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Giới Thiệu Giải Pháp Giám Sát Hệ Thống Thiết Bị Mạng Máy Chủ ManageEngine OpManager
Giới thiệu Giải pháp Giám sát Hệ thống thiết bị mạng, máy chủ ManageEngine OpManager Trình bày: Nguyễn Trung Tuyến Chức vụ: Customer Account Manager Công ty: i3 Network Systems Email: tuyen.nt@i3-vietnam.com Tel: +84 4 3537 7880 Mobile: +84 98 323 6790 Hà Nội 2012 Zoho Corporation ● 3 mảng Giải pháp & Dịch vụ ● 1000+ nhân viên ● 40,000+ khách hàng ● Hundreds of OEMs & Partners Zoho Corporation HQ: Pleasanton, CA Austin, TX New Jersey Chennai, India Yokohama, Japan Beijing, China London, UK Giải pháp Quản trị Hạ tầng CNTT - ManageEngine Hỗ trợ Hệ điều hành      Windows 2000 + SP4 Windows 2000 / 2003 Server Windows XP Professional Windows 2008 Server Windows 7  Red Hat Linux  Linux Debian  Asianux OpManager - General features • • • • • 100% web-based Agent-less monitoring Multi-vendor monitoring support Windows and Linux installable Bundled Web-server and My-SQL Database for quick deployment • Options to configure MS SQL Backend OpManager Product Features Network Discovery and Mapping Network Discovery and Mapping Automatic Network discovery Discover using SNMP v1, v2, v3, WMI, CLI (Telnet/ SSH), VMware credential) 8 Network Discovery and Mapping Automatic Device and Interface Mapping with out-of-the-box support for wide range of devices & interfaces monitoring. Supports custom Device Templates and Infrastructure groups too… 9 Source: Gartner report 2001 Network Discovery and Mapping Associates monitors right after the device discovery, monitoring starts right away 10 Source: Gartner report 2001 Network Discovery and Mapping Maps views To see your devices by Infrastructure groups, Business service or custom groups, Google maps, Subnet-wise groups or even through our Automatic layer 2 topology map 11 Source: Gartner report 2001 Network Discovery and Mapping Automatic Layer 2/3 Network Maps and Business Views (Custom Maps) 12 OpManager Product Features Network Monitoring and Management 13 Network Monitoring & Management Availability Monitoring Up or Down monitoring for routers, switches, firewalls, access points, servers, WAN links, interfaces, etc… 14 Network Monitoring & Management Device Health Monitoring Viz. CPU, Memory, Disk Utilization (for Servers), Buffer Monitors (For Routers), Temperature, Active Connection Count (For Firewalls) etc.. 15 Network Monitoring & Management Bandwidth and Interface Health Monitoring Viz. Received and Transmitted Traffic, Errors, Discards, Byte Transferred, Packets Per Second, etc... 16 Network Monitoring & Management In-depth WAN RTT monitoring Uses Cisco IP SLA. Know exactly which hop had high latency or where the outage happened 17 Network Monitoring & Management Get granular visibility into your traffic Know which user or application or protocol is occupying bandwidth. Qualify the set QOS policies on your routers. Supports NetFlow, sFlow, J-Flow, IPFIX & more… 18 Network Monitoring & Management VoIP performance monitoring Uses Cisco IP SLA. Know MOS, jitter, packet loss, latency, Round Trip Time and availability for VoIP call paths 19 Network Monitoring & Management Network Change and Configuration Mgmt Automate configuration backups, detect changes in real-time, rollback to trusted version in a click & more… for router, switches, firewalls, access points etc… 20
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