Tài liệu Three ways to attack the system computer

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Tham gia: 13/03/2018

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THREE WAYS TO ATTACK THE SYSTEM COMPUTER First, my name is Quang and I 18 years old. I very like informaton technology industry. In a long tme, I have research aoout “ How to hack a system and namely atack a computer “. I used oacktrack and kaili linux as a tool out to oe honest there are very oeautful and strong. During that tme, I have fnd out three ways to atack the PC. 1. Attack by virut Trjaa.b What is the “ virut Trojan “. We can say. It is a virut can follow, control, stolen the data which includes personal informaton and take control, etc… it coud built by kali linux but what is most important? Yes, that right. How to transfer it into target pc and I have three ways:  Way 1: I will use email so transfer it and afer that when the target download will have a sofware which we call is “auto run” it is very important because it make the target do not know he was atacked since then I can complete mastering target.  Way 2: I will use usb as you know when I put it to target pc it will auto run and from the server we can atack system.  Way 3: It is special way, I am trying develop it. Because I feel it is the way the most efectve and the safest. In the way, I think about use wireless network and that is wifib I know in the foreign they have develop this method but in Vietnam it do not widely developed. Step 1: I use a server which connect to router when router will emit wif wave and we can only wait untl when target accept connect. Step 2: I will send a virut Trojan to target pc however it is not easy now I stll can not do it. I am trying to fnd it. Step 3: I use backtrack 5r3 or kali linux server so control the target.  So I really need you help. I have a laptop it is dell precision m4700 which can meet this job. I have knew in a long tme. Althought I am very young so I need instructon from you. If you can, please send me feedback. Thanks for reading
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