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.What Does Your Name Mean? 【字彙題】 1. For over 2000 years, paper has been used as a major tool of communication; however, e-mail today has become a ______ practice. (A)common (B)difficult (C)last (D)traditional 編碼 10001 解答 A 難易度 ★★ 2. I am studying accounting in college. Accounting is my ______. (A)mentor (B)major (C)manager (D)manner 編碼 10002 解答 B 難易度 ★ 3. The most difficult task for us is to help him. How to help him effectively is our ______ problem. (A)meaning (B)million (C)major (D)mostly 編碼 10003 解答 C 難易度 ★★★ 4. John is his given name, and his ______ is Smith. (A)signature (B)sign (C)sure name (D)surname 編碼 10004 解答 D 難易度 ★★ 5. I can’t see any ______ between these two cars. They look the same to me. (A)difference (B)difficulty (C)direction (D)distance 編碼 10005 解答 A 難易度 ★ 6. A: Did you notice the ______ between the twin sisters? B: Yes, one is a little taller than the other. (A)discovery (B)double (C)difference (D)difficulty 編碼 10006 難易度 ★ 1 解答 C 7. When seeing her baby, she knew she would love her baby ______. (A)finally (B)forward (C)forever (D)favorite 編碼 10007 解答 C 難易度 ★★ 8. We have lived here all our lives. We intend to live here ______. (A)formerly (B)forever (C)finally (D)formally 編碼 10008 解答 B 難易度 ★★★ 9. The man wishes for his wife to be ______ young and beautiful. (A)freely (B)following (C)foreign (D)forever 編碼 10009 解答 D 難易度 ★★ 10. You are not ______ to smoke in this room. (A)along (B)advised (C)appointed (D)allowed 編碼 10010 解答 D 難易度 ★ 11. The students are not ______ to leave until the bell rings. (A)assigned (B)arisen (C)allowed (D)assisted 編碼 10011 解答 C 難易度 ★ 12. No one is ______ to enter this room without the manager’s permission. (A)aside (B)allowed (C)assured (D)admired 編碼 10012 解答 B 難易度 ★★★ 13. Your great grandparents are your ______. (A)ancestors (B)administrators (C)ancient (D)appreciation 編碼 10013 解答 A 難易度 ★★★ 2 14. You should not do anything wrong to humiliate(使……蒙羞) your ______, such as your grandparents and your great grandparents. (A)advisors (B)ancient (C)ancestors (D)advantages 編碼 10014 解答 C 難易度 ★★ 15. Johnson saw his ______ on the lake’s surface. (A)reflection (B)reply (C)reaction (D)return 編碼 10015 解答 A 難易度 ★ 16. His bad manners ______ his poor education. (A)relaxed (B)reflected (C)repeated (D)recorded 編碼 10016 解答 B 難易度 ★★★ 17. You must show your ______ to the elders by behaving(行為) with good manners and politeness. (A)relative (B)respect (C)review (D)reaction 編碼 10017 解答 B 難易度 ★★★ 18. Responsible(負責的) people usually have ______ for their work. That is, they tend to value their jobs highly. (A)respect (B)reason (C)repeat (D)review 編碼 10018 解答 A 難易度 ★★ 19. A ______ man is usually modest and kind, in addition to his intelligence(聰明才智). (A)wise (B)wide (C)wealthy (D)wild 編碼 10019 解答 A 難易度 ★ 20. She has high ______ of getting good grades for next school year. (A)examination (B)exceptions (C)expectations (D)experiments 編碼 10020 難易度 ★ 3 解答 C 21. Mary was very disappointed because the grades did not meet her own ______. (A)experiences (B)explanations (C)expectations (D)expressions 編碼 10021 解答 C 難易度 ★★ 22. Every person is ______; that is, no two people are exactly the same. (A)usually (B)unlike (C)unique (D)unable 編碼 10022 解答 C 難易度 ★★★ 23. Henry is quite different from most of us. He is ______ in many ways. (A)united (B)unique (C)unkind (D)unknown 編碼 10023 解答 B 難易度 ★★ 24. James, Frank, Kenny and Larry come from France and Germany. They are all ______. (A)Frenchmen (B)Westerners (C)Germans (D)French Germans 編碼 10024 解答 B 難易度 ★ 25. In Chinese ______, children are taught to respect elders. (A)science (B)safety (C)society (D)service 編碼 10025 解答 C 難易度 ★ 26. A: How do you spell your s______e, Jane? B: L-I-N. 編碼 10026 解答 surname 難易度 ★★★ 27. You are not a______wed to open this parcel. It is not yours. 4 編碼 10027 解答 allowed 難易度 ★★★ 28. Can you tell me the d______e between a lion and a tiger? 編碼 10028 解答 difference 難易度 ★★ 29. They come from Germany, France, and Switzerland. They are W______rs. 編碼 10029 解答 Westerners 難易度 ★ 30. Your great grandparents are your a______rs. 編碼 10030 解答 ancestors 難易度 ★★★ 31. In c______t, mothers are closer to children than fathers are. 編碼 10031 解答 contrast 難易度 ★ 32. In Taiwan, the education s______m is similar to America: 6 years of middle and high school; four years of college. 編碼 10032 解答 system 難易度 ★★★ 33. English names, like Chinese names, have m______gs, too. 編碼 10033 解答 meanings 難易度 ★★ 34. Many Westerners are named after Biblical f______es, like Abraham, John, Paul, Peter, Mary, and Rachel. 編碼 10034 難易度 ★ 5 解答 figures 35. In the Bible, we read stories about John, Paul, Peter and Mary, etc. They are B______l characters. 編碼 10035 解答 Biblical 難易度 ★ 36. Parents should be careful about their own behaviors before they ask their children to behave, because parents are children’s e______es. 編碼 10036 解答 examples 難易度 ★★ 37. I love many kinds of fruits; for e______e, apples, grapes, and oranges are my favorites. 編碼 10037 解答 example 難易度 ★★★ 38. English has become a c______n language in the world. 編碼 10038 解答 common 難易度 ★★ 39. There is one thing in c______n among most people: the pursuit of success. 編碼 10039 解答 common 難易度 ★ 40. He often does some silly things. I would say he has no c______n sense at all. 編碼 10040 解答 common 難易度 ★ 41. He always has some strange ideas. He is such a u______e person. He is so different from all of us. 編碼 10041 解答 unique 難易度 ★★★ 6 42. The m______r difference between Mary and Jane is that Mary is short while Jane is tall. 編碼 10042 解答 major 難易度 ★★★ 43. What is the d______e between gorillas(猩猩) and apes(猿人)? 編碼 10043 解答 difference 難易度 ★★ 44. Asians are usually referred to as Easterners, while the Europeans and the North Americans are referred to as W______rs. 編碼 10044 解答 Westerners 難易度 ★ 45. The grade you get on your exam r______ts how much you have learned. 編碼 10045 解答 reflects 難易度 ★★★ 46. I wish my parents to be f______r healthy and happy. 編碼 10046 解答 forever 難易度 ★ 47. Most parents have great e______ns of their children. They hope for their children to be very successful. 編碼 10047 解答 expectations 難易度 ★★★ 48. A: What kind of e______n do you have for your future? B: Well, I hope to be a good doctor some day. 編碼 10048 解答 expectation 難易度 ★★ 49. A: Are you a______led to stay out until twelve? B: No. I am supposed to return home before 10:00 P.M. 7 編碼 10049 解答 allowed 難易度 ★ 50. The a______rs of most Taiwanese came from mainland China several centuries ago. 編碼 10050 解答 ancestors 難易度 ★ 51. Wang is Mary’s ______. (A)first name (B)given name (C)surname (D)nickname 編碼 10051 解答 C 難易度 ★ 52. I wish that I could be f______r young. 編碼 10052 解答 forever 難易度 ★ 53. We should all w______h for peace on earth. 編碼 10053 解答 wish 難易度 ★ 54. My father’s father, or my g______r, was a soldier. 編碼 10054 解答 grandfather 難易度 ★ 55. My mother always told me to r______t my elders. 編碼 10055 解答 respect 難易度 ★ 56. You paid for dinner last week. Please a______w me to pay for you this time. 編碼 10056 難易度 ★ 8 解答 allow 【片語題】 1. Helen is the baby girl in her family. (A)a baby who is a girl (B)a girl who is still a small baby (C)the family’s favorite daughter (D)the youngest daughter 編碼 10057 解答 D 難易度 ★★★ 2. The book is very difficult. It was written ______ Latin. (A)by (B)with (C)in (D)of 編碼 10058 解答 C 難易度 ★★ 3. I can’t ______ my lost key. (A)find (B)find out (C)figure out (D)figure 編碼 10059 解答 A 難易度 ★★ 4. Did you ______ her secret? (A)find out (B)look for (C)seek for (D)look up 編碼 10060 解答 A 難易度 ★ 5. You should ______ the new word in the dictionary by yourself. (A)find out (B)look for (C)look up (D)look at 編碼 10061 解答 C 難易度 ★★ 6. He celebrated(慶祝) his birthday ______ a Western way. (A)for (B)with (C)of (D)in 編碼 10062 解答 D 難易度 ★★★ 7. We ______ Germans, Swiss, Frenchmen, Canadians and Americans as Westerners. (A)reply to (B)refer to (C)repeat as (D)report as 9 編碼 10063 解答 B 難易度 ★★ 8. Your hat is just ______ mine. (A)very same to (B)so same like (C)the same as (D)such same of 編碼 10064 解答 C 難易度 ★ 9. Helen Green was named ______ her grandmother. (A)in (B)as (C)with (D)after 編碼 10065 解答 D 難易度 ★ 10. These girls are much shorter, ______ to those basketball players. (A)to contrast (B)in contrast (C)to compare (D)with comparing 編碼 10066 解答 B 難易度 ★ 11. It’s not like my pen. It is very different ______ mine. (A)from (B)to (C)without (D)between 編碼 10067 解答 A 難易度 ★★ 12. This is the present ______ my teacher, for I got the best grade in my class. (A)giving with (B)gave from (C)given by (D)gave to 編碼 10068 解答 C 難易度 ★★★ 13. No one is ______ enter the room, except the boss himself. (A)accepted as (B)respected to (C)allowed to (D)referred to 編碼 10069 解答 C 難易度 ★★★ 14. My parents’ ______ me is that I will try my best to be a successful person. (A)expectation of (B)exception with 10 (C)acceptance to (D)expecting to 編碼 10070 解答 A 難易度 ★ 15. You may go for some activities during the summer vacation. ______, swimming or hiking is quite popular. (A)In addition (B)By chance (C)For example (D)At least 編碼 10071 解答 C 難易度 ★★★ 16. France is a country ______. (A)of some parts (B)in the West (C)of eastern part (D)in Asian world 編碼 10072 解答 B 難易度 ★★★ 17. The two brothers have many features(特點) ______. (A)in common (B)of the same (C)about equal (D)to each other 編碼 10073 解答 A 難易度 ★★ 18. A: What are you looking ______? B: My lost key. (A)at (B)for (C)up (D)into 編碼 10074 解答 B 難易度 ★★ 19. A: How did you know the answer? B: I ______ myself. (A)put them together (B)gave it away (C)figured it out (D)played it again 編碼 10075 解答 C 難易度 ★ 20. A: What are you looking ______? B: The girl who’s coming toward us. See? She is so beautiful! (A)at (B)on (C)up (D)in 11 編碼 10076 解答 A 難易度 ★★ 21. They finally came. = They came ______. (A)at the least (B)at least (C)at latest (D)at last 編碼 10077 解答 D 難易度 ★★★ 22. I have decided. = I have ______. (A)made up my decision (B)made up my mind (C)made my mind up (D)made my decision up 編碼 10078 解答 B 難易度 ★ 23. A person’s surname is the same as his/her ______. (A)family name (B)first name (C)given name (D)middle name 編碼 10079 解答 A 難易度 ★ 24. Let’s try to ______ the answer to the last question. (A)pick up (B)look out (C)find out (D)look out 編碼 10080 解答 C 難易度 ★★ 25. When is your birthday? = ______ (A)What is your birth day? (B)What is your birth date? (C)What day were you born? (D)What date were you born? 編碼 10081 解答 B 難易度 ★★★ 26. What is your hobby? = What do you ______? (A)usually do (B)like to do (C)do every day (D)always do 27. 編碼 10082 解答 B 難易度 ★ (A)the same as (B)was named after (C)look up 12 (D)find out 13 14 ( )I often ______ words I don’t know in a dictionary. 15 ( )Abraham ______ his grandfather, whose name was also Abraham. 16 ( )I think cheap cookies taste ______ the expensive ones. 17 ( )Before we make plans, let’s ______ when the movie starts. 編碼 10083 難易度 解答 C B A D ★ 【語法題】 1. “Mary” is Ms. Lin’s ______ name. (A)given (B)giving (C)gave (D)gift 編碼 10084 解答 A 難易度 ★★★ 2. Different societies have different ______ systems. (A)to name (B)naming (C)named (D)namely 編碼 10085 解答 B 難易度 ★ 3. I don’t understand ______. (A)what are you talking about (B)what you are referring (C)what you are talking about (D)what are you referring to 編碼 10086 解答 C 難易度 ★ 4. I ______ after my grandmother. (A)am naming (B)am named (C)was named (D)was naming 編碼 10087 解答 C 難易度 ★★ 5. This picture is just ______ that one. (A)same like (B)the same as (C)as same as (D)like as 編碼 10088 解答 B 難易度 ★★★ 6. If you are not sure of this word, please ______. (A)look up the dictionary for this new word (B)look the new word up for the dictionary (C)look up the new word in the dictionary (D)look up the new word for the dictionary 編碼 10089 難易度 ★ 18 解答 C 7. Can you ______ the difference ______ the twin sisters? (A)say; of (B)tell; with (C)speak; for (D)tell; between 編碼 10090 解答 D 難易度 ★★★ 8. My youngest sister ______ when I was five. (A)born (B)bore (C)was born (D)was bearing 編碼 10091 解答 C 難易度 ★★★ 9. My mother ______ to my baby sister when I was five. (A)bore (B)was born (C)gave birthday (D)gave birth 編碼 10092 解答 D 難易度 ★★ 10. If you are interested, ______ you would like to take a look. (A)may be (B)might be (C)maybe (D)might be 編碼 10093 解答 C 難易度 ★ 11. Do you know ______? (A)how he made it (B)how did he make it (C)how had he made it (D)how much had he made it 編碼 10094 解答 A 難易度 ★★★ 12. I ______ wrong. But, could you please check it over again? (A)maybe (B)perhaps (C)should be (D)may be 編碼 10095 解答 D 難易度 ★★★ 13. 下列哪一個句子的意思與“Every person is unique.”不同? (A)Everyone is different from the others. (B)No one is exactly the same as another. (C)Every person has some differences from the others. (D)There are some differences between them. 19 編碼 10096 解答 D 難易度 ★ 14. He thought that it was the right time to get it ______. (A)to do (B)done (C)be done (D)to be doing 編碼 10097 解答 B 難易度 ★★ 15. A: May I ask a question ______ you? B: Sure. Go ahead. (A)for (B)to (C)of (D)from 編碼 10098 解答 C 難易度 ★ 16. 我不了解他真正的意思。 (A)I don’t really understand what does he mean. (B)I really don’t understand what does he mean. (C)I don’t understand what does he really mean. (D)I don’t understand what he really means. 編碼 10099 解答 D 難易度 ★★ 17. Kissing and hugging are two general Western ways ______ love. (A)showing (B)to show (C)to be shown (D)show 編碼 10100 解答 B 難易度 ★★★ 18. ______ children, elder people need to be loved and protected. (A)Like (B)Alike (C)To like (D)To be like 編碼 10101 解答 A 難易度 ★ 19. Both French people and Germans ______ Westerners. (A)refer to as (B)are referring to (C)are referred to as (D)referring to as 20
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