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Từ vựng tiếng anh văn phòng An Office - Văn phòng headset switchboard printer cubicle typist printout calendar typewriter secretary desk rolodex telephone computer typing chair manager calculator bookcase photocopier stapler paper clips envelope lobtailing messenger baker plumber carpenter gardener locksmith 1 electrician painter housekeeper janitor doorman foreman artist photographer writer architect reporter salesperson officer teller receptionist accountant C-clamp jigsaw outlet saw brace wrench mallet hammer scraper hatchet hacksaw pliers 2 workbench toolbox screwdriver bolt wood pegboard sandpaper roller paintbrush paint glue wire vise nut washer nailbrush screw wheelbarrow backhoe rafters shingle level hard hat builder blueprints scaffolding ladder cement foundation bricks pickax 3 shovel board barricade jackhammer jail detective suspect handcuffs badge gun holster nightstick judge robes gavel witness transcript jury defendant fingerprints ladder fire ambulance paramedic hose helmet coat smoke 4 water nozzle bathing suit bow braid cape clothes costume earring gown jewelry kimono silk suit swimsuit tutu underwear wig sole shoelace wallet sneakers 5 buckle sandal loafer tie shoe ice skate sandals slipper sneaker sock yarn loafers button sweatband belt purse briefcase glasses cane clothespin crown eyeglasses jewel laundry basket mitten mortar board necktie sew collar umbrella hard hat overalls 6 raincoat pocket cap clothes hanger lorgnettes safety pin sewing machine spectacles short long loose dirty clean small big dark high low new old open closed striped lapel blazer slacks lace sweatshirt 7 sweatpants tank top shorts dress cardigan pants T-shirt jacket thread pincushion buttonhole button seam hem zipper scissors needle stitch pin thimble knitting wool skein embroidery 8 crochet weaving yarn quilting earrings ring chain necklace beads bracelet watch watchband clasp razor perfume mascara lipstick blush eyeliner gloves backpack windbreaker jeans parka earmuffs mittens tights 9 ski cap jacket hat scarf overcoat boots beret coat undershirt underpants stockings long johns half slip camisole full slip panties bra girdle socks slippers pajamas bathrobe nightgown 10 birthday birthday cake balloons cake candy chocolate clown ice cream juice children cupcake gift popsicle lollipop paper plate present year ribbon toys diver emperor champion explorer 11 hero firefighter librarian magician paleontologist prince princess samurai team veteran you youngster pioneer police queen quintuplets triplets us lady mummy president quadruplets scuba diver toddler woman 12 tetrahedron act angel dragon ghost mermaid monster ogre pirate sword treasure chest unicorn wand witch boy brother daughter family father grandmother grandparents son baby dad grandfather husband 13 mother infant sister mom twins wife People and Relationships 2 - Liên hệ, địa vị forehead mouth hair ear cheek nose tooth lip eyelashes pupil jaw tongue eyebrow eyelid throat brain Vocabularies >> People - Người The Human Body 2 - Thân thể người part windpipe esophagus 14 muscle heart liver stomach vein artery kidney lung intestines pancreas Vocabularies >> People - Người The Human Body 3 - Thân thể người bladder shoulder forearm armpit elbow back chest waist abdomen buttocks hip leg thigh 15 wrist fingernail knuckle knee Vocabularies >> People - Người The Human Body 4 - Thân thể người face chin calf thumb beard mustache neck arm sideburn nostril heel ankle instep big toe toenail toe Vocabularies >> Shopping, Foods - Mua sắm, ăn uống Bread - Bánh 16 croissant bolillo brioche crumpet butter cookie English muffin macaroon madeleine pound cake scone taco shell chapati moon cake palm leaf pretzel zwieback Containers, Quantities, and Money - Đồ đựng, số, tiền carton jar package tub box pump container roll bar coins tube glass 17 penny nickel dime quarter Vocabularies >> Shopping, Foods - Mua sắm, ăn uống Foods 1 - Thức ăn pancakes bun cookie taco jelly hamburger spaghetti biscuit pizza dessert hot dog bagel pretzel pumpkin pie pie muffin Vocabularies >> Shopping, Foods - Mua sắm, ăn uống Foods 2 - Thức ăn meatballs blackberry banana cheese 18 food fruit doughnut cotton candy jellybeans iced tea lemonade ice cream cone orange juice macaroni soup oatmeal Vocabularies >> Shopping, Foods - Mua sắm, ăn uống Foods 3 - Thức ăn steak egg bacon bubble gum dinner hungry diet lunch meal lunch box meat measuring cup 19
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