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vk. com/ engl i s hl i br ar y Recruitment 1 E-recruitment 4 2 8 Socialnetworking 3 Thewar for talent:Generation Y 72 Training 4 Executive education 5 E v a l u a t i ntgr a i n i n gp r o g r a m m e s 6 Apprenticeships 76 20 24 Payand reward 7 pay Executive 28 8 Benefits 9 B o n u s ea s n di n c e n t i v e s 32 36 Diversity 10 Ethnic diversity 1 1 G e n d eer q u a l i t y 40 44 1 2 H i r i n gl o c a l l yo r a b r o a d 48 Strategy 13 Buitding a strong HRbrand 14 E-firing 52 56 HRdocuments 1 5 J o ba d v e r t i s e m e n t 50 15 Letterof appointment 64 17 Performance appraisalrecord 68 18 Staffsatisfactionsurvey 72 CheckTests 76 Answerkey 80 Glossary 90 книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary Thisunitlooksat thewaysin whichemproyers areusingtechnotogy in the recruitment process. Discuss thesequestions. 1 Whenyouarethinkingaboutyourfuturecareer, howcanyoufindoutaboutthedifferent companies andorganisations youcouldworkfor? 2 Whatsortof process do youhaveto gothroughin orderto geta job?Describe thevariousstages. tr Understandingthe mainpoints Readthearticleontheopposite pageandanswerthesequestions. 1 Whichmodern technological resource arecompanies nowusingto recruitthenextgeneration of employees? 2 Besides theirownwebsite, whichtwoothertypesof sitearecompanies usingto attractandrecruit graduates? 3 4 5 6 At whichstagein therecruitment process is onlinetestinguseful? Inwhichtwomainwaysis thisgenerally usefulto bothemptoyers andgraduates? why is it important forcompanies give quick to automated feedback? Whyis it notsufficient forcompanies simptyto usetheirownwebsite to attractyoungrecruits? 7 Whatarecompanies tryingto achieve byengaging withpotential employees outsideof thecompany's ownwebsitedomain? 8 According to thearticle,area[[employers proficient at usingwebresources to attractandrecruit yet? employees tr Understandingdetails Readthearticleagainandanswerthesequestions. 1 Whichwelt-known Internet siteis playing a majorrolein ErnstandYoung's recruitment strategy? 2 Whatistheworld'slargest onlinerecruitment group? 3 Givea specific example of howonlinetestingis useful,firsttyto thecompany andsecondly to the job applicant. potentiaI 4 Whichvirtualworldaresomecompanies usingin orderto meetpotential recruits? 5 Howcanpotential recruits usethatresource to meetandtatkto company employees? 6 whichothertwo Internet forumsdo employers useto meetyoungpeople? 7 onceemployers havemadecontact withyoungpeople, howdotheykeepthoseyoungpeople interested in them? книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary U N I T1 ' " E - R E C R U I T M E N T servicesof companiessuchasMonster, Onlinerecruitment: the world's largestonline recruitment group,they areusingonlinetechnology Shoppingfor talent zo to speedup the applicationprocess. Internet,outsidetheir own web doyounger-Beneration mains.Tech-sav\T. individuals now entering the job market spend much of their lives This allows candidatesto find out online and expect recruiters to be there,too. detailsaboutthejob they areapplying F Forcompanies. thismeans engaging for and completethe first stagesof 65 in the online social networkingthat the application. by Sarah Murray plays such an important part in the C Oneimpoftantpart of this processis way youngrecruitsinteractwith their onlinetesting.Takinga practiceteston peers.As well as social networking a corporatewebsitemeansan individual can measurethemselvesagainst sites,virtual worlds such as Second Life also provide opportunities to the standards of thecompanyin areas whose :o such as numeracy,for example.For engageprospectivecandidates, 'avatars'(inventedonline characters) companies,thesetestscan weed out can interactwith thoseof the compainappropriatecandidatesbefore they ny's employees. haveevenstartedthe applicationproG Much of the real powerof the Interthey savetime cess.And for graduates, net in recruitment exists in these :s and money.If they don't measureup, can they can withdraw from the process externalsites.wherecompanies without having to spend time on build an employer brand and tap into potentialrecruitsby engagingin application forms or travelling to issuesabout which theseindividuals anothercity. D It is importantfor companiesto folarepassionate. This meanscompanies needto establisha presencein everylow up with automatedfeedbackon thing from chatroomsto blogs. the tests,however.Candidateswho do A Since2007, Ernst & Young'srecruitwell in practice tests and receive H But while someforward-thinking ment strategyhas included a pageon instant feedback telling them that 85 companies aredoingthis,manyrecruitFacebook.On the site,job candidates ershaveyetto tapinto theseaudiences. canmeetstudentsgainingwork experi- +s they'veexceededthe standardrequire'Organisationsare a bit unsureat the mentsfind that very encouraging,and ence,participatein opinion polls and join discussiongroups,whosetopics moment of how to take advantageof so tendto stick with the companyand this,' says Emma Parry, Research continuetheir application. cover everythingfrom psychometric Fellow at CranfieldSchoolof ManageE However,the web offers more than testingto working in China. ment. 'But it's somethingthey'll have B However, the accounting firm's so automatedform filling, particularly when it comesto identifying the best to do in the future because,for this l0 move into social networking is only generationof recruits,that'sthe way community. talentamongthegraduate can oneexampleof thewaycompanies Traditionally, companiesthought they communicate.' usethe web to attracttop talent.Some abouthow to find the right candidate. companieshaveextendedtheir useof the Intemetin the recruitmentprocess ss Today,however,they think abouthow the right candidatecan find them and are using web tools very effecby ' settingup shop'in otherpartsof the tively. As well as making use of the in a virtual world FT Searchingfor information 1 Lookat thesereasonswhy employersparticipatein socialnetworkingsites.Tick (/) the ones mentionedin the article. 1 to attract toptatent 2 to havefunplaying on Second Life brand 3 to buildanemployer 4 to tap into potentialrecruits 5 t o l e a r nm o r ea b o u tw o r l di s s u e s 2 Lookat thesereasons whyyoungpeopleinteract withcompanies onsocialnetworking sites. Tick(/) theonesmentioned in thearticle. 1 to develop'avatars' 2 to improve theircomputer skitls groups 3 to joindiscussion 4 to meetinterns polls in opinion 5 to participate книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary UNITI " E-RECRUITMENT tr Word search Findthreewordsin paragraphs A andB of the articlewhichfoltowthe wordrecruitment andmatchthe resultingphraseswith theirmeanings. 1 recruitment whosejob it is to helpemployers findnewemployees t ....... a) a setof companies newemployees 2 recruitment p........ b) a planfor recruiting 3 recruitment 9........ c) a seriesof stepswhichresultsin thehiringof newemployees tr families Word 1 Complete the chartwith wordsfromthe article. 2 Complete the chartwiththe corresponding nouns. verb noun to attract 1 to extend 2 to withdrawfrom to followup to receive g 5 Wordpartnerships 1 Matchtheverbsandverbphrases(1-8)with the nounphrases(a-h)to formwordpartnerships process. relatingto the useof onlinetechnology in the iob application 1 to use 2 to complete 3 to followupwith 4 to findout 5 to weedout 6 to take 7 to save 8 to measure themselves a) inappropriate candidates b) webtoolsveryeffectively test c) a practice d) timeandmoney e) detailsaboutthejob f) thefirststagesoftheapplication g) against ofthecompany thestandards h) automated feedback Decidewhichactionsin Exercise 1 belongto the candidate andwhichbelongthe company. Oneofthemappliesto both. книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary U N I T1 " E-RECRUITMENT Sentencecompletion A-Cto complete Usephrases fromExercises thesesentences. 1 We havejust spenta monthworkingout our 3 0 g r a d u a t eas n dw i l l r e c r u i t h e ma l l o n l i n e . for the comingyear.We planto take on 2 W e a r e a v e r y p o p u l a r c o m p a n y t o w o rl nk f a o cr .t , w e w e r e v o t e d o n tehoef t o p - t e n . . . . . . . . l a s t y e a r . 3 S o m ec o m p a n i easr e u s i n go n l i n ew e b t o o l st o a l l o wp o t e n t i arle c r u i t st o . . . . . . . .t h e f i r s ts t a g e so f t h e i r jobapptication. 4 P r a c t i ctee s t se n a b l ep o t e n t i aal p p l i c a n ttso . . . . . . . . t h e m s e l v easg a i n stth e s t a n d a r dos f t h e c o m p a n y . 5 O n l i n et e s t sa l l o we m p l o y e rt so w e e do u t. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . s. o t h a tt h e yd o n ' tw a s t et i m eo r m o n e yv i s i t i n g the companyfor testsand interviews. 6 S o c i anl e t w o r k i n cga nb e a g r e a tw a yt o . . . . . . . .t o p t a l e n t . 7 l t i s a n i m p o r t a npt a r to f a c o m p a n y 'tsa s ko f b u i t d i n ga n e m p l o y ebr r a n dt o a p p e atl o p o t e n t i a l young........ g expressions Understandin Choose thebestexplanation foreachwordorphrase fromthearticle. 1 '...whosetopics covereverythingfrompsychometrictestingto ...' ([ines6-8) a) mathematical tests b) testswhichmeasurepersonalityand attitudes 2 '...in areassuchas numerocy...'(lines29-30) 3 a ) s k i l tw i t h n u m b e r sa n d m a t h e m a t i c s b) abitityto readnumbersaccurately '... can weedout inappropriatecandidates...'(tines 37-32) a) selectsuitablecandidates b ) e l i m i n a t eu n s u i t a b l cea n d i d a t e s 'lf they don't measureup, ...'(tine 4 lS) a ) a r e n ' tb i g e n o u g h b ) a r e n ' tc o m p e t e net n o u g h 'Tech-sovvy, younger-generation individuals...'(lines59-60) 5 a ) w i t h s p e c i a l i st e t c h n i c asIk i l l s aboutand ableto use moderntechnology b) knowtedgeable youknowof areusingthemto interact Visitthewebsites mentioned andseeif anycompanies with potential recruits. Describe thewaysin whichtheyaredoingthis. youknowof andfindoutif theyprovide Visitthewebsites of anycompanies onlineservices for potential practice applicants. Complete a testor twoandseehowyoumeasure up. книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary Thisunitlooksat thewaycompanies areusingtheirexisting employees to find newones. Discuss thesequestions. 1 Describe waysin whichcompanies findnewbutexperienced employees in yourcountry. 2 Canyouthinkof anyotherwaystheycoulddo this?Explain yourideas. Understanding the mainpoints Read thearticle pageandanswer ontheopposite thesequestibns. 1 Whoareemployers increasingly usingto findotherexperienced employees fortheircompanies? 2 Whatis thebenefitfortheemployee whorefersa potential recruit? 3 Whichfeatureof modernlifehasencouraged emptoyers to followthisrecruitment strategy? 4 Givetwoexamples fromthearticleof onlinesocialnetworking communities. 5 Whatarethebenefits forthecompany? 5 Whereis thisrecruitment strategy morecommon, Indiaor the UK? 7 Arethereanypotential disadvantages in recruiting emptoyees viapersonaI referrals? 8 WhatInternet provide resource do someemployers for employees whowantto referfriendsand job candidates? contacts aspotential Understandingdetails Readthe articleagainandsaywhetherthesestatements aretrue (T)or false(F).Correctthe falseones. ldentifuthe partof thearticlethatgivesthisinformation. 1 Companies onlyaskpeoplewhostitlworkforthemto lookfor newrecruits. 2 lndianemployers save75 percentof theirrecruitment coststhroughpersonaI referrals. 3 Emptoyees whobringnewrecruits to a company areusuatly rewarded witha job promotion. 4 Themostanemployee personal canmakefroma UKemployer fora successful referral is f2,000. 5 Jobcandidates whohavebeenreferred go bya frienddo notneedto throughthesametestingano process interview asotherjob candidates. 6 lt is bestif a company doesnotteltthepeopleresponsible forselecting successful candidates the job candidate. nameof thepersonwhohasreferred a specific 7 lt canbea goodideafora company to waituntila newrecruithassuccessfully workedforthecompany forsometimebeforepayinga bonusto thepersonwhorecommended them. 8 книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary U N I T2 ' " S O C I AiLl I E T W O R K I N G Social networking hits the workplace byAlicia Ctegg peopleknow that havA Career-minded ing a wide circle of friendscan be a good thing in the job market.Now employers are benefiting from the s addressbooks of their employeesby rewarding those who talent-spotfor thecompany. B Almost half of UK employersoffer staff an incentive to get friends and values of the culture they are joining. to makejob applications, ro associates 'The learning curve for becoming accordingto the CharteredInstituteof effective is much shorter,'says Richard PersonnelandDevelopmentin theUK. Jordan, Head of Employer Brand at Also on the increaseareprogralnmes Ernst & Young in London. which encourageformer employees One concem. however. is that referrs to feed back recruitmentleads and F ral programmes restrict the flow of new c o n s i d e r e j o i n i n gt h e c o m p a n yi n ideas into organisations,becauseexistthe future. ing staff are likely to recommend C Growing enthusiasmfor social n e t w o r k i n g h a s m a d e ' p e r s o n a l 50 people who think like they do. G As the popularity of referral zo introduction'popular.'The marketis programmes which offer a reward has very aware of the power of word of risen. so has the size of the reward. A mouth,'saysRichardSpragg,Commucase in point is professional services nicationsManagerat EPC-global. 'It is drivenby businesses firms, where bonuses can range from wakingup f2000 for the appointment of a secre2s to communitiessuchasMySpaceand tary to f 10000 for a partner. However, FriendsReunited.' another concern is that extravagant D Employersmeasurablybenefitfrom bonusesmay tempt staffto recommend referral programmes;they can cut recruitment budgets. According d) names inappropriately. H Some feel that friendship can 30 to one group HR director,in the UK, colour someone's view of a prospec20 per cent of recruits come through tive mate's capabilities. When a employeereferrals,which representa respected employee recommends a 50-per-centcostsaving,while in India friend, employers may be tempted to abouthalf comethroughreferrals,and assume that the candidate will make :s the savingsarecloserto 75 per cent. an equally good colleague. E Keepingcostsdown isn't the only Referral programmes are useful, but attractionof referralandex-employee certain rules are necessary.Rule one is hiring schemes. Justas importantare that referred candidates should be the benefitsthat flow from appointing assessedon the same basis and by the $ someonewho is known to sharethe samemethodsas externalapplicants. Another safetymeasureis to hide the source,wherepossible,throughwhich zs referralshave enteredthe selection pipeline. Recommendationsarevaluableonly J if they provide candidateswith the requiredskills. Recruitersmust also so planfor how to dealwith appointments that go wrong. To limit their financial exposure,someemployerspaybonuses only after a referred candidatehas completeda probationaryperiod. K One employer invites staff, particularly those in areas of skills shortages, to enrol as 'talentscouts'. They then receive an online magazite that highlights recruitmentpriorities m and offers tips on how to network. They learn how to spot and approach talentedpeoplein order to increasethe talent pool. In some people'sview, though, not paying the recruitment ss bonus until after a probationary period is a clear caseof management avoidingresponsibi Iity. книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary FT U N I T 2 ' > S O C I AtIt E T W O R K I N G tr Word search or formeremployees 1 Findwordsandphrasesin the articlewhichdescribethingsemployees cando to hetpfind newrecruitsfor a company. 1 t o t . . . . . . . - t . . . . . .(.p. a r a g r aAp)h a........(paragraph B) 2 to getfriends to m........j........ andassociates p )h 3 t o f . . . . . . .b. . . . . . . r. .e c r u i t m el .n. t. . . . .(.p a r a g r aB H) 4 to r........afriend(paragraph p )h 5 t o e n r oal sa t . . . . . . .t . . . . . . .(.p a r a g r aK (paragraph lQ 6 to n........ t eedo p l (ep a r a g r alp0h 7 t o s . . . . . . . . a na d. . . . . . . . t a l e n p offerstaffin return 2 Findwordsin the articlewhichdescribewhatcompanies for this hetp. 1 an i........(paragraph B) p h) 2 a r . . . . . . .(.p a r a g r aG p h) 3 a b . . . . . . .( .p a r a g r aG 3 Findwordsor phrasesin the articlewhichfit thesemeanings. youworkfor (paragraph C) 1 the referralof a friendor associate to the company p . . . . . .i.... . . . . . . is givena newjob (paragraph G) 2 whata company is saidto havemadewhena candidate 4........ (paragraph l) thenaccepted or rejected bywhichcandidates areinterviewed, 3 theprocess t h er . . . . . . P . .. . . . assesses whether is recruited, duringwhichthecompany 4 theperiodaftera newemployee (Someemployers do to workforthecompany theyarerightforthejob andcancontinue (paragraph compteted.) bonuses untilthistimehasbeensuccessfutty notpayreferral J) P . . . . . .P. . . . . . . . . tr Word families fromthe articlewhichincludedifferentformsof refer. the chartwith wordpartnerships Complete verb t o . . . . . . . .st o m e o n e to a company 10 noun employee adjective 3 candidate adiective .oprogramme книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary UNIT2 " SOCIALNETWORKING Textcompletion thisparagraph. fromExercises A andBto complete Usewordsandphrases C o m p a n i ecsa ns a v ea l o t o f m o n e yb y e n c o u r a g i negm p l o y e etso f i n d n e wr e c r u i t sf o r t h e m .T od o t h i s , . o m ec o m p a n i easr es o w e l lo r g a n i s e tdh a tt h e yh a v e a f i n a n c i a. t. . . . . . . ' S t h e yu s u a l t yo f f e rt h e e m p l o y e e t sotfh e c o m p a n y m o s t u r g e n t l y s e t u p e m p l o y e e . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ' t o a d v i s e e m p t o y e e s o n trheectryupi e . . . . ' t o os o o n .T h e ys o m e t i m e s n e e d sS . o m ec o m p a n i easr ec a u t i o u sa b o u tr e w a r d i n tgh e b e f o r ep a y i n gt h e e m p l o y eteh e i r . . . . . . . .l5f a. n w a i tu n t i lt h e n e wr e c r u iht a sc o m p l e t ead. . . . . . . e m p l o y eues e st h e i rf r e et i m et o . . . . . . . .a' n d. . . . . . . . - . . . . . .p. .o/ t e n t i ar le c r u i t st h, e yc a ne a r na l o t o f e x t r a moneyon top of their salary. Understanding expressions fromthearticte. foreachwordorphrase thebestexptanation Choose people know that ...' (tine1) 7 'Career-minded 2 a ) p e o p t ew h o h a v es t r o n ga m b i t i o n sf o r t h e i rc a r e e r b ) p e o p t ew h o d o n ' tl i k et h e i rc a r e e r '... businesseswaking up to communitiessuch as ...' (lines24-25) 3 a) becomingmoreawareof b ) s a y i n gh e l l ot o t h e i rn e i g h b o u risn t h e m o r n i n g 'The leorningcurvefor becomingeffective...' (tines 42-43) 4 a) amountof time it takesto acquirethe rightknowledge b) amountof time it takesto recruit '... bonuses...'(lines58-59) extravaganf 5 a) extremelylarge b) additionat '... can colour someone'sview of ...' (tines67-62) 6 a ) i n f t u e n cteh e i rj u d g e m e n t b) makethem angry 'Io Iimit their financiolexposure,some employers...' (lines81-82) 7 a) keeptheir financesa secret b ) m i n i m i s et h e r i s ko f l o s i n gm o n e y '.,.to increasethe talentpool.' ([ines92-93) a ) e n c o u r a geem p l o y e etso i m p r o v et h e i rs w i m m i n gs k i t t s b ) r a i s et h e n u m b e ro f h i g h t ys k i l l e de m p l o y e eisn t h e c o m p a n y to companies of using anddisadvantages 1 Writea shortreportoutlining theadvantages anemployee referral scheme. payments. Writea listof 2 Theincentives mentioned in thearticlearemosttysimplefinancial its employees to bringin newrecruits. couldincentivise otherwaysin whicha company книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary 77 of a future Thisunitlooksat thewayin whichyoungrecruits'expectations jobandemployer arechanging. thesequestions. Discuss thatyouwouldlookfor in a futureemployer? 1 Whatarethemainfeatures factors thatyouwouldlookfor in a job or career? 2 Whatarethemostimportant tr search tnformation eachsentence, pageandtick(/) theitem(s)thatcomplete Readthearticleon theopposite to the article. according to as: generation recruits areoftenreferred ofcompany 1 Theyoungest X. b) theMiltennials. c) GenY. a) Generation are: theirpriorities theirfuturecareer, 2 Whentheyconsider workschedule. e) flexibte car. a) largecompany f) ethicatemployer. b) highsatary. g) gtobatexperience. balance. c) goodwork-life opportunities. year. per h) career development weeks'hotiday d) eight Y to helppeoplewhoareless finda varietyof waysto atlowGeneration 3 Companies in wayssuchas: thanthemselves fortunate c) workingforforeigncharities. lessons. a) takingscuba-diving roundtheworldfora year. d) backpacking b) raisingmoneyfor charity. with thanolderemployees morecomfortable Y employees aregenerally 4 Generation as: such technologies workstylesandcommunication modern d) a) Internet-basedcommunications.e-mailing. applications. e) videoconferencing b) textmessaging. f) virtuat teamwork. c) webapplications. tr themainpoints Understanding Readthearticteagainandanswerthesequestions. working? in flexible keento engage 1 Whyareyoungemployees to workflexibty? happyto allowtheiremployees 2 Whyareemployers provide sothattheycando this? of modernsocietydo employers 3 Whichfeatures generations did? thanprevious andhumanity fortheplanet moreor lessconcern Y expressing 4 lsGeneration generations of employees? expectto do fasterthanprevious 5 Whatdoesthisgeneration 72 книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary UNIT3 " THEWARFORTALTNT: GENERATION Y GenerationY: How to keep top talent engaged box', volunteering and community programmes can help address this issue. In addition, job rotations and accelerated leadership programmes can develop young recruits' skills and broaden their horizons by taking them away from their main roles and exposing them to other areas of the business. .i G Global experienceis also highly valuedby Gen Y recruits.Vodafone, ro for example, places high-potential individuals in its other operating companiesaroundthe world as part of their careerdevelopment.While there is a cost to this strategy,if 7s youngerrecruitsare not given these opportunities,they may take them up anyway.Takethe exampleof a young employeewho wantedto develophis by Sarah Murray D Firstly, GenerationY are placing careerby working in India and was : o i n c r e a s i n g i m p o r t a n c e o n t h e m preparedto go on his own ifVodafone A In recent years, many employcompany as an ethical employer. would not facilitatethemove. ers have struggled to meet the No"vadays, there'sa lot of talk about H However,while thedemandsrecruits changingexpectationsof a generation sustainability,whereas a decade placeon their employersmay present of young employees- Gen Y, or the or two ago, it wouldn't have been new challenges,GenerationY also s Millennials,as they are oftenknown :s important. The responsibility of ss bring with them highly valuablenew - who famously expecta high salary companiesto help solvesomeof the skills,particularlywhenit comesto the andplentyof worklife balance. world's social and environmental easewith which theyusetechnology. B Researchhas shown that a hish problemsis certainly rising up the Clobaloperations requirea growing percentage of employeesseeffexib-le young graduate'sagenda;they want amountof virtual teamworkusingwebro working as being extremelyimpor- qo to be assuredthat the companyhas m basedcommunicationschanneland tant, and an even higher percentage ethical practices and policies that videoconferencingtechnology.'These of employersbelieve that offering matchtheir own philosophies. are things that young peopletake for employeesa flexible work schedule E E m p l o y e r s a r e r e s p o n d i n gb y granted,'saysMatthewWhitbourne, is one of the best ways to attractand offering a growing number of SeniorInventorat IBM andEuropean r: retain the besttalent.Many workers +s opportunitiesfor staff to embark on e - sM a n a g e r o f t h e E x t r e m e B l u e feel that the ability to work remotely community work. These include summerwork experiencescheme, (from home) would reduce the fundraising o r v o l u n t e e r i n gc.a r e e r which allows talentedstudentsto stressof their working life. In the breaksor participationin internationgain valuable experienceworking most forward-thinkingof companies, al fellowship programmesthrough on technicalresearchprojects. 'As l therefore,employeesare encouraged so which they can spendtime working tmemployers,we haveto be morecreative to redesigntheir workinglivesto make f o r n o n - p r o f i t o r g a n i s a t i o n si n aboutthis.' them more flexible with the help of developingcountries. state-of-the-art IT andmobiledevices. F Another deciding factor for C However,as well as all the usual GenerationY is the desire to be '. demands, HR andrecruitmentdirectors ss exposedto a greaterrangeof experihavenoticedsomesignificantchanges encesandresponsibilitiesat an earlier in theway youngrecruitsareapproachstagein their career.As well as 'ticking theircareersthesedays. ine the environmentaland social FT 6 W h a tmi g h tt h e r i s k sb e t o a c omp an y i f e mp l o y e e sa r e n ' tg i v e nt h e i n t er n a t i on a le x p e r i e n cteh e yw a n t ? 7 W h yi s i t i m p o r t a nfto r e m p l o y e rtso b e a t t r a c t i v teo t h e y o u n g e g r e n e r a t i oinn p a r t i c u l a r ? книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary 13 THEWARFORTALENT:GENERATION Y tr Word search in thearticlewhichmatchthesemeanings. Findthe phrases (paragraph 1 changing departments regularly to geta broadrangeof experience F) j r........ 2 waysfor high-flyers to do intensive training to become seniormanagers at a youngage(paragraph F) a . . . ' . . . . 1 " . .p. . . '.". " G) 3 jobtrainingoutsideyourowncountry(paragraph 9........e........ (paragraph to riseto a seniorlevelin a company G) 4 expected h........-p........ aboutthestepsin yourcareer andgettingtherightmixof experience 5 thinkingcarefu[[y andtraining (paragraph G) c........e........ E Wordpartnerships fromthe articlewhichdescribe 1 Matchtheverbs(1-6)with the phrases(a-f) to makeexpressions reasonsfor andbenefitsof flexibleworkingin companies. 1 to offer 2 to redesign 3 to usestate-of-the-art 4 to attractandretain a) b) c) d) 5 to work 6 to reduce e) thestressof theirworkinglife f) remotely lTandmobiledevices a flexibte workschedule thebesttalent theirworkinglives 2 Decide whichactionsin Exercise 1 areperformed bytheemployer andwhichonesbytheemptoyee. E Textcompletion Usewordsandphrases fromthearticleto complete thisparagraph. TheMittenniats thinkit isveryimportant to choose to workforane........€........', onewhichhasthekind have.Manyof themfeelstrongly andp........'they believe a company shoutd about of ethicat p.......? job. issues. Theydon'tsimpty wishto earnmoney through their Theyatsowantto useit to help t........0 problems. Companies solvesomeof theworld's economic and5........t areincreasingty finding a wayto hetpthemdo thisbyoffering opportunities foryoungrecruits knownasf........u, forworthy to raisemoney, charities orworking forfreefora period, Therearea variety orv........i. of n........p........8 organisations t h e yc a nh e l pb yp a r t i c i p a t i n ig. . . . . . f. . . . . . . .p. . . . . . . . . ' . книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary UNIT3 " THEWARFORTALENT: GENERATION Y Sentencecompletion fromExercises A-Cto complete thesesentences. Usewordsandphrases 1 In orderto attractand retain programme. individuals, the bestemployersoffera fast-track 2 T h i sm e a n st h a t y o u n gr e c r u i t sw i l l g e t a very broadrangeof work challenges veryquickly, . T h i sm a ye v e ni n v o l v eg o i n ga b r o a da n da c q u i r i n g w h i c ht h e ya c h i e v et h r o u g ha s e r i e so f . . 3 O nt h e o t h e rh a n d ,s o m eG e nY r e c r u i t sa r ea l s oc l e a r l yl o o k i n gt o r e d u c et h e s t r e s so f t h e i r 4 O n ew a yt o a c h i e v e t h i s i s t o t a k ea d v a n t a goef m o d e r nl T a n d. . . which may involveworkingfrom homeseveraldaysa week. schedule, t o m a n a g ea . . . . . . . .w o r k H o w e v e rG, e nY d o n ' to n t yt h i n ko f t h e m s e l v e sT.h e ya r ee q u a l l yc o n c e r n etdh a t t h e i re m p l o y e r , c ha s h e l p i n gt o s o l v es o m eo f t h e w o r l d ' se c o n o m i c s h o u l dr e f l e ct h e i r . . . . . . .p. h i l o s o p h i e s u a n d. . . . . . .o. r o b l e m s . I n r e s p o n s teo t h i s ,m a n ye m p l o y e ros f f e ro p p o r t u n i t i efso r h e t p i n go t h e r st h r o u g hu n p a i d . . . . . . .p. r o g r a m m e s . U nderstand in g expressions Choosethe best exptanationfor eachphrasefromthe article. 7 '...rising up the younggraduate'sagendo...'(lines38-39) 2 a ) b e c o m i n gm o r ei m p o r t a ntto b ) i n c r e a s i ntgh e a m o u n to f j o b i n t e r v i e wtsh e yg o t o 'As well as"ticking the environmentaland socialbox",...' (lines 57-59) 3 a ) i m p r o v i n tgh e i rs o c i a l i f e b ) m e e t i n gt h e i rd e s i r et o h e l pp e o p l ea n dt h e p l a n e t '... and broaden their horizonsby ...' (line 64) 4 a) provideopportunitiesfor travel b) givethem widerexperience 'Thesearethings that youngpeopletakefor granted,...'(lines97-93) a) expectto be on offer b) altowus to do 1 Whatdoyouthinkabouttheexpectations whichGeneration Y haveabouttheircompany andtheir career? Dotheyreflectyourowncareer aspirations andexpectations? Doyouhaveanyotherpriorities? yourideas. Explain 2 Visitthewebsiteof a fewcompaniesyou areinterested in andwritea shortreportonwhether they provide thekindof career development, votunteering opportunities andworkingstylesdescribed in thearticle. книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary 15 programmes Thisunit exploresthe executive educationand leadership on offerto emptoyees in largeAustralianorganisations. andmanagers Discuss thesequestions. provide: 1 Whydoyouthinkcompanies a) executive training to existing employees? programmes b) teadership development to newgraduate recruits? programmes, 2 Somecompanies develop andruntheirowntraining whitstothersengage external partners to helpthem.Whataretheadvantages anddisadvantages ofeachapproach? tr mainpoints Understandingthe Readthearticteontheoppositepageandsaywhetherthesestatements aretrue(T)or false(F). Correctthe falseones. 1 Well-established trainingproviders areconducting courses in AsiaforAustralia-based managers. programmes 2 Customised arethemostrapidlyexpanding areain executive education in Australia. programmes numberof emptoyers detivered 3 Anincreasing arechoosing byfacilitators withan extensive trainingbackground. courses runby MGSMfor Qantas arepartof a widertrainingprogramme. 4 Theresidential prepare less-experienced employees forfutureleadership challenges. 5 Someprogrammes programme development wasdesigned forexisting managers. 6 TheBHPleadership in theAccelerated Learning Laboratory focuson tasksandissuesspecific to theirwork. 7 Participants tr Understandingdetails Scanthe articleagainquicklyto find informationto completethesenotes. 16 PYograttuLt /Lel ProgYathLnLel e exeor,tttv e f ov,r-d ag L*evr,sLv course edwcatLow three-gear Leadershr4 wt 7YogYa vwrwe dteveLopr,t't'e PYoqYanlwel AooeLerated L-earwLwg L-^aboYatort4 ProvLder: Provtvder: ProvLdersz MeLbowrweBusi,wess sohooL (r"tss) Pavtwels2 .......: Pa*weYsl ALw,": ALvw: ALw+: c,oyyL?awtdl c,onL?awtAl Covwlaw}l книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary ........' U i l l T 4 " " f X I { U T l V g[ ] U { A l l C N Tailoredprogrammesbuild leadershipskills 6s retain and developlocal talent, some c o m p a n i e sa r e t u r n i n gt o b u s i n e s s educationto help prepareyounger or less experiencedemployeesfor 25 futureleadershiproles. D I BHP Billiton recentlylauncheda three-yearleadershipdevelopment programmefor 900 new graduates. 'BHP want to make surethat the oarticipantsarepreparedfor leaderihip zs challengesin the early phaseof their careerand adoptthe culture of BHP,' saysMr Seyboltof the MBS, which is running the programmein partnership 35 with universitiesin Santiago,Chile, E s0 andin CapeTown. 'So they will want to staywith the corporationfor a much longerpart of their career.' The desireto preparefuture leaders J for their rolesmore quickly and comss prehensivelyalsoled to the launchlast yearof theAccelerated LeamingLaboratory,a collaborativeventurebetween by Leodora Moldofsky theAGSM, the Universityof Sydney F A In the past 10 months,four groupsof School of Psychology and seven so commercialpartners. seniormanagersfromAxa Asia Pacific K Holdingshaveundergone an intensive About4OQantasemployees aresoon executiveeducationcoursedesigned to starttheprogramme,which includes s to deepentheirknowledgeof who they simulations,role-play,team-building areandwheretheir employeris going. and strategyexercises,as well as B Eachfour-dayresidentialcourse,run os coachingandon-the-jobassessments. 'The programmeis very practical,as by MelboumeBusinessSchool(MBS) the issuesthe participantsfacein their at a beachfrontHong Kong hotel, work aresimulatedin thelab,'saysMs ro has cost around HK$700,000,says G Qantashasnot yet formally assessed Lonergan.'They areableto practisea ShubhroMitra, RegionalOrganisa- ss the extent of the increasedcapability pro- r00new skill in a very safeenvironment tional DevelopmentDirector for Axa resulting fromitsseniorexecutive gramme.But Ms Lonerganstresses in HongKong.Alocal programmemay and then comeback to the workDlace havecostless,he says,but 'I don't that the residentialcoursesrun by andapplyit.' rs think rve could have got the compeMGSM are only one part of a ninero month programmethat also includes tenceand quality we are gettingfrom theMBS.' executive coaching and on-thejob training. C While institutions in Asia now o f l e r a w i d e r a n g eo f e x e c u t i v e H As employersincreasingly view educationcourses,a growing number executiveeducationas a kev tool to of Australia-based companies are engaging well-established business education providers to deliver programmes for their managersbased in Asia or even further away. Customised programmes (designed for one company) are the fastestgrowing segmentof the executive 'The education field in Australia. most important thing for us was to flnd a partner who was really prepared to put their content together in a way that was most useful for us,' says Kate Lonergan, who overseesmanagement development at Qantas. The Australian airline has partnerships with two business schools: Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) runs its in-house senior executive progralnme, while the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) in Sydney runs a customisedprogramme for its emerging leaders. When choosing prograrnmes, more employers are opthg for those led by facilitators with signifi cant real-world 'The real test for business experience. us in selecting a programme is who is conducting [it],'says Mr Mitra 'The atAxa. MBS facilitator was great because he lvasn't a professor; he was a former chief executive.' FT книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary t7 UNIT4 " EXECUTIVE EDUCATION tr Wordfamilies thechart. Complete verb noun(person) 1 to facilitate to train trainer facilitation 2 3 4 to participate 5 6 to partner(with) 7 8 to collaborate 9 10 to lead tr noun(activity) Word search in thearticlewiththesamemeaning asthewordsin italic. Findwordsor phrases (paragraph programme. A) haveparticipoted in theseniorexecutive 1 A limitednumberof employees processes. andunderstanding ofmanagement 2 Theaimofthecourseisto enhance theirowareness (paragraph A) froma localbusiness school.(paragraph C) 3 Wearehiringa facilitator (paragraph development. D) trainingand superuises theoutsourcingof 4 KateLonergan in practicaI skitts.(paragraph F) arechoosing courses whichprovide a solidgrounding 5 Manycompanies (paragraph An facilitator is leading the course. 6 experienced D (paragraph l) [astSeptember. 7 Werolledout ournewtrainingprogramme (paragraph participants l0 wittbeableto puf newskillsinfopractice. 8 Following thecourse, tr words Scrambled Usethe definitionsto help you unscramblethe phrasesfrom the article. 1 a coursewith accommodation at the trainingvenue(paragraphB) D E E A T I R I NEL O S CSUR 2 trainingdesignedto meetthe specificneedsofthe participants(heading/ paragraphD) EDTRIALO MGSMPRAREO IUSCODTEM MSG S M P R A R E O 3 how executives identifutheir own strategiesfor achievingspecificgoals(by receiving guidanceratherthan advice)(paragraph G) UTEEEIVCX NCAHGIO 4 G) learningby observingfellowemployeesperforminga task (paragraph ON-ETH.BR O IJG I N N T A 18 книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary UNIT4 " E EXECUTIVE EDUCATION Vocabularydevelopment Matchthesephrases(1-6) with their meanings(a-f). 1 o f f - t h e - j otbr a i n i n g tr a ) a l e a r n i n gp r o c e s tsh r o u g hw h i c ha n i n d i v i d u arIe c e i v e s f r o ma m o r ee x p e r i e n c epde r s o n e x p e r ta d v i c ea n d g u i d a n c e 2 o p e nc o u r s e s b ) t r a i n i n gw h i c hi s r e c o g n i s ebdy a n o f f i c i aol r g a n i s a t i o n 3 mentoring c ) t r a i n i n gw h i c hi s h e l do u t s i d et h e p l a c eo f w o r k ( d e v e t o p e d a n dd e l i v e r e b d y t h e c o m p a n yo r a n e x t e r n a l t r a i n i npgr o v i d e r ) 4 i n - h o u s ep r o g r a m m e s e h i c hi s d e l i v e r e tdh r o u g ha d ) a n e d u c a t i o np r o g r a m mw c o m b i n a t i oonf t r a i n i n ga p p r o a c h e s u , c ha s e - l e a r n i n g , e - m e n t o r i n gw,o r k s h o p a s n d o n - t h e - j otbr a i n i n gt o p r o v i d e c o n v e n i e n caen d c h o i c et o e m p l o y e e s learning 5 ftexibte e ) t r a i n i n gw h i c hi s h e t da t t h e p l a c eo f w o r k ( d e v e l o p eadn d d e t i v e r eb d y t h e c o m p a n yo r a n e x t e r n atlr a i n i n gp r o v i d e r ) 6 f ) c o u r s e sa n ds e m i n a r w s h i c ha r ea v a i t a b lteo t h e p u b t i c a c c r e d i t etdr a i n i n g Sentence completion Usewordsand phrasesfrom Exercises C and D to completethesesentences. 1 A....... a l l o w sp e o p l ew i t h s i m i l a rt r a i n i n gn e e d st o l i v e ,l e a r na n d n e t w o r kt o g e t h e o r utside the officeenvironment. 2 V a r i o u sp r o f e s s i o nrse q u i r et h e i rm e m b e r st o u n d e r g o . . . . . . .p r o g r a m m et so e n s u r et h a t a s p e c i f i sc t a n d a r do f t r a i n i n gh a sb e e nr e a c h e d . 3 . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . i.s a c o n v e n i e w n ta yf o r e m p l o y e ewsi t ha v a r i e t yo f [ e a r n i nnge e d so r t i m ec o n s t r a i n t s t o d e v e l o pt h e i rs k i l t sa n d k n o w l e d g e . yea f irt ss ooeff x p e r i e n c ej tuon i o r t a l e n t i n a 4 ........isoftenaneffectivewaytopassontheben p e r s o n aaI n dc o n f i d e n t i awl a v . u s u a l l yh a v ea s p e c i f i cl e a r n i n g o a l ,b u t t h e ya r en o t t a i l o r e dt o o n e i n d i v i d u a l or organrSailon. . . . . . . .h . e t p se m p l o y e et so g a i nd e e p e kr n o w l e d gbey o b s e r v i nogt h e r sp e r f o r m i n g 6 ........-..... differentprocesses and procedures. 1 W h i t em a n yc o m p a n i esse n dt h e i re m p l o y e eosn o p e nc o u r s e sc, u s t o m i s epdr o g r a m m easr eb e c o m i n g popular.Makea list of the advantages increasingly and disadvantages of eachtype of programme. 2 Describea course,trainingprogramme, seminaror lecturethat you haveattendedor beeninvolvedin. Whattype of coursewas it?Whatwerethe objectives? WhateducationaI or professionaI backgrounddid the participantshave?What backgrounddid the facilitatorshave?Did it involvean outsideagency?In y o u ro p i n i o nh, o w s u c c e s s f uwla st h e c o u r s e ? книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary 19 Thisunit examines the chal[enges involvedin assessing the impactof g program corporatetraini n mes. Discuss thesequestions. 1 Howcanorganisations programmes? evaluate thesuccess of traininganddevelopment 'hard (e.g.lTskitlsandsalestraining) 2 Whichdo youthinkis easierto evaluate: skills'training or 'softskills'training (e.g.negotiation andpresentation skillstraining)? Why? tr Understandingthe mainpoints pageandanswerthesequestions. Readthearticleon theopposite 1 Whatdoesimmediate feedback, suchasanemployee survey, revealabouta trainingprogramme? 2 Inwhatwayis immediate feedback lessusefu[? 3 Whyaretheresultsof hard-skitts trainingeasyto see? programme 4 Howcantheimpactof a leadership development beevaluated? 5 Howmighttrainingbenefitanorganisation duringa restructuring or change of strategy? 6 According to Herv6Borensztejn, at whatstageof developing a trainingprogramme shouldcourse evaluation beintegrated? performance? 7 ln addition to trainingprogrammes, whatotherfactorscouldleadto a change in business Understanding details Read thearticle againandmatch thesentence halves. programmes 1 Evaluating training a) is difficult to measure because it is abstract. 2 Theimpactof soft-skills training b) implement whattheyhavelearnt learning initiatives, anemployee's 3 Toevaluate immediately afterthecourse. c) canidentify anemployee's currentcareer statusandhisor herootential. d) isa challenging taskforeducation managers. period e) canbetracked overa of time. careerprogress university 4 A goodcorporate participants 5 Tomonitortheeffectsof training, shouldbeaskedto 20 книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary UNIT5 " EVALUATING TRAINING PROGRAMMES Returnon investmenf More an artthan a science In technical training, payback can often be seen quickly and easily. Health and safetytraining, for examzo ple, may result in fewer accidentsin the workplace,andsalestrainingmay lead to highersales. 'Soft skills'training, suchasleaderD ship development,team-building x negotiation skills, is much harder to evaluatebecauseit is moreabstract.Its impact,however,can be measuredby observinghow quickly managerswho havetakenpart in a leadershipdevelio opment programmeare promoted comparedwith thosewho havenot. . E One areain which this is possible is successionmanagementand highpotential development. 'A main 35 concernat senior level is ensuring a flow of managerswho canfill thepositions that open up,' says Gordon Shenton,who leads a project at the EuropeanFoundationfor Manage40 ment Developmentaimed at raising the standardsof corporateleaming. F He believesthat someform of system that tracks employees' career progressover a period of time helps +s evaluatewhetherlearning and devel'It's opmentinitiativesarepaying off. whether you've really known where people are in their careersand what theirpotentialis - andthe goodcorposo rate universitieshave made this link very carefully,'hesays. G In periodswherea companyis going through restructuringor a changeof strategy,it is also possibleto assess ss how training is acceleratingthat proc e s s .' l f s o m e t h i n gi s g o i n g o n i n the firm, we measureour ability to push it through and what the learning and development community has C by Sarah Murray A 'If you think educationis expensive, try ignorance,'said Derek Bok when he was Presidentof Harvard University.While this may be ffue, it provides s little comfort for those education managerstrying to estimatethe effectivenessof their company'slearning and developmentprogrammes. B While 'happy sheets' - surveys 10 conductedafter a training programme - provide an insight into eachparticipant's reaction to the training methodology,the instructorsand the overall learning environment,they 1 5 reveal little abouthow it hasenhanced businessoerformance. oo contributedto that,'saysJulieMorgan, UK Head of Learning and DevelopmentatKPMG. H The most obvious area to watch when working out how training is os benefitingthe organisationis the way it ties in with a company'sbusiness objectives.Herv6Borensztejn, Headof the CorporateBusinessAcademyat EADS, the Europeanaerospace com70 pany, believes companiesshould focuson measuringthebusinessimpact of any learning and developmentprogrammebefore it has even been put together.'You needto integratemea?s surementinto the way you designthe programme,'hesays.'So you might havesomeactivitieswherepeoplehave to implement what they've learnt directly aftertakingthe training.' I The problemis, however,that while improvedbusinessperformancemay well take place as a result of training andstaffdevelopment,it is impossible to separatethe contribution that a ss learning programmehas made from otherfactorssuchasincreaseddemand in the marketplacefor your products andservicesor themotivationprovided by a particularly inspiring boss. m 'Beyondthe quality of training that you get from immediatefeedbacksuchas employee surveys, it is extremely unclear what has brought about a change,'saysMs Morgan. 'Because ss it's a combinationof so manyfactors.' книга выложена группой vk.com/englishlibrary FT 27
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