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MINISTRY OF EDUCATION & TRAINING HO CHI MINH NATIONAL ACADEMY OF POLITICS ACADEMY OF JOURNALISM AND COMMUNICATION NGUYEN THI THU HA RENOVATION OF THE CURRENT ECONOMIC PROPAGANDA WORK DURING INTERNATIONAL INTEGRATION IN VIETNAM Major Speciality Code : : : Politics Ideological work 62 31 25 01 DISSERTATION OF DOCTOR OF POLITICS HANOI - 2014 The work has been completed at Academy of Journalism and Communication SCIENCE INSTRUCTORS: 1. ASSOC. PROF. PHD. Tran Thi Anh Dao 2. ASSOC. PROF. PHD. Hoang Quoc Bao Opponent 1: ASSOC. PROF. PHD. Vu Van Phuc Opponent 2: ASSOC. PROF. PHD. Nguyen Van Quyet Opponent 3: ASSOC. PROF. PHD. Pham Huy Ky This dissertation will be presented in front of the Dissertation Review Council at the Academy of Journalism and Communication. At ....date ... month ... year You may research the dissertation at the: National Library and Academy of Journalism and Communication. 1 FOREWORD 1. Reasons for choosing the Propaganda work is an important component part of ideological work. The role of propaganda is to make the thesis have deep penetration into the public, making the unity between ideology and actions, basing on that, making thesis into practice. The propaganda of Communist Party of Vietnam has established, developed and contributed to glorious victory of Revolution of Vietnam. Entering the renovation process, the Party sets out the strategic policy: “Economic development is the key task”.As a part of propaganda work, the propaganda work always get Party’s concerns, directs, contributing to put policies and guidelines of the Party, policies and laws of the State on economic development into real life. Our country is in the period of speeding up country’s industrialization, modernization and international integration with new opportunities, advantages but also meeting many difficulties and challenges. The world’s situation continues having complicated and unanticipated changes in many fields that affects quickly people’s ideology and influences directly or indirectly the economic development field, etc. Globalization and fast development science and technology has been creating advantages for our country during integration but placing many new challenges in many fields including economic propaganda work. Hostile forces in foreign countries collude with political opportunists inside the country to urgently act in opposing Vietnamese revolution. They advocate by means of sponsoring, investment, economic cooperation to transform the economy and then transform the political regime in our country into capitalization. In the country, negative situation and social evils, the degradation, degeneration in a significant part of officers, party members are becoming great obstacles during socio-economic development. In addition to basic achievements, economic propaganda work of the Party in recent time also exposes many defects, weaknesses. Contents of propaganda are dry, unattractive, and unpersuasive and sometimes, somewhere, the propaganda work is still unilateral, one-sided, and imposed. Slow information orientation, lack of remote strategy, quick spreading of unorthodox information and bad information affect directly people’s ideology. The combination between propaganda and instruction agency with state management agency at all levels is not close leading to confusion and passiveness in dealing with complicated situations. Material facilities and means of propaganda have many shortcomings not satisfying information requirements in the current quickly development of science and technology. Noticeably, the concern in guiding economic propaganda work is not equal to economic development requirements, targets - a key mission of Vietnamese revolution during current period. The reality of economic propaganda work during international integration recently has which achievement, weakness and which experience can be learned? What is concept and contents of renovation of economic propaganda work? What is viewpoint and solution for renovation of economic propaganda work in the coming 2 time? Etc. Those are urgent issues both in theoretical and practical aspects. Researching renovation of the current economic propaganda work during international integration in Vietnam not only has practical significance in renovation of propaganda work at all levels, sectors at present but also contributes to supplement, development of propaganda work theory of the Party. Originating from reasons mentioned above, the Dissertation chooses the matter “Renovation of the current economic propaganda work during international integration in Vietnam” as the research topic. 2. Purpose, mission of research 2.1. Purpose of research On the basis of theoretical and practical economic propaganda work of the Communist Party of Vietnam during the international integration, the dissertation proposes viewpoint, solutions for renovation of the current economic propaganda work in Vietnam. 2.2. Mission of research - Researching theoretical aspects in economic propaganda work and renovation of economic propaganda work during international integration in Vietnam. - Evaluating the reality of economic propaganda work in Vietnam in recent time (achievements, limitations, weaknesses, reasons) and given issues towards renovation of the current economic propaganda work in Vietnam. - Proposing viewpoint and solution for renovation of the current economic propaganda work in Vietnam. 3. Object and scope of research 3.1. Object of research The dissertation researches theoretical and practical aspects of economic propaganda work and renovation of the current economic propaganda work during international integration in Vietnam. 3.2. Scope of research - The dissertation researches factors which constitute economic propaganda work and renovation of economic propaganda work; impact of international integration towards renovation of economic propaganda work of Vietnamese Communist Party, in which going deep into and clarifying the reality and solution for renovation of propaganda work in the Party and in propaganda and instruction sector system. - The dissertation does not mention directly the economic propaganda work in national education system. For economic propaganda work in state economic management agency system or particular organizations, unions, businesses, the dissertation only mentions as a constituting part and also object of economic propaganda work being directed, oriented by Party committee levels and instructed to execute by the Central propaganda and instruction committee. - In term of time, the dissertation researches economic propaganda work of the Party during international integration from Congress IX in 2011 up to now, in which, it specially emphasizes the period from Vietnam’s WTO joining in 2007 up to now. - The dissertation focuses on surveying, researching at Central propaganda and instruction committee of Vietnamese Communist Party; some ministries, sectors, unions, 3 central newspapers, broadcasting station; propaganda and instruction committees in some provinces, cities representing all areas, regions of the whole country. 4. Theoretical background and Research methodology 4.1. Theoretical background The dissertation is researched on the theoretical background of MarxismLeninism, Ideology of Ho Chi Minh, viewpoints, guidelines, and policies of Vietnamese Communist Party. 4.2. Research methodology Based on main methodologies which are dialectic materialism and historical materialism, the dissertation uses basic research methods of social and humanity science focusing on some following methods: - Historical and logic method: describing, reflecting the renovation of economic propaganda work since our country’s WTO joining up to now, analysing, outlining nature, rule, movement trend of renovation of the current economic propaganda work. - Comparison method, control method: The dissertation synthesizes related data, compares to find out strengths, achievements to be promoted, weaknesses, backwardness to be overcome in economic propaganda. - Method of sociological investigation: preparing questionnaire, selecting representative sample to investigate awareness, viewpoint, attitude of subject and object in economic propaganda and related issues; collecting data by samples and analysing, processing data by SPSS. - Method of expert interview: Selecting a group of important issues having many different ideas to discuss. In addition to main research methodologies mentioned above, as research object mentions contents of many different fields, the dissertation uses integrated (interdisciplinary) method. 5. New contributions of the Dissertation - Systematizing and supplementing, developing theories with regard to renovation of economic propaganda work of Vietnamese Communist Party. - Generalizing the reality, discovering new given issues towards renovation of economic propaganda work of Vietnamese Communist Party during international integration. - Proposing some viewpoints, solutions for renovation of the current economic propaganda work during international integration in our country. 6. Theoretical and practical significance of the Dissertation - Successfully implemented dissertation will contribute to creation of scientific background for establishing guideline, leadership policy, direction and deploying renovation of economic propaganda work of the Party during international integration. - Research results of the Dissertation can be used as reference for propaganda and instruction officers, officers doing propaganda work and people concerning about this work. 7. Structure of the Dissertation In addition to the foreword, overview of research situation, conclusion, list of references and appendix, contents of the dissertation includes 03 chapters and 06 sections. OVERVIEW OF RESEARCH SITUATION 4 I. RESEARCH WORKS RELATED TO ECONOMIC PROPAGANDA, INSTRUCTION 1. Foreign research works Up to now, there have been many research works with regard to ideology work, in which economic propaganda and propaganda - instruction work is mentioned under different viewpoints. Manifesto of the Communist Party by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels written in 1847, reprinted by Truth Publishing House in 1952 is a theoretical work which scientifically explains the objective rule of social development and is also the first work mentioning proletarian propaganda work. The work points out purpose of propaganda work that is to eliminate private ownership regime on production materials, attract other classes to follow proletarian class; giving the slogan “Proletarians of all countries, unite!” The work What is to be done of V. I. Lenin written in 1902, published by Truth Publishing House in 1957 inherited and developed theoretical points of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels regarding propaganda work. The work analysed, interpreted the position, importance, force, object, and method of propaganda: “Wanting to do economic propaganda, accuse extreme abuse in factories”. The volume “Ideology propaganda work in new period” edited by Personnel Department, Central propaganda and training committee of Chinese Communist Party, National Politics Publishing House, Hanoi, 2005 comprehensively summarizes ideology propaganda work of Chinese Communist Party. With regard to economic propaganda, the work mentioned “Propagandizing more efficiently and effectively the economic renovation, opening and establishment”. 2. Domestic research works - Party’s resolutions, directions During renovation period, our Party always attached much importance to leadership and gave out many guidelines regarding ideology, journalism, propaganda including economic propaganda such as: Resolution of the 5 th Conference on 01 August 2007 by the Central Committee, session X “With regard to ideology work, theory and journalism in front of new requirements”; Conclusion announcement no. 225-TB/TW dated 3 March 2009 by of the Party Central Committee Secretariat, session X “With regard to improving, enhancing operational efficiency of propaganda forms”; Decision no. 221-QD/TW dated 27 April 2009 by the Secretariat on issuing “Regulations on coordination between propaganda and instruction committee at all levels with the state management agency of the same level in deploying socio-economic development plans, solving urgent matters of people”; Resolution of the 11th National Party Congress mentioned Socio-economic development strategy for 2011 - 2012 period; Announcement no. 264-TB/TW dated 31 July 2009 by Ministry of Politics with regard to guideline of organizing the canvass: “Vietnamese prioritizes to use Vietnam’s commodities”, etc. All documents pointed out requirements, missions, solutions of information, propaganda work serving the socio-economic development. 5 - Books: The book Mass Media by Ta Ngoc Tan, National Politics Publishing House, 2011 mentioned the role of mass media in connecting information for economic development. In 2003, Propaganda Department, Academy of Journalism and Communication edited the Curriculum Propaganda Principle presenting the general issues of propaganda work including the special subject Economic propaganda which discusses the position, role of economic propaganda, contents and forms of economic propaganda, etc. In 2006, the book Studying Ho Chi Minh’s revolutionary propaganda methods by PhD. Hoang Quoc Bao, National Politics Publishing House researched the origin, basic features of Ho Chi Minh’s revolutionary propaganda methods, reality of propaganda methods in staff of ideology officers and gave out solutions for renovating, improving efficiency of propaganda. The book Ideology work principles edited by Assoc. Prof. PhD. Luong Khac Hieu, National Politics Publishing House presented most sufficiently and comprehensively about basic matters of ideology work. The special subject “Economic education and formation of economic culture” judged the position, role of economic education: “economic education becomes a key mission of ideology work in the career of building socialism in general and our country’s current renovation in particular”. In 2008, PhD. Tran Thi Anh Dao edited two monographs: “Ideology work and the issue of training officers to do ideology work” and “Ideology work in the career of industrialization, modernization”, National Politics Publishing House, mentioned theoretical aspects of ideology work discussing about virtue and capacity of officers doing ideology work. In 2009, the book Journalism with propaganda, struggle against wrong arguments, Ministry of Information and Communications, Information and Communications Publishing House, discussed about responsibility of journalism in propaganda work in integration period. The book “Renovation of theory, ideology work in new circumstance”, edited by PhD. Pham Tat Thang, National Politics Publishing House, 2010, mentioned the renovation of style in writing about good person, good work mirrors, patriotic competition movements in the practical direction without being pompous, formal in conformity with conditions of building socialist-oriented market economy at present. The book Role of scientific knowledge in the current career of industrialization, modernization in Vietnam by PhD. Tran Hong Luu, Politics Publishing House, 2011, proposed some solutions in order to uphold the role of scientific knowledge in the current career of industrialization, modernization: “Means of mass media should praise promptly scientists, businesses talented in economic development to multiply symbolic characters, attract people to strive and follow”. The book Making Vietnamese workers become intellectuals in the current international integration by PhD. Bui Thi Kim Hau, National Politics Publishing House, 2012, considered propaganda and instruction work as a method to improve industrial style and legal awareness for workers. The book Propaganda literature about the canvass “Vietnamese prioritizes to use Vietnam’s commodities” published by the Central Steering Committee of the canvass in 2012 emphasized the role of propaganda work, considered it as the most important solution for success of the canvass. The yearbook National Conference on summarizing foreign affairs work, sea - island 6 propaganda and demarcation, landmark in 2013; deploying missions in 2014 including discussion of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development with the title “Attaching special importance to propaganda for economy, aquiculture development, a new point of agriculture sector in 2013” highlighted results achieved in propaganda work with many diversified forms and contents. The yearbook Conference on summing-up 3 years of implementing National target program of building new rural areas 2010-2020 gathered discussions of ministries, sectors, localities and businesses. All reports highly appreciated the role of propaganda work and considered it as both experiences and solutions for promoting the movement of building new rural areas. - Scientific conferences, topics, projects, dissertation, articles Some topics, projects at Ministerial level having contents related to renovation of economic propaganda are: Project no. KHBD (2003)-14: “Improving quality and efficiency of propagandizing new, progressive symbolic factors in economic field” chaired by PhD. Bui The Duc, Central propaganda and instruction committee. Project no. KHBD (2008)-48: “Some solutions for improving efficiency of information - propaganda work in people foreign relations in new circumstance” chaired by PhD. Do Hoang Long, Committee for Foreign Relations of the Party Central Committee, mentioned some contents, forms of informing the country’s economic development to foreign countries. In the article “Entering 2012, the whole propaganda and instruction sector is positively renovated, creative, scientific and more determined in action”, the author Dinh The Huynh mentioned: “With regard to socio-economic mission, focus on implementing to create high unanimity in continuing to carry out Conclusion 02 of Ministry of Politics; Conclusion of the 3rd Central Conference on continuing to limit inflation, stabilize macro economy, assure social security and restructure the economy”. In the article “Ho Chi Minh City creates unanimity, agreement in implementing Resolution 11 of the Government and Conclusion 02 of Ministry of Politics”, the author Than Thi Thu affirmed that “Speeding up propaganda work” is one of “effective solutions” to succeed in the target, mission of socio-economic development. The author Le Hong Anh in the article “Continue to renovate and improve efficiency, quality of propaganda and instruction work” pointed out weaknesses of propaganda and instruction work in general and economic propaganda in particular: “economic propaganda work has not been paid right attention”. Recently, Central Corporate Block Party Committee and Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam organized the Conference “Speeding up the state-owned corporate restructuring in Central corporate block up to 2015”. The report defined that propaganda work is the main solution to foster restructuring, capitalization and withdrawal of state fund at businesses. II. RESEARCH WORKS REGARDING IMPACT OF INTERNATIONAL INTEGRATION ON ECONOMIC PROPAGANDA WORK 1. Foreign research works The book Globalization with development countries by international economic researchers of the Federal Republic of Germany, K. Bubl, R. Kruege and H. Marienburg written in 2002, mentioned the consequences of economic development in 7 globalization, consequences towards national guideline of developing countries. The book The world is flat by Thomas L. Friedman (American journalist, sociologist) issued in April 2005, translated and published by Tre Publishing House in 206, explained the complicated movement of the world economy, politics in the era of globalization. According to the author, science and information technology brings about great benefits as well as unexpected dangers. The author believes that one of reasons for the collapse of Soviet Union is the reverse side of the information revolution started at the beginning to the middle of the 80s. The book Globalization and future of transforming countries by Grzegorz W.Kolodko, National Politics Publishing House, Hanoi, 2006, presented features of globalization and its impact on developing countries. The book Right to speak: the role of mass media in economic development issued by Information and Culture Publishing House pointed out economic conditions and which policy environment is necessary for mass media to support economic development. 2. Domestic research works - Documents, resolutions, directions of the Party and State The 11th National Party Congress set the guideline “Positive international integration”. After that, on 27 November 2001, the Ministry of Politics issued Resolution no. 07-NQ/TW “With regard to international economic integration”. On 5 February 2007, the 4th Conference of Party Central Steering Committee, session X issued Resolution no. 08-NQ-TW “With regard to some great guidelines, policies for fast and sustainable economic development when Vietnam becomes a member of WTO”. On 10 April 2013, Ministry of Politics issued Resolution no. 22-NQ/TW on international integration, etc. In general, all documents pointed out advantages, difficulties, opportunities, challenges towards the society in general and economic propaganda work in particular during international integration. - Books: The book Some social issues of Vietnam in renovation period by National Economics University, published by National Politics Publishing House in 2004 mentioned basic achievements, limitations and reasons of international economic integration and proposed some solutions for positive international economic integration of Vietnam. The book Vietnam rural industry - reality and solution for development by Nguyen Trong Phuc, National Politics Publishing House, 2004, analysed the role, reality and solution for developing rural industry during industrialization and modernization of the country. In 2004, the Central Ideology - Culture Committee edited the book The world’s great issues and our country’s integration and development presented the international economic integration in our country; mentioned advantages, difficulties during international integration and requirements, missions of propaganda work. The book The State towards knowledge economic development in the context of globalization by Institute of Social sciences information, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, Social Sciences Publishing House, 2005, mentioned the appearance and development of the knowledge economy and the role of the state towards knowledge economic development in the context of globalization. The book Some issues regarding theory, ideology and culture work by Prof. Nguyen Duc Binh, National 8 Politics Publishing House, 2005, discussed about economic globalization and international integration of Vietnam, and also pointed out indispensable trend, advantages, difficulties, integration direction of our country and impacts on ideology field. In 2006, the Central Ideology - Culture Committee edited and issued the book Three great events presenting development state of the country, affirmed that: Joining WTO is the important victory of Vietnam during international economic integration. It also pointed out directions in guiding, leading propaganda work since Vietnam’s joining into WTO. In 2007, the Central propaganda and instruction committee coordinated with Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry to hold Science conference titled “Enhancing competitiveness of Vietnam companies during WTO integration period” and published the yearbook of the seminar. In introductory report, PhD. Nguyen Hong Vinh emphasized that “Our journalism must continue renovating methods of propaganda, especially approaches and explanation of new issues in the real production and business during integration. There must be many excellent journalists, economic reporters who are knowledgeable about market economy, grasp quickly operations of businesses, especially businesses having relationships in international field, serve businesses by information being concerned and by their active, creative journalism operations”. The book Globalization trend in two decades of the 21st Century, National Politics Publishing House, 2007, under general direction of Prof. PhD. Le Huu Nghia, pointed out nature and impacts of the current globalization, gave out some proposals for integration in Vietnam including the concern about propaganda. The book Selective journal articles in 2011 included the article Peasants in new era discussing about advantages, successes, difficulties, harnesses of peasants in integration period. The article asserted that the ideology of “blaming the State” still exists in a significant part of peasants, therefore, to help peasants enrich themselves in integration period, it is necessary to change awareness that “peasants are subjects - people making decisions rather than people receiving, enjoying supportive policies and regimes from the State”. Assoc. Prof. PhD. Hong Vinh, the author of the book Keeping fire alight, Culture Publishing House, 2014, in discussing about solutions for the country’s economic development in integration period, highlighted the role of unification in awareness and action: “No magic wand makes our country progress quickly, progress firmly in addition to unanimity, combined effort of the Party, people, broad social agreement for the target of making Vietnam become an industrial country in modern direction in the next ten years”. - Scientific topics, projects, conference discussions The discussion at National Officers Conference summing up 2 years of implementing Conclusion announcement No. 162-TB/TW dated 1 December 2004 by Ministry of Politics “with regard to some methods for strengthening journal management in current context”, the author Nguyen Van Dua affirmed that: “It is the development of journalism to impact significantly to promote the renovation and promote the development of the market economy”. In the article Enhancing leadership capacity, power holding stuff of the Communist Party - Some issues from the reality of Vietnam”, Prof. PhD. Phung Huu Phu pointed out difficulties caused by fluctuations, risks of the global economy in the post-crisis period leading to 9 dramatic increase of price, high inflation, and many difficulties in people’s lives and production and business activities. Introductory speech at the international conference on “Strengthening to supervise and clean up the financial system”, 2003, the author Vu Viet Ngoan mentioned the issue of information transparency, considered this as one of solutions for cleaning up the financial system. Economic expert Tran Dinh Thien in responding to interview by Tien Phong Newspaper with regard to the current economic situation of Vietnam affirmed that “In the current economic context, the clearest opportunity is that we should tell the truth and do truthfully because all disease exposed. This is the background for establishing sustainable development foundation for the next years”. The author Phi Son in the article Agriculture in front of new opportunity, News Journal, Giap Ngo Spring 2014 (Lunar new year), analysed the role of agriculture as “pillar of the economy” but peasants themselves are vulnerable and most disadvantaged group during international integration. III. SUMMARY OF RESEARCHED MATTERS AND MATTERS TO BE CONCERNED AND SOLVED BY THE DISSERTATION 1. Researched matters Research works discussed about basic matters such as: Concept of propaganda work; concept of economic propaganda work; position, role, function, mission, content, basic form of economic propaganda work and some issues surrounding economic and cultural education, etc. With regard to impact of international integration on Vietnam society, it is mentioned rather thoroughly such as: challenges, advantages, difficulties and solutions of Vietnam in joining into WTO; initial results of WTO joining; factors impacting propaganda work. 2. Matters to be researched Under the angle of renovating economic propaganda work during Vietnam’s international integration, it can be said that there has not any work mentioned about this sufficiently. Issues such as concept and content of renovating economic propaganda work; reality of economic propaganda work; viewpoints, solutions for renovating the economic propaganda work during international integration; renovation of contents, methods, means of economic propaganda; renovation of propaganda in each field (agricultural economy, industrial economy, sea economy, etc.) should be researched thoroughly, deeply to be the basis for renovating the current economic propaganda work. 3. Researched matters of the Dissertation Originating from the reality and research situation with regard to economic propaganda work in which many matters are left open, the dissertation chooses the topic “Innovation of the current economic propaganda work during international integration in Vietnam” with the desire of researching and clarifying the contents as follows: theoretical background of renovating the current economic propaganda work during international integration in Vietnam; reality, experience lessons, given issues, viewpoints and solutions for renovating the current economic propaganda work during international integration in Vietnam. 10 Chapter 1 RENOVATION OF THE CURRENT ECONOMIC PROPAGANDA WORK DURING INTERNATIONAL INTEGRATION IN VIETNAM - SOME THEORETICAL ISSUES 1.1. Concepts and elements of the economic propaganda and its renovation 1.1.1. Economic propaganda: Concepts and elements Concepts a. Propaganda is a form, an element of the ideological work in order to propagate the ideological system and strategic guidelines in the public, to build a worldview appropriate with benefit of the ideological system subject, to establish and to strengthen trust, to gather and to encourage the public’s action in such worldview and trust. b. Economic propaganda is a fundamental content of the propaganda for disseminating economic policy guidelines, furnishing the public with economic knowledge, widely disseminating experiences in operation and establishing economic culture for laborers. c. Economic propaganda work is a fundamental action the propaganda work of the Communist Party of Vietnam in order to disseminate economic guidelines and policies of the Party and our State, international regulations and laws in relation with the economy, domestic and international experience in production and business; to furnish the people with economic knowledge; to form economic culture for human in the economic creation. Elements of economic propaganda work In the status of action, the economic propaganda work involves elements that are subject of the economic propaganda work; object of the economic propaganda work; persons to whom the economic propaganda work targets; objective of the economic propaganda work; content of the economic propaganda work; form of economic propaganda; method of economic propaganda; facilities of economic propaganda; effectiveness of the economic propaganda work. 1.1.2. Renovation of economic propaganda: concept and content Concept: Renovation of economic propaganda is a course of comprehensive renovation of elements in order to eliminate any backward perspectives, contents or methods of propaganda, simultaneously to supplement, to develop more appropriate new ones to bring about increasingly effects to meet requirements of the career of industrialization, modernization and international integration. Content of renovation of economic propaganda work Renovation of the propaganda work is shown at renovating comprehensively elements of the economic propaganda work, specially its content. It is the most frequent, prompt and effectively decisive renovated element. Generally all content must be frequently renovated, but newness is concentrated at information on tasks, solutions for economic development in each stage, each specific economic field; information on new guidelines and policies on economic integration in Vietnam; 11 information on regulations promulgated by the world’s economic organizations, international laws and stipulations that directly relate to investment, import-export of Vietnam, etc. In terms of renovation of the economic propaganda method, it is notable that a new point is dialogue between institutions’ leaders and the people regarding economic issues interested by the people. A newly appeared method necessary for expanding is to elect and award titles and prizes for any typical commodity, producer or enterprise. There are suitable forms of commending, encouraging to enhance activeness and self-awareness of persons to be propagandized. In terms of effective renovation of the economic propaganda work, in the economic propaganda it doesn’t only account for outcomes but also effects. Effective calculus should be applied according to the last researches. Thus, renovation of the economic propaganda work is a course of comprehensive element renovation to reach the target of not only serving the career of industrialization and modernization but also one in the international integration that is a new issue firstly and officially mentioned in the instruments of the National Party Congress XI. 1.2. Necessity of renovating the economic propaganda work during process of current international integration in Vietnam 1.2.1. International integration and its effects on renovating the current economic propaganda work in Vietnam International integration: Concept and Vietnam process of international integration a. International economic integration In the initial period, international economic integration was referred narrowly to the fact that our country established trade relations with some other countries or became member of some international economic institutions. At present, international economic integration is understood as a process that do mention not only foreign cooperation but also powerful movement of the domestic economic mechanism to modern direction; building the qualitative, effective and highly competitive economy; strengthening economic, commercial and financial actions between our country and others in the world. b. International integration International integration is a process of subject’s participation in common events of the international life with its own political views in order to make the best use of opportunities convenient for the national sustainable development. Integration is not “dissolving”, but involving in the international life on the basis of maintaining the national characters, independence and sovereignty of the nation. c. Vietnam’s process of international integration * The Party’s and the State’s guidelines of international integration Right after the birth of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, together with tasks of strengthening, establishing the revolutionary government and building the country, the State advocated participation in international economic institutions. However, as a result of various reasons, especially the prolonged war and embargo of unwilling countries, Vietnam mostly participated in jointly cooperation institutions with socialist countries. With renovated guidelines at the Party Congress 12 VI, international integration thinking took a breakthrough. The Party advocated “taking advantage of economic, scientific and technical expansion to the third world’s countries, developed industrial countries, international organizations and foreign individuals on the principle of mutual benefit and fairness”. It was as for the Party Congress IX (2001), awareness on international economic integration became clearer and more sufficient: economic globalization was an objective tendency and proactively international and regional economic integration was advocated. In November 2001, the Political Bureau issued the Resolution No.07 on international economic integration in which targets, directional perspectives and specific tasks in the process of international and regional economic integration were specified. In the 9th Central Resolution of the session IX (June 2004), the Party indicated to be more proactive and prompt in international economic integration, to perform all multilateral and bilateral international commitments signed by our country and to be well prepared for early joining WTO. The Party Congress X added the phrase of “active” to express the more insight toward international economic integration: “Be proactive and active in international economic integration”, “Expanding international cooperation in other fields”. In the Party Congress XI in 2011, the term of “international integration” was firstly and officially appeared in the instrument of the Party Congress, marked a basic movement in the Party’s thinking in international integration: “be proactive and active in international integration; boost up position of the country; for the national benefits, for the powerful and prosperous Socialist Republic of Vietnam”. To concretize this perspective, on 10 April 2013, the Political Bureau promulgated the Resolution No. 22-NQ/TW regarding international integration. This was an important, strategically significant and consistent instrument in awareness of the whole Party, the whole people and the whole army force, mentioning comprehensively international integration in the new situation. Accordingly, after nearly 30 years with 6 congress sessions, the Party is nowadays more and more sufficiently and clearly aware of the international integration guidelines. As from only mentioning economic integration, the Party pointed out: to more deeply and comprehensively integrate into the world’s economy and international integration, i.e. to participate in common events of the world’s life in all aspects of economy, politics, culture, society, foreign affairs, military affairs, etc. international integration is a new thinking development of the Party as compared to international economic integration. * Initial outcomes In the economic field, our country expanded the trade relations to various nations and became member of some international institutions. Particularly, after 11 years of negotiation, on 7 November 2006, WTO officially admitted Vietnam as the 150th member to its organization, which becomes effective since 11 January 2007. At present, Vietnam has performed fully and seriously WTO joining commitments; had foreign affair relations with 181 countries, economic and commercial relations with more than 200 countries and territories, received investment from more than 70 countries and territories. In the political field, Vietnam became non-permanent member of UN Security Council in the tenure 2008-2009 and ASEAN 2010 President. Sequentially on 12 November 2013, Vietnam was elected as member of 13 UN Human Rights Council with the most majority of votes among 14 newly joined countries (184/192 votes). This event contributes to boost up significantly our political position in the international arena. In the cultural and social field, international integration showed clear impacts. Vietnam was elected as one of 20 UNESCO members in 2009 and admitted to the World Heritage Committee for the tenure of 2014-2017. In the field of defense and security, our country has expanded cooperation with big countries in the world; participated in various international and regional regimes of cooperation in defense and security, such as ASEAN Defense Ministers Meeting; ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), International Police Organization (INTERPOL), etc. International integration’s impacts on the economic propaganda work a. Positive impacts International integration is opportunity for Vietnam to acquire extremely scientific and technological achievements, economic management and organization experiences of other countries in the world for purpose of performance of the country’s economic development. Such issues will make contents of the propaganda work more plentiful. International integration, with powerful development of information technology, is creating convenient conditions for propaganda by the human being in general, economic propaganda by the Party in particular. Especially increasingly plentiful mass media is convenient condition for us to use it for economic propaganda. International integration facilitates information exchange, learning economic propaganda from the regional countries and the world, so for purpose of expanding and developing economic propaganda by the Party, boosting up propaganda cadres to learn and enhance their competence for meeting the integration requirements. b. Negative impacts Globalization and international integration will impact on national independence and sovereignty of nations in general and Vietnam in particular. In terms of economy, we have to encounter with unbalanced economic competition and are susceptible to getting influenced by complicated changes in the world market. This cause much difficulties and confusion in the economic propaganda. Hostile forces will take advantage and fight against us through investment projects, cooperation programs, funds, non-governmental organizations, etc. Penetrating deeply into the world economy, we have to respond to changes in it, particularly in the field of capital, manpower, trade, import, export and the like, meanwhile we have made integration after many countries and have no experience for responding. It is hardly to predict situation in the economic propaganda work, without information experience, orientation of public opinions toward complicated and unforeseeable changes in the world economy. 1.2.2. Necessary of renovating the economic propaganda work Springing from important position and role of the economic propaganda work The role of propaganda work is to make “reasoning penetrated into the public” and then “become a force of material”. The propaganda work helps the proletarian 14 class and all classes of the people understand reasoning viewpoints toward the birth, historical position and inevitable doom of capitalism; the historical mission of the proletarian class; the path of the proletarian class liberation, the model and the path to socialism. The propaganda work has great power in that it doesn’t only change awareness of object, but also leads to active revolutionary actions of such objects. The economic propaganda work contributes significantly to liberation of all potentials of the country, boosting up economic development and performing the task of promoting industrialization and modernization of the country; helps to put the Party’s guidelines and the State’s policies and laws into real life. Springing from demands of industrialization, modernization and international integration At present, our country is entering into a new period, economic development period, which is determined as a focused task of Vietnam Revolution. Our whole country makes endeavour to obtain targets as to 2020, basically becomes a moderndirected industrial country. It is a very difficult and hard task, deployed in the new circumstance, new condition and with many difficulties. The propaganda work must make every people well beware of the fact that the task of economic development is a key one at present; mobilize general power, lead the country to overcome all challenges, perform successfully the target and task of industrialization and modernization of the country. Springing from demand of qualitative and effective enhancement in the current economic propaganda work during international integration In the past time, the economic propaganda work initially renovated and obtained some important achievements, however restrictions and weakness are also being shown. Propaganda content and orientation show shortcomings and backwardness, fail to follow up the production life and are not attractive for engaging the whole people in the economic development career. Mode of propaganda is slowly innovated, but mostly vain and unidirectional propaganda, which result in not high attractiveness and convincingness. Meanwhile, objects of the propaganda work have promoted and grown up in all aspects, particularly in terms of awareness, had increasingly high requirements for information content, orientation, attractiveness and timeliness, etc. Thus, the economic propaganda work must be renovated to meet requirements of qualitative and effective enhancement of the propaganda work in the new stage. In conclusion, the economic propaganda work is a basic action in the propaganda work of the Communist Party of Vietnam. In the last years of renovation, the economic propaganda work has been gradually renovated, however restrictions, weakness and shortcomings have also been shown increasingly. Reality of the industrialization and modernization of the country during international integration has set forth a great demand of comprehensive renovation of the economic propaganda work to bring about increasingly high effect and to meet demand of industrialization, modernization and international integration. 15 Chapter 2 REALITY AND PROBLEMS TO BE ADDRESSED FOR RENOVATING THE CURRENT ECONOMIC PROPAGANDA WORK DURING INTERNATIONAL INTEGRATION IN VIETNAM 2.1. Reality of the current economic propaganda work during international integration in Vietnam While international integration is more and more deeply performed, the economic propaganda work has progressively innovated and actively participated in the career of boosting up industrialization and modernization of the country and gained the following outcomes: 2.1.1. Primary achievements and causes Gradual enhancement of awareness and responsibilities of Party Committees, governments, industries and branches in conducting and developing the economic propaganda work Awareness of Party Committees, governments, industries and branches in role and position of the economic propaganda work has been progressively enhanced. Directions in propaganda work have been always available in any resolution, direction or conclusion of the Party in the economic field. In periodical reports by the Government and local governments at all levels, there have been also evaluations and reviews on the propaganda information work to perform the task of socioeconomic development. Propaganda agencies and mass media have arranged professional divisions or reporters for economic monitoring purpose. Industries and associations have paid attention to perform the economic propaganda in various manners. Generally, awareness and responsibilities for direction and performance of the economic propaganda work at all levels and industries have been improved more and more clearly. Increasingly plentiful and practical content of propaganda The economic propaganda work has concentrated on main contents as follows: Disseminating viewpoints of the Marxist-Leninism, the Ho Chi Minh ideology, contributing to form path of economic reform; propagandizing the Party’s guidelines and the State’s policies and laws toward economic development, contributing to enhancement of the leadership role of the Party and public administration, promoting comprehensively renovation and international integration; propagandizing patriotic emulation, detecting new causes, encouraging and expanding advanced example; fighting against corruption, wastefulness and social negative issues; “peace happening” in the economic field; mistaken perspectives; protecting the socialismoriented market economy. The aforesaid reality and contents have been selected appropriately with conditions and situation of objects. Plentiful and diversified manners, methods and facilities for economic propaganda have gradually met information demands of cadres, Party members and the people The press and publication system has developed promptly either on quantity, manner or content, met the people’s demands for plentiful, prompt, sensitive and timely information. Verbal propaganda and operation of the body of reporters have 16 been strengthened and reformed appropriately with requirements and tasks in the new situation. Cultural institution system at grass-root level has been developed powerfully and evenly throughout regions and areas of the country, played an important role in disseminating and concretizing the task of economic development of the country and localities. Other manner and method of propaganda have also been developed plentifully and lively, for example seminar, conference, congress, exhibition, fair, sight-seeing, information, propaganda, etc. It can be said that in the last years, the manners, methods and facilities have been newly developed, contributed to furnish cadres, Party members and the people with information more timely and sufficiently. Mechanism of organizations and cadres working at the economic propaganda has been gradually paid attention in building, training and fostering for the career of industrialization, modernization and international integration The Party’s organization and cadres working at propaganda and instruction have been strengthened powerfully, including three levels: central level, provincial/municipal level and district level. Exclusively the model of propaganda and instruction committee at commune level has had some obstacles in mechanism, organization and cadres. However, springing from practical demands, many localities have advocated arrangement of mechanism and cadres of propaganda and instruction committees at commune level. It is notable that Propaganda and Encouragement Committee of Lao Cai province is of a new model that has brought about good effects. In addition, mechanism or cadres working at propaganda have been arranged in public administration institutions socio-political organizations and press agencies. Majority of propaganda cadres have been trained in press, propaganda or all specialties of social science; well qualified with the political stability and step by step met requirements. The economic propaganda has encouraged the people in actively working and production, contributed to help our economy overcome any obstacles and challenges, obtained positive outcomes in right direction in all fields. The propaganda work has actively interpreted and analysed to help the people beware of advantages and obstacles of the national economy, timely reflect variable state of the world economy, encourage the people to share effort to perform any solutions offered by the Party, government, industries and branches. The people have been kept peace in mind, proactive and active in overcoming obstacles, boosting production in all fields, contributing to perform the task of socioeconomic development. Macro-economy has been essentially stable. GDP in 2013 increased 5.42% as compared to 2012. Income per capita was 1,960USD, 12% increased as compared to 2012. Inflation was controlled at 6.04%, lowest for the last 10 years. Causes of achievements a. Objective cause: (1) Achievements obtained in the fields of politics, economy, society, security, defense, external affairs of the country for 30 years of renovation and international integration are vivid practice which is basis, convincement foundation and motivation for the propaganda; (2) Scientific and technological achievements in the world, particularly in the field of information and 17 communication, have facilitated significantly in the economic propaganda; (3) Social development and progression in general, especially educational level, sense and responsibility of citizens that are increasingly improved also have contributed to make such achievements of the propaganda work. b. Subjective cause: (1) Consistent development and creative application of the Marxist-Leninism, the Ho Chi Minh ideology and the path to socialism of the Party; (2) leadership and direction of the Political Bureau, the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam; (3) Paying attention to the economic propaganda by Party Committees; (4) Frequent and closely cooperation between channels and manners of propaganda; infrastructure for propaganda has been supplemented, upgraded and gradually met requirements; (5) Body of cadres working at economic propaganda have been drilled with political stability, been faithful with the Party and the renovation career. 2.1.2. Restrictions, weakness and causes Restrictions, weakness: (1) The economic propaganda took slow renovation in terms of content, manner and method which results less attractiveness and convincingness; (2) Leadership and conduction agencies delay in giving out direction and information direction; (3) shortcomings of organizational mechanism and cadres working at the economic propaganda; (4) Restricted expenditure, equipment facilitation and modernization of propaganda facilities. Causes of such restrictions and weakness a. Objective cause: Sabotage of hostile forces in the field of ideology, culture and economy; negative impacts from complicated changes in economic and political situation in the world; shortcomings in the course of performance, concretized advocate, policies for economic development and “group benefit” issue in the economic field. b. Subjective cause: Party committees’, governments’ and industries’ awareness in role and position of the economic propaganda remain restricted; governments at all levels and economic industries have not attached much importance to the economic propaganda; not well collaborated with propaganda and instruction committees in performing the task of socioeconomic development; skills and competence of propaganda cadres have not met requirements; appropriate policies for propaganda cadres remain lack. 2.1.3. Initial experiences Firstly, in the economic propaganda, the Party’s and the State’s guidelines and policies must be well seized; practice followed up; proactive and creative in all cases; stable and sensible to all complex events. Secondly, the economic propaganda should take advantage of leadership and direction of the Political Bureau, the Secretariat and party committees; be proactive in setting up program and scheme for permanent and contingent propaganda; perform complete and comprehensive propaganda at all levels and industries; identify permanent and key tasks in direction for performance. Thirdly, it is to promote content and method for the economic propaganda, to combine orientation, direction and feedback process; powerfully 18 direct to grass-root level, in which key economic zones, remote and difficultysuffering areas are focused. Fourthly, it is to bring into play general power of the whole propaganda and instruction industry, the whole political system and classes of the people in the economic propaganda. Fifthly, it is to build, strengthen and develop frequently the body of propaganda cadres; reform policies; invest in infrastructure toward the economic propaganda of the Party. Sixthly, it is to enhance direction and inspection by propaganda and instruction committees at all levels; promote reasoning study and review of the economic propaganda practice. 2.2. Problems to be addressed for the economic propaganda in the current process of international integration in Vietnam 2.2.1. Contradiction between necessity of renovating the economic propaganda in the process of international integration and insufficient awareness on position and role of the economic propaganda as an economic process in the present period in Vietnam Entering into international integration, economic development becomes a central task of Vietnam Revolution. In new situation, new circumstance and new task, the economic propaganda is required to be reformed powerfully and comprehensively in order to meet relevant requirements. In the economic propaganda it is either to explain, mobilize and convince the people to perform the target of industrialization and modernization or to be well prepared for responding to any obstacles arisen in the process of integration. Meanwhile awareness on role and position of the propaganda in the Party and in the society remains restricted; that propaganda has power like a material force once it has penetrated deeply into the public has not been recognized; role of propaganda in economic options to bring about economic effects has also been done. In the field of propaganda, importance is often given to political propaganda but not the economic propaganda with proper attention. 2.2.2. Contradiction between information management and direction in the economic information market in Vietnam and information explosion in the world of integration The powerful development of science, information technology and especially internet help us more promptly and conveniently approach advanced achievements and values of the human being and exchange information with international friends. Apart from positive aspects, we have to encounter with hostile forces’ bad information sabotaging against our Party and State in the field of politics and economy. However, capability in information direction and management has not kept pace with the age of information explosion. Legitimate information arrives slowly, especially one related to important and sensitive issues which often come from information retrieved from foreign press or internet. New requirements set forth to the economic propaganda at present are to proactively own information, communicate legitimate and plentiful information to the people promptly, timely and accurately. 2.2.3. Contradiction between object’s high requirements for plentifulness, diversity and attractiveness and monotonousness, oldness and poorness of manner
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