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Trắc nghiệm bài tập trắc nghiệm từ loại tiếng Anh có đáp án
Exercise 1: Choose the best verb to fit these following sentences 1. Because they don't have enough money to buy a bigger house, they must make up their here. A. minds to staying B. minds to stay C. mind staying D. mind to stay 2. The police him for burglary. A. arrested B. charged C. convinced D. accused 3. Many people about the bad behavior of soccer fans in the town centre after the match. A. criticized B. disapproved C. complained D. objected 4. I never wear red. It’s color that doesn’t me. A. go with B. suit C. match D. take to 5. See if you can Joe to do this share of the housework. A. get B. have C. make D. try 6. The train was from leaving because of a signal failure. A. prevented B. forbidden C. detained D. cancelled 7. After a lot of difficulties he finally to start the car. A. succeeded B. coped C. managed D. worked out 8. The manager asked her to with the complaint. A. take care B. attend C. deal D. follow 9. Where are you going to your summer holiday? A. send B. spend C. stay D. live 10. I him of the meeting to the other day. I wonder why he didn’t turn up. A. mentioned B. warned C. reminded D. pointed 11. I him to work hard this semester. A. made B. forced C. suggest D. told 12. He didn’t his children to play in the back yard. A. allow B. help C. force D. let 13. Combining our two incomes will us to get a bigger loan from the bank. A. guarantee B. ensure C. enable D. confirm 14. Is she just to be crazy, or she really mad? A. imagining B. faking C. asserting D. pretending 15. Am I happy? It all on what you mean by “happy”! A. includes B. relates C. concerned D. depended 16. I you enjoy the play, Mr. Lincoln. A. wish B. hope C. want D. expect 17. Don't your bicycle too fast! A. go B. drive C. ride D. walk 18. How happy we were to our holidays on the farm! A. send B. pass C. spend D. have 19. They are going to their golden wedding anniversary next week. A. hold B. celebrate C. have D. open 20. Don't me as if I were an idiot! A. talk B. show C. turn D. treat Exercise 2: Choose the best verb to fit these following sentences 1. Hurry up! Our uncle is coming. His plane will in less than an hour. A. fly B. go C. park D. land 2. Charles Dickens is as one of the greatest names in English literature. A. told B. known C. spoken D. considered 3. At the age of sixty, the man and went to the country to live. A. retired B. died C. drew D. gave up 4. She herself as an old beggar to enter Tibet. A. wore B. disguised C. made D. appeared 5. Mrs. Green all her life to teaching orphans. A. devoted B. gave C. compared D. spent 6. "To someone" means "to put someone into prison". A. keep B. catch C. arrest D. imprison 7. How long does it take you to in the morning? A. get dressed B. dress up C. dress yourself D. dressed 8. Where did they their summer holiday? A. go B. send C. try D. spend 9. Just a minute! I must have a shower and before we go out. A. change B. exchange C. changing D. exchanging 10. You'd better your coat before you go out into the cold. A. take off B. dress in C. have on D. put on 11. A terrible explosion them up. A. got B. raised C. lifted D. woke 12. Up to now, I a lot of information about her. A. would learn B. have learnt C. have learn D. will learn 13. They will rebuild the bridge which was in the war. A. defeated B. retreated C. used D. destroyed 14. After an explosion, a flame high into the sky. A. raised B. rose C. flew D. jumped 15. We them a visit last week. A. gave B. paid C. asked D. did 16. Faraday attended a lecture y a famous scientist. A. giving B. gave C. given D. to give 17. Nam was so tired that he asleep in the class. A. got B. felt C. went D. fell 18. The players to be at the stadium at 3 o'clock. A. told B. were told C. have told D. tell 19. The old students one another in the school yard. A. clutched B. gathered C. greeted D. looked 20. Must I lock the door before I leave? No, you Someone can do it for you." A. mustn't B. needn't C. don't D. haven't Exercise 3: Choose the best verb to fit these following sentences 1. Everybody ............. healthy and good looking. A. looked at B. looked C. looked of D. looked after 2. After he his homework, he went to bed. A. had finished B. has been finishing C. has finished D. would finish 3. Peter is the radio. A. looking B. watching C. listening to D. seeing 4. Mary often . the morning newspaper after breakfast. A. sees B. reads C. watches D. writes 5. Our summer holidays quickly. A. past B. passed C. was past D. passing 6. a strange man in her house, the girl was afraid. A. Had seen B. Seeing C. See D. When seen 7. I've never to Da Lat before. A. went B. go C. been D. gone 8. The crowd excitedly when he scored the third goal. A. spoke B. said C. shouted D. told 9. I tried hard but I couldn't him. A. take B. gain C. win D. beat 10. If you flu, you'll have to stay in bed. A. had caught B. caught C. does not catch D. catch 11. My relative is busy. Can you home? A. make me a ride B. give me a lift C. ride me D. pick me up 12. We a table for four, at nine o'clock. A. set B. bought C. reserved D. put 13. The computers used in class now. A. have B. are being C. being D. was 14. Daisy is going to have someone her skirt. A. is making B. is made C. to make D. make 15. "Do I have to take that English course?" No, you A. haven't B. don't have C. mustn't D. needn't 16. Before to bed, remember to turn off the lights. A. to go B. went C. goes D. going 17. In spite of the hot weather, the little boy refused off his coat. A. take B. have take C. to take D. having take 18. She was amazed about that. A. to know B. knowing C. to be known D. know 19. The students are happy that good news. A. to hear B. heard C. hears D. hearing 20. Children A. must play football in the street. B. need C. mustn't D. needn't Exercise 4: Choose the best verb to fit these following sentences 1. Would you mind this problem for me? A. solve B. will solve C. to solve D. solving 2. My sister often Shakespeare's lines in the essay. A. writes B. reads C. quotes D. uses 3. They to Hanoi three times this year. A. were B. have been C. went D. have gone 4. What time did you London? A. leave from B. live C. live from D. leave 5. I was locked out and I had to through the window. A. enter B. get in C. get into D. enter in 6. He looks tired. He a rest. A. need B. needs C. needn't D. need to 7. Money you are paid for your work is money you A. earn B. win C. profit D. benefit 8. We must well when we eat. A. hold B. keep C. chew D. brush 9. Two of his teeth need A. filling B. be filled C. filled D. to fill 10. How much did you the plumber before he left? A. pay B. pay for C. pay of D. paid 11. How much did you that dress? A. pay B. pay for C. pay of D. paid 12. Three prisoners from the prison in May. A. collapsed B. attacked C. escaped D. appeared 13. Someone's selling a car and you want to know how much he is A. asking B. demanding C. charging D. thinking 14. You pass an empty house and see a notice outside it which reads: " " A. To sell B. On sale C. For sale D. In sale 15. I don't know how she her birthday party. A. greets B. celebrates C. hopes D. wishes 16. On Sunday, our family members usually and enjoy a good meal. A. meet B. gather C. talk D. see 17. Children play football in the street. They play it in the stadium. A. mustn't / need B. mustn't / must C. needn't / need D. needn't / must 18. we go to the tailor's? Yes, let's. A. Shall B. Will 19. The clowns in the circus made us A. to laugh B. laughed 20. We don't take the umbrella. We wish we A. take B. can take C. Do a lot. C. laugh D. Would C. took D. could D. laughing Exercise 5: Choose the best verb to fit these following sentences 1. Mr. Dick likes watching football but his wife A. doesn't B. doesn't like C. does like D. don't 2. The Pyramids by the ancient Egyptians. A. was built B. were being built C. had built D. were built 3. Have orange juice, ? A. will you B. do you C. do we D. would you 4. I think he will help you doing your homework ? A. doesn't he B. won't he C. don’t I D. do I 5. She is afraid of . A. watching horror films. B. to ride in busy streets. C. climbing up trees. D. a and c are correct 6. Let's go to the beach for summer holiday, ? A. shall we B. don’t we C. will we D. do we 7. The young man a phone call. A. made B. did C. bought D. held 8. Fish don't noise as other pets do. A. sound B. go not C. make D. give 9. I have to weight. I'm too fat. A. drop B. gain C. loose D. lose 10. He says his father will go to a (an) meeting in London tomorrow. A. famous B. important C. clever D. fine 11. The clerk had to the conversation in order to wait on a customer. A. interrupt B. continue C. begin D. hurry 12. There are tourists in London this year than last year. A. littler B. smaller C. lesser D. fewer 13. If traffic moves at low speed, the number of accidents is A. pulled back B. cut down D. turned off D. put away 14. He's , so he can't hear your voice. A. blind B. blond C. deaf D. died 15. You're your time trying to persuade him. He'll never help you. A. spending B. closing C. missing D. wasting 16. How will you a living in Australia? A. gain B. earn C. perform D. look for 17. The driver at the boys who are playing football in the street. A. shouted B. called C. rang D. B and C are correct 18. I won't go to bed I finish my homework. A. until B. when C. while D. since 19. He is his driving test today. A. examining B. taking C. answering D. holding 20. She needs a pair of shoes. A. skin B. feather C. leather D. complexion Exercise 6: Choose the best verb to fit these following sentences 1. I this shirt from my brother. A. gave B. sold C. lent D. borrowed 2. He is collecting coins and he has a valuable of rare coins. A. number B. collection C. packet D. pile 3. After one month of hard fighting, the northern alliance army won the A. attack B. force C. war D. battle 4. He got some money by selling one of old pictures which his father left. A. useful B. helpful C. usual D. valuable 5. I telephoned the airport to make of the time of the plane. A. sure B. true C. real D. right 6. of the visitors were strangers to me. A. Mostly B. Almost C. Most D. The most 7. There was nearly a terrible accident in the javelin . A. examination B. problem C. result D. event 8. The picture he gave you is more valuable the one he gave me. A. over B. above C. to D. than 9. How long does it him to walk to his school? A. want B. need C. take D. require 10. She is better today better than yesterday. A. very . so C. too D. much 11."To put off" means "to " A. destroy B. postpone C. cancel D. turn on 12. We will wait here he comes back. A. while B. until C. before D. after 13. His father has not seen his mother five years. A. for B. since C. during D. until 14. Her teacher her to come and see him. A. spoke B. said C. told 15. My watch is slow and is hers. A. either B. too C. so 16. She Alice that it was awful. A. tells B. said C. speaks 17. Mary told her dog to down A. lie B. laid C. lay 18. The teacher has come into the principal's room. A. still B. already C. yet 19. His motorbike doesn’t cost so much yours does. A. like B. as C. same 20. He is a busy man that he really needs a helper. A. so B. such C. very D. says D. neither D. told D. lain D. so far D. such D. quite 1. Don’t use plastic bags. They are very hard . A. to disappear B. to go away C. to dissolve D. to reduce 2. The air in the city is very . A. pollute B. polluted C. pollution D. pollutant 3. We are talking about the preservation of resources. A. nature B. natural C. naturally D. naturalize 4. It is necessary forests. A. to protect B. protecting C. protected D. protect 5. The local authority should the fish catching by electricity. A. allow B. permit C. prohibit D. give up 6. These bags are made of . You can use them to carry heavy things. A. paper B. silk C. plastic D. glass 7. A large number of inhabitants have made on how to protect the environment. A. suggest B. to suggest C. suggested D. suggestio 8. The of cars, motorbikes and factories has also increased air pollution in most cities. A. gas B. exhaust fume C. dirt D. dust 9. In Western countries, electricity, gas, and water are not luxuries but . A. goods B. foods C. products D. necessities 10. Scientists are working for an way to reduce energy consumption. A. effect B. effective C. effection D. effectively 11. If you want to save money, you should the amount of water your family uses. A. increase B. reduce C. adapt D. repair 12. put all the guests on the first floor ? A. Why don’t we B. I think we should C. How about D. Let’s 13. You should the amount of water your family uses by shower. A. increase – using B. reduce – use C. reduce – using D. increase – use 14. Passover is celebrated in Israel and by all people. A. English B. Vietnamese C. Japanese D. Jewish 15. We think that Mother’s Day should be celebrated . A. nation wide B. nation C. nationality D. nationhood 16. Tet is a festival of the Vietnamese people. A. joy B. joyful C. joyfully D. joyfulness 17. On National Day, there is usually a in Ba Dinh square in Hanoi. festival party holiday parade The fullmoon festival is celebrated in . mid – autumn mid – spring mid – summer mid – winter Auld Lang Syne is an old song which is sung on . Christmas Day Father’s Day New Year’s Eve Halloween Catherine enjoys the festivals in Vietnam although she doesn’t understand Vietnamese very much. culture cultural traditional traditionOn Passover’s night, Jewish families eat a special called the Seder. meal lunch breakfast dinner On this , mother usually receives cards, flowers and gifts from her husband and children. chance occasion opportunity date What activities do you often at school? come in take part in hold in get in Coal, oil, gas are resources. A. nature B. natural C. naturally D. unnaturally She has provided a picnic lunch for us. A. kind B. kindness C. kindly D. unkind We’ll make this beach clean and again. A. beautiful B. beauty C. beautifully D. beautify In many countries, people crowd the streets to watch parades. A. color B. colorfully C. colorful D. colorless The children laughed when they played with their toys. A. happy B. unhappy C. happily D. happiness I can speak English . A. good B. well C. bad D. quick This test must be done . A. care B. careful C. carefully D. careless Lan’s voice is soft . She speaks very . A. loud B .loudly C. soft D. softly What will they achieve If they work today. A. hardly B. hard C.harden D.hardness The soccer players have played . A.beauty B.beautiful C.beautify D.beautifully Your program is very interesting and . A. use B. useful C. useless D.uselessly Her parents were happy that she won the prize. A.extreme B.extremeness C.extremely D.extremism The restaurant is near here so people can get there . A.easy B.easily C.difficult D.difficultly The tour around the country was cheap. A.surprise B.surprised C.surprising D. surprisingly Don’t be . We’ve only been waiting for a few minutes . A.impatient B.patient C.patiently Dpantience They tried to win, but their efforts were . A. success B. successful C.succeeded D.unsuccessful Tom looks very .Do you know what happened to him? A.sad B.sadly C.sadness D.sadless He said “ Good afternoon” to me in a most way. A. friend B.friendness C.unfriendly D.friendship My uncle’s old car was , but his new one is very . A. slow / fast B.slowly / fast C.slow / fastly D.slowly / fastly He drove and had an accident . A.careful B.careless C.carefully D.carelessly
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