Tài liệu Toeic reading comprehension test 2 (level 500-700)

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TOEIC Reading comprehension – Test 2 Level 500-700 Question 1 Read the passage and choose the correct answer: For over fifteen years, Bennington Industries has served as the ideal model of successful vertical integration. However, beginning next month, Bennington will begin our outsourcing program. Industry rumors initially indicated financial difficulties at the enterprise as the main reason for implementing an outsourcing program. In response to these reports, Bennington issued a press release yesterday refuting these speculations. According to a Bennington spokesperson, the enterprise is actually flourishing. In fact, the volume of business has increased at such a rapid rate that the company does not have enough highly trained personnel or facilities to meet the demand. Bennington announced that Synco Inc. will become Bennington’s primary distribution subcontractor and that WM & J will be one of Bennington’s manufacturing subcontractors. 1. What was the main purpose of the press release? A. To confirm industry rumors B. To deny reports of company decline C. To advertise new job openings D. To outline the company’s history Question 2 2.. What is the reason a change is taking place? A. The employment rate was to high B. The company’s workload increased rapidly C. Synco Inc. wanted to acquire Bennington D. Bennington’s facilities have become outdated Question 3 Câu hỏi từ 3-7 sau liên quan đến dạng bài đọc double passage: Passage 1: To: jillsolomon@qualityimports.com From: rholyfield@internationalshipping.com Subject: still waiting for an answer Date: November 3 This the third letter I have sent to you in response to your initial e-mail inquiring as to the possibility of my company doing business with yours. I must say that while I was originally very intrigued by your proposal, your failure to respond to any of my e-mail is, to say the least, unprofessional. When I first heard from you, I realized that, considering the high number of products that your company imports on a daily business, you could use the services of a company like mine, which is used to transporting rare, fragile, and unique products across borders. My company also has extensive shipping lines – both air and ship – in Asia and Africa, where it appears that your company imports the majority of its products. However, I’m not sure why you have refused to respond to my replies. This will be my last email; however, should you choose to respond, I will still be open to doing business with Quality Imports. Thank you Robert Holyfield ********************* Passage 2: To: rholyfield@internationalshipping.com From: haroldsims@qualityimports.com Subject: about your inquiry Date: November 4 Dear Mr. Holyfield: My name is Harold Sims, and I am an associate of Jill Solomon’s at Quality Inports. I understand your frustration at not receiving a reply soon from Jill after having sent her three emails. Please understand that Jill has been hospitalized for over a week on account of a car accident she was in. she should be released within the next couple of weeks. Her injuries, while serious, are at least not life-threatening. Several different employees from our company have taken over Jill’s work while she recuperates, and I have volunteered to work with your company. I would like you to know that we are very interested in working together with you and would love to hear more about your business, the kinds of products you are equipped to transport, and the various rates that you charge. As you know, we import many unique artifacts and require special containers for many of them. Perhaps we can discuss matters by telephone and then arrange to meet in person to settle things? Please give me a call at 612 404 7121 at your leisure. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Harold Sims 3. Why Robert Holyfield sending another email to Solomon? A. She did not receive the first two B. She has many things to discuss with her C. She has not answered his previous letters D. They are having a continuing dialog Question 4 4. What kind of company does Mr. Holyfield work for? A. A shipping company B. An import company C. An international airline D. An art company Question 5 5. Why does Mr. Holyfield want to work with Jill Solomon? A. They both have officers in Asia and Africa B. He wants to import some products for his company C. He thinks their companies would be ideal for a merger D. The two companies operate in similar geographical regions Question 6 6 . Why did Jill Solomon not respond to any of Mr. Holyfield’s email? A. She doesn’t want to do business with him B. She has been incapacitated and is unable to respond C. She has been fired and replaced by Harold Sims D. She prefers not to discuss business over the Internet Question 7 7 . What does Harold Sims request of Mr. Holyfield? A. To get in touch with Jill Solomon B. To come to his office C. To send him more information D. To contact him over the Internet Once you are finished, check the answers below: 1- B; 2-B; 3-C; 4-A; 5-D; 6-B; 7-C.
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