you always afraid _____________ going to the dentist? Don’t tell anyone _____________ it! The boy looked very worried. What was the matter _____________ him? Don’t use a large amount _____________ fatty food _____________ your meals. 19. We ought to wash vegetables well _____________ water. 20. The mother smiled _____________ the child happily. 21. My son is very bad _____________ drawing. 22. How long ago did you arrive ____________________ Ha Noi? 23. I had a very good time ____________________ my classmates last weekend. 24. Lien was absent ____________________ class 2 days ago. Biến đổi từ 1. She _____________ an apple from the bowl for her grandmother. (SELECTION) 2. It’s difficult for us to make our ____________________. (SELECT) 3. The town is full of tourists and other ____________________ (VISIT) 4. He always does his job ____________________. (GOOD) 5. His ____________________ makes him easy to see in the crowd. (HIGH) 6. She had great ____________________ in understanding him. (DIFFICULT) 7. Teachers usually make ____________________ in red ink. (CORRECT) 8. Coffee is bad for your ____________________. (HEALTHY) 9. How ____________________ your house is! (BEAUTY) 10.That book is not ____________________ reading for a child. (HEALTH) 11.What’s your waist ____________________ ? (MEASURE) 12.Yesterday we spent a ____________________ afternoon by the river. (PEACE) 13.We must wash fruit ____________________ before eating. (CARE) 14.What’s your ____________________? (WEIGH) 15.Chicken is her ____________________ food. (FAVOR) 16.____________________ in eating is very important. (MODERATE) 17.Do you think Marta is a ____________________ cook than Mary? (GOOD) 18.Children usually feel ____________________ with long lessons. (BORE) 19.My brother drives as ____________________ as my father. (CAREFUL) 20.You shouldn’t eat chocolate before ____________________ to bed. (GO) 21.The girl closed the door ____________________ (QUIET) 22.The schoolboys behaved ____________________. (DANGEROUS) 23.What’s the ____________________ of learning it by heart? (IMPORTANT) 24.Teenagers like ____________________ the latest pop music. (LISTEN) 25.She’s a ____________________ mother. (WONDER) Đặt câu hỏi 1. Joana likes eating potatoes and carrots. _____________________________________________________________________________ 2. We go to the library once a week. _____________________________________________________________________________ 3. Yesterday my daughter went to the cinema with her classmates. _____________________________________________________________________________ 4. We’ll have onion soup and pork for dinner. _____________________________________________________________________________ 5. We’ll need 1 kilo of beef. _____________________________________________________________________________ 6. He was absent from class yesterday because he was sick. _____________________________________________________________________________ 7. She’s 50 kilos. _____________________________________________________________________________ 8. We can prevent toothache by brushing our teeth regularly. _____________________________________________________________________________ 9. My mother has got a pain in her back. _____________________________________________________________________________ 10. You must fill in your medical record. _____________________________________________________________________________ 11. The holiday was great. _____________________________________________________________________________ 12. The actor will be at the airport in half an hour. _____________________________________________________________________________ 13. Bill is helping his sister’s friend with her homework. _____________________________________________________________________________ 14. You should wash vegetables carefully in water. _____________________________________________________________________________ 15. The girl with blond hair is my younger sister. _____________________________________________________________________________ 1. Why don’t you come to school yesterday? _____________________ 2. I need buying some new pens. _____________________ 3. The doctor told me stay in bed. _____________________ 4. Lien is careful and her sister is so. _____________________ 5. After eat the spinach, he felt ill _____________________ 6. Sue doesn’t like pork, her sister doesn’t like pork too. _____________________ 7. Listen! Someone cried. _____________________ 8. How many time is enough for you to finish it? _____________________ 9. What does he usually drive? – Carefully. _____________________ 10. How tall is your house? _____________________ 11. Don’t forget doing your homework before going to school. _____________________ 12. Chocolate is bad at health. _____________________ 13. Children ought not watch violent programmes. _____________________ 14. The soup is tasting good. _____________________ 15. I met Jim at the bookstore and we talking about the film. _____________________
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