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Explore Your World! 4 Scope and Sequence 6 Introduction 8 Unit 1 Mysteries 9 Unit 2 Favorite Foods 19 Unit 3 That's Entertainment! 29 Review 1 39 World Herrtage Spotlight: Mystery Unes 40 Vocabulary Building 42 Unit 4 True Tales 43 Unit 5 Outdoor Activities 53 Unit 6 History and Legends 63 Review 2 73 World Heritage Spotlight: Rock of Legends 74 Vocabulary Building 76 Unit 7 Mind's Eye 77 Unit 8 Animal Wonders 87 Unit 9 Treasure Hunters 97 Review 3 107 World Herrtage Spotlight: A Love Poem in Stone 108 Vocabulary Building 110 Unit 10 Education 111 Unit 11 Giants of the Past 121 Unit 12 Technology 131 Review 4 141 World Heritage Spotlight: Smoking Wonderland 142 Vocabulary Building 144 Vocabulary Index 145 Video Scripts 148 Credits 160 An explorer's 1985 discovery in the North Atlantic , was big news around the world. What did he find? p. 45 Yellowstone is America's oldest national park. It is also the most dangerous. Why? p. 142 • The Mexican city of Oaxaca is famous for its festivals and its food. Why are they special? p. 28 ,. Researchers at the University of California are studying dreams. Why do we have dreams-and what do they tell us? p. 83 In the United States, there are more statues of Sacagawea than any other American woman. Why is she famous today? p. 65 •. The Nazca lines are one of the wonders of the ancient world . What are they? p. 40 4 Explore Your World! In 1533, a great golden treasure was buried in the Andes What happened to it? p. 99 The world's richest horse race takes place each year in Dubai. What's the prize? p. 62 In 2007, a mysterious body was discovered in Siberia. Where-and when -did it come from? p. 123 Scientists in South Korea have developed a new kind of robot called EveR-1 . What can it do? p. 135 i}<~ yft 7 p; , \ 'A: ; ~ '=. 1 , f j j, , ( : " J ~-"- Japan's anime films are watched and loved around the world. What makes them so popular? p.35 ,J) The Ta] Mahal in Agra, India has been called the world's most beautiful building. Who bUilt It- " " and why? p. 108 .....J' • Near Kruger National Park in South Africa is a school with a difference, Why is it unusual? p. 113 ""Thousands of people climb Uluru every year. Some people think they shouldn't. Why? p.74 Explore Your World I 5 Mysteries A: Aliens and UFOs B: Mysterious Places Have Aliens Visited Us? The Lost Land Usage: research vs. design Word Link: - al Loch Ness Mystery Favorite Foods A: Slices of History B: Sugar and Spice Where Is Pizza From? The Hottest Chili Usage: learn vs. teach Word Partnership: break A Taste o' Mexico 3 That's Entertainment! A: Animal Actors B: Making Movies My Grizzly Summer Job The Master of Anime Usage: human Usage: the media History 01 Film Review Mystery Lines World Heritage Spotlight: Nasca Lines, Peru 4 True Tales A: Titanic B: Danger! "I've Found the Titanic" "I Was Struck by Lightning!" Usage: agree Word Partnership: rule Lightning 5 Outdoor Activities A: Baseball B: Outdoor Adventure Baseball Goes Global Hiking in Korea Word Link: -er Usage: enjoy Dubai Wo Cup 6 History and Legends A: Real-Life Legends B: Stories and Myths Who Was Sacagawea? ATale of the Dreamtime Usage: town vs. village vs. city Word Partnership: meeting Native Americar Review 2 Rock of Legends World Heritage Spotlight: Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park (Ayers Rock), Australia ('}SIMO Dictionary Skills Word Link: -Iy Dictionary Skills Word Link: -er / -{)r 7 Mind's Eye A: Mysteries of the Mind B: Sleep and Dreams Seeing the Impossible The Meaning of Dreams Word Partnership: error Usage: individual vs. person Parasomnia 8 Animal Wonders A: Emperors of the Ice B: Animal Emotions A Penguin's Year Do Animals Laugh? Word Partnership: raise Word Partnership: simifar Penguins in Trouble 9 Treasure Hunters A: Gold Fever B: Precious Discoveries Lost Treasure of the Inca Curse of the Hope Diamond Usage: amount vs. number Usage: indeed vs. really lost Treasure of Afghanistan Review A l ove Poem 3 in Stone World Heritage Spotlight: Taj Mahal, India Dictionary Skills Word link: -able 10 Education A: Learning in the Wild B: Classroom of the Future Nature's Classroom An Interview with Michael Wesch Usage: staff Word Partnership: document Maasai Teacher 11 Giants of the Past A: Mammoth! B: Monsters of the Deep The Mammoth's Tale When Giants Ruled the Sea Usage: analysis vs. analyses Usage: means Dinosaurs 12 Technology A: Robot Revolution B: Future Worlds The Robots Are Coming! How Will We live in 2035? Word Partnership: operate Usage: drive vs. ride Mars Rovers Review Smoking 4 Wonderland World Heritage Spotlight: Yellowstone National Park, U.s.A. Word Partnership: set Word Partnership: verb + to Welcome to Reading Explorer! In this book, you'll u"'" horn f""f'k i. S.... ,,~.n.l ....... h.J.h ... .t...ocub<.< ...... lI'on.l for),,,,, 3. \\,...""jOJ ...... ...,.. - .. ~-? • • &uo:nmacU • • _en t .... ...-. ,,<.t_'IU~''''' ( ::f'L''''''l'l r'''['< )~:U. chart E X PLORE 1>. _ '"'f>«I''''" '''",~m • _ ___ ~ • . . . . . . - ... _ _ A Taste of Mexico p;..:klhci",,,.nJ"',,!><.lf>«I.«.>l.N. f'c. n'......J< \\\,0 ... " >nd -_ ..:.=:~;':::::. ____ ..... . -u--.. ......... .... caption 0. Compldian. Cotr'QIeI9 'r.o_us<1g "" - Xem thêm -