Tài liệu Recruitment in thang long postal insurance company and recommendations to improve the quality of recruitment

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WORK PLACEMENT REPORT “RECRUITMENT IN THANG LONG POSTAL INSURANCE COMPANY AND RECOMMENDATIONS TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF RECRUITMENT” Student : Nguyen Thi Dung – Class: CNTH-DAA8 Tutor in university : Mrs.Tran Kieu Trang Mr. La Tien Dung Tutor in enterprise: Mrs. Phan Que Anh - Specialist CONTENTS •A PRESENTATION OF THE COMPANY • PRESENT MY MISSIONS IN THE PROBATION IN THE COMPANY • EVALUATING SITUATION OF RECRUITMENT AT PTI THANG LONG Part 1 Part II Part III Rationale, Objectives, Methodology and Scope of the Study Rationale •Human plays the most important role in bringing success for the organization Objectives •Analyzing the situation of recruitment •Identifying the existing problems and give some recommendations Methodology •Analysis and synthesis materials, reports in the company •Observation, and interviews for information Scope of the study •Focuses on the situation of recruitment and gives recommendation to improve the effectiveness of recruitment PART I: A PRESENTATION OF THE COMPANY AN OVERVEW OF THE POS AND TELECOMMUNICATION JOINT STOCK INSURANCE CORPORATION Full Name: Pos and Telecommunication Joint Stock Insurance Corporation Head office: 8th floor, No 4A Lang Ha, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi City Phone: (84-4) 37724466 Fax: (84-4) 37724460/37724461 Website: www.pti.com.vn The original insurance business •Health insurance and personal accident insurance •General Liability Insurance; •Motor Vehicle Insurance; •For fire and explosion Insurance; Re- insurance business: Receive and reinsurance for all non-life insurance •Damage servey: damage, servey, calculate, allocate damage, •Damage assessment agent. Carry out investment activities in the following areas •Purchase government bonds PART I: A PRESENTATION OF THE COMPANY THE ESTABLISHMENT AND DEVELOPMENT OF THANG LONG POSTAL INSURANCE COMPANY Director Assistant director 1  Full Name: Thang Long Postal insurance company  Short name: PTIT  Address: Hoa Dang building, No 29 Nguyen Trai, Trung Van Street, Tu Liem District, Ha Noi City Dep. Account s Dep. Adminis tration, Human resourc e Dep. nonmarine Assistant director 2. Dep. marine Dep. techniqu e assets Dep. Business 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Dep. Business HaDong PART I: A PRESENTATION OF THE COMPANY AN OVERVEW OF THANG LONG POSTAL INSURANCE COMPANY • Top 5 enterprises of nonlife insurance • Good brand reputation and image • Good customer services • Strong financial resources • • • • Big population: 90 Million. Standard of living Average GDP = 1960$ Supportive policies • Revenue is not really high • Most of the original staff hired is not learn specialized insurance in university. STRENGTHS WEAKNESS OPPORTUNITIES THREATENS • Fierce competitions • Slowdown economic growth, • High inflation rate: 8,2% Progress of internship Learn information about the internship company and get familiar with works Research, take part in the recruitment process Recommendation to improve quality recruitment process Learn information about the company Find out information about the recruitment activities Recruitment source Learn information about human resource department. Take part in the recruitment activities Channels recruitment Collect related documents about financial reports Propose step teamwork, solve situations 1. REMOVE UNSATISFACTORY RECORDS. MY MISSIONS  Collecting online applications by email for business department TAKE PART IN THE RECRUITMENT ACTIVITIES  Marking CV of applications Remove unsatisfactory records. Designing questionnaires for interview Get information candidates before the interview participate in project meeting andmeetings of human resource department  Base on check list to chose  Identify key criteria for each type of job suitable applications  Method of assessment resumes 2. DESIGNING Knowing howQUESTIONNAIRES to design these types. of in each skill skills questions Base on general  Chose suitable questions  Set up level mark for each question Research the Recruitment process in PTI Thang Long Stage 1: Define requirements • In December in each year or when has demand manpower • All the departments’ head send their requisition in a fixed form • HR collects the approval of the director • Soucre: internal source, external source Stage 5: Send invitations matriculation Stage 1: Define requirements Stage 2: Advertisement •advertisement mostly on the company’s website Stage 3: screening of candidates Stage 4: Examination. Interview Stage 2: Advertisement •HR department starts collecting the bio data •The bio data are collected from sources •Selected and prioritized based on applicants’ education Stage 4: Examination, Interview Stage 3: Screening of Candidates •Writing test: English test, technical information •Direct interview: general interview + Personal interview Send invitations matriculation •Staff who are selected will be trained in company about 60 days •Send to director their report after training EVALUATING SITUATION OF RECRUITMENT AT PTI THANG LONG ACHIEVEMENTS IN RECRUITMENT LIMITATIONS AND MY RECOMMENDATI ON TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF RECRUITMENT CASE STUDY ACHIEVEMENTS IN RECRUITMENT Set up the recruiting process The quality and quantity in the recent years • Supporting for managing and using human resource • Creates equal opportunities for all applicants and employees • Quite scientific and detailed • More and more improving • Raise the revenue and profit for the company as well as the income for workers LIMITATIONS OF RECRUITMENT Stage 5: Send invitations matriculati on Stage 1: Define requireme nts Stage 4: Examinati on. Interview Stage 2: Advertise ment Stage 3: Screening of Candidates Source Channels Recruiting quality •Using internal resources by rotating staff from one location to another location •External recruitment NOT enlarged in terms of methods •Only on the company website and job site www.vietnamworks.com •Tests, interview step is not efficient •The test questions not evaluate qualifications of candidates RECOMMENDATION TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF RECRUITMENT Expand recruitment source Recruit ment source • Coordinating with universities and colleges • Select outstanding students to apply for the jobs • Put certain conditions for the students Provide work placement for students • Project “Starting selling insurance with PTIT” • Costing the company a lot of money -> attractting qualified employees RECOMMENDATION TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF RECRUITMENT Channels recruitment Recruiting quality Widening the channels for recruitment advertisement  On the Internet  On magazine Add teamwork steps to recruitment process Stage 4 Examination, interview Examination, teamwork solve situations Interview  Divided candidates into small groups 5 -7 persons  A group has about 20 minutes to discuss  Stage 4 splits to 2 small steps: examination and team work solve situations Case study Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Attend Detecting problems Confirm the problem or not ? Recommend ation solutions Everyone agreed solution In 3 months internship •I have had some tasks… On 03/28/2014 •Ask Ha Duyen Hung who has just completed interview In the afternoon of that day •I have opportunity to participate in process interview candidates •I sat and listened to interview In the meeting And then… •I gave my opinion on the proposed additional •Employers and director in company evaluate high my opinion group work Solutions for case study Solution Boring questions Not expressing themselves The atmosphere in the interview Hiring partner design question for interview Refer to question others company's, on the internet Teamwork CONCLUSION CONTRIBUTIONS Solution for recruitment source Experience Communication/ Listening skill Time management skill Solution for recruitment channels Document management skill Solution for recruitment process (split stage 4 to 2 small step) Ability to learn Student : Nguyen Thi Dung – Class: CNTH-DAA8
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