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Ngân hàng câu hỏi trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh ôn thi Công chức thành phố Hà Nội năm 2015
l amnotsure colorthecoat is. my bed inthemorning. He hasareputation beinganopen-minded father. e ta, n O" 0 ,-. cn 0 excited 1-C li 0' Po unless to do do astonishing astonish to do do angry cmt " CIO (PP C... ap 0 o i-t n 00. ' but answer willanswer who which who's whom doing making putting for of at z answered Po S it. A: B: be hearing comeup 7. aq" There issomeoneatthe door. I i-Z ". at hernaughtychild. o = eD .-t o ..tcl X a a = EA 0 Ca. .- eThemother looked I hate astonished itallagain. = Hemademe a 0 ca. ,54, ca, 0, -. ra ca. 00 astonishment l Neitherwould I 0. news. I havejust beentoldsome be heard ..... Z somethingnew. atwhich SowouldI ,-- theweatherstays fine. rose Iwith takeup —• •ra-t =— in fishing. inwhich makeup Neither do I hasraised of 00 Iwould lovetogotoAustralia. Somepeoplejust wanttospendtheirtime n elD A+, -, o .-t in '". = cfc mymind. oo ca .— —. Rs .-. A ,-.. t. A N- CA —.a that 0a fromyousoon. I'm looking forwardto Allofuswon'tgocamping hasrisen wevisited 3yearsago? Doyouremembertheplace Mike's raised .... CIO A LA CP% doingsucha hardjob? Is hecapable Ican't considerably. there isanythingwrongwith him. ‘.0 --1 Thời gian ký: 17/05/2015 16:25 PM .— N..) Ask him lso Overthe last fewmonths,thepriceofpetrol .-. Signature Not Verified 2 0 Givensentences —. takeson getson trieson at = 0 7 whom were had been have been tic ._. cr To fa.. .._. good nicely S CO P. would have Yes, I do Yes, I like Yes, I'd like caryesterday . excite I rust excited 00 I don't knowwhere he is, he hasn'tarrived . Ourteamscored inthe lastminute. leave ro To < Z 40 leaves doesn't it Fr 0: C. Lc homeat 7o'clock sothat hecan be in hisofficeat 8 it didn't didn't it a; g, — S fc..) < ro Yes,please co x 0 My fatherusually o'clock. 40 went .— Itrained all dayyesterday, noone mTo cn someone = to lend will smoke/willsave wouldsmoke/saved smokes/willsave = t.) A: Would you likeacoke? B: Theirparentscame lending smoked/would save .... cn C. worked harder, hewould havepassed theexams. Thematch wasreally lend tome. w 0 If he forwhich anyone .4" Thisdinner looks atwhich mco ,-1 Co X —. = 110 Z B: bywhich everyone .— —• NJ N...) NJ w N) ln NJ -..1 much moremoney. But I don'tthink heeverwill. less, he w .... NJ 00 whose there. relaxed to theirpersonalities. I wenttothe libraryto borrowsomebooks but I found A: Haveyouever beento France? Yes, I there last August. co NJ putson 1 hermake-up. youmetyesterday. We' ll talk aboutthepeople NJ CT NJ A Therearesomanysimilarities If he t..) w -t co lent methe bookyou havej ustbought? excitement l 5 CC %.0 NJ 0 NJ Wouldyoumind She looksmuch betterwhenshe La A towhich Iwas invited lastweek,wasextremelyenjoyable. Theparty, tired U0 . Whelpsme forgetallmystress. Yoga isvery I with by was left have left had left much luggage many luggages agreatnumberof luggage a lotof luggages to bestudied tostudy studying study has beenwriting iswriting Smoking isa bad to bed late. of yours. He doesn't likecompanies. Healwaysworks o ro isspeaking does do were hidden will have hidden had hidden themore he loves his country he loves hiscountry themost he loves themost hiscountry a ZA co .1 for of I to with = a at 0" t< , he loves hiscountry more to — 0. = tr0 co z P> 7' had worked under will be would be will across through at over go havinggone going begoing Ihabit custom usage once only = n 1,.) He isused to theroad without looking. worked a --, Shewalked nicetomorrow,we'll gotothezoo. has beenworking C 0 If it foot. wasworking =0 ,.0 Wewent bycarand thechildrenwent w youto have helped us. Every al0 yourstomach. Theall li midnight. All Co thestolenmoney. All the 6 =0, --/ w 00 co A 0 A .--, A NJ A 1...) A 00 It 'ssonice A a A li, A Cr, A --.1 Don't drink somuch tea because it's bad A I many JOJ for five hours. If you huny,youwill be in Burton cn a lot waswriting booksonthisshelf werewritten by Charles Dickens. Themore hetravels, w much Jo a letter. Bythetimethepolicearrived,thethieves vi a lifting .1 Whenthetelephonerang,she I don'tspeak Japanese, but Jenny vi my key inthe house. hard by hisparents. Shesaid she VI A time. to lift UO ,0 Hewasmade fora lift a'6co) Cr, w lAssoonas Ishutthe front door Irealised that I He hasn'tgot home. Fr Z, V) co Hecan'tgotosee hertonight. He hasn'tgot co Heagreed togiveus profession 0 0" dinner. work [journey tour voyage amcooking cooked had cooked have been had been have beengoing havegone did youmeet haveyoumet metyou doyoumeet CO CD CD Myunclearrived while I from Londonto Edinburgh take? =D e cm U. tn CT How long doesthetrain Km -4 withthe BBC. I'vegotaverygood wascooking -4 U.) a -4 beforetheshopsareclosed. tothenextvillage? 5 7C" 0 Gt0 0 a CD pp .-. 0 thetable forsupper. Imustgo r & c dictionaries. will go withwhom that thatwhom will do terribletired terribletiredly terriblytiredly slower slow walking forawalking forawalk towalk has been is have been was haven'tgotany haven'tno laid lain 0 q. 6 terriblytired haven'tsome CO n -, do did CD 0. nogasexplosions here. want aregoing P— ,—: aftertypingthis longreport. need went ta. doesn't 0" 0 They what heasked. with r.n 0 Since 1964,there Imet last Saturday? 0" ON ‘.0 I decided togo totowntomorrow,will you dosomeshopping forme? .-,-- CT 00 Pleasespeak a littlemore togetto London? 0 0 0 co (T -4 I feel won't 3 pp ON Cr. Hewould bevery happy if you he? for I z CT In Doyou know at 0 CT A If you a hurry. < 0% U.) How long does it yourmusic lesson. ro ,-. 0 7 0 cd, —.0 C, IV Hewon't be late, -4 0 7" Co 7 CT 0 eT .-. I can'twait. I'm -4 1,4 Don't be late co 0. tothetheatretwiceso farthismonth. They -4 ,--. Cil ‘.0 cm GO l toshop toshopping forshop shopping How is it far How far is it How far is How is far 77 Shewasmade totype found did did find 80 Theplanearrived immediately. becleaned cleaning 00 N-• theairport lateon Monday. by at in Vara issick but Chalee is terrible well so 82 There isn't 83 Youcaneat 84 Weall 85 Please keepthe fire food inthe house. no any some none you like. asmuch that somuch as toomuchas asmuch as himgood luck when hedecided toemigrate. gave told wished said 00 CN . It'scold here. to bum be burning burning burn Samreadthethief snote. Inthissentence, "note" means coin message cheque money 87 She has been looking forthe 88 Youmustsettlethematter key for 2 hours. lost lose yourselves. under with NC 0 NO .-, I had togetupearly, among Apatient issomeone '-.. miss her. I'd havemissed thetrain. Cars drivingat high Carsat high speed driving speed Drivingcarsat high speed At high speed car driving isextremely dangerous. Myold cat died lastyear,and I still 00 This houseneeds NC to betyped 0) -.1 00 the letter. 79 00 typing he had met her. A : Who found that flower inthegarden? B:! otherwise — l 'whoarecareful unless but if whocanwaita longtime whoneedsmoney i I I I !undera doctor'scare i If Jake togoonthetrip,wouldyou havegone? Anoperation isusuallyperformed bya doesn'tagree dentist hadn'tagreed .,. .-. 0 INJ into love for t_. Iasked him in love for 0 76 in lovewith i nto lovewith 0 He fell 0 heroverayearago. 75 wouldn'tagree didn'tagree nurse surgeon Ra aci 0" o < a -t cwn Pm a 0 w 'vt 0 tostudy studying study to can hetogo should begone heshould go should hego at about for with learning for learning (0. 0 0 vc, n ti gooderthan 0" e, e „ to learn cc CD a 0 CM . C , studied 0Z thetable? 0 intheend didn't,either entrance en 0-' 0 = 0. a a lastly gtCr IDD fa. hespeaks English. a c4, at least „ a atthe finish 0 0 a IV k.A4 a LP, 0, --I 00 a a a of the dark so henevergoesout lateatnight. agood journey! way O. a a [ direction ap .-. kJ LoD r Tom didn't knowthatword. Ben English a day. to informize more betterthan I bestthan Verywell Usual Twiceaweek toset set to beset did,neither .... in 0 a Rave you finished her housework. misses didn't,too Take w a A: Howoften doyouplaysports? B: similarly to inform < a 0 0 Hespeaks French similaras EL 1/40 He is down 0. 0 Namoftenspendstwo hours 1 do. off remembers tothetown,there isa beautiful wood. to informatize n a. 0 Mymother is busy Tomverymuch. I a, = 0 Hewondered where a log. a: t< 0 I don't knowwhat to informate twins. harder. goaway 5 —• Z 0 It's high timeyou stand up 5 a 0 Heunderstood clearup ;ID 0 Onthe stoptalking -,5." 0 Betty is lonelyandshe which hasever flown .-1 0 N.° 0 Theyare thatever flies w 1/ 0 4 When hewasrunning, he fell who hasever flown Er ‘.0 co Averb from "information" is buythat house. which fliesever n M a ‘0 --) Herecommended that! half amile. 0 0 E. ‘t o•N Hetold metoshutupand goout. Inthissentence, "shutup" Means LA 1/40 It isthe firstman-poweredaircraft Spend came bad talk formal talk informaltalk longtalk trying / changing try / tochange tot ry / changing trying / tochange for about beingcalled mecalled with from burned exploded 'John decided to • verywell. piano golf atweekends. wildanimalswhileonvacation. I togo startup a lot B 0 shouted about I had been How long Howwide did done 'forgoing I . Ithe togoing were / came / come How far n. have been / came ro co tu) 1My daughterplays spacewasn't bigenough. 0 Uo i---, IHetried topark hiscar but somewhere different forachange. a DJ ,-0 too 0 I Iwould like too U.) onyourvacation? 0Du 0rI r (D Howoften youcall me Iatgoing I to havegone Ithe I Fare / came GQ willcome whatyou like. Just keepon Wesaw here 16 yearsago. isthe beach? B: Only fiveminutes' walk. l Areyou looking forward A: B: come lo = 1A: comes with goingtotheparty. inthistown fora longtime. We tovisit lo 1We DJ 00 1Tam isexcited the library. visit — — 0 (to 1‘.) .-tut to) The firealarmwentoff whenthesmokerose. Inthissentence, "went off' means DO tit Themainpostoffice isnot far 1,) 0 A: Whyareyoumad? bymy firstname. B: I dislike kJ --I 122 KJ a me. I'll be fine. Don't beworried to havevisited (t0 topersuadethem 120 1We havegivenup Its is here W We hadanicechatoveracupof tea. Inthissentence, "chat" means heretomorrow. Here it is -1 0 CIO I'll see himwhen he Theyare here Heretheyare I00 .... --I — 00 Bolivia forthe firsttime, it'savery beautiful country . Iremember for Ido a little to ke tr; -D Where'smy luggage? Oh! under r.n. — into myumbrella. -‘.0 — 0 Come 115 lIt'srainingvery heavily . U.) I I takeup "-I6 co cn n 7 C co check little much this book. " ,..< 5' S0 would move/haven't had moved/hadn't seen seen moved/hadn'tseen will haveseen haveseen saw have beenseen work will work towork driver worker mechanic turnon turnoff soas because o tumup sothat 1.< which 0 p almost designer off over hardly so far as longas by far I perhaps unless incase inmaking although co -. Z GO -• what everyone laugh. by tomake " n tn and .e moved/ haven'tseen shegets lost. they had finished theirexam. ez.., ttc; revise foracupof tea. thisyear. . NO1 IQ I A bridgewill build the river inmy hometown nextyear. MarysaidthatPeter willbecometheirteam member. Thatskirt is big formy daughtertowear. Shegavea health check bythenew doctor lastyear. Smith prefersanyother sportto football. Playingthepiano is Rose's best hobby. Therearemany houses Therearea lotof house Therearemuch houses Thevillage hasonly inthevillage.inthevillage.inthevillage.few houses. Jane isnot interested in Jane isnotold enough Janecan'tgotovote for Jane isold togoto voting becauseshe is vote. 17years. togotovote. just 17. Youare bought Theseshopscan be Theseshopscan buy Newspaperscan be newspapers inthese newspapers. bought bought intheseshops. newspapers. shops. wereyou, Iwill If Iwereyou, Iwould If ! Youshould buyanew You havestayed in bed stay in bed fora few stay in bed fora few fora few days. bed tostay in . days. days. Hewasallowedtogo Heallowed hissonto Hissoncould togoto Hissonshouldgoto London forthe to Londonwith hisson goto London forthe Londonwith him for weekend. weekend. fortheweekend. theweekend. Hewasnotso boring, Iwasso boringwith his His lecturewasso His lecturewasso but I l eft. ,bored that I left. lecturethat I left. boringthat I left. CO ,--. .-. a Joestarted learningFrenchsixyearsago. 1 She didn'twanttowake Shewalked quietly. the baby. KJ p NJ 0 ..... ‘C) 00 I-. "---) .-. 1-. al CA We liketeamgames. We like field events. K.) Cr% K.) th 4=" NJ NJ U.) 22 There isaspare bed inmy daughter'sroom. Beingtheonlychild inthe family, Iwasoften lonely. Joe has been learning French sixyearsago. Shewalked quietlyso she didn'twanttowake thebaby. Joe has been learning French forsixyears. Shewalked such quietlythatshe didn't wanttowakethe baby. We like fieldevents but We like field events morethanteamgames. alsoteamgames. My daughter'sroom is aspareone. Although Iamtheonly child inthe family, I wasoften lonely. Johnwantedtosee Roseatthestation. There isspareroom in m r y daughter's bed. Becauseof Iamthe onlychild inthe family, Iwasoften Joestarted learning Joe has beenstarting French forsixyears. French forsixyears. Shewalked quietly Shewalkedquietly becauseshe didn'twant althoughshe didn't wanttowakethe baby. towakethe baby. We likenotonly field We like both field events butalsoteam games butalsoteam games. games. There ismy daughter's My daughter'sroom roomspare. hasgotaspare bed. Because Iwastheonly I wasoften lonelyso I child inthe family, I wastheonlychild in wasoften lonely. the family. Rosetook Johntothe Rose hadJohntake her station. tothestation. j Rosewasasked Johnto take hertothestation. Rosewanted Johntotake hertothestation. The difference in The difference between ; Appearance between There isgreat Nickelandsilver donot differgreatly in appearance between nickelandsilver is nickel and silver is difference between appearance. nickelandsilver isnot great. great. nickel and silver. great. We haven'ttalked to Our lastconversation We had aconversation Ourconversation lasted eachother fora long It'sa longtimesinceour lastconversation. was long. a long time. fora longtime. time. Everytimewerang, We hadnoanswer When itrang,we did 1 We had noanswer therewasn'tany notanswer. although itrang. Therewasneveranyanswerwhenwerang. when itrang. If Jack leavesnow, he If Jack leavesnow, he Jackwillcatchthe bus After Jack catchesthe before he leavesnow. bus, he leavesnow. will catch the bus. Jack willcatch the bus,so he hasto leavenow. catch the bus. Look at how black the Look at how blackthe Lookat howblackthe Look at how blackthe sky is! Therain is sky is! It isgoingto Look at how black thesky is! Therain is sky is! It israining. sky is! It hasrained. going. rain. coming. How doesyour Howmuch doesyour What isyour MacBook Howmuch isyour Macbook Air'scost? Macbook Aircost? What isthepriceofyour Macbook Air?Macbook Aircost? Air? Theshirtcostmuch I Theshirtcost lessthan Ithoughttheshirtwas I didn'tthinktheshirt I had more than I hadthought.tooexpensive. would beexpensive. Ithoughttheshirtwouldcostmorethan it did. Therestaurants inthis Therestaurants inthis Therestaurants inthis Therearenogood cityarenotasgood as I Thiscity doesn't haveanygoodrestaurants. cityarenotso bad. restaurants inthiscity. cityareverygood. thought. u.) 0 ,C) Oo 27 He doesnot haveenough moneyto buyanew bicycle. Mysisterand Ioftenwenttothatshop. Shecan'tcometotheparty becauseshe istoo busy. Norman isamuch better dancerthanme. Thenewsof hergrandmother's death wasa greatshock to her. Mary is bestat Maths Noone inmyclass isasgood at Mathsas Mary inmyclass. is. They had left before They finished their breakfastandthenthey left. they finished their breakfast. David's lazymade him David lost hisjob because hewas lazy. lose hisj ob. The bicycle is expensiveto buy. He doesnotpreferto buyanew bicycle. Iwenttothatshopand Iwenttothatshopand 1 somysister. somysister,too. She isso busytocome She isnot busyenough totheparty. tocometotheparty. Norman isthe best dancer. Ican'tdanceaswell as 1 Norman . Aftershe had been Hergrandmother died shocked, her whenshewasshocked. grandmother died. Mary isasgoodat Maths inmyclass. Mary isthe bestat Maths inmyclass. Afterthey had finished their breakfast,they left. David lost hisj ob so he was lazy. Beforethey finished Afterthey had left,they their breakfast,they finishedtheirbreakfast. left. Davidwasso lazythat Becauseof losing his j ob, Davidwastoo he lost hisj ob. Everyone isgivena Apersonal parkingarea personal parkingarea The building has its personal parkingarea. isgiventothe building. in frontof the building bymyoffice. Mary is betterat Maths inmyclass. Myoffice isgivena personal parkingarea toeveryone inthe building. They'vesold the They'vesoldthe They'vesold the They'vesold the They'vesold thegrocery. Iused togoshopping grocerywhere Iused to grocerywhere Iused to grocerywhich Iusedto grocerythatIused to there. goshoppingthere. goshopping. goshopping. goshopping. She did notcomeback Shecame backtoan to her house 10years empty house for 10 years. ago. Ca Ca --) Myofficegiveseveryoneapersonal parking area in frontof the building. Barbara istallerthan Nobody in Barbara's class isastall asshe isothers. oo ca or \ CA co a co Ca co Ca co 31 Barbara isthetallestgirl in herclass. Barbara isthetallest student. The bicycle istoo The bicycle isnotnew expensive for himto to buy. buy. MysisterandIuseto Mysisterand I usedto gotothatshop. gotothatshop. She issuch busythat She istoo busytocome shecan'tcometothe totheparty. party. Normancan dance best Ican dancemoregood thanme. than Norman. Thenewsthat her Before her grandmother had died grandmother died,she wasagreatshock to wasshocked. her. Nobody istallerthan Barbara. The lasttimeshecame back to her housewas 10yearsago. She hasnotcome back Her housewas last to her house for10 empty for 10years. years. 30 Did youmeetyourcousinatthestation? Didyourcousinmeet atthestation? Wasyourcousinmetat Didyourcousingoto thestation? thestation? Isthistheonlywaytotake himoutofthe problem? Is itanotherwayto Isn'tthereanyother Istheproblemof taking himouttheonly waytotake himoutof take himoutof the problem? way?theproblem? a a C7‘ tm a Unless hephones hisgirlfriend immediately, shewill leaveaway. Weunderstand morethanthey do. aa ---.1 00 Writinga book is i mpossi ble foraweek . We don'tvisitourold friendsveryoften. Theteachersaid to him, "Whyareyou late again?" . a VD Aweek'sbook is impossiblywritten. I Werarelyvisitourold I Wealwaysvisitourold 1Wevisitrarelyourold friends. friends. friends. Thenew doctorgave hera healthcheck last week. (11 0 It is impossibletowrite Aweek is impossible fora book writing. a book inaweek. We don'tvisitourold friendsrarely. a La a t,..) a a 40 Towritea book inaweek is impossibl e. Istaking himoutof the problemtheonlyway? Unless hephones his If he doesn'tphone his When hisgirlfriend If hisgirlfriend leaves girlfriend immediately, girlfriend immediately, leavesaway, hephones away, he doesn'tphone shewillnot leave shewill leaveaway. her immediately. her immediately. away. Shewasgivena health Shewas beinggivena Shewasgivinga health She isgoingtogivea healthchecktothenew check bythenew healthcheck bythe check bythenew doctor. week. new doctor lastweek. doctor last doctor lastweek. Theteacherasked why Theteacheraskedwhy Theteacherasked him Theteachersaidto him notto be lateagain. to benot lateagain. hewas lateagain. was he lateagain. They don'tunderstand anythingatall. They don'tunderstand asmuch aswe do. Wearevery intelligent. If we have been inthe were intheoffice If we the office If we were in officenow,wecould Wearenot intheofficenow. Wecan't helpyou now,wecould helpyou now,we helpyouwith helpyouwiththe with thepaperwork. thepaperwork. with thepaperwork. paperwork. Canyougivemethescissorsthatcutwell? Wereyourcousinmeet atthestation? 'Thescissorsthatcut well togiveme,can you? Myson feels Myson feels frightened when heseesasnake. frighteningwhen he Theplaywas boringso Theplaywas boring. Itwas badlyactedand too itwas badlyacted and too long. long. Canthescissorswhich Thescissorsgiveme whichcancutwell. cutwell giveme? Myson is frightening snakes. Theplaywas badly actedandtoo long although itwas boring. Myson isafraid of snakes. Theplaywasboring because itwas badly actedand too long. Theyaremore intelligentthanus. If weare intheoffice now,wecan helpyou withthepaperwork. k.i111yougivemeLUC scissorswhichcut well? Asnake is frightening myson. Theplaywas badly acted and too longas it wasboring. CA --• k) CA If they had learntthe poems by heart,they wouldn't have failed theexam. If they have learntthe poems by heart,they wouldn't have failed theexam. If they had learntthe poems by heart,they would have failed the exam. If they had learnthe poems by heart,they wouldn't have failed theexam. Peoplesaythat Mark and Ericareeffective workers. Thatsays Mark and Ericareworked effectively. Peoplesaythat Mark and Ericareeffective working. Peoplesaythat Mark and Ericwork effectively. Saypeoplethat Mark and Ericareworked effectively. Itwassuchanamusingnewsthat Rose burst intotears. Thenewswasso amused which Rose burst intotears. Thenewswastoo amusingthatRose burst intotears. Thenewswasso amusingthat Rose burst intotears. Thenewswassuch amused that Rose burst intotears. CN 0 t./1 '0 th 00 t-ri ---.1 tli A LA They didn't learnthepoems by heart. They failed theexam. VI VI W The daywassuchnice Anice daymademeto that Iwentout fora goout forawalk. walk. Sheshouldn't fail the 1 She hasn't failed the Shecan't fail theexam. exam. exam. Childrentold nobody Nobodytold the Children did nottell whatto do intheir free anybodywhatthey did children intheir free time. time. intheir freetime. Itwassoanice day that Iwentout fora walk. CM as Itwassuchanice day The daywassonicethat Iwentout forawalk. that Iwentout fora walk. Shemustn't failthe the exam. exam. I amsurethatshewill not fail Thechildrenwerenot told whatto do intheir Nobodytoldthechildrenwhatto do intheir freetime. freetime. Thestudentswere Theteachertold the doingtheexercises studentsto dothe theteacher then marked I when exercises, marked thetests. thetests. Carscauseair Although carscauseair pollution,therefore pollution,peoplestill peoplestill wanttouse wantthem. A letter iswritten by Shegota letter from himtwomonths later. hertwomonths later. Althoughthemeeting Themeetingwas Therewereso few cancelled sotherewere wascancelled,there Themeetingwascancelled becausetherewere participantsthatthe werenotenough notenough notenough participants. meetingwascancelled. participants. participants. Theteacherwas Theteacherwasmarkingthetestsand the markingthetestswhile exercises. studentswere doingthe thestudentswere doing theexercises. Becausecarscauseair still want them. People pollution,peoplestill Carscauseairpollution. wantthem. Hewrotea letterto her twomonths later. Shewrotea letterto himtwomonths later. Theteacherwas markingthetestswhile thestudents did the exercises. Carscauseairpollution sopeoplestill wantto usethem. A letterwaswrittento himtwomonths later. Therewerenot participantsenough so themeetingwas cancelled. CA IN) I havetoget home beforenine. Otherwisemy fatherwill beangry •withme. C.4) 01 la CA Littletraffic brought Ittook meonlysomeminutestotravel towork. mesomeminutesto Therewas littletraffic. traveltowork. Shecanafford to buy She isterriblyrich. almostanything. a 01 CN Ch C:r\ C71 The flight from Londonto New York lasted five hours. ----I I , ----I 0 01 C, --.1 1:71 Thewoman ismyaunt. Sheworksasaplastic surgeon. 0\ 00 Myexam lasted longerthan hers. Becausetherewas little Travellingtowork took traffic, ittook meonly mesomeminutes. someminutestotravel towork. I havetoget home beforeninesomy fatherwillbeangry with me. Although I havetoget If I havetoget home My fatherwill beangry homebeforenine,my beforenine,my father withme if I don'tget fatherwill beangry will beangrywith me. home beforenine. with me. She issorich thatshe can buyalmost anything. Shecanafford to buy She issuch richthat almostanything shecan buyalmost although she isterribly anything. Despitethe factthat she isterriblyrich,she canafford tobuy anvthin Heused tostayup late. Heusuallystaysup late. He isnotused to stayingupso late. He doesn'tusuallystayupso late. Katherinewanted to knowthetime. Ittookmeonlysome minutestotravelto workalthough there was littletraffic. Katherinewantedto knowwhattime is it. Herexamwasn'tas shorttimeasmine. Thewoman,who worksasaplastic surgeon ismyaunt. FromLondonto New Yorktook five hours. Kelly'sparentswere Kelly'sparentsgave hera bike for herbirthday. givena bike for her birthday. Myneighborsaid that "We boughtanewcaryesterday",said my they had boughtanew neighbor. carthedayafter. Whenshevisitsme, There isalwaystroublewhenshecomestovisit shecomestotrouble. me. He doesn'tusetostay up late. Katherinewanted to Katherinewantedto Katherinewanted to knowwhatwasthe knowwhatthetime know howthetimeran. time. was. Herexamwas longer Herexamtooka Herexamtook timeas shortertimethanmine. longasmine. thanmine. Thewomanwhoworks Thewomanwhich Thewomanwhom asaplasticsurgeon is worksasaplastic worksasaplastic myaunt. surgeon ismyaunt. surgeon ismyaunt. Ittook five hoursto fly Londonto New York Ittookthe flight from from Londonto New took five hours fora Londonto NewYork flight. York. five hours. Kelly'sparentsgavea bikeasa birthday present. A bikewasgivento Kellywasgivena bike Kelly'sparents in her for her birthday by her birthday. parents. Myneighborsaid that Myneighborsaid that Myneighborsaid that they hadboughtanew theyboughtanewcar they boughtanewcar I the day before. carthe day before. the dayafter. Whenevershe has Wheneverthere is Whenevershecomesto to trouble,shecomesto trouble,shecomes visitme,there is visitme. visitme. trouble.
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