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Phuoc Thien high school Teaching vocabulary in a reading lesson grade 11 EDUCATION AND TRAINING DEPARTEMENT OF DONG NAI PROVINCE PHUOC THIEN HIGH SCHOOL CODE: ……………… EXPERIENCE INITIATIVE TEACHING VOCABULARY IN A READING LESSON GRADE 11 Written by: VÕ ĐÌNH PHƯỚC Research area: Education management:………………  English teaching method: English ……  Other fields:……….……………………  Enclosed with: Model  software  Film and picture  other related things SCHOOL YEAR: 2012-2013 Page 1 Phuoc Thien high school Teaching vocabulary in a reading lesson grade 11 CURRICULUM I. PERSONAL INFORMATION 1. Full name: Võ Đình Phước 2. Date of birth: 18th October, 1980 3. Male / female: Male 4. Address: Hamlet 5, Hiep Phuoc village, Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province 5. Phone number: 0907 91 91 92 6. Fax: Email: jamesvo92@yahoo.com 7. Career: English Teacher 8. Work at: Phuoc Thien High School II. EDUCATION - University: B.A in English - Year graduated: 2005 - Trained specialty: English III. EXPERIENCE - Experienced professional field: - Year of Teaching : 8 - Recently written theme: Developing reading skill Page 2 Phuoc Thien high school Teaching vocabulary in a reading lesson grade 11 FOREWORD Changing teaching in education is the right action of teachers and students in teaching and learning process. The change is always understood by carrying out some specific forms. Forms and ways to make them happen do not completely separate. The method of teaching is the forms and performances of teachers and students in the teaching conditions in order to achieve the purpose of teaching. The method of teaching is the form and the performance by which teachers and students perceive the reality and nature of the society around specific learning conditions. Only when fundamental methods of teaching and learning are improved, we can create real innovation in education so as to train new generations with activeness and innovation who are the potentially competitive intelligence force in the context of many countries around the world heading towards knowledge economy. In all subjects and especially in English at general education, innovative methods which must bring the result of promoting the positive, creative selfinitiative of students, are based on the characteristics of each class, subject , support self-learning method, the ability to work in teams, use skills to apply knowledge in practice, impact emotion, bring joy and excitement for learning. The core of innovative teaching and learning activities is towards active learning, against passive learning habits. The goal of education for all times especially during the current phase is to focus and promote positive, energetic and creative students, making students getting knowledge passively become the ones getting knowledge actively with the ability of solving problems or tasks assigned the best effectively. In 04 basic skills: listening – speaking – reading - writing of English for grade 11 in the program division, reading skills play a key role of enriching English vocabulary for learners. Students often have difficulty of understanding a common Page 3 Phuoc Thien high school Teaching vocabulary in a reading lesson grade 11 reading because of some new vocabularies. When encountering new words, they often stop to look up a dictionary. This takes a lot of time to complete a reading. Reading texts often contain many new words. Students often find there are too many new words in reading texts because they forget or miss a word of those so they often feel confused before a comprehension exercise. That is why the teacher's guide is very necessary. Meanwhile, the current teaching method is to make student find their own way of learning, teacher is only a guide to show them how to read rather than prepare all for them. But how to get the students interested in reading a story or a topic in English? This is one of tasks that is also very important requirement for teachers to help students get excited about this subject. Teaching process in English grade 11 in high school, I would like to express some ways to teach vocabulary effectively so that students can overcome difficulties in vocabulary B. CONTENTS I. SHOW STUDENTS THE WAYS TO FIND THE MEANING OF NEW WORDS IN READING LESSON 1. Preparation Before starting a new lesson, both the teacher and students have good preparation. When teaching reading comprehension, the teacher should tell the students the ways to prepare the lesson, new words, find the family words or build sentences with some words having in the lesson. Depending on the levels of each class and students, the teacher has different requests. Therefore, the teacher gives the student exercises, the students have to take responsibilities to do them. Then step by step, the students have good habits in learning themselves, doing research, and they think that studying English becomes more and more interesting. 2. Choose words to teach Normally, a reading text always appears some new words, but it is not necessary to teach all of them and teach them in the same ways. The teacher should Page 4 Phuoc Thien high school Teaching vocabulary in a reading lesson grade 11 choose words which need teaching. Choosing words to teach, the teacher has to consider some following problems. - Active and passive vocabulary Active words are words which students know and use in communicating or writing. Passive words are word which students only know and understand when they read a text. The ways to teach two forms of these words are not the same. Active words relate to 4 basic skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The teacher, therefore, needs to spend more time presenting and practising, specially the ways to use the words. To passive ones, however, students can only know and students don’t need to spend much time using them. So the teacher should choose and decide which words are taught as active words or passive ones. To save much time, the teacher always endures what he/ she will teacheswords students haven’t known. To avoid teaching words which are unnecessary, the teacher should check students’ understanding by asking some questions or asking students to give examples with the new words. If the new words are very important to understand the content of the passage and suitable for the level of students, the teacher should explain vocabulary actively. If the words are not important but they make the students get difficulties, the students should be taught passively- the teacher explain the new words or translate them quickly. The teacher asks the students to guess the meaning of new words if the words are important and easy in the passage. And the teacher can ignore if the words are difficult and strange and they are not related to the passage. The teacher should mark the words which he/ she can ask students to guess the meaning of new words. Students should be told some following ways to guess the meaning of new words. Moreover, students should pay much attention Page 5 Phuoc Thien high school Teaching vocabulary in a reading lesson grade 11 to the words whether they are repeated and repeated or not and compare their using in different contexts. Besides, students also use some knowledge about prefixes, suffixes to define their part of speech. Noun usually stand behind articles or possessive adjectives…Proper names, places… can be defined by capital letters. Adjectives, adverbs is usually realized their positions in sentences When seeing new words, students should continue reading. Most of the students usually stop reading when seeing new words students cannot know their meaning. However, most suggestions help students to guess the meaning of vocabulary within the limits from 5 to 10 words before or after the new words. Therefore, the teacher should ask students read words near new words carefully and check affixes to guess the meaning of new words. Students need to spend much time practising and applying to these techniques step by step. Some good students teach themselves to improve reading skill, others are showed by the teacher. So the teacher has to show students ways to guess the meaning of new words. 3. Some elements should be explained when the teacher teaches vocabulary. If the teacher only writes and explains vocabulary following dictionary, most students cannot understand the ways to use the words in communicating and specially with active words. Besides, students have to know not only the way to pronounce words, but also the way to pronounce phrases. Moreover, students know the meaning of new words and how to use them. a. Teaching vocabulary combined with pronunciation When students can pronounce new words well, they will write the words correctly. So the teacher should teach the students the best ways to read the words exactly. b. Guessing meaning from the context Context is a sentence, sentences which explain or definite new words. Therefore, when students want to know new words, they should read the whole context. This can help students to know more about vocabulary or their part of Page 6 Phuoc Thien high school Teaching vocabulary in a reading lesson grade 11 speech such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs… In addition, context also helps students to realize some suggestions about the meaning of new words without stopping reading to look up the dictionary, which makes students read more quickly and better.  Example: You do something to help other people without benefit. You are volunteer What does “volunteer” mean? (Unit 4: Volunteer work) c. Show the meaning of new words: There are some basic ways to explain the meaning of new words: - Using real objects.  Example: When explaining the word dart in Unit 14, the teacher can take the toys of dart to demonstrate the vocabulary. - Using situations. - Using prefixes/ suffixes, root words. - Using spoken languages. II. SOME WAYS TO TEACH VOCABULARY IN A READING LESSON 1. Pre-reading There are many ways used in this activity. The teacher can choose each suitable way for each lesson. a. Open Prediction : The teacher show the topic and asks students to guess what the content of reading is  Example: Unit 6: Competitions - The teacher asks some students to put questions to other students by using yes/ no questions to guess the meaning of vocabulary: Page 7 Phuoc Thien high school Teaching vocabulary in a reading lesson grade 11 + Is the word a verb? + Is it a noun? + Does it begin with “c”? + To work with weak students, the teacher should give some more suggestions: Does it have 11 letters? or Is it about an animal/ a plant…? - The students take turns to put questions and the student who gives the correct answer with the shortest time will be the winner. b. Crossword Puzzle Dividing class into 3 or 4 groups, the teacher delivers hand-outs and asks students to fill in each blank with some words given.  Example: Unit 7: Population 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 CLUES: 1. an area of public land in a town or a city where people go to walk, play and relax 2. the noun of “poor” 3. attractive without being very beautiful 4. without a job although able to work 5. a group of students who are taught together Page 8 Phuoc Thien high school Teaching vocabulary in a reading lesson grade 11 6. (of men) attractive 7. feeling that you would like to sleep or rest 8. not knowing how to read or write 9. not young 10. the synonym of “country” Answers: 1. park 6. handsome 2. poverty 7. tired 3. pretty 8. illiterate 4. unemployed 9. old 5. class 10. nation c. Odering: The teacher shows some pictures and asks students to arrange them in correct order.  Example: The teacher asks all students to look at the pictures in the textbook grade 11, unit 2, and page 22 and arrange them in correct order. ( 1.d, 2.b, 3.f, 4.e, 5.a, 6.c) 2. While reading Generally, a reading lesson usually has some new words, and all of them cannot be explained in the same way. The teacher needs to select and decides which words are active and others are passive. SOME BASIC WAYS TO SHOW THE MEANING OF NEW WORDS: a. Using real objects: The teacher can use real objects in class or take some pictures, diagrams…to classroom or draw some pictures on the board. Besides, the teacher can use body languages Page 9 Phuoc Thien high school Teaching vocabulary in a reading lesson grade 11  Example: - Gestures: swimming, driving a car, accompanying - Pictures: Pole vaulting Fencing Hockey The teacher can show the pictures or real things to teach new words, which helps students understand and interest in learning vocabulary. By this way, students can remember vocabulary for a long time and feel more attracted to study it. b. Using situations The teacher can use some situations in classroom or outside classroom to show the meaning of new words.  Example: To explain the meaning of the word behind or the phrase in front of , the teacher can point at a schoolboy sitting behind or in front of a schoolgirl and say “Nam is sitting behind or in font of Lan” c. Using prefixes/ suffixes, root words: This is also a good and easy way to teach vocabulary. The teacher can use prefixes or suffixes to show the meaning of new words. By using this way, the teacher can use some usual prefixes such as un-(not), re-(again), il-(not), dis-(not) ….. Ex: Happy => unhappy Tell => retell Legal => illegal Honest => dishonest Page 10 Phuoc Thien high school Teaching vocabulary in a reading lesson grade 11 The teacher, in addition, can use suffixes to teach vocabulary such as –able (can), -er/or (person)….. Ex: Port => portable Manage => manager Visit => visitor Furthermore, the teacher can use root words to teach vocabulary. Try to use common roots with common words. This way must be repeated and repeated day by day. The teacher ought to do it slowly and frequently. Some common roots: trans (move, go), pect (see) ….. Ex: Trans Pect => transport/ translate => respect/ expect d. Using spoken languages The teacher can use both Vietnamese and English to show the meaning of new words. The teacher can use definition forms, synonyms or antonyms.  Example: - Definition : representative means a person chosen or appointed on behalf another person or a group - Synonym: - Antonym: astronaut = spaceman prohibit = ban appear # disappear independent # dependent  In addition, the teacher can use other ways to help students guess the meaning of vocabulary. - When meeting new words, students must continue to read to understand other words around new words. - Proper names  usually written in capital letter Page 11 Phuoc Thien high school Teaching vocabulary in a reading lesson grade 11 - Adjectives, adverbs 3. Post reading  Students will understand the meaning of vocabulary and know how to use them.  Students can improve their ability to guess the meaning of new words and take form the ability to read the text themselves.  There are some exercises applied to practise studying vocabulary: a) Matching  Example: Unit 13: HOBBY A 1. accomplish (v) B a. things you do regularly for pleasure in your free time 2. accomplished (a) b. complete successfully 3. accompany (v) c. regard sb / sth with respect 4. admire (v) d. to play music for a singer or another instrument 5. discard (v) e. throw away 6. modest (adj) f. skilled, well-trained 7. hobby (n) g. not large in size ; not expensive Answer keys: 1.b, 2.f, 3.d, 4.c, 5.e, 6.g, 7.a b) Blank filling  Example: Unit 16: The wonders of the world Exercise : Fill each blank with a suitable word, using the words below. mysterious ramp tomb chamber spiral wonder 1. Last week we paid a visit to the …………………… of an unknown mandarin. 2. The movie was about a ………………..…… of the world. 3. A ……………….…… is needed at the exit and entrance for wheelchairs users. 4. The Queen’s private ………………………. is not opened to public. Page 12 Phuoc Thien high school Teaching vocabulary in a reading lesson grade 11 5. It’s not known why Beson disappeared in ………………………...circumstances. 6. A nail’s shell is ………………………….. in form. Answer: 1. tomb 2. wonder 3. ramp 4. chamber 5. mysterious 6. spiral c) Arrangement (jumbled words)  Example: Unit 8: Celebrations The teacher gives some jumbled words and asks students to arrange them in correct order. 1. sigfs 2. loetip 3. trationdinal 4. texeciment Answer keys: 1. gifts 2. polite 3. traditional 4. excitement I think that classroom will become more lively and attractive with this way B. RESULT AFTER APPLYING THE RESEARCH IN TEACHING The table below expresses clearly the differences in the student’s attitude towards the ways to study a reading lesson. Before applying the research in teaching, most students don’t feel easy to read a passage or a text, but they are quite easy and attracted to read a passage or a text. They are eager to read any passage they meet. Number Before applying the research After applying the Page 13 Phuoc Thien high school Class of Teaching vocabulary in a reading lesson grade 11 in teaching research in teaching 11A1 students 45 About 49% of students take About 81% of students take 11A8 part in the lessons actively part in the lessons actively About 33% of students take About 64% of students take 39 part in the lessons actively part in the lessons actively C. CONCLUSION: Many scholars studying foreign languages indicated that languages are related to people’s behavior and personality. Studying foreign languages, therefore, must pay much attention to study hard with both learners’ attitudes and high spirit. It is the most important to study a foreign language well. Moreover, to encourage students to read faster and more interesting, the teacher needs to use some suitable ways to help students overcome difficulties in vocabulary. At once, studying themselves, students will understand the new words more carefully and memorize them for a long time. Then, students feel interested in the subject that they are studying. Besides, students also have a good chance to improve other skills such as listening, speaking, writing… In addition, some ways to lead to the lesson: pre/ while/ post, students are very excited with what they will read, which relies on students’ available knowledge. D. PROPOSING MOTIONS The topic “Teaching vocabulary in a reading lesson grade 11” is written to share my experience in teaching vocabulary. The teacher can apply different ways for different words and they depends on the teacher own ways. I think that each teacher will have good ways to teach vocabulary in particular and teach English in general. I hope that our school should have lab rooms, pictures, films for students practice all skills of learning English. I also hope my colleagues will give me some comments because of my shortcomings. Page 14 Phuoc Thien high school Teaching vocabulary in a reading lesson grade 11 I hope the teacher will be successful. Written by Vo Dinh Phuoc INDEX Page A. FOREWORD 01 B. CONTENTS 02 I. SHOW STUDENTS THE WAYS TO FIND 02 THE MEANING OF NEW WORDS IN READING LESSON Page 15 Phuoc Thien high school Teaching vocabulary in a reading lesson grade 11 1. Preparation 02 2. Choose words to teach 02 3. Some elements should be explained when the teacher teaches vocabulary. 04 II. SOME WAYS TO TEACH VOCABULARY IN 05 A READING LESSON 1. Pre-reading 05 2. While reading 07 3. Post reading 10 B. RESULT AFTER APPLYING THE RESEARCH IN TEACHING 11 C. CONCLUSION 12 D. PROPOSING MOTIONS 12 REFERENCE MATERIALS 1. Book: “Những vấn đề chung về đổi mới giáo dục Trung học phổ thông môn tiếng Anh” (Bộ Giáo dục và Đào tạo)- NXB Giáo Dục 2. Some pictures from Internet Page 16 Phuoc Thien high school Teaching vocabulary in a reading lesson grade 11 3. Some materials from training courses 4. Textbook: “Tiếng Anh-11” (Bộ Giáo Dục và Đào Tạo)-NXB Giáo Dục Page 17
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