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TREND REPORT-SPRING 2014 Reference and source: htpp://www.style.com, http://www.fashionisers.com By Suneel Talekar SPRING 2014 KEY THEMES-WOMENS METALLIC SPORTY ARTISTIC INSPERATION 3 D FLORAL GOLD GOWN MESH AND SHEER SLOGEN T SHIRTS BRALETS BLACK AND WHITE FRINGING METALLIC Glossy fabrics, metallic coated fabric, laser cut, embossed croc prints, bright patterns silhouette with mesh fabric, metallic accents, Asymmetric SPORTY Athletic-inspired apparel, jogging pants, mesh and solid fabric mix, track trousers, boxy basketball shorts, paired with slinky jersey tops and bralets. ARTISTIC INSPIRATIONS Geometric shapes of hand prints, boxy shapes, knee length tops, 3D floral motifs, vibrant metallic colour. 3D FLORALS 3D appliqués and details. The shapes that these designs take are more than diverse, including some traditional motives, as well as thoroughly modern and premiere ones. 3D FLORALS 3D FLORALS Combination of 3d fabric with art prints as well with mesh fabric and fringes. Perforated (laser cut) fabric 3D FLORALS 3D floral are one of favorite trends for spring. It’s a great way to refresh fashion’s continual spring love affair with floral within mesh or sheer fabrics, flouncy skirt etc. 3D FLORALS 3D and floral embellishment, tropical floral prints, floral embroidery, close necklines, satin base fabric, metallic like finish, laser cut outs. TRANSPARENCY WITH MESH Outer mesh silhouette, engineered chunky crochet lace, boxy silhouette, triangle bralet, in spring 2014 mesh overlays with sporty mesh tops, sleeves, and more in snake skin print, transparencies, figure skimming silhouettes, or light colours, palazzo pants MESH & SHEER MESH &Sheer SHEER MESH &Sheer SHEER GOLD laser cut outs, permanent pleats in skirt, layered silhouettes, floral prints GOWNS Gowns came in every style—fluid ruffles, shimmery, thigh slits, chiffon layers, beaded embellishments, and sheer bottoms. Sheer BOMBER JACKETS AND SHORT SLOGEN T SHIRTS SLOGEN T SHIRTS BRALETS harness style bralets, animal prints, body shape curves, 3d floral.
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