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Some guidelines I. GROUP ORAL PRESENTATION • Number of groups: 7 • Time: 30 minutes ▫ 15 minutes: peer-teaching ▫ 15 minutes: oral presentation (explanation of the activities in the peerteaching session and presentation of some important points of the relevant theory) • Preparation: ▫ A handout for the instructor and the whole class in which there should be all the important information about the group. The handout should give a brief and clear outline of the theoretical points presented. ▫ One part of the lesson plan should also be designed for the microteaching. The group should hand in the handout and this part before they start to teach it. Each of the other 6 groups should also receive one copy of the part of the lesson plan.  Groups 1 + 2: Description of the class  Groups 3 + 4: Textbook + Materials and Sources + References  Groups 5 + 6 + 7: Objectives + Procedures + Additional Possibilities + Homework + Appendices + References 1 POINTS TO CONSIDER: • The group’s interest • Their summary of WHAT and HOW to teach • Their questions or problems in teaching • Their possible solutions II. PEER TEACHING/ MICRO-TEACHING Number of sessions: 2 ▫ An illustration together with the oral presentation (15 minutes – one part of the lesson plan) ▫ The final weeks of the semester (60 minutes – the complete lesson plan) While one student is presenting or teaching the lesson, the other students will have these tasks to do: ▫ listening carefully to the presenter/ teacher so that they can give comments/ feedback, make questions, give answers and share their opinions during and after the oral presentation/ peer-teaching ▫ acting as a student to support the teacher in the lesson 2
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