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TOEFL Incorrect word - Test 1 1. Each of the nurses report to the operating room when his or her name is called. A. of the B. report C. his or her name D. is called 2. Species like snakes, lizards, coyotes, squirrels, and jack rabbits seems to exist quite happily in the desert. A. like B. seems to C. quite happily D. the 3. The freshman failed to follow the advice of her senior that he studied hard and not go out too much. A. freshman B. her C. studied D. go out 4. Parks which are found in downtown areas where office workers and store employees can enjoy their lunch hours sitting on the green grass in clean, fresh air. A. which B. employees C. lunch hours sitting D. fresh air 5. The guide told the tourists that it was a good restaurant specializing in seafood just round the corner from the museum. A. The B. it was a C. Specializing D. just round 6. Doctors believe there is better in this modern world of ours to try to prevent illnesses than to rely on medicines to cure them. A. Doctors B. there is C. of ours D. to 7. By the turn of the century, most of the inventions that were to bring in all the comforts of modern living have already been thought of. A. By the turn of B. that C. were to D. have already been 8. Mercury and alcohol are widely used in thermometers because their volume increases uniform with temperature. A. are B. widely C. their volume D. uniform with 9. The Commitments of Traders Report is released by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission on eleventh day of each month. A. released by B. on eleventh C. of D. month 10. Mary and her sister just bought two new winters coats at the clearance sale. A. her sister B. just bought C. two new D. winters 11. It is the role of the National Bureau of Standards to establish accurate measurements for science, industrial, and commerce. A. It is B. establish C. measurements D. industrial 12. While verbalization is the most common form of language in existence, humans make use of many others systems and techniques to express their thoughts and feelings. A. the most common form B. existence C. others systems D. to express 13. It is interesting to compare the early stylized art forms of ancient civilizations to the modern abstract forms of art. A. interesting B. to compare C. of D. to 14. For the first time in the history of the country, the person which was recommended by the president to replace a retiring justice on the Supreme Court is a woman. A. which B. was recommended C. to replace D. retiring 15. Although jogging is a good way to lose weight and improve one's physical condition, most doctors recommend that the potential jogger begin in a correct manner by getting a complete checkup. A. jogging B. most C. in a correct manner D. getting 16. The Greek historian Herodotus reported that one hundred thousand men are employed for twenty years to build the Great Pyramid at Gizeh. A. are B. for C. to build D. at Gizeh 17. It was her, Elizabeth I, not her father, King Henry, who led England into the Age of Empire. A. her B. her father C. who D. led 18. Because blood from different individuals may different in the type of antigen on the surface of the red cells and the type of antibody in the plasma, a dangerous reaction can occur between the donor and recipient in a blood transfusion. A. Because B. different C. can occur D. and 19. When mining for gold, you must first obtain the gold ore and then apart the gold from the ore. A. When mining B. must first C. and then D. apart 20. The amount of women earning Master's Degrees has risen sharply in recent years. A. The amount of B. Master's C. has risen D. recent years ĐÁP ÁN 1. B 5. B 9. B 13. D 17. A 2. B 6. B 10. D 14. A 18. B 3. C 7. D 11. D 15. C 19. D 4. D 8. D 12. C 16. D 20. A
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