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CliveOxenden ChristinaLatham-Koenig Contents Gra mma r Vocabulary Pronunciation 4 E ttellol v e rb D el:a n d y o u numbers 0-10 lhl,leol, andlol wordstress; o E Whereareyoufrom? verb6e:he, she,it countries ltl andlatl sentence stress; verb fe: we, you, they; (allpersons) negatives nationalities; numbers ll-20 B We'refromtheUSA. We'reAmerican. l 0 PnRcrcRrEncustt Thealphabet l2 Revlsr & Cxrcx oreyoufrom? yournomeTHowdoyouspellit? Where What's People inthestreet: Whatcanyoudo? Whatdoyouremember? 14 [l What'sin yourbag? singularandpluralnouns; o f on,the smallthings Izl and/s/,pluralendings 16 p Family andfriends possessive adjectives; possessive s peopleandfamily l6l , I nl,andlel adjectives colours and common adlectives lal , letl,ls:/, andli.l l8 carol E n man's awoman's car? Personalinformation 20 PRncncRt-Ettcusx Howoldarethey? ondsisters? Doyouhovebrothers People inthestreet: 22 Rtvtst& Cnrcx Whatcanyoudo? Whatdoyouremember? 24 El A badhairday present I andyou simple: verbsI common lu:/, lwl, andlvl; linking 26 E Wtratdoyouhave present we,you,they simple: foodanddrink wordstress; lttl, ld3l, andlgl jobsandplaces ofwork s;wordand 3rdperson stress sentence for breakfast? he,she,it simple: 28 EN ttespeaks English atwork present isit? Ettcr.tstt Whattime 50 PRRcncRr. 3 2 Rrvlsr& Cnrcx 34 doyoustartandfinish? Whotdoyoudo?Doyoulikeit? Whottime inthestreet: People Whatcanyoudo? Whatdoyouremember? El ooyoulikemornings? adverbsof frequency,presentsimple a typicalday question words common 2 verbs 36 El Uteat thetopof theworld wordorderin questions; 58 E Youcan'tparkhere verbs2 andpossibility common canf can't:permission stress sentence leal,lol,laol,andljl rhythm sentence 40 PnRcrrcnr Ercusx Howmuchisit? 42 Rruse& Crrcx People in thestreet:WheredoyouusuallyhovelunchTWhotdoyouhove?Howmuchisit? Whatcanyoudo? Whatdoyouremember? Grammar Vocabulary P ronunci ati on A 44 Beforethey were famous... past simple:be in,ot,on:places lz'^landwosf were 16 A perfectday? pastsimple'. hsve,go, get irregular verbs; revision of dailyroutineverbs sentence stress -18 lt changedmy life p a s ts i m p l ere : g u l arverbs common verbs3; moreirregular verbs pastsimpleendings regular 50 PnRcncRL Encr-tsx What's thedatetoday? i2 Rsvlsr & Cnrcx People yourbirthdoy? inthestreet: When's whotdidyoudoonyourlostbirthdoy? Whatdoyouremember? Whatcanyoudo? 51 tr Onan islandin Scotland 5 5 t rDreamtown? i 8 E | Strangers ona train there is I there are hotels;in,on,under leal andlrcl there wosI there were places theletterseo revision of pastsimple; objectpronouns: me,him, etc. common verbsJ sentence stress 50 PRncncnl EruclrstrWhatdoyouthinkof it? Peoplein thestreet:Whot'sthe lostfilmyousow?Whotdid youthinkof it? 52 Rrvtsr & Cxrcx Whatdoyouremember? Whatcanyoudo? a : t What do you like doing? like + verb+ -ing activities It;/,lu:l, andl4l 35 Tripof a lifetime be goingto (plans) future timeexpressions sentence stress 58 What'sgoingto happen? be goingfo (predictions) theweather; revision: verbcollocation revision ofsounds PRnclcnlEncusn lstherea banknearhere? Peopf e in thestreet:ls thereo/ an .. . nearhere? Rrvtsr& Cnrcr Whatdoyouremember? Whatcanyoudo? :1 TheCanyou.,.7Game ;6 Communication 32 Listening 38 GrammarBank '12 '',7 Vocabulary Bank SoundBank look outfor youwhere Thisshows to findextramaterial for morepractice andrevision. G verbbe:I andyou v numbers 0-10 yourname? Hi,I'mHarry. What's lhl, leol, andlol P wordstress; I L I S T E N I N&GS P E A K I N G a r.r Listenand repeat.A Hello,l'm Ann Potter. Hi, l'm Molly. b Now saywho yo, ur.. P c H e l l o ,l ' m r.2 Readandlisten @ g I ReceptionistHello.What'syour name? Tom Tom. ReceptionistAre you Tom Banks? No, l'm not. I'm Tom King. Tom ReceptionistYou'rein room 2. Tom Sorry? ReceptionistYou are in room 2. Tom O K .Th a n ky o u . 2 Tom Excuseme. TeacherHello.Are you Tom? Yes.Niceto meet you. Tom TeacherNiceto meet you. Am I late? Tom TeacherYes,you are. Tom Sorry! d t.5 Listenand repeatdialogue1. In pairs, practisethe dialogue. e l'4 Listen and repeatdialogue2. In pairs,practisethe dialogue. Hello,l'm Rob Jones. 2 GRAMMAR verbbe:t andyou a Look at dialogue1 in lc. Complete the chart. I'm =Iam You're= You 4 PRONUNCIATION wordstress; lhl,leal, andlol word stress: two-svllable words LIsten TePEAT l.e Match the words and photos.Listenand check. E coffee l J photo Ll email [] hotel E taxi O p.88 GrammarBank lA. Readthe rulesand do the exercises. Anrch Addrcr3 fontj Colors Savc As Orah 5 V O C A B U I A R Yn u m b e0r -s1 0 a l 3l 1.6 Listen.What are the numbers? ;#F'' b Listen again and repeat. Underline the stressedsyllable. l.l0 Listen and repeatthe words and sounds. lJarry Molly l.ll Listen. Practise the sentences. I Iello.IJarry'st lotel. Oh no! The phone! Are you Molly? No, sorry, I'm not. 5 SPEAKING Practise with otherstudents. Vocabulary BankNumbers. Q p.102 H el l o/ H i ,I' m Do part A. Count round the class0-10 and then l0-0. 1.8 Listenand saythe next number. Yes(l am). Y Niceto meetyou. Y Niceto meetyou. Hello. Hi. 'vVhat'syour name? Sorry? No (l'm not). V What'syourname? Y l'm Y Niceto meetyou. Y Niceto meetyou. Thankyou. Excuseme. Yes. No. Nice to meetyou. Am I late? Sorry! @E it G verbbe:he,she, v countries lil andlatl P sentence stress; hefrom? Where's He'sfromMexico. I VOCABUIARY countries it 2 GRAMMAR verbbe:he,she, a Matchthe countriesandphotos. a ltaly I Iapan I Turkey I l.l5 Listen and complete 1-3 with countries. PolandE A B A B A B b Where'she from? He'sfrom I -. ls she from 2 too? No, she isn't.She'sfrom 3 ls it a goodfilm? Yes,it is. lt'sfantastic. l.16 Listen and repeat. c In pairs,practisethe dialogue. b l.l2 Listen and check. d Match the wordsand pictures. ond Vocabulary BankCountries c Q p.105 tr notionolities. Do part A. l.l4 Listen and repeatthe dialogue. A B A B she it he Whereareyoufrom? l'm from England. Wherein England? l'm fromLondon. e Practisethe dialoguewith your country and city. e O p.88GrammarBank I B. Readthe rulesanddo the exercises. 5 P R O N U N C I A T I O sNe n t e n c e s t h r el sasn;d l a t l 4 L I S T E N I NAGS P E A K I N G a WHEREareyou FROM? I'M from ENGLAND. IS she from CHINA? b NO, sheISN'T. r.22 Listen. Can you hear the difference? I a Is he from ltaly? b Is shefrom Italy? 2 a She'sfrom Russia. b He'sfrom Russia. 3 a Where'she from? b Where'sshefrom? 4 a lt's from Spain. b He'sfrom Spain. 5 a She'slate. b He'slate. 6 a Whereis he? b Whereis she? r.23 Li'stenand tick (r') the sentenceyou hear. c Practisesayingsentencesa and b. d Look at the photos. Guessthe countries. Ask your teacher. \\'rite sentencesand questions. I / sheI Brazilz.No, / 2 It I China. Is shefrom Brazil?I,{o,sheisn't. ls she from ltaly? It'sfrom China. -1 She llapan. { / he / Turkey?Yes,/ 5 He / Spain. 6 i she / Poland?No, / , She/ England. 8 \\rhere / he from? He / from Hungary. l.l8 Listen and check. C l.le Listen again and repeat.Copy the stress. d lJo Listen and repeatthe words and sounds. Italy I'.ngland e Q Communication Guess thecountries Ap.76Bp.75. lzl Listen. Practise the sentences. t's trom ltaly. L r-erpool is in F,ngland. H.. I'm from China. Nice to meet you. Where are you from? I m from Russia. Where inRussia?. I'm from Moscow. Where is it? Is it a good film? Yes,it's fantastic. @E (allpersons) G verbbe'.we,you,they;negatives I I -20 numbers V nationalities; P wordstress; lel, li:/, andlll weare. Yes, Areyoultalian? They're Mexican. Theyaren'tSpanish. I VOCABU LARY nationalities 2 T I S T E N I N&GR E A D I N G a Wherearetheyfrom?Complete a 1.26 Listen and number the pictures1-3. with a country. the sentences l'm Polish. She'sfrom He's from I fohn Hello.We'reJohnand SallyClarke. Receptionist Hello.You'rein room 2l I and they'rein room 212. Thankyou. Sally She'sfrom l'm ltalian. He's from BankCountries Q p.105Vocabulary andnotionolities. Do part B. 2 Sally Anna t tiz Mike tiz Anna tiz 1.25 Listen. Savthe nationalitv. Travis Anna Listen again and read the dialogues. Then mark the sentencesy'(right) or X (wrong). Hurryup. We're late. We aren't late. Breakfast is from sevento ten. And Mike isn't ready. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Hi. Are you American? No,we aren't.We'reEnglish. Are you on holiday? Yes,we are. We'reon holidaytoo. We're Liz and Travis,from Texas. Johnand Sallyarein room 212.X BreaKastis from 6 to 10. Iohn and SallyarentAmerican. Liz and TravisareEnglish. |ohn and Sallyareon holiday. Liz and Travisaren'ton holiday. Correct the wrong sentences. Iohn and Sallyarein room211. Bye.Havea nice day! d r.27 Listen and repeatthe dialogues GRAMMAR verbbe:we,you,they; negatives (allpersons) SPEAKING Are the nationalitiesright or wrong? Make E or E sentences. Correct the wrong nationalities. Readthe dialoguestn 2 again.Complete the chart. t+l Dim sum isn't Polish.lt's ... Singular Im dim sum/ Polish I'm not You arent He's Plural We're You aren't They arent O p.88 GrammarBank I C. Read the rules and do the exercises. The RollingStones/ American AndreaBocelli/ Brazilian l.2e Listen. Saythe negative. 'I'm HungariAn.' l'm not Hungarian. P R O N U N C I A T I Ow N o r ds t r e s s ; tel, li:/, andlll 1.50 The same stressor different stress? Listen and underline the stressedsvllable. burritos/ Spanish Casio/ Japanese \Vrite S or D. I Brazil Brazilian s 2 China 3 England Chinese D English { Italy Italian 5 Russia Russian 6 Hungary 7 lapan Hungarian 8 T[rrkey KeiraKnightley/ British 6 VOCABUTARY n u m b elrl s- 2 0 a 1.55 Are they English or American? Listen and check. What are the numbers? fapanese Turkish Listen again and repeat. c l.3l Listen and repeatthe words and sounds. Vocabulary BankNumbers. Do partB. Q p.tOZ c Count in twos (1,3, 5... 19)and(2,4, 6...20) roundthe class. d Choosesix numbers from l-20. Write them in the card. Play Bingo. nationality Hurry up. t.t2 Listen. Practise the sentences. Breakfastis from sevento ten. He'sChinese. Sheisn't Russian,she'sSpanish. breakfast We're on holiday too. Goodbye lBye. Have a nice day! @E Thealphabet yourname Spelling Classroom language Howdo you spellit?T-O-R-R-E-S. Pn n c r c A r EncusH T H EA T P H A B E T I LISTENING 1.35 Listen and order the sentences. a r-t7 Listen and repeatthe words and sounds. t r a i n1 , r . . l . g g l u i t . l p h , , nleb . . t 1 . . . A H B C D E G P T V I K b F L M N S X Z o I Y a R U W r.58 Listen and repeatthe letters. t.59 Listen.Can vou hear the difference? l T tr tr Thisis the final callfor passengers on FlightKLM 1258to Manchester. Pleasego urgentlyto gate Bl4. .|258 to Manchester, Mr PabloTorreson FlightKLM pleasego urgentlyto gate Bl4. .|258 Passengers to Manchester, on FlightKLM pleasego to gate 814, 1 M N 3 G I 5 Y I 7 9 a 4 E r 6 U W 8 E A 2 K d t.40 Listen. Circle the letter you hear. e t.4l Listen and number the pictures 1-6. V 2 tr tr T tr T T tr b T-O-R-R-E-S. Hello.I'm PabloTorres. I havea reseruation. Sorry? How do you spell your surname? Thankyou. Good morning. T-O-R-R-E-S. Listen againand write the letters.Practisesayingthem. r.42 Listen and repeatthe alphabet.Practisesayingit. (first) name - e.g.Keira, Brad surname = e.g.Knightley,Pitt A B C D E FG H r I K T M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z R-R = double R How do you spell the names? f.56 Listen and repeatdialogue 2. John Sally Liz Anna Mike Travis 5 P E O P TI E N T H ES T R E EETN 5 VOCABUTARY C l a s s r oloam nguage a O p.tO+Vocabulary BankThings. Do part A. I What'syourname? 2 Howdo youspellit? 3 Whereareyoufrom? b Matchthephrases andpictures. a 1.45 Listen to the man. Whats his name? b 1.44 Listen and write his name. His name's l.4s Listen. Where'she from? He'sfrom 1.46 Listento six more peopleand completethe chart. I Her name's-. -) I a Shesfrom Readingin -. His name's . Hes from Her name's . She'sfrom Her name'sHis name's . Shesfrom Bangalore, 6 His name's in the USA. . He'sfrom Vancouverin . He'sfrom San Diego, tr . LI T T I I e l n pairs, ask and answer the questions in the box. 4 SPEAKING Good morning Good afternoon Good evening + 12.00 12.00+ 6.00 6.00p.m.-> Closethe door. Sit down, please. Lookat the board,please. C o to page I4. S tandup. Openyour books. c t.48 Listenand check.Listenagainand repeat. d t.49 Listenand do the actions. 6 t.5o soNGn H-s-c-o a l n pairs,roleplaydialogue2from exercise1. A You'rethe receptionist. It's4.00p.m. B Useyour nameand surname. b Changeroles. B You'rethe receptionist. It's7.00p.m. A Useyour nameand surname. Good morning / afternoon/ evening. What's your surname? How do you spell it? Please. Gome: Hittheships A p.76Bp.79. Q Communication I have a reservation. GR A MM A R c Completethe phrases. Whereareyouf!9m? Circle the correct answer. Hello, aI A ExcuseI Alex. B Yes,I am. A I'm fim Brown. Nice to 2 @t'you from Brazll?. aAre bIs A Is fack English? a she's A - B No, American. b hes from? A Is Carmen Spanish? B No, your surname? inroom2l2. d Write the things in the classroom. B Yes, a she's b she is They Chinese,they're |apanese. a arent afternoon. I'm Ann Carter. a reservation. I4 A C-A-R-T-E-R. b Where are you A Are you in room 211? a we're b are A 3 you. B Sorry,howdo you s B I'm from Russia. a Where you are , are you Harry?. b are'nt Prague in Hungary? aAre bIs Lisa and Luke are from California a You're b They're 9 A Are you in class2? a I not b I'm not 10 She- American. B No, from London, she'sfrom Manchester. a aren't b isnt V OC A BUL A R Y a Complete the chart. Countrv a Mexico Nationality Mexican China 2 Italian England ) Brazil 5 PRONUNCIATION a Canyou rememberthesewordsand sounds? vowels consonants American Write the next number. one,two, three I six, seven, 2 two, one, a J ten, eleven, 4 fifteen,fourteen, 5 eighteen,nineteen, O p.t17I ll9 SoundBank.Checkthe wordsand sounds,andpractisesayingthe examplewords. Underlinethe stressed syllable. Italian fapan |apanese hotel sorry surname I C A NY O UU N D E R S T ATNHDI ST E X T ? Readand completethe chart for Marta,Viktor, and Kelly. l'm Marta Ramirez. l'm from C6rdobain Spain. l'm Viktor Petrov. l'm from Moscowin Russia. 2 C A NY O UW R I T ET H I SI N E N G T I S H ? a Completethe chart for you. b Write two sentences aboutvou. C A NY O UU N D E R S T A N DESE TH PEOPTE? l.5l Listen and choosethe right answer. I a Danny'sAmerican. b Danny'sEnglish. 2 a Bella'sin room 9. b Bella'sin room 19. 3 a She'sKathy. b She'sCathy. 4 a The busis number13. b The busis number14. 5 a Andrzejis from Russia. b Andrzej is from Poland. 6 a The flight isBA4T2. b The flight is 84462. 7 a He'sJohnRead. b He's|ohn Reid. 8 a Chrisis a woman. b Chrisis a man. 9 a Theexercise is on page11. b The exerciseis on page12. l0 a It's8.00a.m. b It's8.00p.m. 4 C A NY O US A YT H I SI N E N G T I S H ? Tick (r') theboxes. Canyou...? sayyour nameand whereyou arefrom askwhereotherpeoplearefrom spellyour name count from 0-20 checkin at a hotel I I E ! ! Yes,I can. Yes,I can. Yes,I can. Yes,I can. Yes,I can. G s i n g u l a rn dp l u r anl o u n so;f o n , t h e smallthings P lzl and/s/, pluralendings v Whatarethey?They'rekeys. I V OC A BUt A R Y s m atl hl i n g s a Can you remember five things in the classroom?Write the words. 4 a l 3 a c I theb 2 thed 5 a w Do part B. BankThings. b Q p.104Vocabulary u r anlo u n s ;f oo n , t h e 2 G R A M M A Rs i n g u l a r apnl d a Readand order the things (bags,coats,etc.) 1-5. b 2-2 Listen and check. c Write the plurals. Where is it? Oh no! It's on the train! I bag Thetop five thingspeopleleaveon Britishtrainsare (not in order): I 3 book bags 4 laptop fl coats I bags 2 chair O p.90GrammarBank2A. Readthe rules and do the exercises. glasses E mobilephones e fl umbrellas Memorygomep.81. O Communication 5 P R O N U N C I A T I O lNz l a n dl s l , plural endings 2.4 Listenand repeatthe words and sounds. BratlI '/,ero I b c 2-5 Listen and repeatthe plurals. laptops books coats watchcs glasscs pieccs 2.6 Listen. Saythe plurals. 'It's a photo.' clocks :]EAKIN& GWRITING r \ . \t ' t ' \ \ ' i t l t a p l l r t n e r ' . ( what is it? W h a ta r e t h e y ? I t ' sa / a n They're - \( s .F \ n r \ ' o L r rb a s / p o c l i c t ? ' l ' i c l(i y ' ) o r c r ' o s s( X ) t l t c t l t i n s s . 5 TISTENING 2 . 7 l . i s t c n t o ht'ccot.tt,crsaI iotrs.\\'r'itc t h c t h i n { ro r t h i n s s t h a tt h q ' s a r ' . ,.it'tl I I s t h i sI ' o r r r ' ? I I l crc al ' c\' ol u' ' r ' e ll l r - l S o r r r ,i t ' sn t v 1 L o o l ii n t h c . ...I I'tl i-, Is rt oK? i r ' l t a tv o r r l r a v e i n v o u r l -ra g/ p ' ro c l i c t, c .g . a l l ool i , l i cvs \\'hat is it? .'ll a p.,al'tltcl'. \\'h.rt irrc tltcr'? \ \ ' h a t ' si n v o r r r l' r a g ? i n y b a g I h a v e a b o o l < ,l < e y s a , pen, I h a v c I t t ' o t ' r ' t ' t l itl' r l r i l s . @ possessive s adjectives; G possessive v peopleandfamily Who'sMaria? mybrother's wife. She's P 16l,l^1, andlel I GRAMMAR possessive adjectives a 2.8 Listen. Number the pictures 1-3. I A Hey!That'smy bag. B No, it isn't.lfs my bag.Yourbag'sthere. 2 A B A B C B And hereare our children. What are their names? Her name'sLucyand his name'sEric. Hello.And who's this? It's my parrot. Whafs its name? c Polly. B Hello Polly. 5 A B A B A B Excuseme, where are our coats? Sorry? Whereare our coats? Yourcoats- they'reover there on the chair. Thankyou. Good night. Bye. 2 VOCABUtARY people andfamily a Lookat picturesA-C. Wherecanyousee...? Listen again and read the dialogues.Thencomplete the chart with a highlighted word. I albag) you he th.y it Bank28. Readtherulesfor O p.90Grammar possessive adjectives. Do exercisea. Talk to a partner.Point at peoplein the classroom. Can you remembertheir names? What'sher name? I can'tremember. Whataretheirnames? twoboys tr andlel t PRONUNCIATION 16l,l^1, a she I I BankPeople ondfomily. Q p.105Vocabulary we you a man, a woman, and two children men and women z-rt Listenand repeatthe wordsand sounds. father they their the brother husband son mother sister person woman children 2-r4 Listen. Practise the sentences. The woman over there is my mother. I have one brother and three sons. My husband and my father are teachers. I GRAMMAR possessive s il \[atch the pairs from five famous films. Marianne b Complete the sentenceswith a name. I is Carrie'sfriend. is Sophie'smother. is ]ack Sparrow'sfather. is Marianne's sister. 5 WRITING & SPEAKING a Readthe text and write the names on the photo. I K.t.l is the Queen'shusband. zl5 Listenandcheck. O p.90GrammarBank28. Readthe rulesfor possessive s.Do exercise b. Corerb andpractisewith photosA-E. Ask andanswer. MynameisKate. l'mfromOhiointheUnited States. Myfather's name isMafi, andmymother's nameisAmy.I havea brother anda sister. Theirnames areBrettandKaren. Wehavea dog.ltsnameisBrandy. \\brk with a partner: A and B write the namesof six people (your f.-ily or friends) on a pieceof paper. A gi* your pieceof paper to B; B give your pieceof paper to A. b Now write about your family. c Tell your partner about your family. A askB about his / her people.B askA about his / her people. That's my bag. 1-*'rrrruru, She'smy sister. here there Who's this? I can't remember. Thanks. over there @E G adjectives adjectives v colours andcommon P lnl, letl, lo:1,andlc:l It'sa fastcar. adjectives andcommon colours l V O C A B U L A R&YS P E A K I N G a 2.17 Match the carsand nationalities. Listen and check. American E British tr French I German tr Italian tr b 2.18 Listen and read the dialogue.What are the two cars? Wow! Look at that car.lt's fantastic! lt's a man's car. A man's car? Yes.lt's fast and red. And it's very expensive. Wow! Look at that yellow car. lt's fantastic! Tim lt's a woman's car. Tim Sue Tim Sue Tapanese f] c Look at the highlighted words. Guesstheir meaning. d e f 2.le Listen again and repeatthe dialogue.Then practiseit with a partner. BankAdjectives. Q p.106Vocabulary Look at the photos of the cars l-6. Practisewith a partner. I Ask and answer. Whatcolouris it? 2 Describethe cars.Use two adjectives.Car 2 is small and cheap. 3 A think of a car. B ask questions. Guessthe car. 2 GRAMMAR adjectives a Circle the right sentence. t a The Ferrari is a fast car. b The Ferrari is a car fast. 2 a The 2CV and the VW are smalls cars. b The 2CV and the VW are small cars. O p.90GrammarBank2C.Readthe rules and do the exercises. In pairs, Q p.106VocabularyBankAdiectives. look at the picturesand maketen sentences. It'sa big house. They'rebluekeys. I READING l' -,'.-::h a partner, decidewhich four questionsyou :::nk are important for men and which four are -:::portantfor women. Write 1-8 in the article. -. it a nic e c olour? 5 Is it easyto park? -i r t f as t ? 6 Is it luxurious? -i r t big? 7 Is i t' ma c h o ' ? -. r t c heap? 8 Is it safe? 4 PRONUNCIATION lnl, letl,ls:/, andlc:l a 2.24 Listen and repeatthe words and sounds. fa ntastic si'tme dir)' [ast $ i. - Xem thêm -