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NH$r J -I J Fru[. ffi ,fr :$/ GHJ*H NEWTE'r'L EARN ENGL ItH Paqe 1 5 I 13 15 19 23 27 29 33 37 Paqe 43 47 51 ol 05 69 retuq% 75 '79 iat83 ,%ff _t Our scttool a @ Listenqnd tolk qboutthe school. There'so computer room. pool. There'so swimming ,€P 'ffimh pool o swrmmrng o librory o comourer room o musrcroom o ployground on ort room D "o.orr*", 3] @ li"t"n ond reod.Tolk obout Tom,sschool. We singin the musicroom, We drowin the ort room. ;$' @ &-* leornonddroui Where'sthe musicroom? It's on the firstfloor. Where'sthe orl room? It's on the secondfloor. G 1st 2nd 3rd Ground First Second Third 4th Fourth fANGgACE,oau, Q e @ run Reoding )f2ffi8 ggk*a P Thisis my school,Tom. We eot in the musicroom. 'fu l,,,.,.o't,n We singin the conteen- We reodin the pool. swimming I thinkyourschool'sgreot,Beeno. ConI cometo vourschoolr ,) You qre Chorlie.TellCindy,o new pupil,obout the school. tr8tr E trtrtr E trtrtr E trtrtr |;I @ trw E }T 5 U] rc w I'min Closs28. (l o duck W 3 (€.n^ e1-'$\ t1 -9+ Yv@ffi L>q footboll o bicycle 6 $Itu4rt"b gr0ss o porkkeeper 3) @ I-i"t"n ond reod.Ask ond onswerquestionsobout signs. Do not Ieed ..the ducks. Do not pick the tloute$, Do not climb lhe tees. I f c.;;;d th" dr.k.?) Do not ride a bicycle. Do not walk on tfre grcss. Do not plqy lootbdll. Conlrideobicycle? No,youcon't. / { tl o ,y o uc o n ' t.J ffi 'm picktheflowers wolkon thegross climbthe trees ployfootboll t,lxcvacrlocurQ: G L @ rrn Reoding ConI climbthetree? ConI feedthe birds? No. Don'tfeed the birds. No,youcon't. Lookot the sign. 5 The flowersore beoutiful. ConI pickone? 4 Hey!Thereisn'to sign. We conploywiththe woter No,youcon't. I'm sorry.My brother is noughty. 'i,I_fu"w 3 Rroo,"o ,) Beenois in the pork.Ask ond qnswerquestions. a' pickthe flowers '....-.climbthetrees ^ wolkon the gross r ido n hinr r nlo i-l a-) ConI feedthe onimols? Nqy"r.".t- l Don'tfeedthe onimols, , ps\l x \ \r; ' .N 6 ,,1 [ [O u( a { 3 HelPingqt home )e' A@ Listenond look.Howdo the childrenhelp of home? Dovid Polly Tony e I woterthe plonts. L sweepthe floor q 4 irontheclothes a wotertheplonts ,ooouunoo, wqshthe dishes 5 feedthe cot mokethe bed ;i ,_ .l Listenqnd reod.Thentolk oboutSollyond Benny. b9 !^ . , ^, , ^ ^r-.-^ I you L^r Howdo help ot home,hPeter? tl^ .,, I woterthe plonts. hone of.-------'----1 Helping /#1 lw4 Peter Solly HowdoesAnn help of home,MrsJohnson? Shefeedsthe cot. Shewotersthe plontstoo. Benny HowdoesBilly helpot home? He mokesthe beds. He woshesthe dishestoo. hxculcr rocrr Q e ffi L run Reoding Howdo you helpot home, Beeno? 2 I don'tlikehousework. Con I hoveone of your robots? oo ? I don'thelpot home.My robotsdo oll the housework. Thonkyouverymuch. Whichis the rightbutton? Youdon't Woit,Chorlie! knowhowto use it. Sweepthe floorlWoterthe olonts!Mokethebeds! Woshthe dishes! .Ql {' U/..J1) Oh deor!The robotis not doingthe housework. Act the story. a Rroo,"n D @ Howdo you helpot home?Listenondsing. HowdoesTimmyhelpot home, helpot home,helpot home? How doesTimmyhelpot home? He sweepsthe floor. /\f frJ\ 7 Pelcrrcr\Q Revision1 A Point.Ask ond qnswer. 3 helpot home?Look ond soy. I sweepthe floor. D Br",r,o* L Look qnd onswer,Yes,you con or No, you can't. ConI ployfootbollhere? Yes,you con. ConI feedthe ducks? t) 5 ConI wolkon the gross? Now osk qnd qnswer. I\--L o 74 g& \, ,@ A E 4 New friends Listenondpoint.Tqlk qbout the children. Thonkyou,Miss. Peteris h e l p fu l . Sollyis clever. I ) crever helpful s .m*'P3ss q srrong ) YocASr,rlAR, polite hord-working #ffi noughty I $trnListenond reod.questionsoboutMory. Ask ond onswer Thonkyou. Whot'syournome? Mynome'sTino. Howold oreyou? I'm nine. Tino(9) Moryis tolkingqbout hernewfriend,I rn o . I'vegoto newfriend,Mum. Hernome'sTino.She'shelpful. Howold is she? Whotonimolsdoesshelike? I Nowyou qre Tino.Ask ond qnswerquestions. hxcrecr rocr; Q
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