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1. Lợi ích của thể thao và tập thể dục EFFECTS AND BENEFITS OF SPORTS TRAINING EXERCISE REGULARLY .the benefit of sport and physical exercises: Increases immune system : Many studies have shown that older people who exercise moderately immunity 6hour/week the same as when they 20 years old. . The exercise is also effective for heart : A study of 936 U.S. women with chest pain or narrowed arteries found that those with oversized weight , there are many possibilities for cardiovascular disease but this ratio will decrease if they exercise weight has not changed though . Helping you to have a slim body : Researchers say if you want to maintain your weight is to exercise every day for at least 30 minutes . Be patient and practice regularly . You will have duocmot physique you want . . Reduces stress, So , the longer you hesitate any longer without starting to practice . Hopefully , reading this article , you will regularly practice sport to achieve success in life ! 2. WHY ARE GOOD BOOKS GOOD TEACHERS AND FRIENDS? It is often said: “Tell me what you are reading and I will tell you who you are”. For me, a good book is always a good teacher guiding me through life as well as a true companion encouraging me and consulting me in my desperate straits. In fact, interesting books are a source of invaluable knowledge to those who want to master everything they haven’t known before. Through masterpieces all over the world we can realize the whole outstanding culture and civilization of mankind in every aspect: literature, science, sociology, anthropology, technology and economics. Nobody denies the important role of good books in developing man’s knowledge. The more we read valuable books the more we become wise and experienced. By reading books, we can get rid of all prejudices and narrowmindedness. We can no longer live in The Ivory Tower like a recluse and therefore we can get along with other people around us easily. Next, good books are true companions who always share our joys and sorrows in our daily activities. Are you in low spirits and disappointed in your affairs? Read wise advice through books by profound scholars and authors. Are you sad? Read subtle humorous stories of well-known humorists in the world. All your sorrows and disappointments will vanish at once. In summary, good books help us train our personality. They help us distinguish the Good from the Bad and they lead us to the True, the Good and the Beautiful. 1 3. TELL ABOUT THE POLLUTION IN OUR CITY AND HOW TO SOLVE IT Environmental pollution in our country today - situation and some solutions A burning issue , pressing in public opinion of the country 's current situation of ecological environment pollution caused by the production and activity of human-caused . This problem is increasingly serious , direct threat to the economic development - sustainable society , the existence and development of the current generation and future . Solve the problem of environmental pollution in the period of accelerated industrialization and modernization present not only in high demand for supply management , the business that it was the responsibility of the political system and the entire society . In the first year of the renewal , focus priorities for economic development and also partly due to the limited awareness of the economic development associated with environmental protection have not paid proper attention . Status integral environmental protection with economic development - social common place in many different branches , leading to environmental pollution caused rampant and getting worse . Subjects environmental pollutants mainly engaged in production of plants in industrial areas , villages activity and living in large urban areas . Environmental pollution includes 3 categories: land pollution , water pollution and air pollution . In three types of urban pollution air pollution in large urban areas , industrial zones and craft villages is the most serious , pollution levels exceed many times the permitted standard . In general , most of the parks , industrial locations across the country did not meet the environmental standards prescribed . Situations that make ecological environment in some areas are seriously polluted . Residential community , especially the neighboring communities with industrial parks , are faced with environmental disaster . They have to live with dust , drinking water from sources contaminated industrial waste ... From there , causing discontent , leading to reactions , fierce struggle of the people for polluting activities schools , sometimes flare into acute social conflict . Along with the advent of massively parks , industrial locations , the traditional craft villages also recovered and flourished . Besides industrial areas and villages polluting the environment , in big cities , pollution is at an alarming rate . It is the pollution of waste water , domestic waste , medical waste , air, noise ... In recent years , the urban population increased rapidly causing drainage system could not meet and rapid degradation . Waste water , domestic waste ( inorganic and organic ) in most urban discharged directly into the environment without any treatment measures other than transport to landfills . Environmental pollution has many causes mentioned on subjective and 2 objective are different, but are concentrated in the following main reasons : First, the limitations and inadequacies of the policies and laws on environmental protection and the implementation of the authorities . According to Justice Department statistics , there are about 300 legal documents on environmental protection in order to regulate the behavior of individuals , organizations and economic activities , the technical process , using process materials used in production . However, the writing system is still not perfect , inconsistencies , lack of detail , the stability is not high , the state enacted new text no longer had to modify , supplement is quite common , thereby effectively limiting the adjustment behavior of individuals , organizations and economic activities ... in protecting the environment . Second, the legal powers of the Environmental Protection Agency , most of the environmental police force is not really strong enough , thus limiting the performance monitor the situation , detecting , combating and preventing stop the violation of law on the protection of the environment . The legal basis , penalties for this kind of behavior causing environmental pollution and environmental crime are insufficient , just not strong enough , which would limit the effect of education , prevention , commandments threatening behavior against environmental harm . Very few cases are polluting handle criminal cases ; also handle other measures such as forced relocation from polluting the area , closing and adjustment operations of the facility operations caused environmental pollution is also not apply or have applied but the authorities lack resolute tray enterprises should also not be effective . Third, the authorities have not fully recognized and given due attention to environmental protection , leading to lax management , lack of accountability in the inspection and environmental monitoring . The inspection and examination of the environmental authorities for the production facility seems tokenistic , the phenomenon of " punishment for survival " also popular . Appraisal and environmental impact assessment for projects exist many shortcomings and have not been properly respected , even only be conducted formally , perfunctorily for all players further , leading to quality assessment and approval is not high . Wednesday, propaganda and education on environmental protection in society is limited , leading to not promote self-discipline , responsibility of organizations , individuals and communities to participate in conservation keep and protect the environment . Thursday, qualifications and professional team of staff responsible for environmental protection is limited; technical means to serve the test did not meet the demands of practice. Therefore, in many cases , the inspection team was unable to detect the subtle tricks of enterprises discharging pollutants into the environment . 3 Protect the ecological environment in the process of industrialization and modernization is now eager urgent requirement set for the political system , at all levels , sectors , organizations , and businesses of all citizens . To prevent , overcome and treated effectively acts pollute the environment , need to perform some synchronization solution following key : One is , to continue perfecting the legal system of environmental protection , including the sanctions ( administrative and coercive treatment form ) to actually physically strong enough to deter violators . In addition, the need to develop a comprehensive system of environmental management in the factories , industrial parks according to international standards , while closely monitoring organization towards a nice environment and friendly than with humans . Second, strengthen the situation , inspection , testing , environmental monitoring ( frequent , regular and irregular ) ; close coordination between the specialized agencies , especially between environmental inspection force to police force environment at all levels , to detect , prevent and treat promptly , thoroughly polluting behavior environmental organizations and individuals . At the same time , enhance professional competence and professional staff for specialized work environment ; equipped with modern technical facilities to effectively serve the activities of the force. Third, focusing on development planning zones , industrial locations , villages , towns , ensuring high scientific , calculated on the basis of thorough , comprehensive development trend , from which appropriate policies ; avoid spill planning , inconsistencies , overlapping in many localities as last time , making it difficult for the general management , environmental management in particular . For industrial areas , there should be mandatory for infrastructure investment company to build a collection system , wastewater treatment focus will be allowed to complete activities , and regular reports period of operation of waste water treatment , waste there. Fourth, focus and organize serious evaluation , environmental impact assessment for projects , on that basis, the professional body for accurately advise the competent authorities consider decide whether or not to grant investment licenses . The determination of the investment project should be considered carefully between bringing immediate benefits to its impact on the environment in the long run . Implementation public and transparent planning , investment projects and to facilitate all organizations and citizens can participate in social debate about the environmental impact of the project plan and then . Fifth, promote advocacy , environmental education in order to create social change and awareness , sense of law observance of environmental protection , social responsibility of citizens , business now in the preservation and protection of the environment ; eco-conscious construction , making people 4 aware of a voluntary position , role , intimate relationship between nature human – social. 4. WHAT BENEFITS CAN TRAVELING BRING TO YOU? Reduce stress Conquering the mountain sun on the beach or have a chance to enjoy the fresh air of nature , relieve stress and relax . In addition, through recreational activities , you will also feel happy , optimistic and love life more . Good for health When participating in holiday activities , you can reduce high blood pressure , increased ability to react than 80 % compared with normal sleep patterns . According to some studies , women stay separated for about six years or so will be more susceptible to heart disease , coronary vessels than eight-fold compared with women who travel twice a year . Explore interesting things When traveling , you will recognize this world there are so many interesting things to learn and discover . If you are familiar with the location in the country then why not travel abroad this summer ? You can travel Cambodia , to the coastal city of Kampong Som , Angkor Wat Tours , squares off with, conquer Bakheng hill 65m high ... Enjoy delicious dishes When a country or a certain location , you can not ignore that the local specialties . Thus , traveling means you have the opportunity to enjoy good food , fresh and unique . Problem solving skills Despite careful planning for the trip but things happen suddenly as it rains , forget stuff , lost ... will help you solve problems more flexible and responsive . This will contribute to practice the handling of situations in life and work . Learn new languages There is no way to improve their language skills by daily communication with the natives , including methods in school or language center . Moreover, according to many employers , said some foreign language will help you impress and scored more employers . Add to Friends When you travel , you will be able to meet , make friends and chat with people from around the world . However, before coming to a country or a certain location , you should pay attention to weather problems in order to select the appropriate attire . More confident Tourism is one of the ways to learn , accumulate knowledge and experience interesting things . Visiting many countries , famous places and learn different cultures and enrich the lives of your capital . Besides, traveling more , you will 5 open , dynamic and confident in communicating more . All are precious gifts to help you relax , study , work efficiency and improve ourselves . 5. "WHAT I DO TO MAINTAIN GOOD FRIENDSHIP" We can’t go through life without friendship. Friendship is one of the greatest pleasures that people can enjoy. So what should I do to maintain good friendship? First, we should set great store by our friendship and treat our friends unprofitably. If our respect to a certain friend is for pecuniary purpose then our friendship will never last long. Second, if we wish to retain our friends and keep the sacred lamp of friendship burning, we should be careful not interfere blatantly in our friends’ activities or to ridicule their tastes, or to prevent their decisions or to indulge in perpetual comments on their proceedings. Third, So we must forgive our friends for their mistakes. If we insist on forcing them to apologize for their wrong doing our friendship will sooner or later end up. Fourth, we must be ready to help our friends when they are in need. “A friend in need is a friend indeed Fifth, we must treat our friends and their acquaintances with courtesy. We should not speak harsh words to them Sixth, in my opinion, the most important factors which enable us to keep our good friendship are sincerity and loyalty. These two essential factors help us keep our friendship stable and everlasting. Blessed are those who know how to keep their friendship eternal. A good friend always shares our hardships, consoles and encourages us when we are in distress. Good friendship is there fore the noblest and the most sacred feeling in life. 6.WHAT SHOULD THE YOUNG PEOPLE DO TO GET HIMSELF / HERSELF READY FOR THE FUTURE. Young people today are very ambitious , because they want to succeed in life and earn a lot of money . However, there is a long way to the future so it requires young people to do a lot of things to get ready for the future . First of all , good health is essential for everyone ; People too young to be healthy by exercising regularly , having a good diet and avoid stress . Without health , young people can not achieve any of their dreams . Second, it is clear that education is the best way to achieve a bright future , so young people should try their best in school and spend more time on their studies , so they can accumulate knowledge more valuable than both general and major knowledge . Higher education can help people have a good job with high salary easy. Moreover, living in a modern life , young people have to work so they can adapt to life in the fast and highly competitive society . 6 To sum up , to be healthy , active , and education are essential qualities that young people should get themselves ready for the future . Much of today's young ambitious hope of People , Because They would like the song to success in call friend and for more money . Tuy nhiên , it is one for the future Chang Long Line Because of the fact sau For Youth to Make People questions are available for the many to the future . Before expired , is the best health food moi required for all persons, each child Newspapers Should Phải powerful breeze using way files can do regular exercise , have safe mode ' best diet , avoid stress . If not health, the Youth People can not be found set of Ming dreams . Monday people, ambiguous Furniture job the way education is best first to set the future bright as then , the young newspaper Ming Should cố expired space in the reserved time job education and offer input multiple Their look up , sew them to be integrated The progressive multiple comments expressions are the expressions count value at all comments and big Quat . High educational garment helps moi nguoi have a job with the high salary level best one way easy progress . Nữa song in one call modern life , the Youth People have been working to be a few more conversations like the song match the quick and high competition in society. summary , showing powerful friend , Activities and high price mark quality education is the need to Furniture , The People and They will have children available for the future . 7.THREE IMMEDIATE MEASURES TO SOLVE THE TRAFFIC PROBLEM IN YOUR CITY The number of vehicles is increasing day by day and traffic problems become a very hot topic . To solve this problem , we need to place three measures immediately after . First of all , there should be a clear legal communication traffic for everyone . Students need to be taught in school how to comply with the law on the road . Furthermore, transport officials to strictly handle violations . Second, the government should implement a plan for public transport as develpoping and encourage people to use buses . It will reduce the amont of motorcycles as well as making traffic safer . Finally , governments also need to build more highways , to widen streets and roads . This helps reduce traffic congestion and accidents . In a nutshell , do these things is not so simple , everyone must work together to improve transportation in our city8. OVERPOPULATION CAUSES A LOT OF PROBLEMS TO SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. DISCUSS AND PROVE THE PROBLEM. As much as possible . That is true but not for people . Overpopulation has caused a lot of problems to economic development and social . First, for society , not good enough home , schools , hospitals for everyone . 7 Economic development can not keep pace with population growth as a result, most people lived in very poor condition . They 're hungry unemployed so they are easy to get involved in social ills as the distance between the rich and the poor is greater . Also, overpopulation also leads to environmental pollution , traffic problems and other issues that the government must fight . Moreover, the economy can not grow quickly because of social instability . Budget share to solve other problems caused by overpopulation . A large number of unemployed people in the company as a lack of skilled workers . Economic policy is also very difficult to implement . This , in turn , affects the strength of social development. In conclusion , solve all the problems take time and effort . Therefore , we need to consider overpopulation is a serious problem and take responsibility for this. 9. “ HOW TO THE SUCCESSFUL IN YOUR ENGLISH LEARNING?” English is one of the most important equipment that everyone needs in today's modern society . So what should people do to learn English to succeed ? First, the key factors to success for any language is hard work . Education can not be mastered overnight , but it needs a process . The learner must continuously enrich the knowledge of English. To do this , they are supposed to be very studious . Second, students have to learn from many sources : from textbooks in the classroom , as well as from teahers from newspapers , internet and foreigners . Next, the learner must combine theory and practice . They have put their knowledge to practical situations . For example , they can talk to foreigners that they met on the street , or they can use English to write leetters , email or chat with friends on the internet . In summary , except for those with talent in learning English , success in learning English is not at all easy to get to everyone . So we should try to learn English more and more. 10.IT IS HARD TO IMAGINE PEOPLE CAN LIVE WITHOUT FRIEND Live so that when we die then , people crying while we were laughing ! " That is why , we have to live that is so worth living , live so that when we die, we can be at peace , where nine streams smiling , smile because our parents are old age ( though really when guys mourners head to the silver green hair ) , my brothers were prosperous and happy, my family affluence , happily . This is the life ! 1 borrowed during which he had read on the Internet to complement lifestyles "This is living " as follows : "Life is extremely , every human life limited . I can not choose the place of birth , date of birth not choice (usually ok ! ) But can choose a way of life . " If life is not like I want to , I could live ." And he will decide how to live when we close our eyes farewell world we laugh or cry . When you live inherent right as human beings , as you can live with joy -no - love - staining , not to act against conscience , not cruel , not to trample on 8 others ... I believe when separated from the life , you will smile and who really loves you will cry . Everyday , I always like the back : each person has a unique life , not cohabiting , no draft deletes rewrite , should love every moment , take advantage of every moment meaningful , live hard, hard to love those who love me always remember with affection my best . 11.YOUNG PEOPLE WHY MANY DO NOT LIKE ENGLISH FILMS Today, there is a fact that young people love to watch Korean movies , Chinese movies and Hollywood films but VietNamese movie is not . So what is the reason ? First, most of the ice film VietNamese no good . The main theme is about the rural areas , war , or daily life . It is very easy to predict what will happen next in the movie or end of the film . Story more interesting . Second, the acting is not enoungh attractive . Actors and actresses themshelves not skilfull . Costumiers very simple and somtimes not appropriate . Moreover, the director seems enoungh not good . This may be due to the shortage of money and investment . Infact , there are still some good movies like " moor " , " happy home " , " sugar daddy " ...... However, Vietnam film industry should try their best to produce of the better movie that also atract especially young audience . 12.THE GOOD AND BAD OF USING THE COMPUTER Computer is one of the most important discoveries in modern society . However, computer use has both a good side and a bad side . First, use a computer to do many good things for human life . By using computers , people can work faster and more accurately . Computers are used in many fields such as education , banking and finance , industry and even agriculture . Using a computer can store the information ; make calculations with extremely high speed . In addition, the computer helps reduce manual work because it can work automatically . Furthermore, using computers , people can relax and unwind with the amazing : watching movies , or listening to music . In addition, computer help and research studies because we can find any information on the internet . Furthermore, communication between people all over the world is easy, and effective convenientt . However, a lot of work with a computer can be very harmful to our health , especially the eyes . Use this calculator also takes a lot of time . Some people are even addicted to the computer and spend day and night on it . Next, it can be harmful if a visit to " black sites " on the internet . In summary, the use of computers gives us a lot of advantages . However, a careful mind to use it for best results efffectively in work , learning and leisure . 13. DO YOUNG PEOPLE TODAY MAKE GOOD USE OF SPARE TIME 9 Sometimes there are times when you do not have anything better to do . For some people it is a reward , or break time Routine . For others , it again really bored . This article will examine you to use free time how effective workplace . • Write a list of things to do • Break the job - can you see these things more manageable ( and less daunting than you do ! ) • Let's start from scratch and hand made according to the list that do . Before you know it , the work has been completed ! Please surf if possible . Most companies test time surfing habits and your network , because So do not overdo it . • Participate in discussion forums • Read the news . And let there be understanding • Learn the keyboard shortcuts • Perhaps you should think what you should do and how you can live with that ! Spare time as an opportunity to do something fun! Take advantage of it ! 14.TELL SOME OF THE ADVANTAGES OF LIVING IN A CITY in rural areas or cities have their own interests, then what are the benefits in the city Pros are living in crowded cities, security, good order. Means learning, study, there are many opportunities and challenges friction to develop talent, easy job search, enjoying every comforts of modern civilization convenient in living, dining, shopping, communication, participation in community activities, medical care, research, learning many things, for advancement ... such as learning English and computer skills at the center, had the club activities such as hip hop, theater, cinema 15. FRIEND OR FAMILY: WHICH DO YOU THINK HAVE PLAYED A PART IN YOUR LIFE? more Important Family is extremely important to me . As a youth , where the family is nurtured and cultivated virtue for me . At maturity , the family shelter and shared with me all the joys and sorrows , difficulties in life a most sincere where families are born great big len.la we len.la home where you are living with relatives who own the place believed to be carried into later life a more mature way Violence also gives us the passion of his cherished dream and aspiration for us to take the family len.Ngoai is your place to relax after a tiring session moi.ban think about it would be unfortunate while each lane being how far we were seated dinner with her parents , brother and sister were happily chatting with each other than they would like when we sit down to eat a clever nao. Becaus not bring yourself to appreciate home his family home . " 10
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