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Practice Tests GlobaiELT English language Teaching Books Andrew Betsis Lawrence Mamas Succeed in Cambridge English: Advanced - I 0 Practice Tests Advanced 20 IS Revised Format Paper Time Paper I • I hour 30 min Reading & Use of English • 34 questions Tasl< Types Test Focus Part I -multiple-choice cloze (eight gaps) Part I - lexical/lexico-grammatical, Part 2- open cloze (eight gaps) • length of texts: Part 3 -word formation (eight gaps) aboutSS0-850 Part 4 - key wor d transformations per part (six questions) • word count 3,000- 3,500 Part 5 - text followed by six 4-option multiple-choice questions Part 6 - four short texts, followed by four cross-text multiple-matching questions Part 7 - gapped text task - paragr aphs removed Part 8 - multiple matching - a text or several short texts , preceded by I 0 multiple-matching questions Paper 2 Writing • I hour 30 min • 2 parts Paper 4 Listening • Approximately 40 minutes • 30 questions Paper 5 Speaking • IS minutes (for pairs) • 4 parts vocabulary, collocations, fixed phrases, idioms et c. Part 2 - grammatical/lexico-grammatical, grammar with some focus on vocabulary Part 3 - lexical/lexico-grammatical, focus on vocabulary, compounding Part 4 - grammatical/lexico-grammatical, grammar, vocabulary & collocations Part 5 - detail , opin ion , tone, purpose, main idea, implication, attitude, text organisation features (exemplification , comparison , reference) Part 6 - Understanding of opinion and attitude; comparing and contrasting of opinions and attitudes across texts . Part 7 - text structure, cohesion and coherence Part 8 - Detail , opinion , attitude, specific information. Part I - compulsory t ask: essay w ith a discursive focus (220-260 words) Part 2 - Q .2-4 choice of one task from the following: • letter • proposal • report • review (220-260 words) Part I - focus on evaluating, expressing Part I - multiple choice; three short Part I - feeling, attitude, opinion, unrelated extracts; exchanges between interacting speakers; two questions per text Part 2 - sentence completion task with eight items; a monologue (could be introduced by a presenter) Part 3 - 6 multiple choice questions; a conversation between interacting speakers Part 4 - multiple matching task - five short themed monologues. Two linked tasks, requiring selection from list of eight options - I 0 multiple-matching questions. All texts will be heard twice. purpose, function , agreement, cour se of action , general gist, detail, etc. Part 2 - specific information, stated opinion Part 3 - attit ude and opin ion Part 4 - gist, attitude, main points, interpreting context Part I - conversation between the Part I - general i era o interlocutor and each candidate (spoken questions) Part 2 - individual one-minute 'long turn' for each candidate with bri ef response from second candidate ; each candidate is given three visual stimul i, with questions Part 3 - two-way conversation betw ee n the candidates (written stimul i w it h spoken instructions) Part 4 - discussion on topics re lated to Part 3 (spoken questio ns) opinions, hypothesising, persuading Part 2 - varying focuses according to task; including giving opinions, persuading, justifying, giving advice, comparing social language Part 2 - organ· · greeing Succeed in Cambridge English: Advanced - I 0 Practice Tests Contents CONTENTS SPEAKING SECTION Page 4 CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH: ADVANCED EXAM GUIDE Page 33 PRACTICE TEST 1 Page 49 PRACTICE TEST 2 Page 64 PRACTICE TEST 3 Page 78 PRACTICE TEST 4 Page 92 PRACTICE TEST 5 Page 106 PRACTICE TEST 6 Page 120 PRACTICE TEST 7 Page 134 Page 148 PRACTICE TEST 9 Page 162 PRACTICE TEST 10 Page 176 PRACTICE TEST 8 ~--~~- '~!.L_I ,··- ~-T :! Published by GLOBAL ELT LTD Brighton , Ea s t Suss ex , UK www.globalelt. co. uk Copyright © G LOBAL ELT LTD , 2 01 4 A ll rights reserved. No part of this publicat ion may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system , or transmitted in any form or by any means, e lectron ic, mechanica l, photocopying, record ing or otherwise, without the prior permission in writing of the Publisher. Any person who does any unauthorised act in relation to th is publication may be liable to crimina l prosecution and civi l claims fo r da mages. • Succeed in Ca mbridge English: Advanced- 2015 Form at- 10 Practice Tests - Student's Book- ISBN: 9781781641521 • Succeed in Ca mbridge English : Advanced- 2015 Form at- 10 Practice Tests - Teacher·s Book- ISBN: 978178164153 8 Every effort has been made to trace the copyright holders and we apologize in advance for any unintentional omission. We w ill be happy to insert the appropriate acknowledgements in any subsequent editions. 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(October 7th, 2004). Author Unknown. " Teens 'inherit' Weight Worries", © Associated Newspapers Limited CAE Practice Test I Paper 5 - Speaking Paper 5: SPEAKING Time: IS minutes per pair of candidates Candidates take the Speaking test in pairs (occasionally, where there is an uneven number of cand idates , three students m ay be required to take the test together). There are two examiners (an assessor and an interloc utor) and one of them (the assessor) does not take part in the interaction but assesses your performance according to fo ur analyt ical scales . The other examiner (the interlocutor) conducts the test and tells you what you have to do. The inte rlocutor also gives you a global mark for your performance in the test as a whole. Part 1 2 minutes (5 minutes for groups of three) In Part I of the Speaking test, you may be asked to talk about your interests, general experiences, studies or career, and plans fo r the future . The examiner will first ask you for some general information about yourself, and then widen the scope of the conversation to include subjects like leisure activities, studies, travel , holiday experiences and daily life. Respond directly to the examiner 's questions, avoid very short answers, and list en when your partner is speaking. You are not required to interact with your partner in this part, but you may do so if you wish . Interlocutor: Good morning/afternoon/evening. My name is . . ...... ... and this is my colleague .. . .. . . . . . And your names are? Can I have your mark sheets, please? Thank you . First of all , we'd like to know something about you . Select one or two questions and ask candidates in turn, as appropriate. • Where are you from? • What do you do? • How long have you been studying English? • What do you enjoy most about learning English? Select one or more questions from any of the following categories, as appropriate. Family and Friends • How important do you think family is? ... (Why?) • How much time do you spend with you r family and wh at do you enjoy doing with them? • What qualities does a close friend need to possess? e With whom would you discuss a difficult personal situation , a family member or a close friend? ... (Why?) Art • What would you say your relationship with the arts is? e Which kind of art are you most interested in? . . . (Why?) • When w as the last time you visited a museum , gallery or an exhibition? What were your impressions on thi s vi sit? • Who is your favourite artist? ... (Why?) Travel • Who do you prefer to travel with? . .. (Why?) • Are you more fond of long or short distance travel ? • What has been your most exciting t r avel experience thus far? e Name some things that you would never leave behind you when you travel. Sports • Do you prefer team sports or individual sports? • What qualities do you need to possess in order to do well in a team sport? e What do you think about extreme sports? e What are the most popular sports in your country? Celebrities • Wh at are some of the advantages and disadvantages of being famous? • Who is your favourite celebrity? .. . (Why?) • What would you be willing to sacrifice in order to be famous? e Why do you think more and more young people nowadays long for fame and m one CAE Practice Test I Part 2 - long turn Paper 5- Speal - Xem thêm -