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VIETNAM ACADEMY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES GRADUATE ACADEMY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES LE THI HOA The novelistic artistic features of Laotian writer Suvanthon Bupphanuvong Major: Literary theory Major code: 62 22 01 20 SUMMARY OF DOCTORAL THESIS Hanoi - 2014 The work was completed in Graduate academy of socical sciences – Vietnam academy of social sciences. Name of supervior: Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duc Ninh Critic 1 : Prof. Dr. Tran Dang Suyen Hanoi National University of Education Critic 2 : Assoc. Dr. Truong Dang Dung Literature Faculty, Graduate Academy of Social Sciences Critic 3 : Assoc. Dr. Pham Thanh Hung University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Hanoi INTRODUCTION 1. The significance of the subject 1.1. Vietnam and Laos, two adjacent countries on the Indochinese peninsula, has many relationships with each other in history. However, research Laotian literature, especially Laotian modern literature in Vietnam and other countries in the world still meager. Appearance of Laotian modern literature have not been studied in depth by Vietnamese scientists. From the fact that the literary discipline of Vietnam, we boldly chose the novel compositions of Suvanthon Bupphanuvong - a writer of prose fit for study, to elucidate novel aspects of theory, features the art of novel writing Suvanthon, contributing to better identify the background of modern prose Lao revolution. 1.2. Lao modern novel was officially born in 1968 with their debut Si noi (Baby Si) of Khamlieng Phonsena writer. We can say that the writer Khamlieng Phonsena role laying the groundwork for the introduction of novel in Laos. However, people who have a role in the construction and development of the Laotian modern novel is the writer Suvanthon. He is a writer quite energetic and successful on both the level of content and art. Therefore, the study of the novel of Suvanthon is essential. 1.3. One of these factors confirms the talent and style of the writer Suvanthon is the art of the novel features with the methods and ways of organizing and unique cultural characteristics of ethnic Laotian lifestyle. Therefore, the study of art characterized his novels through art specific aspects of the job creation is needed, through which, the reader not only to see the distinctions in the novel art his thoughts are values reflected in the text files, but also to better understand the unique culture, lifestyle, Laotian human dignity. 1.4. On the other hand, particularly in relation Vietnam Laos present, the research contributes to the strengthening of friendly relations and cooperation particularly Vietnam - Laos on all areas of life, including with the field of culture, science and technology between the two countries. 2. Purpose and tasks of the research 2.1. The purpose of the thesis is to study the composition of Suvanthon to find out characteristic art of fiction writers, to see the characteristics of modern fiction Laos, contributing to the theory of treasures modern novel, a genre still in the process of development rich. 2.2. Based on the theory of the modern novel, thesis tasks are analysis and evaluation of novel compositions of Suvanthon on the various aspects of poetic fiction. Since then, systematize the characteristics which makes stylish, nuanced novel of Suvanthon 3. Limit of research issues 3.1. Scope writing In total of five novels of writers Suvanthon Bupphanuvong include: Reminiscing (2 volumes), Two sisters (3 volumes), Battalion Two (4 volumes), Two by the river (2 volumes), Daughter of the Party (2 volumes), two novels have been translated into Vietnamese Two sisters novels and Two Battalion novels. We directly examine these works in both Vietnamese and Laotian. In addition, we also examine some Laotian novels of other writers to compare and contrast with Suvanthon novels. 3.2. Scope of the research The thesis will focus on three main aspects of the art of fiction writers Suvanthon include: Typical arts organizations and events; Typical space and time art; Typical language arts and narrative methods. 4. Research Methodology In the process of conducting research topics, we use research methods such as implementation approach learning, method type, method of interdisciplinary research, method comparisons, analysis, total right ... to highlight the characteristics of the fiction art of writing Suvanthon. 5. New contributions of the thesis - The thesis is the first work in-depth study of the art of the novel features of the writer Suvanthon Bupphanuvong. - The thesis is the first work to clarify points uniformly in the fiction art of Suvanthon is the ability to reflect and sweeping generalizations epic stature in all aspects (characters, events, not space, time, point of view ...) and the ability to skillfully combine traditional values - a modern approach to organizing work and use language novels - The thesis points out the basic features of the content and enforcement novel Laos is pretty profound impact the value of literature and the values of traditional ideas of Buddhist culture. - The thesis contributes a specific look, comprehensive and systematic aspects of the fiction art of writers Suvanthon through the relationship compared to the novels of the same writer in Laos. Thereby, the work contributes to assert talent, style and the huge role of the writer in the history of modern prose fiction Laos in general and in particular. - Through the analysis and synthesis of content and value of art in each unit represents the work of Suvanthon, the thesis contributes a brief overview of the history, culture and people of Laos. 6. The structure of the thesis Additionally Introduction, including 4 thesis chapters: Conclusion, and References, Chapter 1: Overview of research issues Chapter 2: Features of organizations and events in the novel of Suvanthon Chapter 3: Features of space and time in the novel of Suvanthon Chapter 4: Features of language arts and modes of narrative in the novel of Suvanthon Chapter 1: OVERVIEW OF RESEARCH ISSUES 1.1. The modern novel in Laotian literature 1.1.1. Theory of the novel The novel is a genre still flexible, pliable and does not seem to be framed in the narrow normative order as a number of other genres. In the history of the genre, the novel had been aware from many different angles. The perception that reflects the level of development of the novel itself. And on the other hand, the perception is also the novel's conception, the Convention institutions, react to the development of novel creates characteristic of the genre 1.1.2. Laos modern novel and the basic characteristics Novel advent of modern Laos derived from the demand itself, internally, from the need to reflect the liberation struggle of the peoples, yet to be fully prepared theoretically or less influenced by the external factors. Although, at the beginning of the 60s of XX century, the theoretical premise of Marxist literature and art - Lenin started gaining popularity in the liberated areas, but only in a certain extent, the content of the concept unexplained deep, was simple and brief. However, Since 1954 Geneva Agreements on Indochina was signed, the Lao revolutionary forces are concentrated in two provinces Sam Nua and Phan Sa Li leaning against North Vietnam and China, Lao literature have conditions exchange exposure literature neighboring countries, the region and the literary world. Many students, students, officials and soldiers from the Lao liberation overseas training, study and exchange in various fields of science, education, culture, politics has become a bridge ... to a number of representative works of world literature are popular in Laos as The mother (M. Gorky), How the Steel Was Tempered (NA Ostrovsky), Les Miserables (Vichto Huygo), Eugénie Grandet (H. Balzac), Brick yard (Dao Vu) ... And in particular, the majority of them, when they return to the country, have become fighters writer had just held a gun writer. By the end of the 60s of the twentieth century, in the whole population and military air, a heart en masse to stand up to the brutal conspiracy of American imperialism, with so many historical events and how to go through the mirror resilience valiant fallen, the prose becomes more suitable genre poetry because it has the ability to record all incidents, can depict historical events meticulously and it can tolerated many circumstances, many events, many lives many different artistic counterpoint in a holistic art (especially novels). So, in 1965, Laotian short stories was officially born, modern novels began appearing Laos in 1968 and continuous rapid development during the next two decades, with many fulllength novels. Since 1990, Laos novels tend to decline, a number of acclaimed novelist has not continued writing, but many of the names associated with the novels of writers such as Khamlieng Phonsena Laos, Suvanthon Bupphanuvong, Chanthi Duonsavan still assert its position in the construction and development of the Laotian modern novel. Thus, the background can not be compared with the novel in the world, only in comparison with Southeast Asia, the Laotian modern novel probably born late in the region. And particularly, the Laotian modern novel was born not associated with the introduction of the theory and the concept of the novel as in other literature. Realising the war against the United States was not exciting waiting on novel concepts. The novel compositions respectively born in Laos for more than two decades 70, 80 of the twentieth century is the experience of the pen used to live, study and absorb the category theory point of view in Vietnam, in France, in Russia. However, real life and literary traditions and ethnicity were defined process to acquire dominant literary East - West in Laotian modern fiction. The basic features of the Laotian novel can be generalized in some respects follows: In terms of topics and subjects. Launched into reality and grasping flames of the struggle for national liberation, the subject of the Laotan novel is the subject of Revolutionary Struggle. Just as the story works, letters, writing novels Laos focuses on two wars against the French and Americans. If the novel before 1975 reflect only stopped a typical historical events, a typical fate of society, the novel after 1975 scale reflects a broader, simultaneously, the work reflects many significant historical events in time and large space, with more prolonged fate, intertwined life scenarios. Work so much at the same time reflect the theme; variety of topics, ideas contained in a certain holistic art However, the exploitation of the reality of the life segment, Laotian novel is based primarily on the traditional concept. The folk philosophy with good wins evil, sage having fresh... for life phenomena in the match, in contrast, have limited cognitive processes, reflect reality. Reality is perceived, even simple reflection, not seeing the complex diversity of its multifold. In terms of structural work, Laotian people often prefer to enter the hall, talking over writing. Furthermore, the ideology of Buddhism, live upright, honest, sociable charity so tortuous narrative complex, reversal time, the character portrayed in the inner depth is usually not with the masses readers. Therefore, the time in Laotian novels are often physical single time dimension, structure types psychological multidimensional time still fresh. Most Laotian novels has a fullness end style end of the folk tales (usually good wins evil, primary wins evil, separated will reunite ...) Many Laotian novels not create a structured, by loose plot, random elements, hand placement of the author being too involved in the story development process. However, after 1975, the novel starts with a structure Laotian tighter, more scale, some work has built a combined plot elements that are both traditional and innovative, event and psychology. About fictional characters, Laotian modern prose fiction in general and in particular, the introduction of flame liberation struggle, rooted patriotic literature, in the liberated zones, under the leadership of the Laotian People's Revolutionary Party. Therefore, the central character, the presence of the iconic novel human sacrifices for the cause of national liberation struggle, the pursuit of happiness for the people. It is the quality of character is both the hero of the age, ethnicity has shown bold. About novel language, this is the biggest factor reflected national characteristics of the genre. In Laotian modern fiction, everyday language, the language is popular primarily material resources for building works, in which folk language, speech simile comparing the writers used more both. In addition to a number of novel signs of innovation in narrative language through the use of non-narrative style venues, the monologue and song melody of language (such as Baby Si novel of Khamlieng, Two Sisters novel of Suvanthon), the main characteristics of the language in the Laotian modern novel is to bring more language media properties. This stems from the life circumstances and tasks of the genre in literature patriotism. Press nature makes novel natural language of statistics, descriptions that are not portrayed the character's personality. We can say, Laotian novel, right from its inception was right in tune with the mission, new content and nature of literature. Tasks, new content and nature that is, the novelist to portray reality honestly, in particular, describes the history of the development a reality. And so, the task of the novelist discovers reality in tomorrow's reality today, to define the nature of social life and the laws of its development objective , to foster patriotism, love of socialism, imbued with revolutionary belief in love and the dream of a bright future of the country. This has characterized the dominant poetic genre. The synthesis between the ideal and the reality. Laotian novels was born in environments folklore is primarily a literature valuing ideal, spiritual life seriously, respect the community relations. Lofty ideals of the past, just have a solid basis in the working masses and poor patriot, in the temples, has not yet been individualist capitalism make tomorrow a new heroes were present now acquire and improve on the basis of a new world, Marxist worldview. Two wars against colonialism and imperialism has brought the ideal of ethnic patriotism to a whole new level. In addition, in view of the direction of the Laotian People's Revolutionary Party of literature and art, also spoke highly ideal, focusing function of art education, the role and responsibility of the writer From the above reasons, since its inception, Laotian novel flame burning bright in the hearts of people who read and contribute to the education of patriotism, humanitarianism for the masses. Voiced meet emotional needs and aspirations of the entire people and soldiers. Character in the novel is so revolutionary heroes who have fought heroic spirit, idealistic revolutionary beauty, is the ideal type of the era. The synthesis between epic, dramatic and lyrical. Laotian modern fiction was born in the context of the novel platform in the world and the region has made great achievements through critical step synthesis of the arts. So Laotian novel can not do all the steps that background fiction world went through. It only synthetic nature of the step rule, can not be ignored on the basis of inheriting the experience, step synthesis of novel world. The synthesis between the epic elements - theater - lyric is a step can not be ignored in the creation of Laotian novel. Through a combination of factors epic - Drama - poetry, Laotian fiction was initially characterized style category. In the Laotian modern novel, there is no category called psychological novels, novels a private life ... How typical of the genre of the novel is sounding epic novel character is also in relation to the historical events and social circumstances, epic, dramatic and poetic qualities are synthesized together to highlight the ideological themes of the work. This is clearly manifested through writer's novels Suvanthon. 1.2. Research novels of Suvanthon Currently, if the total number of research works on all Laotian modern prose in Vietnam, Laos, and in some countries of the world is no less. However, in most of the works are of interest to study some basic content of modern prose: history underlying problem - society, the way of formation and development, threads, threads, the iconic character. Only very few studies or articles published in journals with the exploration and discovery of specific forms and genres. As for the novel, the typical Laotian art of fiction and general fiction Suvanthon particular, is still a new issue, although some have questioned the study's novel Suvanthon, new song only mention one or two aspects of the work of art. The problem poetics of the genre, style characteristic problems of the writer or the art of the typical aspects of his work has not been studied in-depth, so there are theoretical generalizations about Laotian novel characteristics as well as the characteristics art in Suvanthon novel. However, all the research scholars are ahead of theoretical basis and practical for us to implement theoretical aspects of the fiction art of writers Suvanthon. Chapter 2: Features of organizations and events in the novel of Suvanthon 2.1. Features of the character organization art in Suvanthons novel 2.1.1. Classification of the characters under ideal society Is the definition of characters based on ideological aspects, ie relations with society's ideal writer. Characters are divided into two categories: a hero and villain. The main character area known as positive character, is the moral character, lofty ideal, represents the views of positive thinking writer. When a hero meaningful standards for a class, class, ethnicity becomes the ideal character. The opposite of a hero, villain always be subject to such writers sending in the critical attitude, his negatives. * Line hero During the war and in the Construction of Socialism, the man is considered the most beautiful, is the essence of ethnicity and age are the soldiers on the front line, the elite youth is always the first in the movement to build a new life. Writing about the two wars against France and the United States and the building of socialism in Laos, Suvanthon have built successful online presence is the main character of the hero's on two fronts. Line the main character in the novel area of Suvanthon always unity between the extraordinary and the ordinary. They have a simple style, rich in patriotism injured people and united community, with a deep sense of responsibility to the nation * Line villain Line villain in Suvanthon novel always portrayed in the opposite in appearance, style, lifestyle, personality with a hero. As portrayed villains, writers often use exaggerated language compares with critics sneering tone to bare the evil nature of the characters from the first occurrence. In many cases, the writer also used profane words like "sexual demons" (hazelnut exquisitely sophisticated pop) to highlight the nature of evil, the cruel lack of human is always latent in their man. We can say, for building more examples of soldiers, to praise the revolutionary hero and education of national responsibility for the generation of expression is fundamental notions about art Suvanthon human era. The construction of the villain in a work of art intended to confirm quality writer's extraordinary heroes - soldiers in opposition to the mediocrity of the hostile forces. 2.1.2. Art building character heroes - soldiers Legend of the character's ability By a combination of realism and romance, Suvanthon has created color legend in the compositions when described heroic feats of character. Pen of the writer in describing the battle as unwholesome, refreshing character of the war. The heroes - soldiers under his pen bearing the appearance of the skin at the iron his valiant, invincible, divine strength can spell sudden impulse between the enemy full of tanks, cannons to win. Not only is represented in online games, the main characters in the novel of Suvanthon are always an potential extraordinary ability in all situations, especially in situations passive, isolated besieged least power extraordinary character to shine like never before. Description brave actions of the characters, writers have proven that lofty ideal revolutionary and profound hatred for the enemy has cornered the will, the passion of the heroes focus on the one side and to give them an extraordinary power. Characters in novels of Suvanthon are so beauty romantic revolutionary, a beauty rooted in reality, closely associated with a profound realization basis. That is the nature of true romance does not sugarcoat reality, it is associated with cognitive heroic nature of life, describing life in the movement for future development. Themselves living facility for the realization of the ideal and ideal for illuminating the meaning of struggle. By a combination of reality and the ideal, writers image building character in works such as the iconic heroes, who made the heroic accomplishments of a group, a nation, character trait of time, reflecting changes in the human psyche, the political movements - history. In the characters, the political ideal is transformed into consciousness, emotional life, the image of people - citizens, people - soldiers, is the product of a historical period, an idea character. Demonstrating extraordinary abilities of the character, writers want to confirm the inevitable triumph of justice, this is a constitutive element of humanitarian values in each of his works. Idealization appearance beauty and qualities of characters. Appearance beauty of the hero - warrior in novel of Suvanthon is tied to the size of mountains, rivers, flowers, birds ... the scenery and environment of the community. Based on the type of comparison is set on the similarity of the nature of the work and praised shades admire that invokes images portray beauty has healthy, natural heroes - soldiers, by the measure of beauty that is exactly what a natural familiarity in mountainous regions, it is associated with think sticky, sticky feeling of the people of Laos tribes. Standard exterior beauty of the hero - warrior in the concept of Suvanthon, not only in the matter of perfection, but the whole aesthetic beauty, they must conform to the heroic mettle, with the task of protecting communities nation. It also is a kind of physique that harkened epic writers are always trying to find stuff to synthesize into his works. Also physique natural beauty of the earth and sky represents physical strength and community spirit of the nation, the heroes - soldiers in the novel Suvanthon also shining beauty of virtue, the soul All ... This is manifested in behavior, lifestyle and noble deeds of the characters. In many works, to portray the beauty of the character qualities writer especially interested in depicting chivalrous spirit of the warrior. By combining depict beauty and personality of the character, and character portraits heroes - soldiers in many novels of Suvanthon is now apparent to all beauty integrity. When portrays beauty and personality of the characters, Suvanthon often let characters reveal themselves or through another character's point of view. So the beauty ideal of characters is subjective and deeply value realization. Put relationship characters in many multi-dimensional Qualities of the hero - warrior of Suvanthon novel is usually expressed as two basic relationship is the relationship between the hero and his party people and the relationship between the hero for guys revenge. In relation to teammates and people, characters is the collective conscious, closely linked with the masses. Collective spirit of the hero is to explain the concept of life and fight for the people and have to rely on people to live and fight, that's the concept put the interests of ethnic communities on the benefits personal interests. And thus, the character always had absolute faith in the people and the nation, in the inevitable triumph of justice. If the love that characters for the team and the people how much bigger the character's hatred for the greater enemy. Hatred does not only manifest in the thought that it was expressed in words and actions. To kill the enemy, the hero is willing to sacrifice himself. According to the concept of the hero, sacrifices are not in vain actions, sacrifices himself to destroy the enemy, bringing benefits to the entire nation's honor, great pride themselves. The characters set of two special relationships, Suvathon has recreated the feature diversity of the Lao soldiers liberators. 2.2. Features of art event organization in Suvanthon novel 2.2.1. Structural events under event history Comprehensive survey of the writer's novels, we found that all the major events, important in the war against the imperialism of the Lao People were pretty deep reflection and honest. It can be said, in the event structure of Suvanthon novel is based on the first historical factors, mainly stemming from realistic war against the American people and tribes of Laos. Historical events are mainly source material for writers event in the novel and plot development. 2.2.2. The events follow the linear order The novel of Suvanthon use a traditional structure chronicles, the author events are described in sequence according to the flow of history. Structural of Suvanthon novels are often traditional, taking a historical event centered story, the characters, the fate revolves around events that center. Acquiring traditional ideas of ethnic and cultural characteristics and lifestyle of the Lao people, describing the conflict, conflict resolution Suvanthon novels usually end up leading to a perfect, flawless. There has expressed an indispensable principle of the just war, has shown that aspiration, optimism of the masses, deeply rooted vision folk, folk philosophy. 2.2.3. Artistic penmanship event organization * Ability to convey a broad and large event space in each unit of work. From the real historical events, the author has connected series of events that occur repeatedly in the course of implementing the plot. Each event after event has ever larger, more aggressive level. These events are not only historical events large events, of a great nation, but at the same time, it also affects and can affect the destiny of the peoples of Southeast Asia. By a large reproduction events, historical events of a revolutionary way to much loss sacrificed writer inspiration reveals clear history, one of the major inspirations epic. * Describe penmanship With penmanship events depicted through art image, at the same time, the writer has done both task: just hold on to the historic event just generalize the history of an era, that is just generalize Lao revolutionary struggle by art, by art imagery, has recorded the most dynamic features, the most specific of the historical events took place in the last two wars. So the writer is considered "loyal secretary of the times", is written "Annals" by Lao art image. Chapter 3: Features of space and time in the novel of Suvanthon 3.1. Artistic space in the novel of Suvanthon Suvanthon novel direction to reflect major events, the great event, the basics of turning people's lives and Laotian nation history. So epic space is considered an art featured in the spatial organization of his novels. Writers at the same time using the three-dimensional space: the space point, line and space plane space to create the monumental space domain, is a favorable environment for the hero - warrior work action. 3.1.1. Public space Public space is also called social space epic opposed to private life cramped space. To create a namespace in the monumental work, Suvanthon has expanded in size to the maximum space, space spread out over a large range, not only throughout the country but according to overcome national borders. That space is often expressed in the crowded gathering place as the base, the liberation army barracks, public squares, offices, villages, hospitals, schools, forests, roads ... In the region's vast space, the man was minded to live and fight for the noble ideal of the community in the nations. There is also a working life, improvement, production, and as the effects of the masses to the elite youth. Create epic space domain, the writer wanted the character conducive environment to operate. Therefore the space always be expanded in the footsteps characters, including spaces online becomes more popular in Suvanthon novel because "this type of space suit heroic nature, aimed at celebrating victory period the great, legendary characters and epic continues to expand its space "[140, tr.80]. That is one reason to make the image "path" to become familiar and repeated many of his novels. If the online space helps writers have the ability to expand to the maximum boundary length or space vertically, the space plane may help writers expand the boundaries to the maximum width of space . So the space plane is also a form of public space is reflected in the choice of Suvanthon in his work. In addition to online space, space plane, the writer also uses spatial points. In Suvanthon novels, is always space to stretch band but always comes from a certain space, a place to carry out the various spatial domain, create a public space diaphragmatic coated. We can view the public space as an artistic counterpoint in the a writer to build the character enormity. 3.1.2. The battlefield space The rich realization of the liberation struggle in Laos is felt not only Suvanthon length in the historical time, but also the width, depth in the space history. Iconic characters directly involved in the historical events are subject to explore and reflect mainly in the works. Thus, the battle space is exploited writer with new qualities, space combat not only as a backdrop for the action nuanced epic, epic new style of the era, but also recreate the feel inspired historical epic, which is space writer portrayed in many media, can feel with all the senses. If public space is an artistic counterpoint accommodate the enormity of the hero, the battlefield space re-affirmed functional hero qualities of the characters. Describing the epic space battlefield, fierce tension Suvanthon novel is derived from artistic intentions of the writer, in fact it is the preparation of the necessary conditions for the appearance of the image new, iconic people in the struggle to build and protect the country. 3.1.3. Natural space The nature space in the novel of Suvanthon quite diverse, including mountain forests space, urban space, riverside space, outside space ... in which space becomes mountainous central image natural center of the picture in each work. Natural space where the forest is not just the environment but also the environmental challenges of the outstanding people of the nation. 3.2. Art time in the novel of Suvanthon 3.2.1. Time history - events The main theme of Suvathon novels is national history, so time history is an important role in the work. Time history in the novel of Suvanthon is not time in the past history of the epic which is contemporary history with epic stature. It's time physics, real-time, independent of objective time, social time, revolutionary campaign, ie the history of the nation is expressed through the objective facts exist independently of the narrator's consciousness. Time history of events in Suvanthon novels is not time as the annals of history, memoir. It is also not purely historical society harmonious combination between social history and personal history. However, whether it comes to personal time, but time is still the mainstream history. Time events in the novel always reflect the expanded scope including personal time and social time. It is the individual depicted history in relation to national history, man's destiny tied to the fate of the country. It is also an expression of the fundamental steps in the synthesis of novel epic writer. 3.2.2. Reaction time - concluding In most of Suvanthon novels, we see, writers are often deployed in image matching between two categories of past and present. Recalling scenes "old" but not for nostalgic scene to compare with "this", from which "attributed to" the problems of the times, movement direction of society. Two faces, past and present is expressed through many different contents, make some familiar motifs such as motif before poverty, injustice - this happy, fair; before the main motif after strong. This feature is quite familiar in the novel Vietnam period 1945 - 1975, this stems from the similarities in terms of social history, and also explain in part the impact, of the receptive Suvanthon office during the construction works. 3.2.3. Time trials and hope Reflecting the reality of life in the war years with many hardships, time in Suvanthon novel is not merely time events, meaningful time with attribution matching, but also the time probation hearts. Firstly, time means to challenge the courage, resource wise warrior, which is more time-style disaster, danger, strong pressure, forcing characters to act. War of Independence incredibly arduous and long term is a major challenge of the human heart. Time, thus becoming the measure of the love and faithfulness of the couple love each other, as long, as the quality radiant characters by "timelike image of a deity bearing function tests challenges of human qualities " Chapter 4: Features of language arts and modes of narrative in the novel of Suvanthon. 4.1. Characteristics of art language in the novel of Suvanthon 4.1.1. Colorful folklore and Buddhist in novel language of Suvanthon * Colorful folklore Suvanthon is a writer of deeply influenced folk literature of Laos, outside influences in the way of plot structure, characters, time, space, the language of his works also imbued traditional nature, special way comparable folk simile is used quite a lot. This is one of the constituents style author. He is the author or portrayed - compare. With folk art of language fiction writers have taken language novels become close, understandable, consistent with the aesthetic tastes of the people of Laos tribes. However, the writer has no comparisons to detect the nature of creativity. This is also a drawback of many authors in modern literature in general Laos. * Colorful Buddhist Survey of the writer Suvanthon novels, we can perceive color Buddhist in language works through the paintings reflect the life and character portraits reproduced. Language in Suvanthon novel is not the language of scriptures, Buddhist teachings, nor the language of a monk, but the point of view of characters, writers have reproduced the complete picture life paintings with bold colors Buddhist expression through language reflects the thinking and perception of the character. In the works, more details, more characters portrayed by the author in the light of Buddhist faith, under the reference of Buddhist ideology. Buddha belief, many characters in the works of the Buddhist theory used to express fidelity in love and sincerity in friendship. With the enemy is no longer the Buddhist faith, goodness and evil trampled rising The paintings depict the life and character portraits reproduced through language signals carrying color and folk Buddhism is one of the manifestations of ethnicity in Suvanthon novels. 4.1.2. The language of dialogue, monologue and double tone language in the novels of Suvanthon * Language Conversation Conversation Reflects soul, personality In Suvanthon novel, dialogue language, first of all, contributing to portray the hero - warrior, the ideal of the nation. The beauty of virtue, talent and their strength is not only expressed through language dialogue between them and the team and the people that are expressed through the language of dialogue between them and the enemy. In the first case, language becomes the means of dialogue transporting art of deep emotions, expressing concern, caring attitude and love close military and civilians as fish to water. Sentiment _ also expressed in the sensitive, always think for people. In the second case, the language of dialogue becomes a sharp weapon capable of defeating opponents. For the reactionary forces minions, language dialogue become powerful vehicles of writers in potrayed and expose their nature. Stems from the nature of the spirit of equality, language dialogue has a special advantage in reflecting the social conflicts. We can say, without a word means which is capable of showing the sharpest conflicts in the language of social dialogue. Through dialogue with the spirit of equality, figures show conditions outside all what he wanted to persuade or attempt to overwhelm the enemy. Since then, the nature of the relationship and the soul of his personality are revealed clearly. Perhaps so, in Suvanthon novel, portrayed as the villain, writers often focus pull of language amplitude of up dialogue, the characters are little or no line monologue, the appearance of the characters is always associated with the dialogue to show the contradictions and internal conflicts are complex. Dialogue between the villains not only reveal the reactionary nature but also shows that the trivial selfish in their nature. The increase in dialogue between the language villain has a special artistic value of Suvanthon novel. It not only contributes to portray clearly the portraits and characters nature, but also increase the quality of the work carried out.
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