Tài liệu Toeic reading comprehension test 4 (level 500-700)

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TOEIC Reading Comprehension Test 4 Level 500-700 Question 1 Passage 1: Ride in Style! Save $15 off a weekly rental or get a free weekend day with this coupon!Johnson’s Motors is offering you the chance to rent a quality vehicle at an all-time low price. Rent any vehicle from an Intermediate through a Sport Utility Vehicle, and you can get one weekend day free or save $15 on a weekly rental when you present this coupon at any participating Johnson’s Motors Rental Car location in the US. To take advantage of this offer, call your travel consultant or the Rental Car Specialists at 1-800226-7985. Coupon #MUJ8745. Rental must begin by 6/30/05. An advance reservation is required. Subject to complete Terms and Conditions. To view complete terms and conditions, log on to www.johnsons_rental.co or call 1-800-2267986 to request a brochure. Subject to approval, eligibility restrictions apply. ****************************************************************************** Passage 2: 35 Sunny Dales Westport CA 30057 June 25, 2005 Dear Sirs, Re: Coupon #MUJ8745 I recently applied for the above coupon, the details of which ran in the national press earlier this month. I am a 35-year-old with a clean driving, no traffic violation, a perfect credit record, and no criminal background. However, when I tried to apply for this rental offer, I was treated like a common criminal. I object strongly to the fact that I was fingerprinted and my prints were run through police records. All I wanted to do was to take advantage of a $15 rental discount. I had heard that Johnson’s Motors operates according to very strict guidelines, but this is ridiculous. Furthermore, my application was rejected with no explanation other than, “Sorry, you do not fit our rental criteria”. I cannot begin to imagine who you do rent cars to. I will be warning all my friends and acquaintances against using Johnson’s Motors. Sincerely, Mathew Jernsted 1. What is this advertisement for? A. A special deal on a rental vehicle B. A special offer for a car purchase C. A special offer for a weekend in a hotel D. A special travel offer Question 2 2. Which of the following is required? A. You must rent by the end of October B. You must present your driver’s license and a major credit card C. You must reserve a vehicle ahead of time D You must rent by the end of November Question 3 3. When is it possible to receive on day’s free rental? A. Every day B. Monday through Friday C. Saturday or Sunday D. Only on Fridays Question 4 4. What happened to Matthew Jernsted? A. He had his car stolen B. His application for a rental car was rejected C. He received the wrong kind of car D. He got a flat tire Question 5 5. How does Matthew Jernsted feel about Johnson’s Motors? A. They have unreasonably high standards B. They have low-quality vehicles C. They are a governmental agency D. They are helpful and pleasant Question 6 ARTIST EARNINGS 2005 This table shows the total number of artists who were full-year, full-time earners in the year before the 2005 census and shows median earnings in 2004, by gender. Worked full time, full year, 2004 Male Female Number Med. Earnings Number Med. Earnings Actors/Directors 36,822 $32,077 21,575 $28,032 Announcers 24,571 $21,424 5,305 $19,325 Architects 107,245 $40,110 14,300 $29,451 Authors 28,890 $33,837 20,481 $25,101 Dancers 1,273 $16,623 3,445 $15,623 Designers 297,675 $32,549 164,067 $20,394 Musicians/Composers 36,143 $22,988 9,730 $18,653 Painters 60,433 $24,320 49,595 $18,762 Photographers 66,562 $25,456 19,428 $17,381 6. According to the table, which of the following occupations is most lucrative? A. Architects B. Designers C. Actors D. Authors Question 7 7. Which of the following statements can you conclude from this table? A. There are more women artists than men B. Equal numbers of men and women become Announcers C. Musicians make more than painters D. In these professions, men earn more than women Question 8 8. Which occupation appears to be the least common? A. Designer B. Dancer C. Announcer D. Musician and composer Question 9 9. Which of the following statements is true? A. Female authors earned more than male announcers B. Female photographers earn more than female painters C. There are more male dancers than female dancers D. Female designers earn more than male announcers Answers 1.A 2.C 3.C 4.B 5.A 6.A 7.D 8.B 9. A
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