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Pearson Education Limited Edinburgh Gate Harlow Essex CM20 2JE England and Associated Companies throughout the World. The right of Sandy Jervis to be identified as author of this work has been asserted by her in accordance with the Copyright. Designs and Patents Act 1988. All rights reserved; no part of this publication may be reproduced. stored in a retrieval system. or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic. mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without the prior written permission of the Publishers. First published 2001 This edition 2008 Student Book ISBN: 978-1-405S-5269-2 Multi-Rom ISBN: 978-1-4058-5268-2 Pack ISBN: 978-1-4058-6698-9 Printed and bound in Italy by G. Canale & C. S.p.A Illustrations and cover by Mackerel Design. Designed and Project Managed by Starfish Design Editorial and Project Management Ltd. a/an, plural nouns Hello. children. Look at Brian's paintings. Regular plurals Most nouns Nouns ending in -s, -ss, -sh, -ch, -x, -0 Nouns ending in vowel +Nouns ending in consonant + -y Singular Plural pepper peppers bus bus glass tomato photo toy iguanas buses glasses tomatoes photos toys We use a before words beginning with a consonant: a friend. a bird. We use an before words beginning with a vowel: an iguana. an artist. There are no articles for plural words: peppers. iguanas. three books. ~ Look at the spelling rules on page 108. o Circle the correct word. 1 @y 2 a/ 3 a/ 4 a/ e 1 2 3 4 e an an an an painting insect orange basketball 5 6 7 8 a a a a / / / / an an an an elephant toy apple shirt Write a, an or -. a book iguana two apples painting three boo k s an small iguana green apple six paintings open b00 k four iguanas apple awful painting Count and write the plural. Add -s or -es. 1 house ..~.~~..~~~.~~~........... 5 bush 6 sandwich ~ 3 banana ~ 7 tomato 4 photo - 8 window o Count and write the plural. Add -s or -ies. 1 boy 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ferry strawberry toy donkey baby key fly ..f~~t p.~.Y.~ . . . . . . . . . af an, plural nouns ular .::;- lar lurals leaf leaves man men loaf loaves woman women wife wives child children tooth teeth foot feet mouse mice sheep sheep fish fish deer deer Some nouns have irregular ~- . lurals plurals. Each of them forms the plural in a different way. Look, count and write the plural. o o~ 0 o Z o· n0 Write the plurals in the bags. wife ~ child fly desk ~ bus knife party .babY book mouse tomato watch loaf ~ sheep ~ babies 8 Play a game. Take turns. book child box key strawberry glass knife fish man r-r----=E==$:"'---' loaves be, subject pronouns You're very tall! Are you This is my cousin, Jenny. a basketball She's from Australia. player? You're Corky. They're your friends. Brian and Dove. This is Jenny. Positive He She It We You They Negative am am not 'm 'm not is 's Jenny. tall. He in the park. It We are You 're They she Jenny? silly? it in the park? we you they 8 Yes, No, Yes, No, she is. isn't. it we you they She's my cousin. Where is Corky? He's in the garden. is that? It's my bag. am. 'm not. he is Jenny? What aren't No, he in the park. are not Yes, Am Are isn't Jenny. tall. Short answers Questions Is She is not Who are. aren't. o Circle the correct word. 1 4 Cork@t Jenny is / are from Australia. are my parrot. Dave, you is / are ve~y tall! e Read and write. 1 Brian is clever. 2 loe and Vicky are friends. 3 Dave is a basketball player. 4 The children are in the garden. S My cousin and I are ten years old. 6 The door is open. 7 Vicky is happy. 8 The cats are on the table. ne . He's ..Ih~l/r~ clever. friends. . ........................ . . .. ........................ a basketball player . in the garden. ten years old. open. happy. on the table. Read and correct the sentences. 1 Corky: Brian: 2 Corky: loe: 3 Corky: Dave: 4 Corky: Brian: S Corky: loe: 6 Corky: Dave: Jenny is from England. She ..[~~~~ from England §!J.~.~~ from Australia. You're eight years old. I. eight years old ten years old! Brian and Jenny are friends. They friends cousins. Dave is short. He short. tall! We're in the park. We in the park in the garden! I'm Sparky, the dog. you Sparky, the dog Corky. the parrot! be, subject pronouns 0 Read, draw lines and match. 1 Is Zoe a baby? No, o I am. 2 Are you a pupil? Yes, b they aren't. 3 Are the children in the park? e she isn't. No, 4 Are we OK? d I'm not. Yes, S Are you from Australia? e he isn't. No, 6 Is Brian Zoe's cousin? f we are. No, e Write short answers. ..y.~.~.' ..~..~.~.' 1 Are you a student? . 2 Are you eight years old? 3 Is your dad tall? 4 Is your mum from Australia? S Are your cousins twelve years old? 6 Is your teacher from the USA? ne Read and write. 1 Jenny / Spain? VIsrrORS TO OUR SCHOOL Welcome! name Adrian Nicole Gina Antonio Costas Juan Jenny Anna 4r •••••• ~ ..!~.~.~~~y.. f.c~.~. §p..~.('!.? . ..f':J~!..~.ry.~ ..(~.'!.~~.:. ~~.~.).~ ..fr~~.Alf.~.~r~./.i.~.: 2 Costas / Greece? age 12 10 10 11 9 10 9 11 country the USA the USA Italy Italy Greece Spain Australia Russia •••• s ••".....,. Is Costas from Greece? .............................................................. .. y.~.~.' .. ~ ~. !~ : 3 Gina and Antonio / China? . G Write Corky's questions. 1 What .. ~~.!ny..n.9.~~ 2 3 4 5 6 e Who What Where Who Who ? You're Corky, the parrot. ? ? I'm Zoe! I'm your friend. His name's Brian. We're in the garden. They're Dave and Jenny. She's Brian's cousin. ? ? ? Complete with one word. H·,I. My name 1 Sydney. 3 Jenny and I 2 from is in Australia. My best friends 4 Mike and Sue. We 5 ten years old and 6 are in the same class. Sue and I 7 : basketball players. Sue 8 very good. Sue 9 very tall, too. Mike 10 an amazing swimmer. What about you? o '5 Write. Answer Jenny's e-mail in Exercise 8. Write about you and your friends. Use her e-mail as a model. Hi Jenny! My name and My best friends from . . . Demonstratives, Possessive adjectives Demonstratives What about cousin Stan? Is that a nice shirt? this I that Singular •• ~ This That a fabulous T-shirt! is for you. Plural •• ~ 12 ~ These Those nice sunglasses. are cool sandals. We use: this + a singular verb and: these + a plural verb to talk about people. animals or things that are near. We use: that + a singular verb and: those + a plural verb to talk about people. animals or things that are far. o Look and write this, these, that or those . 1 . .T~!~ is a big book. 2 .. Jh9.( is a small book . •• 3 4 is a bike. is a skateboard. ••• 5 6 ore nice photos. are awful photos! ---~ •• ~ ~... f) •. ." IrIlllllilll Ltiu ~ Write is or are. · ..•••..••... ,S 1 ThIS 2 Those 3 These 4 That e --.~ a new car. blue pens. eggs. a green door. 5 6 7 8 Those This These That policemen. a young woman. computers. an old CD. Look and write questions. Then write true answers. 1 pretty / dress? •• 4 cool/shoes? •• ..I.?.~~~?.~. P.r.~.~ty ..~.C~.~.~? ..Y ~~! . .i.~ ..i.~: ..(..f':J.~!.. ,:t.. ~?t).~t.. --~ --~ . •• --~ Possessive adjectives Stop it. Corky! Now listen! This is my bowl! Personal pronouns Possessive adjectives my you your he his she her it its we our you your they their • For a man, use his. This is my friend. His name is George. • For a woman, use her. This is Mary. Her dad is a teacher. • For an animal or thing, use its. That's a pretty tree. Its leaves are green. • For a pet. when you know if it is a boy or a girl. use his or her. This is my parrot. His name's Corky. • In the plural. use their for men, women, things, animals or pets. These are my classmates. Their names are Paul and Sally. o Circle the correct word. 1 5 e 2 Our / Their bags are very heavy! Read and write. 1 A: 2 B: A: Hello! Hello, Thomas! A: B: This is Andrew and this is Hi. Andrew! Hi. josie! Is this Yes, it is. He's a boy c: 3 A: B: c: A: C: e Hi! We're David and lan. This is ..~.~:. school. We're in class 5E. name's Thomas. sister, josie dog? name's Eddie. mum is a doctor. Is that julia over there? skirt is cool! Yes, it is! Hello julia! Hello, girls! julia, skirt is fabulous! Is it new? Yes, it is. Thanks! Write a dialogue. Then act it out in class. Choose a dialogue from Exercise 5. Use it as a model and write a new dialogue. Act it out. Possessive s, whose Possessive's Corky, that is Zoe's scarf! Those are Jenny's sunglasses! ~ Singular's Zoe's Brian's The eat's > !" Welcome to Corky's tropical paradise! - '" Regular plural' scarf. bag. tail. the girls' the boys' the cats' sunglasses. bags. tails. Irregular plural' the men's shoes. the sheep's legs. We use possessive s with nouns to talk about possession. • We use s with singular nouns: loes scar[ the cats tail • We use' with regular plural nouns: the girls' sunglasses • We use s with irregular plural nouns: the mens shoes loe s eyes are brown. loes happy. s = possessive's s = is o 1 Look and write. .)~~.~.Y.~~ bag ..H.~r. is pink. bag is pink. 2 . nose is red . nose is red. 3 The legs are very short. .................... legs are very short. 4 The Shirt is big. .................... shirt is big . 5 The neck is long. .................... neck is long. 6 e 1 2 3 4 .. homework is very good. homework is very good . Write 3 or ' . 's pens. These are Mary ..... Is this Brian ..... bike? It'sJenny..... computer. These are the boys..... shoes. 5 6 7 8 The coL ... name is Nino. The students books are here. The teacher car is white. These are the girls ..... English tests. e Write the sentences in the full form. 1 Brian's Zoe's friend. . Brian is loe's friend. 2 3 4 5 6 That's Dove's book. jenny's Brian's cousin. The mouse's name's Pinky Helen's this girl's sister. The woman's bag's red. . . . .. . . . . . . Whose? Questions bag is this? It's Adam's bag. shoes are those? They're my shoes. 8 1 Z 3 4 5 6 e Choose and write. Whose Whose Whose Whose Whose Whose bag .. !~ sunglasses ball posters bikes car these? this? those? these? that? It's ................ ................ ................ ................ ................ ................ Adam 's. Dave's. Peter's. Claire's. the boys' . my dad's. Look. Write questions and answers. 1 ..~~~.~.~ It's Zoe nG this? scarf ./~..~.ry.(~ '5. ? Play a game. Student A: Student B: Think of an object in the classroom. Ask a question. Look around the classroom. Find the object and answer the question. Whose bag is grey and red? ( Mark's bag. ~ have got positive, negative Brian! I've got tickets He's got a surprise for the cinema. for us. Positive Negative I I You We have got 'ye got tickets for the cinema. They He She It You have not got We haven't got tickets for the cinema. They has got 's got He a new bike. She It has not got hasn't got a new bike.
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