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vk. com/ engl i s hl i br ar y Marketingstrategies 1 A hotistic approach to marketing 2 Marketing i n c h a l l e n g i ntgi m e s Brands Thevalueof brands Developing a brandidentitythatlasts Turning rounda brandimage lmproving customer experience youth a market 7 Targeting 3 4 5 5 72 76 20 24 28 Seltingonline 8 Making themostof anonlinestore Keeping onlinecustomers 9 32 36 Advertising 1.0lnternet advertising 11 Gtobat advertising campaigns 12 Sponsorship deatsforpromoting brands 13 Viratadvertising campaign 40 44 48 52 Expandinginternationally 14 Developing a successfuI national brand 15 Expanding brands intotheRussian market 16 Targeting overseas communities 56 50 64 Satisfied customers 17 Keeping customers loyalto brands 18 Developing customer relationships 58 Check Tests key Answer Glossary 76 72 80 90 книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary Thisunit looksat a newapproach to marketing. Discuss thesequestions. you? 1 Whattypesof advertising do youlikeanddislike? Whatirritates andamuses youdon'twant,e.g.TVads,pop-ups, 2 Howdo youavoidadvertising spam,etc.? phones. people todayhavebroadband andDVDs andusemobile Howdoyouthinkthese 3 More g: developments areaffectin . companies'marketingstrategies? r theworkof advertising agencies? Understandingthe main points pageandanswerthesequestions. Readthearticteontheopposite yourideaswith 1 Afterreading thearticle,canyousummarise what'holisticmarketing' is?Compare otherstudents. 2 Whattwofactorshavemadecompanies interested in thisnewapproach to marketing? andInternet advertising aseffective asbefore? 3 Whyisn'ttraditionatTV havereacted to thistrendin twoways.Whatarethey? 4 Marketers wayof lookingat advertising changed thewayadvertising 5 Howhasa moreholistic agencies work? to thewriter,manycompanies wiltbeslowto moveto holisticmarketing. Whyis this? 6 According Choose twoexplanations. a) Hotistic marketing caninvolve departments, whichmakesmanaging marketing several budgets verycomprex. b) Theyseeholisticmarketing asa fashionthatwil[pass. c) Thereis a lackof accepted toolsfor measuring theeffectiveness of newmarketing activities. d) Mostadvertising agencies don'tyethavetherightskillsandexpertise. Understandingdetails Readthearticleagainandanswerthesequestions. 1 Thewritergivesanexample of howconsumers areavoiding advertising onthetelevision. Whatis it? places 2 Thewritergivestwoexamples of alternative whereadvertisers canputadvertisements. Whatarethey? Whatexample doesthewriteruseto illustrate howadvertising agencies cangivecustomers a betterexoerience? According to thewriter,holisticmarketing willmakeallocating marketing budgets moredifficult. Whatexampte doeshegiveto illustrates thispoint? книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary U N J Ti . ' S i I * L I S T I CA P P R O A { 9T. O 1 MARH.LTII{G I{ I I I The casefor holistic marketing by Gary Silverman A In big companies, marketing depaft'holistic ments are adopting marketing' - a term that expresses the growing desire of companies to use a greater s variety of marketing methods to communicate with their customers. The move into holistic marketing reflects two developments. Companies are losing confidence in television ro commercials.They are also aregrolving more interested in the Internet and other altemative ways of advertising. 15 Technologicaladvancesare giving consumers the power to avoid advertising. For example, DVDs are making it easier for people to record programmesand fast-forward past television commercials, while softr.vare helps them block Internet 20 pop-up advertisements and unwanted e-mails. C Marketers have resoonded in two ways. They are looking for nerv places to put advertisements, such as x ads on displays on bus shelters or on mobile phone screens. And they are beginning to see any contact r'vith a consumer as a marketins opportunity. The idea is to engagE :o the customer wherever the customer happens to be - a holistic approach to marketing, in other words. D a better customer experience: for example.how staff shouldansrverthe telephone when customers call to ask ,m for infomation or make a comolaint. They are also looking for rvays to make the shopping experiencemore interesting.and bring new excil.ement and innovation to product packaging +s and store display. E Although many marketers see the advantages of a holistic approach to their marketing, many may be slow to adopt it because of practical so complications. F Money for marketing comes from marketing budgets. But in the new world of holistic marketing, the lines between marketing and other business ss activities are blurring. In addition to marketing, other departments in a company also have a role, r.vhich makes allocating marketing budgets difficult. A website, for instance, ar could be seen as a form of Internet adverlising, but websites also function asvirtual stores.So money for building a site could equally go to a marketing or product development department. To make the situation more G complicated, companies are finding it difficult to compare the impact of ner.v kinds of marketing activity. In holistic marketing, advertisers are no ro longer interested in simply reaching customers, but in engaging them. The challenge is how to measure the impact of marketing messages - how well customers are paying zs attention to their marketing messages. H There are companies working with measurement tools that help with this task, but until there is general acceptance of these tools, companies 80 may find it difficult to justify any change in how they allocate marketing 'With budgets. some new media, it is much more difficult to put these budgets together.'says Alan Rutherford. ss Global Media Director at Uniliver. As a result, advertising agencies are not just thinking about television commercialsthese days. They are trying to f,gure out ways to give книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary FT UNIT1 " A HOIISTICAPPROACH TOMARKETING tr Understandingexpressions Choose for eachphrasefromthe article. the bestexplanation 'Companies 1 arelosingconfidencein televisioncommercials.'(lines 8-ro) a) Theydon'tthinkthatTVadvertsareasgoodas before. goodresutts. b) Theyno longerbelieve thatTVadvertsproduce '... (lines 2g13.o) 2 engagethecustomer...' of thecustomer andkeepit a) gettheinterest b) havemoreconversations withthe customer octivitiesareblurring.'(lines 3 '...thelinesbetweenmorketingandotherbusiness 53-55) activities arelessclear. a) Thedifferences between marketing andotherbusiness activities. b) Thereis a bigdifference betweenmarketing andotherbusiness tr Word search Findwordsor phrasesin the articlewhichfit thesemeanings. A) new(paragraph startingto do something (paragraph not withparticular aspects A) thinkingaboutthewholeof something, justdealing (paragraph B) improvements (paragraph B) fromhappening try to prevent something (paragraph B) happening completely stopsomething (paragraph possibitity C) D) thinkabouta problem untilyouhavea solution(paragraph (paragraph h) plansshowing themoneyavailable D (paragraph giving amount i) someone theirshareof thetotal D (paragraph give good for H) a reason something i) a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Findtwo otherwordsin the articlewith the samemeaningasadvertisements. tr Wordpartnerships fromthe article. 1 Matchthesewordsto makenoun-nounpartnerships t hotistic 2 television 3 marketing 4 customer' 5 Internet 5 advertising a) commercials b) marketing c) advertising d) activity e) agencies f) experience A, C,FandG). 2 Findfiveothernoun-nounpartnerships startingwiththe wordmarketing(paragraphs книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary UNIT1 " A HOLISTICAPPROACH TOMARKETING Thewriterillustrates someof hispointswithpractical examples. he usesto introduce them. Complete thethreephrases programmes r5-rZ) 1 ................, DVDs aremaking it easier to record ...(tines 2 Theyarelooking fornewplaces to putadvertisements, adsondisptays on busshelters... (tinesz3-zs) ...(tines59-6t) couldbeseenasa formof Internet advertising, 3 A website Sentencecompletion Usethewordpartnerships fromExercises C1andC2to comptete thisextract. ' C . . . . . . .e. . . . . . . . .i sc e n t r at ol a n e wa p p r o a ct ohm a r k e t i nkgn, o w n as . 3r el o o k i nf go re x c i t i nnge w h . . . . . .m . . . . . . . . . .M ' . a r k e t earnsda . . . . . .a. .. . . . . . . a waysof engaging thecustomers, usinga mixof newmediaandm........ u e si t hs m a lm l . . . . . . .b. . . . . . . . .c a nd oa [ o t . m . . . . . . . . 'E. v e cn o m p a n iw tr Prepositions Usethe prepositions in the boxto complete thesesentences. in in of to with 1 T h e r ei s g r o w i n gi n t e r e s t . . . . . . I. n . t e r n eat d v e r t i s i n g . 2 C o m p a n i ehsa v el o s tc o n f i d e n c.e. . . . . . .t e l e v i s i o a ndvertising. 3 M o r ea n d m o r ec o m p a n i esse et h e a d v a n t a g.e. . . . . . .a m o r eh o l i s t i ca p p r o a c .h. . . . .. marketing. 4 M a r k e t e rn s e e dt o v i e wa n yc o n t a c.t. . . . . . .c u s t o m e ras s a m a r k e t i n g opportunity isthewayforwardfor Doagreewiththewriter's viewthata morehotistic approach to marketing marketers andadvertising agencies? Writea shortreportmakingthecasefor or against a moreholisticapproach to marketing in your company. lncludepracticaI examples to supportyourpoints. witha consumer According to thewriter,advertisers are'beginning to seeanycontact asa marketing Aretheiranyrisksin suchanapproach? Howdo youthinkcustomers opportunity'. andprospective customers wi[[react? книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary Thisunitlooksat marketing strategies for survivingin difficulteconomic times. Discuss thesequestions. 1 Howdoesaneconomic slowdown affectconsumers'purchasing habits? ls it thesamefor business customers? 2 Whatcana company doto survive in difficult economic conditions? Makenotesforeachof thesepoints. o marketresearch o advertising spend r distribution . pricing o productportfolios 3 In difficulttimes,marketing budgets oftengetcut.ls thisa goodidea?Why?/ Whynot? tr Understandingthe mainpoints Readthe articleon the oppositepageandanswerthesequestions. 1 Whatis thepurpose of thearticle? Choose thebestoption. a) to informreaders aboutthechallenges in difficulttimes of surviving b) to givereadersguidelines abouthowto survive c) to persuade readers to change theirmarketing strategy 2 Whatgivesyouthisimpression? 3 Thesearetheheadings forthe mainideasin thearticle(r-6). Choose oneof theheadings for eachidea. Adjust pricing tactics i Adjust product Portfolios Focus on market share % Supportdistributorsj --# tr Researchthe customer Maintain marketing spend Understandingdetails Readthe articleagainandanswerthesequestions. 1 Thewritergivesfiveexamples of howconsumer behaviour canchange in difficulteconomic conditions. Whatarethey?(paragraph B) getthebestresultswitha reduced Thearticleincludes foursuggestions thatwitlhetpcompanies advertising budget. Whatarethey?(paragraph E) (paragraph 3 Howcancompanies makesuretheirdistributors continue to stocktheirfullrange? G) pricingtacticsdoesthewritersuggestto makeproductsmoreattractive 4 Whatshort-term to customers? (paragraph H) I книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary U N I T2 " Surviving tough marketingtimes by John Quelch A Companiesshould keep thesepoints in mind whenmakingmarketingplans for difficult economic conditions. I ............... Don't cut the budget for market research.You needto know morethan ever how consumersare reacting to a downturn. Consumerstake longer searching for consumer products ro and negotiate harder for price reductions. They are more willing to delay purchases,trade down to less expensivemodels or buy less. C Must-havefeaturesof yesterdayare rs today'scan-live-withouts.Brandsthat B M A R K E T I Nl N GC H A L L E N G ITNI M G ES returnsooliciesto motivatedistributors are trustedare especiallyvalued and can still launchproductssuccessfully, s5 to carry your full product line. This is particularlytrue with new products but interest in new brands and thatarestill unproven.Be carefulabout categoriesdeclines. moving to low-priced distribution channels.This can damageexisting 20 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . D This is not the time to cut back on oo relationshipswith distributorsand the imageof your brand.However,it may advertising. It is well documented be also a good time to drop weaker that brands that increaseadvertising distributors. during an economic slowdown, when competitorsare reducing their 5................ advertising, can improve market shareandprofits.And they cando this H Customerswill be looking around for the best deals.It may not be necat lower cost than during good essaryto cut list prices,but you may economictimes. need to offer more temporary price Brands may be able to negotiate promotions,such as specialoffers or better advertisingrates. If you have to reduce your marketing spend, zo reductions.It may also be useful to give betterdiscountsfor quantity. try to maintain the frequency of advertisements by changingfrom 30replacto l5-second advertisements, In all but a few technology ing radio with televisionadvertising, I categorieswhere prospectsfor future or increasingthe useof directmarketing, which gives more immediate 7s growth are strong.companiesare in competition for market share and, salesimpact. in some cases, survival. To stay ,!0 3 . competitive, look carefully at your cost structure.This will ensure that F Marketersmust recalculatedemand for each item in their product lines 80 any cuts or consolidation activities save the most money with the least as consumerstrade down to models impacton customers. that are good value,suchas cars with Successful companies do not +s fewer options.In tough times, multiJ purposegoods have advantagesover abandontheir marketingstrategiesin specialised products, and weaker ss times of economic uncertainly,they just needto adaptthem. items in product lines shouldbe cut. Gimmicks are out; reliability, safety so andperformanceare in. G 4................ Carrying large amountsof stock is risky. So offer financing and better FT meaning Understanding the bestexplanation fortheseideasfromthearticle. Choose (linesr4-r5) 1, Must-hove aretoday'scan-live-withoafs. featuresof yesterday products a) People whichdon'thavetherightfeatures. buytoo many areno longerwanted. b) Manyproduct features thatpeoplethoughtwereessentiaI c) People canlivewithoutproducts, eventheonesthathavetherightfeatures. 2 Gimmicksoreout; thingslike reliobility,safetyandperformance arein. (tines49-50) products fashionabte; instead, thepoputar areones a) Products thathavenorealvaluearenolonger thatofferrealvatue. products; products. b) Peopte no[onger wantfashionable theyonlywantserious whenbuyingproducts. c) Reliability, havebecome thenewfashions safetyandperformance книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary UNIT2 " MARKETING lN CHATLENGING TIMES Definitions (a-i). (1-9)withtheirmeanings Match thesewordsfromthearticle 1 categories 2 rates 3 demand 4 returns 5 promotions 6 discounts 7 channels E 8 consolidation 9 prospecE a) b) c) d) e) f) g) in theusualprice reductions groupsof products thatareattof thesametype youusegettingforgettinggoodsto customers thesystems goodsreturned because theyarefaultyor notwanted intended activities to hetpsella product bringing together separate activities intoone[argerwhole goodsandservices people particular theneedthat havefor h) thepossibitity thatsomething willhappen i) basiccharges fora service Wordpartnerships partnerships Matchthesewordsto makenoun-noun fromthearticle. 1 2 3 4 5 6 advertising market marketing distribution product tist 7 price 8 consolidation g a) b) c) d) e) f) g) share tines promotions prices activities rates spend h) channels Sentence completion UsewordsandphrasesfromExercises A andB to completethesesentences. 7 D . . . . . . .f.o" r t h e l a s t t h r e e m o n t h s w a s o n l y s t i g h t t y d o w n . S o f o r t h i s y e a r , t h e l . . . . . . . . p . . . . . o u rp . . . . , . 1 . .. . . . . . s. .h' o u l sdt a yt h es a m eb, u tw es h o u l od f f e ar t t r a c t i vp e. . . . . . p. .. . . . . . . .f 0o ,re x a m p l e , ptaced offersanda d........" of lOo/o fororders in January. special 2 4 . . . . . ,r . . . . . . . h . "a v eb e c o mm e o r ec o m p e t i t i vs e ow , es h o u l b d ea b t et o r e d u c o e u rm . . . . . . .t . . . . . . . . b withoutcuttingtheamountof advertising we do. 3 S p e c i a tsi shto p a s n do u rw e b s i taer et h em a i nJ . . . . . . .c. . . . . . . .f .o ro u rh a n d - m a cdheo c o l a t e s . 4 Forallc........" in theautomotive thep........0 fornextyeararenotgoodandtheycanexpect sector, muchlowersales. 10 книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary UNIT2 " tr TIMES MARKETING lN CHALTENGING Wordsearch Findwordsin the articlewhich fit thesemeanings. a) buy a cheaperkind ofthing than before(paragraphB) C) b) thoughtto be good (paragraph C) c) consideredimportant(paragraph (paragraph you pay F) for it d) worth the money G) e) havea bad effecton something(paragraph f) only neededfor a shorttime (paragraphH) g) stop doingsomethingbecauseit's too difficutt(paragraph J) 'difficult B, D, F andJ). economicsituation'(paragraphs Findfour otherphrasesin the articlethat mean Languageof decrease smalter, the ideaof becoming or makingsomething B-Dthatexpress 1 Findfourverbsin paragraphs Thenaddat leasttwootherverbsthathavea similarmeaning. e.g.decrease. r in the correctform. 2 Complete withverbsfromExercise thesesentences t v e trh el a s tr z m o n t h s . 1 O u rs a l e .s. . . . . .. . . . . . .b. yz 5 p e rc e n o longterm. thecompany wilthetpsavemoney, butwittdamage 2 ........staffnumbers 3 l t w o u l db ea b i gm i s t a kteo . . . . . . . . . . . . .o. na l lp r o m o t i o nsaple n d i n g . couldwe........? 4 Whatotherareasof expenditure downturn. Why?/ Whynot? aneconomic Doyouagreewiththewriter'sadviceforsurviving givingyourtop eight company, Manager of medium-sized 2 Writea shortreportfortheMarketing guidelines for surviving a recession. yourideasto keystaffin themarketing team. 3 Present improve. untilconditions to cutbackon alladvertising 4 Youhaveheardthatyourbossintends approach. analternative against thisandsuggesting Writeane-mailadvising 1 книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary Thisunit looksat the importance of brandsandsomeof the challenges theyface. Discussthesequestions. 1 Whatadvantages do strongbrandsgivea company? 2 Whatchallenges do brandsfacetoday? 3 Thinkof a brandthat has mademistakesbut recovered. Whatmistakesweremade? Whatdid it do to recover? tr Understandingthe mainpoints Readthe articleon the oppositepageandsaywhetherthesestatements aretrue (I) or false(F). Correctthe falseones. 1 Toomuchfocusonshort-term profitsis a dangerous strategy whendeveloping brands. 2 Google hasbecome thetop brandin its category in a veryshorttime. According 3 to thewriter,it is impossible for brandsto recover whenthingsgowrong. The writer thinks brands are less important now than before. 4 5 lt hasbecome easierfor brandsto moveintoforeignmarkets. 6 Themostseriousproblem thatbrandsfacetodayis howto deatwiththeitlegatcopying andreproduction oftheirbrands. 7 According to thewriter,themainbenefits of havinga strongbrandarefinancial. tr Understandingdetails Readthearticleagainandanswerthesequestions. 1 Whichbranddoesthewritermention asanexample of: 1 a top newbrand? 2 a brandthattookbadstrategic decisions? 3 a brandthatlostits position asa top brandbuthasgotit back? 4 a brandthathasbeenverysuccessful all overthewor]d? 5 a brandwhosereputation graduates? hashetped to attracthigh-quatity 2 Whichindustries arementioned asexamples of industries affected byittegat copying? 3 Thewritergivesthreebenefits of developing Whatarethey? strongbrands. t2 книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary i"lffij'i -i "" THi: \r*e\t-{-l[ fiil i?RAt\i*S The challengeof keepitrgbrandsstrong by John Gapper A A corporate bland. like a human reputation,is somethingof great value. But there is ahvays a temptation to do something for short-term prolit that s can damage a brand in the long term. Many companieshave given in to this temptation and leduced the quality of their productsol stretchedtheir brands unr.visely. They then spend years l0 trying to repair the damage.This gives thosecompaniesthat manageto resist the temptation the chance to develop brands that have huge value both to B customers andshareholders. Google is an example of an outstanding brand. The Intemet domain name google.com rvas only registered in September 1997. But, less than l0 years later. Goo-qle's determination to become the top search-and-informationservice allorved it to outstrip Yahoo. And it did this at the cost of not putting display advertisementson its home page. C There have been many examples of brands that have been dama-eedby strategic enors. for example Levi's. rvith its unsuccessfulmove into suits. The good nelvs is that rvell-established brands can recover lvhen things go wrong. One example is Apple. It lost its direction after the departure of Steve Jobs. its co-fbunder. but regained its position rvith his return. l 5 Apple's expansion out of computers into audio and visual products rvas extremely important in its revival. D Without question, brands are more important then ever before. More companies norv consist essentially of intangible assetssuch as patentsplus 'In the value of their brands. today's r'vorld, the advantagesof innovation do not last as long, and there are ferver things that protect companies from competition. As other things become equal, they are left rvith brands,' says the Executive Vice-President of Millrvard Brown Ootimor. E The lowering of trade barriers, plus advances in technology and globalisation, makes it easier for brands to cross borders. Buyers of mobile phones around the lvorld ss now expect handsetsmade by Nokia. Samsung, Motorola or other global brands.and local brandsfind it difficult to compete.Luxuly-goods companies like LVMH have been vely successful oo in expanding national brands across borders and transforming them into global brands. F But brands face challenges. One has come from manufacturers of o: genelic products in indush'iessuch as pharmaceuticalsand the food industly. Although drugs companies invest billions in research,they also feel the need to use marketing to respond to ;o generic competition. Even over-thecounter medicines such as painkillels are carefully branded. Another challenge is the ease G r.vith rvhich products can be pirated. zs It is difficult for Western motor manufacturers to stoD their cars and trucks being copied. lt is even harder for entertainment companies to stop music and films being digitally so reproduced over the Internet and on CDs and DVDs. H Despitethesechallenges. companies that build strong brands have big advantages over competitors. They ss allor.v companies to increase their revenuesand margins.There are other benefitstoo. For example, a top brand like Microsoft can recruit the best graduatesfrom business schools and m keep them longer. FT meaning Understanding A n s w e rt h e s eo u e s t i o n s . 1 Thewritersays,'But thereis alwaysa temptationto do somethingfor short-termprofit ...'(tinesl-+). W h i c hs e n t e n c e s h a th e i s s a y i n g ? b e s td e s c r i b ew a ) C o m p a n i easl w a y sw a n tt o t r y t h i n g st h e ys h o u l d n 'dt o b e c a u s e t h e yc a ns e eq u i c kp r o f i t s . profits. b , i C o m p a n i easr ea l w a y sl o o k i n gf o r n e ww a y so f m a k i n gi m m e d i a t e 2 Thewritersays,'Anotherchattengeis the eosewith whichproductscon be pirated.'(Iinesn-l d. W h i c he x p t a n a t i obne s td e s c r i b etsh e p h r a s ei n i t a l i c s ? a J l t ' sv e r ye a s yt o s t e a lo t h e rc o m p a n i eps r o d u c t sa n d s e l lt h e mt o o t h e r s . b ) l t ' se a s yt o i l l e g a t tcyo p ya n ds e l lo t h e rc o m p a n i e sp'r o d u c t s . книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary t1 UNIT3" THEVALUEOFBRANDS tr Definitions (a-h). Matchthesewordsandphrases fromthearticte(1-8)withtheirmeanings products whatit coststo produce between andtheir 1 stretched theirbrands a) difference price selling b) something thata business has,butis notphysical, so hardto value, 2 intangible assets e.g.a brandname receives c) moneythata company overa periodof timefromsetling 3 patents goodor services givinga company d) tegatdocuments therightto sellanewproduct 4 value or invention thatis sotdundera general namefora typeof product, e) a product 5 tradebarriers ratherthana brandname products isworthin money f) howmuchsomething 6 generic g) useda successfuI brandnameto sellotherproduct types 7 revenues 8 margins tr h) something thatmakestradebetween twocountries moredifficult, e.g.importtaxes Word search Findwordsor phrases in thearticlewhichfit thesemeanings. (paragraph A; twowords) 1 bigandimportant (paragraph 2 causeharmto something A) (paragraph A) 3 donewithpoorjudgment (paragraph good B) 4 extremely thanothers(paragraph B) 5 be moresuccessful 6 gotbacksomething afterlosingit (paragraph C) of becoming strongagain(paragraph C) 7 theprocess (paragraph 8 moveintoothercountries E) (paragraph completely E) 9 changing tr Wordpartnerships Matchtheverbs(1-5)withthenouns(a-e)theygo within thearticle. 1 damage 2 outstrip 3 lose 4 regain 5 face a) b) c) d) e) its position a brand chattenges (Yahoo) a competitor direction книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary UN|T3" THEVALUEOFBRANDS Vocabulary development 1 Makea listofwordpartnerships fromthearticlewiththewordbrond(s). Organisethem into two groups. a) verb-nounpartnerships, e.g.damagea brand partnerships, b) adiective-noun e.g.outstandingbrand 2 Completethesesentencesaboutcompanyrecoveryusingthewordsand phrasesin the box. Makesurethe verbsare in the correctform. cha[[enges damage losedirection recover stretch regain repair revival S a m s o n i t ree c e n t l yl a u n c h e d e s i g n elru g g a g ea n d h a sp l a n sf o r a r a n g eo f h i g h - e n dm e n ' s s h o e s s, u n g l a s s easn d s t a t i o n a r yl s. t h i s a g o o ds t r a t e g yo,r i s i t . . . . . . . .t h e b r a n dt o o f a r ? I n t h e l a t e9 0 s ,N i k ef a c e dc r i t i c i s m a b o u tp o o rw o r k i n gc o n d i t i o n isn i t s s u p p l i e fra c t o r i e isn A s i a .T h en e g a t i v ep u b l i c i t ys e v e r e l.y. . . . . . .i t s b r a n d ,a n d i t t o o k s e v e r ayI e a r st o . . . . . . . . itsreoutation. D e s p i t em a r k e t i n g e f f o r t st o t u r nt h e b r a n da r o u n d L , e v iS t r a u s sh a ss t i [ [n o tm a n a g e d to ........ i t s f o r m e rp o s i t i o na s a t o p b r a n d . E x p e r t s a yM a c D o n a t d.'.s. . . . . .i n t h e U S Aw a s m a i n t yd u et o t h e d i v e r s i f i c a t i oonf i t s m e n u a n d l o n g e r e s t a u r a nhto u r s . 5 E x p a n d i ni g n t h e U S Aw a sa b a ds t r a t e g idce c i s i o na,n di t w i l lt a k et i m ef o r t h e b u s i n e stso . . . . . . . .. 6 F o l l o w i ntgh e d e p a r t u r eo f S t e v eJ o b sA , ppte gonefrom strengthto strength. ; b u t s i n c eh i s r e t u r nt,h e c o m p a n yh a s O n eo f t h e b i g g e s t . . . . . .t.h. a t p h a r m a c e u t i cbar la n d sf a c ei s c o m p e t i t i ofnr o mg e n e r i cp r o d u c t s . Choose a company your thathasstretched its brandsuccessfutly or stretched it unwisely. Research youranalysis chosen company, thenpresent of whythestrategy worked/ didn'twork. 2 Discuss howcompanies piracy gtobatty. canprotect theirbrands against whenexpanding 3 According to thewriter,Luxurygoodscompanies likeLVMHhavebeenverysuccessful in expanding nationolbrondsacrossbordersandtransforming themintoglobalbrands.Whydo youthinkthey havebeensosuccessfut? книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary 15 Thisunit looksat the importance of creatinga strongbrandidentity, drawingon the exampleof Duracett. Discuss thesequestions. 1 Thinkoftwobrands name,logoanddesign. thathavea memorable o Whatmakesthemworkforyou? o Whatimageandmessage do theycommunicate to theircustomers? 2 Whataretheadvantages of havinga strongbrandname,logoanddesign? tr Understandingthe mainpoints pageandchoose Readthearticleontheopposite the bestoptionto complete eachstatement. 1 2 3 4 5 6 E it is I isn'tenough on creating a strongbrand. Forcontinued success, to focusmarketing hasachievedI is stiilworkingtowardsits obiectiveof becoming thetop brandfor batteries. Duracell is thatit will lasta longtimeI is welldesigned. Themainmessage the brandwantsto conveyto consumers imageandmessage haschangedo lot I stayedthesomeovermanyyears. TheDuracell in becoming wellknowna[[overthewortd. Thebrandhosf hasn'tsucceeded name, message hightight the product's attractive appearance Duracell's, designand / benefits for consumers. Understandingdetails to complete thesenotes. 1 Scanthe articlequicklyto findinformation Brand name: 1 Former brand owner: Current brand owner: 3 Launch date: 4 Competitors: 5 Main consumer benefit: Design features: 7 questions. 2 Readparagraphs FandG carefully andanswerthese growth? 1 Howdidthebrandidentitycontribute to thebrand's learnfromDuracell aboutdeve]oping a brandidentity? 2 Whatthreelessons canothercompanies t5 книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary :l: UNIT4 '" DTVELSPIftG A BftAruS iDE}:TITY TFIAT LASTS :.::::: :. t,:-.: |.::, t::: Duracellandits longer-lastinglooks by Meg Carter A s B rs C zo branding has helped it maintain its position as the world's leading Launching a product is one thing; manufacturer of high-performance keeping the product ahead of the alkaline batteriesfor the best part of 40 years. competitionis the next big challenge. As technologyallows manufacturers D The brandwas develooedin the US to match their comoetitors' latest in 1963.whenitsthenparentcompany. ideasever faster,creatinga powerful PR Mallory,wantedto introducea new brandandeffectivelymanagingit over battery and challengethe dominance time is essentialto ensurea lasting of Eveready,the formermarketleader. competitiveadvantage. :o PR Mallory used brand consultants To be a businesssuccess,an idea Lippincott to createa brand identity needsnot only to be better than its for the new battery, and in 1964, competitors',it needsto be seen to Duracell was launched.The battery be better.And it needsto be protected soon overtook Eveready to become from competitionby communicating :s the world's biggest-sellingalkaline its strengthsand points of difference batterybrand- a positionthe business through visual pointerssuch as logo, still maintains in the face of the designandpackaging. recentand rapid rise of supermarkets' In the case of Duracell, now part cheaper,own-labelproducts. of the GilletteCompany.innovative E Lippincott's advertising brief in 1963 was to createa new brand that would help Mallory becomemarket leaderand that would also be strons enoughto carry new product lines. +s The solution was to oosition the productas an energysource.and to do this by focusing on the battery's major consumerbenef,t - its longer life. This inspiredthe Duracell name, so which was created to communicate the concept of endurance,and the product'sdistinctiveblack, white and copperdesign. F The key elementsof the Duracell ss brand identity are the distinctive name and logo, the colour scheme and the brand's positioning as the most enduring alkaline batteries on the market. These three elements oo provideda platform for future growth as the companyextendedinto related products such as lithium, silveroxide and zinc-atr batteries,as well as lighting productssuch as torches. os It was also powerful enoughto tum Duracell into a globally recognised consumerbrand.Sinceits introduction in 1964, the brand identity has been the inspiration for advertising for zo the brand. G Duracell offers a number of lessonsfor brandstoday.The first is the impoftance of thinking beyond the product itself. Focusing on the zs product's benefits rather than the product itself gave Duracell a much strongerposition in the intemational marketplace.The secondis the power of a strong brand name. Finally, the so designsolutioncreateda new 'visual' language that became synonymous with the idea of an endurine source of enersv. книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary FT 17 UNIT4 " DEVELOPING A BRANDIDENTITYTHAT LASTS tr Understandingexpressions Choose the bestexplanation foreachphrasefromthearticle. '... (linesz-3) t keepingtheproductaheadof thecompetition...' a) makingsuretheproduct stayscompetitive products b) making suretheproduct continues to bemoresuccessful thanothercompeting '... (linesz8-29) 2 challenge thedominance of Eveready...' position a) fightagainstEveready's of powerin themarket b) question whetherEveready is stilla powerin themarket (tines5o-51) theconcept of enduronce...' 3 '...to communicate periods a) theideaof lastingover[ong of time b) theideaof beingunbreakable tr Definitions (a-i). Matchthesewordsandphrasesfromthe article(1-9)with theirmeanings 1 launching 2 competitiveadvantage 3 communicating 4 branding 5 overtook 6 inspired 7 positioning 8 platform with 9 synonymous g a) b) c) d) e) f) thebasisonwhichsomething canbedeveloped closely connected to wasthemotivation for became moresuccessful something thathetpsyoube moresuccessful thanothers people product how thinkabouta in relation to a company's products otherproducts andothercompeting g) introducing something new h) sharinginformation withothers people's i) activityof givingbrandnamesto products, developing awareness of them.etc. Wordsearch phrases Findadjectives or adiectival in thearticlewhichfit thesemeanings. 1 2 3 4 5 6 usingnewmethods andideas(paragraph C) (paragraph mostimportant C) workingin a superior wayto others(paragraph C) (paragraph different to othersandeasyto recognise E) lastingfor [ongtime(paragraph fl (paragraph knownall overtheworld F) книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary UNIT4 " OEVELOPING A BRANO IDENTITY THATLASTS Wordpartnerships 1 Matchthesewordsto makenoun-nounpartnershipsfromthe article. 1 market a) brief 2 brand b) products 3 own-label c) identity 4 advertising d) brand 5 consumer 2 e) leader Matcheachnoun-nounpartnershipfrom Exerciser with the correctmeaning(a-e). dl b) c) d) e) p r o d u c t s o t db y a p a r t i c u l asrh o pa n d h a v et h e n a m eo f t h a t s h o po n t h e m a n a m e ,s y m b o a l n dd e s i g nt h a t d e f i n e sa n dd i f f e r e n t i a t easc o m p a n y 'psr o d u c t so r s e r v i c e t i l [b e a d v e r t i s e d a d o c u m e nw t h i c hg i v e sd e t a i l sa b o u th o w a p r o d u c w a b r a n dt h a t i s s o l dd i r e c t o c o n s u m e r sr a . t h e rt h a nt o b u s i n e s s e s p r o d u cw t i t h t h e l a r g e sst h a r eo f t h e m a r k e t Sentencecompletion UsewordsfromExercises CandDto complete thesesentences. e yi tot u aen. . . . . . . . b m a r k e t i n g a d v a n t a g e , s o i t ' s i m p o r t a n t t o g e t i t r i g 1 Astrongb........;......g . .iuvw 2 T e s c o , t h e l . . . .".U. .K. s u p e r m a r k e t c h a i n , i s f a c i n g i n c r e a s i n g c o m p e t i t i o n . A s a r e s u l t , i t h a s o t h eb r a n d epdr o d u c ittss e t t as n di ss e t l i nm g o r eo . . . . . . .- .1 . . . ..... p . . . . . . ... o u c a m e r aasn dw a st h er y r. . . . . . .1. . . . . . . . .i nt h ep h o t o g r a p fhi ti cm 3 K o d apkr o d u c ehd. . . . . . .-.p market,butsincethearrivalof digitatcameras, it haslostitsway. o t en e e di s J . . . . . . .". a n d; . . . . . . . .a d v e r t i s itnhga tw i t ta p p e at ot t h ey o u t hm a r k e It '.v eg i v e n 4 W h aw T o u c h G l o w t h e a . . b. .......... . . . ' L e t ' s h o p e t h e y c o m e u p w i t h s o m e c r e a t i v e i d e a s . ::11.,:.: il:i:= -:....-..=.-' C h o o s ea b r a n da n d m a k en o t e sf o r e a c ho f t h e s ep o i n t s . . l d e n t i f uw h o t h e t a r g e ta u d i e n c e i s a n dw h a tt h e i rw i s h e sa n d d e s i r e sa r e . . Selecttwo uniquebenefitsthat makethe branddistinctiveand attractiveto consumers. . Explainwho the maincompetitors yourchosenbrandhasovertheirbrands. areandwhat advantages Thinkof a companythat hassuccessfutly changedits brandidentity,(e.g.Accenture). Discussthe r e a s o nf o r r e c r e a t i ntgh e i d e n t i t ya n d h o w i t h a sb e e nc o m m u n i c a t eadc r o s st h e c o m p a n ya n dt o t h e w i d e rw o r l d . книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary 19 Thisunit looksat a problemwith Microsoft's brandimageandthe company's marketingstrategyfor improvingit. Discussthesequestions. 1 Whichbrandsdo think havea havea strongbrandimage.Why? 2 What kind of thingscandamagea company'sbrandimage?Whatcana companydo to repairit? 3 Whatwordsdo you associatewith the Microsoftcorporatebrand?the Windowsbrand? tr Understanding themainpoints Readthe articleon the oppositepage.Mark the orderin whichtheseeventshappened. a ) C o m p e t i t i ofnr o mA p p t eh i g h l i g h t e idn a d e q u a coyf t h e W i n d o w sb r a n d . b) Microsoftplansto haverepresentation in key electronicretailchainsin the USand U Ka n d i n o t h e rs t o r e st,o s u p p o r tc o n s u m e r s . c) 2007].MicrosoftlaunchedVista,a newWindowsoperatingsystem,but with technical a n d c o m p a t i b i t i tpyr o b t e m s . d) Microsoftlauncheda marketingcampaignto improveits image. e) Levelsof customersatisfactionimproved. f) Windowsbrandreputationhit a low g) Appte[auncheda negativeadvertisingcampaigncriticisingVista. h) Microsoftlaunchedan advertisingcampaignin the USto improvethe imageof Bi[[Gates, the Microsoftfounder,and the company. i) Satisfaction levelsfor the Windowsbrandfe[[. j) 2008:Microsoft[auncheda new improvedversionof the Vistaoperatingsystem. E tr @ n n m n T I n u Understandingdetaits Readthe articleagainand answerthesequestions. 1 Whywas Microsoftlessconcernedaboutconsumersin its earlydays? 2 Howdid Appte'sentryinto the marketaffectMicrosoft? 3 Whywerecustomersdissatisfied with Vista? 4 Whywas it importantto sotvethe Vistaproblembeforeputtinga lot of marketingeffortinto improving t h e i m a g eo f t h e b r a n d ? 5 W h i c ho f t h e m a r k e t i n g i n i t i a t i v efso r i m p r o v i n tgh e b r a n di m a g eh a d n o t b e e nc a r r i e do u t a t t h e t i m e t h i sa r t i c l ew a sw r i t t e n ?W h i c hw o r d st e l l v o ut h i s ? 20 книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary LiltllT5 '" TU*fllF{*RGUt{S A fiRAnd[.]r IIWA{}H Microsoft says 'We're humAntoo' rvith 89 per cent of consumers norv 'satisfied' 'very saying they are or satisfied' rvith the softrvare. The next task was a major F marketing push to change how consumersfeel about Windows. That is not a simple thing to do. It rvill take 'philosophical a change' in the rvay :s Microsoft thinks about its custolners. says Brad Brooks, Head of Windolvs' ConsumerProduct Marketing. Their first action was an advertising G carnpaignon US television. featuring r,o Bill Gates and American comedian Jerry Seinfeld. By putting Mr Gates rvith Mr Seinfeld, Microsoft hoped [o humanise its founder and, by extension,the company too. Microsoft 2007. Many computer usersfound that 6s wants consumers to understand that 'lve the ner'v softlvare '!vas not comoatible have a sense of humour. we're :s rrith some ol' their old peripherals. human too', saysBrad Brooks. such as printersor scanners,and that it H Customer satisfactionhas to have a ran slorvly. Nor did the softrvare have far more centratpositionin Microsoft's ro thinking. Mr Brooks says, 'It's not obvious new consumerbenefits. D good enoughjustto sell a lot oflicences Satisfaction was not good, and :o Apple saw the chance and launched or have good businessresults.'As part a devastating anti-Vista advertising of the marketing push, he plomises a campaign, describing Microsoft's softdeeper'conversation'rvith consumers. ware as unstable, exposed to security rs This means a stronger ernphasis on threats and very dull. This helped retail, with a direct Microsoft presence planned (a store lvithin a store) at a 35 strengthenanti-Microsoft perceptions. E Microsoft r.vaspushed into action. number of electronics retail chains. The first and most imporlant task including Best Buy in the US and rvas to improve the Vista customer so Dixons in the UK. The company also experience. Without that, any has plans to have 150 representatives 'gurus', ro new marketing initiativesto improve in retail stores.Referred to as the brand's image could be countertheir job rvill be to help custornersget productive. and could tarnish the more out of their PCs. brand image even more. Microsoft claims that since the releaseof an up+s dated version in July 2008, customer satisfaction levels have imoroved. J by Richard Waters Microsoft's Windo"vs operating system, one of the lvorld's most successful consumer products, is also one of the rvorld's most neglectedbrands. An estimated lbn people use PCs that run on Windorvs. Most of the company's revenuescome from sales to business customers. and it has no direct relationship r'vith consumers - they have to deai with electronics retailers and PC manufacturers, not the company that makes the software. That r,vasn'timportant when Windows was an unchallengedmonopoly, even l 5 if an unloved one. Competition from Apple's machinesand laptopsthat run on the Linux operatingsystemchanged things. Caught in this unfamiliar competitive situation, the Windorvs 20 brandhas beenfound rvanting. C That brand rveaknesswas uncovered after the launch of Windows Vista in FT Understanding meaning Choosethe best explanationfor theseideasfrom the article. 1 '...whenWindowswoson unchallenged monopoly...'(tinesrl-r4) 2 a i h a dt o t a tc o n t r ool f t h e m a r k e ta n dt h e r ew e r en o o t h e rc o m p e t i t o r s b i h a da t a r g es h a r eo f t h e m a r k e ta, n d o t h e rc o m p a n i efso u n di t d i f f i c u lt o c o m p e t e 'lt witt takea "philosophicol" changein the wayMicrosoftthinksabout itscustomers...'(tines 53-55) a J a m o r es e n s i b t e a n d c a l mw a y o f t h i n k i n ga b o u ti t s c u s t o m e r s b ) a d e e p e ra n d m o r et h o u g h t f uwt a y o f t h i n k i n ga b o u ti t s c u s t o m e r s книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary
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