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9N I N~V'31 SAV'M1V' N OS'MV3d ,. 'Y!J' r. ,,-Y . ,,-,,"/"/ r.:r f.~ ... ~ 9'7 .,. (";'r; r ( .. . " 9NIN~V'3"l SAV'M"lV' . . N.OS'MV3d " '," . " , ~;; , He's making a film here. Madley Kool? Really? Here? He's my favourite film star. o@ Listen, find and say. Listen and say. 0 W Listen and chant. I get up in the morning, Have breakfast, go to school. Home in the afternoon. That's cool! tI Have dinner in the evening, Then we go and play. I go to bed at night And get up the next day ... ;> ......... ~ ~ o@ ~ Listen and say. • ~ Listen and sing. July, August, September, October, November or December. What's your favourite? What's your favourite? What's your favourite month? January, February, March, April, May or June. What's your favourite? What's your favourite? What's your favourite month? o~ Listen and say. o~ Listen and point. 54 53 77 100 ;81 75 ~ so 708D !. . ~ :.- 66 " , ,,, : Chant. (Q.; ( . ." ;\ Madley Kool, Madley Kool, He likes playing football. He likes going to the pool. Does he like skiing and watching TV? Yes, he does. Just like me! Does he like cooking? Does he like cleaning? No, he doesn't. And he doesn't like reading. " He/ She likes playing football. Does he like playing football? Yes, he does '/No, he doesn't . What do Jenny and Sam like? Listen, think and choose. o~ Ask and answer. cleaning? .-. o G) Listen and sing. What do you, do you like doing? What do you, do you like doing? Do you like riding your bike? Yes I do. I like riding my bike. Do you like playing the guitar? Yes I do. Look! Look! I/m a pop star. l l Chorus Do you like playing computer games? N0 I don/t. I like riding my scooter. Do you like skateboarding too? Yes I like skateboarding! How about you? 1 l l Chorus What do you like doing ? Do you like playing the guitar? Yes, I do./No, I don't . Look at Activity 6. Ask and answer. What do you like doing? \."--' \ CQ .... "... . .... ) > Read and match. TAis is my dog, Tim/(tY, He likes skateboarding. Look! He's cooU ~ ~ Hi} I'm Anna. IJ m I like S";n9in9 and playin9 the 9vitar with my friendS'. q.~ I'm CAarLie. I don't like watcAing TV and I don'-/: like cooking. I Like skiing. It's fun! Listen and answer. @ Listen and say. 0 --... She likes skiing, skateboarding and skipping. He likes swimming with swans . ~ Play the game. skiing? oltllU. • ~ Listen and read. Then act. I like watching and looking and listening. I'm Cleopatra, the detective cat! Now go to Film Studio Island. . . ~~2~) Listen and read. This is Rosa. Look at her house. It's a boat. Rosa likes her boat. She doesn't like watching TV. She likes reading and playing the guitar. She likes riding her bike, too but not on the boat! This is Will. This is his house. It's a lighthouse! There are a lot of stairs. Will likes living in the lighthouse but he doesn't like climbing the stairs. He likes playing computer games and watching TV. He likes cooking, too. His favourite food is fish. \ ~6~l Read, think and say Rosa or Will. @ 1 2 3 4 5 I I I I I don't like climbing the stairs. don't like watching TV. like reading. like playing computer games. like cooking. ~\ ~~"a~,(:t ~ • Des\gn an " unusual house. f) Wr\te about th\ng s yoU Hke €) do\ng \n \t. t ~ Listen and read. Hi, I'm Kelly. I'm from Canada. It's snowy here. I like skiing. It's fun. I can go very fast. Do you like skiing? Hi, I'm Tumelo. I'm from South Africa. I like playing football at school with my friends. I can see the Soccer City stadium from my house. It's really big. My favourite team is the Mamelodi Sundowns. ( stadium) 1:26 Listen and say the name. • • ••• • Hi, I'm Anne . I'm from France. r like rid ing my bike with my mum and dad. It's good exercise . r like riding my bike on sunny days. My little brother likes ridi ng, too! Hi, I'm Javier. I'm from Spain. r like swimming. Look! I'm at the water park with my friends. r like going down the slides . It's great! Read and answer. True or false? • 1 2 3 4 Kelly can't ski fast. Tumelo li kes playing football at school. Anne likes riding her bike with her family. Javier goes to the water park with his fam ily. e f(J;J. fri~nd Ask your about . his/her hobbles. o~ Write about one of these free time activities. ( snowboarding ) ( knitting ) ••11 .. 'I.l;.bIOl.. :.... 1II1I.1I1I..... I.1 . .:::I ..' ..... r.(.III.Io ( rock climbing ) ( pottery ) ( juggling ) @ Listen, point and say. Listen, find and say what's missing. giraffe 00 Chant. ~~>..;' Do hippos eat insects? No, they don't. Hippos eat grass . Do monkeys eat grass? No, they don't. Monkeys eat fruit. Do lions eat meat? Yes, they do. Lions eat meat. Do giraffes eat leaves? Yes, they do. Giraffes eat leaves. "\\, '\ Do lions eat meat? Yes, they do '/No, they don't . o~ 1 2 3 4 • 7f~ Listen and say the missing words. Crocodiles eat q, too. Silly ~ ! What do hippos q ? Elephants eat leaves and Ask and answer. ?', too . o ~, listen and sing. Lions live in Africa. They're big and strong. They like sleeping all day long. They run very fast To catch their lunch. What do they eat? They eat meat. Crunch, crunch, munch! Oscar Iives with me. He's a very small cat. He likes sleeping in my flat. He runs very fast To get his lunch. What does he eat? He eats meat. Crunch, crunch, munch! 7 Lions live in Africa. They live in Africa . My cat lives with me. He/ShelIt lives with me. • fl'.:J..;. Look at Activity 6. Ask and answer. tm . . . \ o Look and read. Gutoo®cfJBO' . Slog posted by: Paul, animal park keeper Hi, I'm Paul. There are a lot of crocodiles here at Discovery Island Animal Park. This is a photo of Snapper. Look at the bird in her mouth! It's cleaning her teeth. These crocodiles live in rivers in Africa and A ustralia. They are very big and they are strong. They like sleeping in the sun and they like swimming. They can run but they can't run far. Crocodiles eat meat, fish and birds. They can eat you too, so watch out! o ~\ (( 'i ', Listen and answer. Sixtee n gree n leaves are a treat to eat. 43 ~ Play the game. Snap! They're crocodiles . Listen and read. Then act. (!J) Now go to Film Studio Island. Listen and read. I I I Elephants Elephants say hello with their trunks. They can play football! They can swim but they can't jump. Giraffes Giraffes can sleep standing up. They don't sleep very much. They've got long, black tongues. They clean their ears with their tongues! They don't drink every day. 1;40) Listen, think and answer. Ask and answer. True or false?
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