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NGUY§N THU HlfONG VA NH6M CONG Stf M TU HOC TtENG ANH QUA • • 95 CACH 6IAO TIEP Bien so an: Nguyen Thu Hitcmg LC(I NOI DAU Tat ca cac ban khi hoc bat ky mot ngoai ngifdeu co tham vong giao tiep duoc bang ngoai ngifdo mot cach thong thao. Nhifng da so deu thay rang co duoc ky nang giao tiep bang tieng me de da kho thi bang mot ngoai ngifkhac lai cang kho hem, cu the la doi vdi tieng Anh. Nham giiip cac ban co the tic hoc giao tiep tieng Anh mot cach de dang chung toi gi&i thieu cuon “TU hoc tieng Anh qua 95 cach giao tiep Cuon sach gon nhe nhifng chi/a difng day du nhifng man giao tiep chuan muc, khong nhifng giiip ban tif tin trong giao tiep md cdn giiip ban nang cao von tieng Anh cua minh. Than ai chiic cac ban gat hai difoc nhieu thanh cong trong mon tieng Anh. SOAN GIA 3 Part one: Useful expressions in spoken English Nhung cach noi thong dung trong giao tiep Tieng Anh hang ngay Tuhoc Tieng Anh qua 95 cach giao tiep Using address system Cach sir dung cac hinh thuc ximg ho V o c a b u la r y address sir ximg ho degree bang cap fo llo w in g sau (theo sau) in general noi chung last nam e ho (ten) M .D = Doctor o f M edicine bac sy y khoa unm arried chira co gia d'inh Ph.D = Doctor o f Philosophy tien si prefer thich hem professor giao su researcher nha nghien curu scientist nha khoa hoc tittle tirdc hieu In general Americans do not use special system of address (or titles) as often as in other countries. However, there are times when special system of address are used. The following spe­ cial address system are used before a person’s last name. D.r (Doctor): medical doctors (those with an M.D degree), pro­ fessors, scientists and researchers (those with a Ph.D degree) M rs: married women only (some married women prefer Ms.) Miss: unmarried women only (some unmarried women prefer Ms.) M s: married or unmarried women M r: married or unmarried men Professor: college or university teachers (uesd with or with­ out the last name) • N ote: ‘Teacher’ is the address only used by the children 7 Tu hoc Tieng Anh qua 95 cach giao tiep Greeting people and responding Cach chao hoi va dap Iai Idi chao hoi V o c a b u la r y M a ’am = m adam e ba, phu nhan S ir ong ngai Up to = doing W h a t’s happening = W h a t’s up sao roi ha Lousy Te het ch6 noi Like a m ollion dollars coi nhir trung so doc d^c O ut o f this world cur nhir len thien dang Rotten qua te Pretty kha la... G reetin g s Form al 'y Good day, Dr Olson. How are you? > Good morning, Mr. Polinski. y Good afternoon, ma 'am. You 're looking very well today > Good evening, sir. Howare you tonight? Inform al y y > > > > Hello, Jihad. How ’re you doing? Hello. I t ’s a nice evening, isn 7 it? Hi, Paula. What ’re you up these days? Morning, Li. Are you doing O K? Hey, Jane. What have you been doing these days? Hey, Jack. H o w ’s it going? 8 Tuhoc Tieng Anh qua 95 cach giao tiep > Hi, Danny. What's happening? R esp o n ses Formal > / ’m doing very well, tliank you. And you? y / 'm fine. Thanks. And you ? > Fine. How are you? 'r- Great, thanks. What about you? Inform al > Couldn 7 be better! Yourself? > Not bad. You? V Okie, I guess. You doing all right? 'r Can 7 complain. You? > Fantastic! r- Like a million dollars! V Out o f this world! y Lousy! y Not bad! > Pretty bad! y Awful! y Couldn 7 be worse! y Rotten! 9 Tu hoc Tieng Anh qua 95 cach giao tiep Making and responding to introductions Gioi thieu va cach dap lai loi gioi thieu V o c a b u la r y gesture lam dieu bo toward huong den fo rm a l trang trong inform al su6ng sa third-party introductions nguoi thu ba gioi thieu how do you do xinchao (l^n dau tien gap mat) sam e here day cung vay s e lf introductions tir gioi thieu Self i n t r o d u c tio n s Formal > May I introduce myself? M y name is John, y How do you do. M y name is George. > Please let me introduce myself. M y name is John > / don 't believe w e ’ve met. I ’m Paul Anka. Form al or inform al y Hello. M y name is Danny, y I t ’s nice to meet you. M y name is John. Inform al y Hi, 1 'm Danny, y Nice to meet you. I'm Bob 10 Tu hoc Tieng Anh qua 95 cach giao tiep T h i r d - p a r t y I n tr o d u c tio n s Formal > / 'd like to introduce you to Leo Evans, a friend of mine. V- I don 't believe you two have met. Mary, this is Leo Evans. Leo, this is M ary Allen y Mr David, have you met Ms. Young? Form al or inform al y I'd like you to meet my friend, Lea Evjns. y Let me introduce you to Leo. Mary, this is L et. And L et, y this is Mary Have you met Leo? Mary, this is Lep. Inform al y Meet my friend, Leo. y Leo, meet Mary. y Let me introduce you two. Mary.... (gesturing toward M ary).... Leo (gesturing toward Leo) y This is Leo. This is Mary Responding to introductions Formal A: How do you do, B. B: I t ’s a pleasure to meet you. 11 Tit hoc Tieng Anh qua 95 cach giao tiep Form al or inform al A: Hello, B. I 'm pleased to meet you. B: Yes, i t ’s nice to meet you, too A: Hello. Good to meet you. B: Nice meeting you, too Inform al A: Hi, B. Nice to meet you. B: Same here. 12 Tu hoc Tieng Anh qua 95 cach giao tiep Starting a conversation with a stranger Bat chuyen voi ngiroi la V o c a b u la r y dreadful weather thcri tiet xau have som ething up o n e ’s sleeve chuan bi trudc di^u gi m ention dd cap, noi den op ening gam bits loi bdt chuyen overhearnghe lorn stranger ngudi la petrol station tram xang It’s not easy at all to talk to a stranger who speak another language. Unless, that is, you have a few opening gambits up your sleeve. Here are several useful ways of starting a conversation with a stranger. > What a nice day, isn 7 it? > Dreadful weather, don 7 you think? y > Excuse me, is anybody sitting here? Excuse me, haven 7 we met before? > Sorry, I couldn 7 help overhearing, but. did you mention > something about..... ? Excuse me, have you got a light by any chance? 13 T u h oc Tieng Anh qua 95 cach giao tiep > Excuse me, could you tell me the time? 'r Excuse me, I'm trying to get to the bank. Can you show me where it is? y Excuse me, how can I get to the station? r- Excuse me, is there any petrol station near here? 14 Tu hoc Tieng Anh qua 95 cach giao tiep Finding out about people Tim hieu thong tin ve nguoi khac V o c a b u la r y in order to do som ething voi muc dfch lam gi try som ething thir hobby / interest so thfch free / spare time thcfi gian r6i In order to get to know about other people, you can try one of the following ways. > What is your name? V Where do you come from ? > What are your interests / hobbies? > What do you enjoy doing in your free / spare time? > Do you have any special reason fo r studying English? y What do you do fo r a living? y What is your job ? y Do you like your job? y When were you born? y When is your birthday? y What do you hope to do in the future? 15 Tu hoc Tieng Anh qua 95 cach giao tiep Finding out if people know each other Tim hieu xem moi ngtfoi co biet nhau khong V o c a b u la r y com m on chung course khoa hoc take p art in so m eth in g tham gia When there are more than two people taking part in the con­ versation, it’s necessary for you to find out if they know each other or not. It will help people much in making conversation. Here are some of the most common ways. Q u e s tio n s y Have you met before? y D o yo u kn o w ea ch other? y H ow long h a ve yo u known each other? y Have you two been intro­ duced? y Did you know each other before you (came to the class)? y H a d you met each other b e fo re you ( s ta r te d the course)? 16 R e p lie s > We met each other fo r the first time today. > W e've kn o w n each other fo r (two years) sin c e (w e w e re at school). y We h a v e n ’t been in­ troduced. y We f i r s t m et w hen we... T ah oe Tieng Anh qua 95 cach giao tiep How to make a date Cach thu xep mot cuoc hen V o c a b u la r y arrange thu xep by any chance a nay, nhan tien expect doi ' lVOJ4 expression tu ngu an other time perhaps hen l&n khac vay nhe see somebody o ff tien ai jo in gia nhap, tham gia wonder tu hoi, ban khoan After you have made contact and had a short conversation, you may want to arrange another meeting. In that case, you can use these expressions. Questions Oh, um-uh, are you doing anything this evening, by any chance? > Um, I was thinking o f going to the cinema this evening. Would you like to come? > / 'm going out to the theatre with some friends. Would you like to join us? y Er, are you busy this evening? I was wondering if you might like to come to the cinema with me? > 17 Tu hoc Tieng Anh qua 95 cach giao tiep A nsw ers Yes! > T h a t’d be lovely. I'd love to r- How nice o f you, thanks very much y Mmm, th a t’s a good / great idea. N o! y y y ry Oh, dear. I'm afraid I 'm busy tonight, Tonight’s difficult. Perhaps tomorrow evening, though, I 'm sorry, I'm expecting some visitors this evening, T liis evening is a bit o f a problem. What about tomorrow, I 'm sorry, but I ‘m going to see my frien d o ff this evening. An o.ther time perhaps. 18 Tu hoc Tieng Anh qua 95 cach giao tiep Complimenting and responding Khen tang va dap lai loi khen V o cab u lary gorgeous dep, di£m le noticej)hi\n ra hairstyle kitiii toe decent nha nhan backhand cu tat trai/ro-ve im provem ent tien bo, cai thien new image girong mat mcfi necklace day chuyen appreciate da ta, cam kich decorate trang hoang m ake you look older lam cau trong gia dan hom. u n b e lie v a b le dep qua, khong the tin noi give somebody some advice cho ai ldi khuyen tip mach niroc, khuyen model ban m^u T d be flattered... toi rat vinh dir deserve a medal dang duoc thirong huy chirong electronics m ajor chuyen nganh dien tir sweater ao len glasses ki'nh Compliments on appearance Com plim ents > You really have beautiful e y e s , M ary. I ’ve never seen su ch a g o rg eo u s shade o f blue 19 Responses y Thank you, Robert. That's a nice compli­ ment Tu hoc Tieng Anh qua 95 cach giao tiep > Gosli, you look great, Beverly! Have you lost weight? > Your new hairstyle is terrific, Cindy. T h a t’s nice o f you to n o tic e . I ’ve lo s t 10 pounds, but I still need to lose another 5 or 6. > Thanks, Gene. I think I ’ve finally fo u n d a style that looks decent and is easy to handle. > C o m p lim e n ts o n skills a n d ta le n ts Compliments > 1 didn t know you could play the guitar so well, Nak. Your song was lovely. Responses > Thanks, Pat. I ’m glad you enjoyed it > Joe, your backhand is get­ ting stronger every time we play! y Do you really think so? I ’ve been practic­ ing everyday, and I ’m pleased you can see an improvement. > Bud, your photographs are unbelievable! I really wish you 'd give me some advice to help my pictures come out better. > Thank you, M axine. I ’m n o t s u re h ow much help I can be, but 1 ’m glad to give you a fe w tips 20 Tu hoc Tieng Anh qua 95 cach giao tiep > W hat a gorgeous flo w er a rra n g e m e n t! I t's r e a lly beautiful. > T h a t’s nice o f you to say so. I 'm really glad you like it. > W o u ld you sin g som e m ore? That last song was lovely. > Thank you. I ’m glad you enjoyed it. 'r That chicken dish was fantastic, Nahmood. You are a great cook! W appreciate the compli­ ment, but I did have a lot o f help from my sister! C o n p lim e n ts on w o r k a c c o m p lish e d Compliments > You did a fine job on the room , M ike I don 7 think I ’ve seen it that clean y C o n g ra tu la tio n s, Barry. T hat report you worte was excellent! I'd like to use it as a model at the sta ff meeting Friday > I den 7 knpw Iww y 0u did it, C trl, but the stere^w prks beautifully nmw. Responses > Oh, it was nothing, I m glad I could help 21 > Thank you, M r Jones. I'd be flattered fo r you to use it. > It wasn 7 hard at all. I ’m electronics major, remember?
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