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SÁNG KIẾN KINH NGHIỆM MÔN TIẾNG ANH 8. KỸ NĂNG NGHE. Introduction. Foreign language is a new subject for students who live in the countryside, so they have wrong understanding .Some students think that this subject is an addition , so they don’t need to study , others are afraid of it .Most of them think that foreign language is difficult to learn . For students’ parents they also have diffirent ideas .Most of them don’t realize that foreign language plays an important role in a morden society . From the truth mentioned above , it caused for the teachers many many difficulties .The important thing is that they have to overcome from those wrong thoughts to take over this noble task . The teachers step by step explain so that the students can understand that this is a basic subject .It’s the key of the outside knowledge . Besides that the teachers have to find out the best teaching methods which help students to expose not only active but also thoughtful ability .Realizing have both basic and flexible steps in teaching methods , and I also get good rusults . The teaching plan : english 8. Unit 7 . my neighborhood . lesson 3 listen . Aim : Listening for specific imformation . Objectives : By the end of the lesson , students wil be able to know what Na is going to do on the weekend by listening . Vocabulary : - Nouns : culture house , Town Ground , English speaking contest , photo exhibition , performance , millenium. - Verbs: versus ( vs ) , kick off. Methods : eliciting , individual work , group work , question- answer drill . Teaching aids :Textbook , cassettes ,posters . Procedure : Stage Warm up. (3’). Steps  revision of the structure : be going to. Ask Ss to use the structure : “be going to” to express a future plan . Divide the class into 4 groups : each group makes the sentences with :I’m going to + infinitive but the verbs have to begin with a letter from A to Z . Have Ss discuss in 3 minutes . Call on some Ss from each group to go to the board and write .( 2’ ) . Which group has more correct sentences is move intelligent and faster . Example : G1: I’m going to Hanoi . I’m going to buy a new bike . Work arrangeme nt . Groupwork . ……………………………. G2: I’m going to hire a boat . I’m going to iron the clothes . Prelistening. (4’). …………………………… Make some questions about Na . ? Do you remember Na ? ? Can you tell me something about her ? Answer : - Yes , I do . - Na is new in Nam’s neighborhood . She The whole class . has been here since last week . Set the scence : ‘’Na is new in Nam neighborhood She is taking to Nam about what she is going to do on the weekend .” Show 4 advertisements to Ss and introduce These are the advertisements about : What’s on weekend Na is looking at to decide what to do and where to go at weekend . Introduce new words . - Town Ground (n) . - Performance (n) . - Newcomer (n) . - Culture house (n). - Vs ( vesus ) (v) . - Kick off (v. phr ) . - Millelium (n) . T says : nhµ v¨n ho¸ . Guess and repeat . Culture house . §¸. Kick off . ……………………. 1.Listen to the conservation .Then fill the blank in each of the advertisement with one phrase from the box . Let Ss read the advertisements silently . Introduce the example ( using the advertisement 1). Ask Ss to make the predicton first . Group 1. Guess Answe r Correction The whole class . Groupwork . Advertisemen t 1. 2. 3. Group 2. While -listening. (9’ ). Guess Answe r Correction Advertisemen t 1. 2. 3. Call on the groups to give their prediction. The whole class . Groupwork. Postlistening . (2’). Have Ss listen to the tape ( 3 times ) . The first time : listen through the tape. The second time : listen and fill in the blanks in each the advertisement . Let Ss compare their answers with other partners . Call on the groups to give their answers . Ask Ss to listen to the text again once more and check the answers. Answers : a. The new comer . b. Town Ground . c. English speaking contest . d. Culture House . Ask Ss to answer the questions to check Ss’ understanding . The whole class . Pre listening . (5’). While listening . (10’). ? Where is Na going to go this weekend ? Individual . Answer : She is going to go to the soccer match with Groupwork . Nam, Ba and Minh . 2.Listen to the conservation again and check (V) the correct box for T/F / No information . Explain the requests . Have Ss read the information in exercise 2 on page 66 in front of the class and in silence . Let Ss make a guess which is true , which is false and which has no information . Group1. Guess Answer correctio n T F N T F N T F N o o o Informatio n a. b. c. d. e. f. Group 2. Informatio n a. Guess T F N o Answer T F N o Correctio n T F N o The whole class . b. c. d. e. f. Call on each group to give their guesses . Post listening . (5’). Ask Ss to listen to the conversation between Na and Nam again ( 3 times ) . The 1st time : listen through the tape . The 2nd time : listen and check ( V ) correct the box for true , false or no information . Get Ss to compare the answer with the partners in their group . Call on each group to give their answers and compare the answers with the guess . The 3rd time : listen again and check the answers . Answers. Information . T F No a.Na doesn’t know the neighborhood very well . V b. Na doesn’t like V movies. c. Na will go to the V photo exhibition . d. Na won’t go to the V English speaking contest. V e. Na will go to the V soccer match with Nam . f. Nam is a soccer fan . Groupwork . Teamwork .  lucky numbers . Guide how to play the game . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Tell Ss each number is for a question but 3 of them are lucky numbers .If Ss choose a lucky number they do not have to answer any questions but they get 2 points and they can choose another number . Divide the class into 2 teams . 1. Does Na like movies ? Consolidatio 2. Lucky number . n 3. Why won’t Na go to see the film “The (5’). newcomers”? 4. Why won’t Na go to the photo exhibition ? 5. Lucky number . 6. Who will Na go to the soccer match with ? 7. Lucky number . 8. What time does the match start ? 9. Why can’t Na go to the English speaking contest ? Ask Ss to discuss in groups to summarize the main content of the conservation between Na Homework . and Nam . Call on some Ss to read their summary . (2’). Suggestion : Na is looking at the advertisements to decide what to do and where to go this weekend .She Pairwork . likes movies but she won’t see the film at Millelium Cinema because she has seen it before . She won’t go to the photo exhibition because it doesn’t open at weekend . She can’t go to the English speaking contest because it’s on Thursday .Finally she decides to go to the soccer match with Ba ,Nam and Minh . Write a short paragraph about what Na is going to do . Guide the exercises 1,2 ( P44) in workbook . Prepare the next lesson . Conclusion . After applying three steps: pre- listening, while- listening, post- listening and teaching a real listening lesson. I realised that this is a very good teaching methodology which helps the students practice the basic listening skill .The students can develop voluntary and active to receive the knowledge. The majority of the students understood, knew well the basic knowledge of the lesson and formed the studying method. In order to have an effective lesson , the teacher needs to prepare materials and teaching aids such as: cassette, CD, pictures, posters and visual things.. those help for teaching and learning get a really good result. These mentioned above were the methods which I used in a listening skill lesson . During the time I got access the theme / subject perhaps there are still some shortcomings . I hope that the leaders and the colleagues will give more ideas for me to have more experiences and methods that make me teach succesfully in the shool years coming . Thank you very much for your advice . Ngµy th¸ng n¨m 200…. Ngêi viÕt .
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